Carnival Conquest

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Recent Reviews

"Great cruise, but lacking some of the flare expected."

We booked this cruise as a post holiday getaway. We got a pretty good rate and were overall satisfied with the cruise. Having been on other cruise lines (RC and NCL) I knew Carnival would not be the s More…

"Not Very Impressed with Conquest"

I had wanted to email Carnival directly with my concerns, but could not find an email address or a customer service area where I could sent my concerns. I will start with the good. The bartenders a More…

"Fun Ship Not Always Fun"

This was my 8th Carnival cruise, and I keep going on Carnival cruises because usually they are a lot of fun. I particularly enjoy the dancing during Sail away and on sea days. I was very disappointed More…


My wife and I went on this cruise for relaxing and we got that. We were able to find somewhere to read, smoke, drink, and eat every day. The food was good (not fantastic by any stretch). The bo More…

"Not the greatest"

Flew to FLL from EWR on 1/16/16, and stayed at Motel 6. Took a shuttle from the motel at 10 AM. Arrived at the cruise terminal at 10:30 AM. They started boarding the ship at 11:00 AM. We had FTTF More…

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