Norwegian Star

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Recent Reviews

"Uninspired ship"

OK, everyone has a different experience on the same ship, I know that. My wife and I have been on over 40 cruises, many on NCL, but this one was a disappointment. I gave the food barely a letter g More…

"Service and food average, which I expected, but the kids program was brutal."

So this was our 3rd cruise. The two other times we were on the Celebrity Summit, so this is the basis of my judgement. Having said that, we booked this last minute and didn't really do much research t More…

"Great Value for the Money"

This is only my 2nd cruise. But I felt this cruise was a good value for the money. The ship was smaller than my first but I found to be still a fun trip. The ports were great. The ship's entertain More…

"NCL Star is a STAR!"

Our experience aboard the NCL Star was a great one...with only one exception. We found the ship layout to be wonderful and easy to get around. The restaurants were good with the Versailles being our f More…

"Great experience; I will return to NCL."

I am happy to report that the service was great and the food was good. I read reviews of the NCL Star from earlier in the fall and there seemed to be some issues with lines for drinks, etc. I can re More…

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