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Two twin beds (can convert into queen-size), vanity area, and a private bathroom. (119 sq. ft.)

Interior Stateroom (K)
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Interior Stateroom Cabin Reviews
Cabin 3065
Jan 2017
Not bad, but not as good as Norwegian By: cruisinchristinejernigan
Smaller and older than we had with Norwegian. Things like not enough coathangers and having the bed up against one wall so you had to crawl out was sort of annoying.
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Cabin 5571
Dec 2016
Of coure, very small, but very convenient location, near the elevators on deck 5, but on a side hallway so VERY quite. Easy walk to Centrum and Schoners Lounge, Casino, and the main theater. BIG PLUS when embarking or disembarking if you carry your own luggage--only 1 flight up or down.. Take steps or elevator to 11th floor and get off right at the Windjammer and the entrance to the pool area.
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Cabin 4589
Oct 2016
Not large and not a lot of drawer space, but fine for a 3/4 nighter. One observattion the bed was not in the middle? it was against the left wall, so had to crawl over the end of bed/partner to get in or our?? Room was clean, addentent pleasant-- got our towel animal
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Cabin 2529
Oct 2016
Extremely Disappointing By: SoniaDorer
Rusty shower very dingy but clean
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Cabin 2641
Oct 2016
Majesty- CREW 10 Ship 6 By: FairyGodmother55
A tiny little box!
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Cabin 3525
Sep 2016
We had an inside stateroom which was small but we 'made do'...It was annoying that the 'mini bar' took up so much room but our attendant put it all up high on a shelf so we had more space. Yasa (room attendant) often went 'the extra mile'
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Cabin 5003
Jul 2016
Cabin was expected to be small - but we didn't mind. It was hot outside and our cabin was always nice and cool. At night it felt like we slept in a cave - so quiet - and we caught up on much needed sleep. My friends had a porthole so the morning sun woke them early while we got to sleep in. My only wish was that the pillow could be thicker.
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Jun 2016
Majesty Of the Sea By: carebear526
Our room was small but we loved it. The bathroom was dated with a little rust but the ship was being updated after our cruise. The water from the shower drained slow. Pressure and temperature were good that is a plus for me.
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Cabin 2535
Jun 2016
Small but bigger than expected.. 2 beds with 2 pullman beds... AC was ok... got warm at night and i didn't sleep well...
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May 2016
cabin was smaller than expected, but we adapted.
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May 2016
I don't know what the letters next to Interior Stateroom above are supposed to mean but we were in an Interior Stateroom. Crazy small and dark. I hated being in there because it was so dark and depressing. Only 1 person could walk in the room at a time and no storage space for luggage. Stupid small! I can't believe they even made a room that small and advertised it for 4 people (which is how many we had in there), I can't imagine it would've been better with just 2 people since the beds are stacked. It was just crazy small like a broom closet they decided to throw 2 bunk beds in. We even had to put the ladder for the beds in the closet after they got into the top bunk because it took up the whole floor (yes, that's how small the floor space was!)
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Cabin 6591
Mar 2016
Very small but well appointed. If you are looking for the best value, this is it!! You are only going to sleep, shower and get dressed in your cabin for 3 days so why not go for the one that gives you the most bang for your buck? If it was a week long cruise, I would say go with the balcony but for a quick getaway, save your money for cocktails!!
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Dec 2015
Better than I expected. By: Militiades
Pretty cruddy cabin and I suggest someone with RC take another look at them. The closets are really ugly.
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Cabin 3503
Nov 2015
Worst Cruise I've Ever Been On By: razzledazzle11
The cabin was about what I expected. It was very small, but for 2 people it was okay. There was a bed that pulled out of the wall meaning it could sleep 3, but that would not have been pleasant at all. There was not much storage. Like I said in the review, I was disappointed that things didn't always work (door keys, safe). The bed wasn't particularly comfortable and the pillows were very flat. Being at the very front of the ship, we heard the anchor every day which my husband thought was cool...but this might bother some.
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May 2015
Terrible, very small, floor spacing sucks. No closet space, fridge is optional so if you do get it, it takes more away from the floor space. Bed was average. Playpen was brought in but it took up so much space, we just told the attendant to take it away.
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Cabin 5009
Feb 2015
Stay away By: penny2360
Go on carnival cruises if traveling with family. Rooms larger and more comfortable. Bathrooms also more spacious
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Jan 2015
Perfectly fine for a ship her age.
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Cabin 6091
Nov 2014
The cabin was small, but fine for two people. They pushed the beds together to form one large bed and the shower and bathroom were adequate. The closet had just enough hangers. Turn down the AC as soon as you get there so it's cool for you at night. Great service.
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Cabin 5035
Oct 2014
Amazing experience! By: cataarias
Small room, 4 beds... comfortable enough!!
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Cabin 5005
Sep 2014
What A Nice Surprise! By: Rjrja20
small but adequate
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Cabin 6511
Sep 2014
Majesty Far From Majestic By: crashedfsu
I was shocked at just how small the inside stateroom on Sovereign class ships really are. The Royal Caribbean WOW factor was already in full gear. To compare the, SINGLES cabin category on NCL ships are probably the same EXACT size, and do not require paying a 200% fee for singles. The shower had no door, just a shower curtain which flooded the bathroom. The TV was 13 inches, yes you read it correctly 13 inches. My macbook pro has a bigger screen. The phone was on the other side of the room from the bed, which is you know... convenient when you want a wake up call. The vent in the bathroom sometimes leaked a smell of raw sewage.... if you need that wake up in lieu of a morning coffee... this is for you! Bed was lumpy and NOT comfortable.
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Cabin 3003
Aug 2013
Still in love By: MiamiMarlin
Majesty of the Seas 3003 - Double cabin, Deck 3 all the way forward. Can hear the anchor being dropped and the bow thrusters when manuvering to dockMajesty of the Seas 3503 - Triple cabin (1 bunk bed) Deck 3 all the way forward Can hear the anchor being dopped and the bow thrusters when manuvering to dock
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Cabin 7001
Jul 2013
The cabin was quiet located at the end of the hallway but very small. Being on the 7th floor it was easy to use the stairs to get anywhere you wanted to go.
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Cabin 5061
Jan 2013
so so trip By: txagcol1
In one word, the cabins sucked. They were the smallest and most uncomfortable cabins I have ever been stuck with on a ship.
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Dec 2012
Great Cruise for Teens! By: manderssward
Tiny closet, very quiet, very dark at night. Bathrooms were small but fine for me.
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Cabin 3069
Jul 2012
3069 - Deck 3 / Interior Cabins are less expensive and COZY!! Want a Cold, Dark, Cozy Room to take a nap after eating too much??? Interior Rooms are the Best! Beds are high enough where the biggest suitcase can slide right underneath, storage is easy, you just have to think OCD, but it will ALL fit! You are not in the room very much so it shouldn't be too much of a concern. And most people OVERPACK for 3 & 4 day cruises anyway.
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Cabin 2139
Jun 2012
Great First Cruise! By: Rock City Cruiser
We knew it would be the smallest cabin on the ship and were pleasantly surprised with how well it worked. It is designed well with attention to maximum use of every inch of space. All our stuff fit in the closets and drawers very well. The room functions better with two twin beds than with one queen. You would have one person trapped in a corner, having to climb out over the other person if set up as a queen bed. Also the pop up end table only is available when set up as two twins. If you are a very large person you may have trouble with the shower. There is a little clothes line in the shower. That was very handy.
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Cabin 4579
Apr 2012
Cabin: After we boarded we went straight to our cabin and were pleased with what we saw. We decided to get an inside cabin since we both love absolute darkness when we sleep and we wouldn't be in the cabin very much anyway. We had cabin 4579 which was good for us and we were only a couple of decks above the exit for ports. In the cabin was a desk and small chair, a king size bed, one closet and of course the bathroom. I felt there was not enough storage space to put our stuff, but other than that the room was OK sized. The bathroom had a shower with a curtain and a small sink with glass shelves on each side.
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Cabin 6009
Dec 2011
Amazing? No... Enjoyable? Yes By: Vinnyv20032003
Cabin 6009 was small, clean, comfortable. It was an inside room surrounded on all four sides by either a room or a hallway. But it was quiet. Situated all the way in the front of the ship it was a bit of a walk from everything.
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Cabin 5509
Nov 2011
very small room; in a very quiet corridor off of the main hallway
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Cabin 6065
Jun 2011
Very very small cabin, but they make good use of the space. Who needs more space on a 3-day cruise?
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Jun 2011
The Cabin was Way Too Small for 4 people, but when we booked, it was all that was left. It was clean, well stocked and everything worked, but in order for one person to walk to the bathroom, three other people had to sit on the beds and pull their feet up to make way. There was also not anything close to adequate closet space or drawer space but there was plenty of room for the extra-large suitcases to fit easily under the beds.
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Cabin 6021K
Nov 2010
Fun but Average Cruise By: ruthjohn93
Room 6021K - Very small, but adequate.
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Cabin 5569
Sep 2009
hallway was noisy....there was this kid who would run up and down the hall. one day I told my travel buddy I was going to hide and wait for the kid to run down the hallway and then at the last second stick my arm out from a side hallway and clothes line him.....but I then realized that was wrong and it would only get me in trouble and he only did it two or three times a day, no big deal
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Cabin 5533
Aug 2009
The rooms on Majesty are very small, however manageable for us, since we don't spend that much time in our room anyway. For a short cruise, the cabinet space is doable; however for longer sailings you might not be able to unpack everything.
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Cabin 5077
Feb 2009
Cat K cabin - TINY. No closet shelves, no storage space. Cat SO cabin - Small but fine for two people. Okay amount of storage. Our "partially obstructed view" was QUITE obstructed.
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Cabin 5003
Jul 2008
3 nights w/o the kids!!! By: Ilovevacations22
Tiny room, but good for 2 people, unless both want to move around at the same time. Very comfy bed with great bedding. Nice flatscreen TV above bed, easy to see. Front of boat, so anchor noise was loud.
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