Norwegian Epic

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Recent Reviews

"Epically Awful"

We were travelling in a party or 4, myself and my fiance along with his sister and best friend. We stayed in Barcelona for 2 nights, then joined this cruise for 6 mights returning to Southampton. We More…

"What has happened to NCL?"

We are gold latitudes members for NCL and are still in shock over the difference between this cruise and ones we have been on previously. It's almost as if a whole new management philosophy has taken More…

"EPIC Lineup"

The ship was fine but the large number of people and lack of any sort of organization at disembarkation caused massive headaches at two stops and on final day 1.5 to two hours to get off the ship on a More…

"Organizational and Morale Absence"

To say that the recent cruise of the Norwegian Epic from Barcelona to Southhampton was anything other than an unmitigated failure on the part of the ship's leadership and crew would require a complete More…

"Not For Me"

This was our first cruise on NLC and the EPIC the ship its self is very large and brash it's like a floating Las Vegas hotel with no quite corners to sit and read a book or chat with friends if you ga More…