Costa Victoria

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Recent Reviews

"A Great TIme on the Sea"

This is the first time travel in a cruise, I really enjoy these days! When I get on the cruise, every staffs are very nice with smile and direct us to the cabin clearly. I went there with my boyfriend More…

"One-of-a-Kind CNY"

I have a wonderful trip with my wife and kids during Chinese New Year this year. Our family went on Costa Victoria’s New Year Cruise which had many festive events planned out. Due to unforeseen More…

"Thank you Costa Victoria!"

Thank you Costa Victoria for organizing the best cruise trip for me and my family over Chinese New Year! To all the reviews here, I was quite shocked to read about the negatives comments because I More…

"Never again; Costa should be ashamed."

This cruise was booked to celebrate my husband's big birthday and was a once in a lifetime event for us. We picked it mainly because the advertising stated we would be visiting the orangutangs in Bor More…

"Costa is an Italian Cruise line!!"
Annabelle Ang

I travelled with Costa and it was my first cruise experience. It was a short getaway with my JC friends as we wanted to get away from work for awhile before the year starts. As this was my cruise expe More…