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Two twin beds (can convert into queen-size), private balcony, sitting area with sofa bed, and a private bathroom. (193 sq. ft., balcony 38 sq. ft.)

Superior Ocean View Stateroom with Balcony (D2)
Decks: Deck 7
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Cabin 6030
The door to the balcony rattled constantly Two pair of socks strategically closed into the door helped immensly.
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Cabin 7048
Our cabin was excellent with more than enough drawers and cupboard space. Bed was comfortable and bathroom clean. Balcony was spacious enough for the two of us. Room attendant couldn't do enough for us. Thank you S. Hadi.
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Cabin 7066
Very good, bit of noise from the Centrum one night (party night) but generally good, air con did not get cold enough for us, but did work, tap broke but was very quickly fixed ( 5 mins ). Balcony really lovely and enjoyed sail aways from it. Bathroom adequate as always a bit small but perfectly formed. Cabin steward excellent, got me English tea as I did not like any others.
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Cabin 7078
Tidy, clean but looking a little tired
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Cabin 7554
Old, Tired Ship immy619
Nicely renovated room. The curtain that use to separate the couch from the bed has been removed and makes the cabin feel quite large. Newer LCD tv and small fridge is in the room. Your suitcase will not likely fit under the bed as the legs are shorter than current cruise beds so be prepared to lose part of the closer to accommodate them. I've posted a video tour of the room at
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Cabin 7558
It was a lovely room. Well appointed and plenty of room for the two of us. The large sofa was great. You are very close to the Centrum, so if you are a light sleeper it wouldnt work for you. We heard all of the entertainment every night through our room, but it didnt bother us as we were so tired, we fell asleep. It went until just before midnight. So steer clear if you want peace and quiet at night. We also had a constant vibration through our room. It was annoying at the beginning, then we got used to it. We asked others, and they said they had it too, so maybe it was something to do with the ship? Our bed was hard, but we asked for a topper and it was perfect after that. Our cabin lady was fantastic, Jil, always a smile and couldnt do enough for you. If we were to choose on that ship again, we would go closer to the centre of that deck where the noise would be less. In saying that it didnt spoil our holiday. The upside of being so close to the Centrum was that you got to the lifts quicker and it was very close to get to your room! Perfect size room for the two of us.
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Terrible! Didn't look clean when we arrived. Had NO contact with cabin steward.
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Cabin 6090
Not anywhere near acceptable.....too instructions on anything.....thermostat didn't work right....Barbie Doll size shower.....not able to open bathroom door and closet at same time......ugh.
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Cabin 7566
We specifically chose this cabin for its location after sailing on the Rhapsody of the Seas (same class of ship) last year. On that ship, the door which leads directly to the Centrum was closed every evening at 10 p.m. to reduce noise down the hall and allow passengers to sleep. On the first night of this cruise, the drum beat from the music was quite loud so the next day I asked guest services to see that the door was closed after 10 like on the Rhapsody. It never happened. (I'm sure the excuse will be that the door is a fire door, but this location has an alternate path for passing through the hallway around the Centrum). Then on disco night in the Centrum the noise was so bad that turning the TV up could not hide the shouting of the cruise director at the disco event. After losing my temper with guest services they finally closed the door (and it made a big difference) but for that night only. (Certainly not very customer oriented). In addition, the balcony was dirty and not maintained, with a lot of rust and heavily weathered wood railing, and the toilet failed twice.
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Cabin 7054

Cabin was roomy and clean! Love all the little storage places for all our "stuff"! We love having the balcony to enjoy in the morning and evening.

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Cabin 6074

The room was nicely furnished but SMALL. DH and I couldn't pack/unpack or get dressed at the same time. The closet was significantly smaller than we've had on any other ship, as were the bathroom and the shower. The safe was on top of one of the rods in the closet, rendering the rod above useless. Instead of the loveseat we've had on every other ship, there was a very small armchair. There were only three very small drawers, each about six inches wide. I heard that when Deck 6 was retrofitted with balconies, those balcony rooms lost some space, but I don't know if that's true. The balcony was very private. You couldn't see any balconies below nor could yours be seen by those in the decks above.

I think that if the cabin on our first cruise had been this small, there might not have been a second cruise.

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Cabin 7606

Room was large with so much room for our stuff. Nice balcony. Only complaint
Was how hard I found the bed. My husband had no trouble with it.

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Cabin 7510

Room was nice. Practically lived on the balcony. You can see the open bridge from the balcony. Bed is near the bathroom. Flat screen TV, refrigerator (I heard many people complain they did not have one). Had a bad sewer smell the first few days but the room steward and maintenance took care of it quickly. Shower curtain in bathroom. Lots of room for storage in the room. The couch is a hide a bed. Convenient to WJ and pool area. Very quiet, dead end hallway. This is our preference as no late night traffic.

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Cabin 7540

Cabin was clean and was a standard balcony room that we were used to. It appeared well taken care of and maintained. We were near both elevators and stairwells. We did not hear much noise from the decks or elevators. Overall we were very pleased with this room and its location.

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Cabin 7500

Our first impression of the cabin - it was tiny. To pass by the bed you had to go sideways. The furniture as well as the carpet were worn, the colours faded. There was no shampoo, conditioner, shower gel in the bathroom, just a little bar of soap and some towels. Bathrobes we got on several requests.
We got the impression as on other fields, that RC wanted to save money by all means.

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Cabin 7124

Excellent cabin, good location as it is the last cabin on the side. It has a full size sofa, king bed and plenty of storage. The balcony is a bit larger side to side being last one. The window washing equipment is parked just above cabin but in no way obstructs view. You can even look out and see aft. Balcony had two comfy chairs and table high enough and large enough to eat on. The bathroom has a shower only but it is plenty big, good water pressure. Two people can be in bathroom at once if needed. The closet is large, had plenty of hanging space, hangers, and shelves. Room had fridge you could put a couple of items in.

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Cabin 7526

Our Stateroom

One question that is brought up on CC from time to time, is how many people can comfortably fit into my stateroom? I do not believe that this review will answer that questions, comfort and room size requirements is a personal thing  but for my family (2 adults, 2 DDs  8 & 13), on this cruise, at this time, the D3 balcony was more than adequate.

We have cruised before, lodging in inside cabins, and outside ocean-views, but this was our first balcony stateroom. Having been in these other categories before, I knew that I would need something larger to accommodate us and our two children. Since this was a Mediterranean cruise, I also wanted to have a balcony. A junior suite was $1000 more, which is a significant amount (for us) when added to the other costs of this vacation. At the time, they did not have any connecting balconies available (Category E or D). Another option posed to me (by an RCI rep) was two connecting oceanview rooms on Deck 2 or 3 (only about $200 more than the one balcony) or get a balcony with an inside directly across the hall (I do not remember the price difference, but I immediately ruled it out). Taking everything into consideration, I felt that the 191 square feet, plus the additional room on the balcony (42 sq. ft.) would suit our needs, and I was pretty intent on having a balcony for this itinerary.

I selected room #7526, which is a Category D3 - Superior Ocean View Stateroom with Balcony. FYI  I had already added a short summary of this stateroom on the RCI Cabin Info Compilation thread at: 986 .

Why the One Balcony Room was Sufficient for My Family:

We are a fairly young family with a 13 year old and an 8 year old daughter. If my daughters were old 1 room would probably not work, or if I had one daughter and one son.
We really do not require a lot of room  nor do we have any mobility issues. Although there is room during the day, when the couch is pulled out, any additional room and walking space is severely limited.
This was a port-intensive cruise which would keep us out of the room for most of the day.
During the late afternoon and evenings we had planned on seeing shows, getting involved in activities, and the kids attending the teen clubs.
Us adults  although we did not become involved in as many activities as we had on prior cruises, if we were in the cabin during the afternoon, it was sans the kids. Getting ready for dinner seemed to be the only real busy time, but I made use of the balcony. We did not really get back to the cabin at night until after the show (10-10:30), whereas my DD8 would go to sleep, my DW would watch TV, and I would go out to the balcony
DD8  Except for maybe the first day, she was out of the room most of the day until it was time to get ready for dinner, then after returning with us from a show.
DD13  Was hardly in the room except getting ready for dinner, and not returning until midnight to almost 1 am each evening.
For all  mornings were a little crowded since the couch bed was pulled out, but once again, I was up, showered, and ready by the time they got dressed and out on the balcony to give them room.
I believed, when booking, that would make use of the balcony. In actuality, I did so more than even I had expected (and loved every minute of it). The balcony also became essential when it was time to get ready in the morning and before dinner. I would be the one to shower & get ready early, I would subsequently sit out on the balcony so the girls could do their thing. It had worked out well for us (and there was no major storm that kept me indoors).

Stateroom Description

The room is much larger than any of the rooms (inside/oceanview) than we have had on previous cruises. With the couch closed, there is ample room for the four of us to more around freely, although moving past the bed and through the entranceway (adjoined to the front closet and restroom) could be tight (especially at the beginning and end of the cruise when packing & unpacking). However, we all managed just fine. It also became tight at times to walk around the pulled out couch to get to the balcony (and the use of the desk/chair was impossible). Part of it is also expectations. We have travelled and stayed at some very large hotel suites. We are on a cruise and our expectations were being able to get a clean and comfortable room to sleep and store our items  and we went into this with the expectation of the stateroom not being very large.

Bed  The bed (Royal King) was fairly comfortable (sleeping was not a problem for any of us). It was large enough for us, and even large enough to fit the DW, myself and my DD8 when watching TV. I had no qualms about the bed, or the bedding, and neither did my family. Even the pull-out couch was comfortable to my kids (although too soft for me).

Television & Programming  Since I mentioned the TV, let me continue by discussing it. The flat screen TVs were nice and crystal clear, and they were able to move around the room for better viewing from the bed (which was off to the side) or the couch (which was directly in front of it). The variety of TV channels was very limited, even for English speaking passengers. There were two movie channels  although one always seemed to have some type of RCI commercial or programming on it, and the movie selection was not especially good. There were two childrens stations, but one was for much younger kids (a positive if you have younger kids with you). There were a few non-English stations, and the standard channel with info from the bridge. However, there seemed to be many stations that played RCI programming with all of the port talks and replays of the evenings shows and newlywed game (which must have been on a continuous loop for at least 24 hours). As I mentioned in an above post, the cruise director was everywhere on every one of these RCI stations. On the other hand, we did not spend much time watching TV, so I really cannot complain.

Air Conditioner  The AC system in this room worked perfectly. Although most days it did not get past the low to mid 80s, the room was always cool, and the system was not even on full blast. For someone like myself that likes it coo, this was of utmost importance to me.

Mini-Bar / Fridge  We had a little min-bar fridge in our room (Category E balconies do not). I kept my red wine and some bottles of water in the fridge and it actually kept my items cold (a complaint that others have made), and there was room for my items. [When to chill or not chill wines is a discussion for another website, but for fruiter red wines, I prefer them served cool, while I prefer my white wines room temperature (except perhaps slightly chilled for a burgundy or a full bodied chardonnay).]

[With both the AC and the fridge working better than expected, I was a very happy man.]

Vanity Area  We really did not use the desk/vanity area much, although the girls did use the mirror for putting on makeup. Once again, we were not in the room much to sit and do any writing, and the area was rendered useless when the couch was opened up as a bed. One thing I did like is that there were two rows of shelves to either side of the mirror that came in handy for storing extra items  including all of my travel books.

Lighting  The lighting in the room was fine (as soon as we were able to figure out which switch controlled which light). With the shade open, there was also plenty of light coming in from the balcony. We did not bring a nightlight with us on this cruise, but because of the small pathways around the beds, and since we had my daughters in the room, we kept the bathroom light on all night (with the bathroom door slightly ajar). At night, it did get pretty dark in the room without that light and we were worried about the kids having to get out of their bed and past ours without hurting themselves (or otherwise would not have used all of that electricity all night). There are no lights out on the balcony (as I have read on CC, this is standard). If there is a light in the room, and with the shade opened slightly, there was decent lighting outside. When the inside light was off, there was usually enough light from the waning moon to see what I was doing  which was mostly sitting and listening to my iPod.

Outlets  Between all of our iPods, Kindles, and digital cameras, we had a sufficient number of outlets for our room  for the four of us. Although I must add that both of my DDs did not use their iPods, Kindles, or PS3s very much during the cruise itself (which is the way it should be)  but were able to have everything fully recharged for the haul home.

Hair Dryer  Although I personally did not use the hair dryer, my family did. They did mention that it was not the most high-powered machine they ever used, but it was good enough to do up their hair, even on formal night.

Bathroom  The bathroom was just as small as I remembered it, although I believe that I have had smaller ones (maybe on the Empress). It had everything I remember, and since it is not a suite, it did not have any of the toiletries except small bars of soap. We did not bring any of our own shampoo (did not want to deal with the amount of liquid items allowed on flights), and used the mystery stuff in the dispenser on the wall. None of us complained about the mystery shampoo  it was fine, but more importantly, the pressure from the shower head was fantastic. I will make no exaggerations, the bathroom is tight, but with a little flexibility there was enough room, even for me, to get dressed. Another short note is that the shower curtain is magnetic and mostly stayed in place, but the area within the shower stall is also small and can easily be opened if you knock into it (which may get some water on the bathroom floor). Also remember, there is some storage room in the bathroom to use (for things that may be able to get damp).

My only issue with the bathroom was that the hot water from the small wash basin did not freely flow with hot water, and if it did, you had to wait for a minute until it got warm.

Balcony Door I am not sure if only applies to my cabin or to all cabins, or if it is an issue with every room, but if the door is not closed just right (and I may have to try two or three times), the wind will seep through (and will create an annoying noise of the air coming through). Also as a side note, I brought clips for the window shades/drapes, but they did not move, so I did not make use of them. When closed at night, the room was almost pitch black.

Storage  I have to say that all four of us were able to completely empty out our suitcases and place everything into the many spaces within the room. All four of our suitcases fit under the bed which saved us A LOT of space. One tip was to fold all dirty clothing and place it into the suitcases (using one suitcase at a time). This way we were ahead of ourselves when it came time to pack. Also large souvenirs were also placed into a separate suitcase and therefore out of the way. One thing that has to be established is that everyone has to make an extra effort to keep their items neat and organized (my DDs did very well  I wish that they would be that good at home).

Room Seward  I know that some readers do not care who my room Seward is since they are most likely never to have him. [And yes, I did mention how good he was in my survey, and even emailed RCI after the cruise  but I also want say so here one more time.] But for those of you that may have Richard from the Philippines, you are getting a great room Seward. When we first got into the room, my DW discovered that there were only towels for two people (a concern because after schlepping around Rome that morning, getting to the ship, and possibly taking a swim that afternoon), we would all most likely be taking showers prior to dinner. [FYI  two of our bags were already outside our room by this time with the two others in the hallway near the elevators.] Richard greeted us and introduced himself a few minutes after we had arrived and asked us if we needed anything. We told him about the towels, and also asked him for some ice and a corkscrew. He said he would have everything for us as soon as he could. He had the towels fairly quickly (and this is with being involved in getting everyones luggage to their rooms), and by the time we returned from dinner, he had the ice and corkscrew awaiting us.

We also noticed that RCI did not provide us with the cups that came with the beverage package  Richard said that the quickest thing to do would be to call the front desk. After calling them, they said no problem, but would I like to go down there and pick it up, or should they send someone up to our room with it (I opted for them to bring it us since I was busy unpacking). Someone brought up the cups in less than a half an hour.

During the week Richard was always quick to make up our room, and always seemed to be around in the afternoon to my DD8s chagrin  she liked opening the door herself (as she does in hotels), but Richard was always quick and had our door opened for us whenever he saw us walking down the hall. I did not drink the wine on the first night, but before dinner on the second evening, I tried to open a bottle of wine. With my super strength, I broke the corkscrew in the cork, so no wine that evening, and I left the bottle on the vanity table. When we returned from dinner, the bottle of wine was open, a new corkscrew was lying next to it, and he also provided us with two wine glasses. Although we did not make any other requests for the remainder of the cruise, he brought us a fresh bucket of ice each night, and kept our room clean. He was also very courteous and friendly every time we had contact with him. I left him an extra tip and gift at the end of the cruise (ill discuss tipping in a later post).

Balcony  the balcony itself was fairly clean and included two chairs and a table. There seemed to be ample room for two adults (or even two adults and one kid), however, there was not very much room for all four of us to be out there at the same time for any extended period of time. It was on the balcony where you can see where they did not fully change everything during the refurbishment in February. There were very visible rust stains on the ledge/railing of the balcony.

The view was very nice and there was only a very, very, limited obstruction from the canopy from the balconies below and above. Maybe a 5% obstruction from seeing directly below the ship  not really very much at all.

Benefits of a Balcony (To Me) [Now that I have had a balcony, Ill never go back]

There is a thread on CC not long ago discussing the benefits of having an inside cabin over an outside or balcony. Having now been in all three, I can say that there are benefits to each, but now that I have had a balcony, I am hooked. Some of the benefits I prefer a balcony include (once again you may not see these as being benefits, or do not outweigh some of the benefits (e.g., cost) of an inside room):

Being one with the Sea  Yes, you can go up aboard one of the decks and look over the railing and feel the fresh sea breeze on your face. However, you do not have the same privacy as when you are on a balcony, especially late at night, sitting in the comfort of your area and just chilling out. Although I did not have a glass of wine on the balcony during this trip (it just did not work out), I can also imagine the enjoyment of doing so. It was just so amazing sitting out there in the middle of the ocean. And yes, on previous cruises I have sat out on deck, even in quiet areas, but from personal experience (for me), it is just not the same.

Favorite Cruise Memories  Some of my favorite memories of my past cruise occurred out on the balcony. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I sat one night with my daughter on my lap trying to make shapes out of the clouds, or watching the pyrotechnic show from a lightning storm miles away on shore. Or as mentioned directly above, sitting out and being one with the Sea.
Extra Room  The balcony came in very handy in the morning when getting ready for the day and before dinner getting ready for dinner. I got ready early, then left the girls to do their thing while I sat out on the balcony enjoying myself. Without me in the room, they could change and have the extra space to get ready.

When DD Went to Sleep. The balcony was a nice place to retreat to when my DD8 went to sleep. She does not like the TV or many lights on, so instead of having to leave the room or sit inside in the darkness, it provided me a place to go, or if I went out there with my DW, we could speak to each other and still be close to my daughter if she needed us.
Great Views Pulling into Port. I know that you can look out your port window (most are small), or go up on deck, but while still in your PJs, you can go out on deck and see some magnificent views while pulling into the port (or some great views while actually docked in port). Although we did not use room service on this cruise, I have read that many CC members order in breakfast and eat while watching the views.

Everyones needs, wants, and situations are different, and there was nothing wrong with any of the inside or oceanview cabins I have had. However, now that I have experienced a balcony, I am more than likely going to book balconies on future cruises.

One day Ill try a suite, and probably turn my back on a balcony.


I chose a room that was close to the stairs/elevator and closer to the top of the ship than lower. Room #7526 is on Deck 7. There is only one deck above with guest rooms (Deck 8). There are guestrooms above and below this room, so I do not have to worry about any noises coming from either location. Although when your room right next to an elevator, you can be asking for trouble with all of the noise, by being just a few rooms away (3), you avoid the noise, and still are close enough to them and the stairwell. Deck 7 is also somewhat in the mid-way for the decks with all of the activities that we would attend (three decks from everything)  from Deck 4 (Anchors Away Lounge & lower floor of MDR) to Deck 10 (Kid/Teen club & running track)  so the elevator was not really needed most of the time.

We really do not get sea sick, so the height of the deck did not matter, and being towards the front or the aft did not really matter to us as well (except for being all the way in the front or all the way towards the aft, while not being in the aft itself).

For this Mediterranean itinerary, I chose the starboard (right) side instead of port (left). Although one can never really predict what angle the ship may dock, the ship will be mostly cruising from east to west, so for most of the cruise, my room would be facing towards the coastline. It was a decent gamble, and I think it paid off with both the views while the ship was moving, and some great views while in port.


In summary, we were very happy with our stateroom, and I would not hesitate to get another similar balcony room again. The kids were okay in the room (my DD13 was hardy in it), and we had no real complaints.

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Cabin 7550
Wow - fabulous holiday! dreamcruiser001

Great, comfortable spacious room!
Lots of room in the closets and many shelves and drawers and cupboards.
The balcony was a good size with 2 chairs and a small table.

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Cabin 7036

By nice accommodations. The balcony was used day and night. The only complaint was the smokers around me, but it was a European cruise and many Europeans smoke, so you deal with it. The only kind of cabin I reserve.

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Cabin 7042

Cabin was wonderful. Freshly redecorated and the bathroom has had a complete new refit.

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Cabin 6564
6th floor Balcony rooms on the Legends "SUCKED" big time - not even close to what you would commonly expect from RC "Balcony Rooms" They "glued balconies " on a VERY SMALL ROOM" and billed it as a balcony. They are 1/3 the size of the 7th floor balconies and DO NOT DESERVE THE PRICING THEY CLAIM! No room, no loveseat, no desk storage, no storage in night tables, no fridge, TV stuck on the wall at the foot of the bed, all the cupboards and drawers and folded clothing storage in the regular balconies is GONE!!!
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Cabin 6068
6068: One of the new deck 6 balcony rooms. Very limited storage but far enough away from Centrum to avoid most of the nightly noise. Beware of those rooms closer to the Centrum.
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Cabin 7114
Good sized room, better than we expected, comfortable balcony room enough for two chairs and a small table, we found the room very quiet and heard nothing from other rooms.
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Cabin 7016
Reasonably spacious and plenty of storage but furnishings are showing their age and although a flat screen TV there was extremely limited choice of programmes.
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Cabin 7094
7094 is a D2 cabin. We thought it was a tad larger than other D2s we had been in. The room was fine, just dirty
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Cabin 7088
Great View, panels rattled, balcony adequate, little motion in spite of 15 foot seas and 70 mph wind
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Cabin 7598 Good soccerdad444
7598 great location,lots of closet space.
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