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Two twin beds (can convert into queen-size) and private bathroom. (152 sq. ft.)

Interior Stateroom (M)
Decks: Deck 7 | Deck 8
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Cabin 8231
We had an inside cabin on the 8th floor and it was a good size, it had a small couch to sit on and the vanity. It was pretty roomy and we enjoyed staying in there.
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Cabin 8701
Cabin was great and just like most Royal Caribbean state rooms
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Cabin 6403
Another cruise Murphofmany cruises
since i am in my cabin for sleep,change and shower,the room serviced my every needs. my steward was attentive and a pleasant person. excellent.
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Cabin 8315
Great Cruise alectoria
Our room was great. It was large and in a great location.
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Cabin 9593
great location and interior room. We use the room really only for sleeping so don't feel the need to spend $ on the view that is better from the upper deck. Nice location, central to every thing. Want to make sure when selecting a room we had other cabins below and above so we didnt get the noise from public areas. this room is also away from the elevators so you dont hear the traffic all night.
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Pretty much matched my expectations; not amazing, yet not to the extent where it was a dump. Everything in the cabin was fairly old and you can tell from the strange pinkish stain in the drawers (after you get past the spine-tingling, ear-drum tearing, deafening creaky metal-against-metal scraping sound that drawers can make after lack of proper maintenance). I've been on numerous cruises already (I sailed RCI over 10 years ago, but I've been a loyal NCL potato for the past few years), so i obviously expected the interior stateroom to be 1) tiny. 2) musty (ya know. its a cabin after all. Can't expect too much about ventilation) 3) just a place to sleep. About Expectation #1 - Reality was that it was even more tiny than the Norwegian cabins (Interior stateroom also, and also of smaller ships). Don't even get me started on the bathrooms (but I already am aren't I?). That tiny sad excuse for a shower is like 2.5 feet wide (cylindrical, so the sliding doors obviously form an even smaller crack for you to sleep through). There were many "large" people (vertical, horizontal - your pick) and I think it will forever be an enigma: how in the world do they shower?! Do they use the tiles on the walls to exfoliate their backs every time they turn??? Anyhow. The bathroom. Million Dollar Question: Do you, human, eject feces, gaseous matter, and urine? Do such objects smell because you eat and you talk and you breathe? Wow. You said yes. A million for you, and you, and you. *ultimate eye roll* On the Norwegian ships, very logically the light turns on automatically when the door to the bathroom is opened and so does the ventilation system *out goes the smells* On the Liberty of the Seas. oh boy. the light switch is on the wall outside of the bathroom (+1) BUT BEHIND THE DOOR (- A GAZILLION) and no wonderful whirring will commence to save you from lethal fumes trapped in your airtight bathroom in your airtight cabin. Yay. SPOILER ALERT: If you wish to feel overly uncomfortable on top on the lack of comfort you are already suffering from due to constipation (hey cruise food ya know. meat. shunned veggies. it happens), you get to see your scrunched up face up close numerous times from different angles in close proximity while you are battling life and death on the seat of glory. Yep. And then the fumes come. *Cheers* The steward did a fairly good job considering how messy we were (hey. Don’t judge yet. There was hardly any space to put our stuff), but still the room itself was a bummer. Yes it had a sofa, but it also had a TV with creepy RCI-sponsored channels on it. Yes it ad a vanity table, but bro. The lighting system in the cabin *grabs blindfolds* If you have ever cruised, you know that after the excitement-filled day, your cabin provides a bed, an adequate amount of light, and a fair amount of sound-proof goodness for your beauty sleep. Nope. Nope. Nope. The Main switch turns on everything (duh), but I mean “everything” - as in the majority of the lights in the tiny cabin and these are the brightest lights ever. Can’t sleep with those on can you? But you still need to have a light on so you don’t kill yourself trekking to the bathroom or the light switch in those 3 steps since light and day do not exist in a dark, air tight room. Oh no. So you attempt to turn on the wall-mounted bedside lamps. Nope. Still too bright and besides too close for comfort. You turn on the lights by the vanity table. Oh god. you just turned into a ball of yellow fire as the mirror truthfully reveals. Nope. You can only settle on leaving the bathroom door slightly ajar. Except. That angle at which the rays of light are projects…DARN OLD PHYSICS. Datatatatatata (that was evidently a drumroll) CURTAINS that divide the bed(s) from the rest of the room and light. Yay. By the way we were on Deck 9 (Very quiet :) except for the fellow roommates' snoring... >-<)
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Cabin 8699
I was quite surprised at how nice this cabin was because it was one of the least expensive available. Plenty of room for us to store all our clothes which says a lot. We brought several suitcases worth of stuff and it all packed away easily. The only nit I would give is the light switch for the bathroom was on the wrong side of the door. Open door, remember you have to turn the light on first, close door, turn light on, then re-open door. Being on the back of the ship we did feel movement but it didn't bother us. Only a short walk to the aft elevators and right near the dining areas and pools.
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Cabin 8463
A mixed bag sharpi

Took two interiors (first time no balcony), it was compact but neat with more than enough storage space.

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Cabin 9489

Nice. We had both interior and ocean balcony. The interior was just fine. I would choose it again. Quiet, dark, easy access to the ships 11th deck.

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Cabin 2607

Great Stateroom. Clean and comfortable

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Cabin 6457
Family Cruise CaroleR
Beds were very comfortable, but because the beds were put together, one of us had to literally climb in an out of bed. Couldn't answer the phone unless I climbed onto the bed. Closet was smaller than past ships, but lots of hangers. Good drawer space. Nice having couch to sit on to watch tv. Bathroom nice and easy access to plugs as compared to other ships. Our room was convenient to elevators, but Erica (younger daughter w/ 18 mos old) had problems w/ partying students next door and had to call security one night. Security were quick and effective.
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Cabin 7707
Quiet because it was at the very back of the ship. Don't get it if you want to be close to elevators. But we were closest to the set of elevators that we used the majority of the time. We also had a connecting room to 7703. I wouldn't get a connecting room otherwise, you only get a chair, not couch, cuz of the door, and you can hear the other room a bit. I rarely heard anything/anyone else. Closet was pretty big, shower tiny.
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Cabin 7677
7677 - next door to the laundry cupboard which meant it was quiet but a little annoying to constantly see a trolley outside our room.
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Cabin 1321
We had 2 cabins 1321 and 1325 on Deck 10, right under the Activity Deck - which is Deck 11, also the Windjammer. Both were Interior Staterooms, but pretty decent size, comfortable to the T. Large Size bed, very cushy, neat and clean good size bathroom. Bigger room in comparison to decks under.
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Cabin 6663
6663 - inside cabin, Good location, port side, aft so it's in easy distance from MyTime dining room.
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Cabin 2673
We were on the 2nd level at the back in an inside cabin. Sometimes a bit noisy. There was a crew area adjacent to our cabin. Maybe not my first choice next time, but this cruise was a price point I was looking for. It didn't keep us up at night, but we heard it only when we were awake. Quite comfortable for 2 people. It was about 150 sq ft. I'd stay in an inside cabin of this size again. I had trouble seeing the TV in bed. Our beds were seperate and the TV didn't swivel well for me to see it. I had the bed on the side where the desk / TV was. My niece could see it ok. She was in the other corner. Not that it was on much, but we had it on when we went to bed for a bit.
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Cabin 9583
Small room, but lots of storage space. VERY comfy beds, and the flat screen TV was great because it could be folded in or pulled out and rotated depending on where you are in the room. Great location toward the top of the ship, which made for easy access to most of the ship. Nice and quiet, too.
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