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Deluxe Ocean View Stateroom with Balcony Cabins

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Two twin beds (can convert into queen-size), private balcony, sitting area, and a private bathroom. (179 sq. ft., balcony 41 sq. ft.)

Deluxe Ocean View Stateroom with Balcony (E2)
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Cabin was a decent size. But there is not a lot of outlets in the cabin. Bring an extension cord if you need to power anything near the bed while sleeping
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The stateroom was small but with a comfortable bed. The bathroom was very funky with an odor and stained toilet... I do not think this was being unclean. It appeared spotless. Balcony door difficult to open, even for an adult male.
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Cabin 9538
Nice sized cabin, very clean, good storage space. The cabin was showing its age somewhat, however the ship is due for a makeover in 2016. Joyce, our attendant was terrific.
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Cabin 8622
Great Cabin attendant. Cabin was a little smaller than some of the balcony rooms we have had, but it had a lot of smart storage so it worked. We had a ton of extra linens, so we had to pack them in our suit cases to get them under the bed. ( we probably should have just called the attendant to remove, but didn't think about it at the time). Balcony a nice size. When we got there the first day the AC did not get the room cool. Guest services were no help, but the stateroom attendant was great. Fixed quickly, hot water was not available early on. It was also corrected with in 24 hrs. It was supposedly some kind of clog. very limited outlets, strongly recommend a power strip. Air flow does not allow things to dry quickly in room, but they did well on balcony. The fridge in the room, barely cools at all, so don't expect things to really be cool coming out It took 3 days for us to have the mini bar emptied.
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Cabin 9248
Size was nice but location bad as it was a long walk to the elevator for my 87 year old mom. Prefer lower cabins as the sway increases up higher.
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Cabin 7032
Average all the way around, felt small particularly in the bathroom. Balcony seemed larger than usual.
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Cabin 8596
Cabin was great. Neat and clean, Had a balcony which was great, Service to our cabin was excellent. Staff were all very friendly. Our cabin was centrally located with easy access to other areas.
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Cabin 9514
Mc D's of the Seas Candocruises
The smallest cabin we have ever had at only 167 square feet. The couch was actually only a half of a couch, barely big enough for two smaller people, as we are, to sit on at the same time.
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Bed was comfy, but i did hit my knee a couple of times in its edges. Love the balcony and the ability to keep the door open when the weather was good, which was most of the time.
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Cabin 7562
Very small, the bed comes down from the ceiling over the main bed, the mattresses on both were extremely uncomfortable. We needed to ask for extra padding. My mom would wake up sobbing because of the pain in her back that the bed caused her. On top of that, the lifeboats are right under your room taking away a big part of the view you pay for. There also are not two bathrooms.
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Cabin 8088
Great cabim on the hump. The balcony is about 15 feet long and 9 feet wide. You do hear music each night (until about 12:30) from the Atrium but it did not bother us.
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Cabin 8664
We were in Room 8664. It is a starboard side balcony room with a partially obstructed view. The obstruction was the ships "washing" platform that was "parked on the forward part of our balcony and the aft portion of room 8662. It got in the way of a few pictures, but you soon learned to either wait or zoom. This was a standard room. We normally store our suitcases opened underneath the bed, but you had to fold it at a 90 degree angle to get them started under the bed. Then you could put the items you did not put in the closet and drawers back. This room was a long walk to the elevators [aft]. If you do not want to walk 100 yards to and from your room each way, then get something closer to midships or forward. Given that this ship runs on gas turbine - electric motors, it was pretty quite. Our room attendant was Debbie Roberts. She was good natured, friendly, and efficient. We would sing a duet or get a friendly greeting every time we saw her. Thanks Debbie.
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Cabin 7092
Fair. Bed was very comfortable; the cabin furniture and cabinets were very worn. Carpet stained. When we got to the cabin the first day the safe lock was broken, bathroom door didn't latch; As soon as I called the housekeeping about the door and the safe,they sent repairmen to fix them. Immediate response and very much appreciated. Also the medicine cabinet shelf kept falling out (I fixed that myself with a tiny screwdriver I had brought along); and the odor of sewer was bad. But . . . RCCL responded right away to my comments and assured me that everything had been fixed.
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Cabin 9540
We were in an E2 balcony, I didn't realize was going to be smaller than the E2 we had on the Freedom a few years ago. Next time on this class of ship we’ll stick to a D1, it was just a bit tight walking past each other in the cabin! Like most RCCL ships, there was plenty of storage for all of our ‘stuff’. We love that feeling of unpacking and settling into our ‘home’ for the next week.
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Cabin 8130
Nice balcony.....1 night heard of time peaceful and quiet!
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Cabin 8038
Standard balcony cabin. We had four cabins in a row. It was disappointing the balcony dividers could not be folded back.
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The stateroom was adequate, bed was firm but comfortable. The balcony was comfortable and roomy. The bathroom was tiny as usual but functional. The room was kept spotless and our cabin steward was always available for anything we needed.

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Cabin 9532
Those beds... Ohiotravelqueen

The staterooms were what I expected in terms of size. This was my first experience with a balcony room. We sat out there a few days, though the chairs were not comfortable at all. I really disliked the shower. It was like bathing in a tomb. It really made me appreciate my shower at home. The biggest disappointment of the entire trip was the beds. They had to be the most uncomfortable, rock hard mattresses I have ever had the displeasure of sleeping on. And I use the term sleeping loosely. We both tossed and turned all night, every night. It was hard to stay awake for excursions because we were so tired from lack of sleep the night before. I found myself falling sleep everywhere except my room. It made it really difficult to enjoy my vacation.

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Cabin 7046

This cabin offered a great deal of privacy. Because we were the first cabin that extended further out, the cabin on the left was totally blocked, the cabin on the right would only see in if they stood at rail next to us. We had great sight lines. Being on the Port side, for some ports we were looking at the dock and others we were able to see the harbor.

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Cabin 8038
Food just OK cindylew27

Nice room right near the elevators.

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Cabin 8030
Pleasantly surprised Golfergirl69

Bathroom was small, but manageable. The shower was tiny. Near impossible for a woman to shave her legs. The room overall was a bit small. Can't imagine if there was three people in the room. You'd be tripping all over one another. The room was close to the elevator, but you couldn't hear any noise from it. There was no obstruction of view from the balcony on this room.

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Cabin 7022

Cabin was smaller than we have had in the past on other lines but we knew about this prior to sailing. Cabin door didn't close completely without effort of pushing it shut and would create a wind-tunnel if not closed completely and sliding glass door to balcony opened.

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Cabin 7158
Room was in a great location as it was close to both the entertainment and shops as well as the restaurants. No obstruction on the balcony which also was big enough for two chairs and a small table. Other than size (which is common with these rooms) we had no issue at all.
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Cabin 7520
Huge balcon ywith extended space. Room for two chairs, small table and one lounge chair. Ok to smoke cigars out there, but keep others in mind. End of balcony is not private and others could look over into your room so be mindful. We had breakfast with free room service every morning out there except the last windy day. Closets were huge, bath was ok. Bring your own handsoap bottle if you don't like bar soap. Room attendant was great, asked for extra ice buckets and she kept them filled a few times a day. Only got towel animals a couple of times. Was great to bring our own cooler and kept it near balcony door with water and diet pepsi and our allowed 2 bottles of wine. Bed was super comfy. Mini fridge had room for 4 of our own things. Tip your cabin attendant at the end for extra help and room service each day a buck or two even if you prepaid gratuities it is nice for them. luggage fit easily under the bed after we unpacked. Recommend doing the self carried out luggage on last day and leave around 730 instead of waiting an hour or so in lines for your disembark group.
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Cabin 7552
Balcony #7552 right near the elevators and partially blocked view of the ocean below but can still see over the obstruction out into the sea. Still very happy with the room for the price I paid.
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Cabin 8110
nice balcony, quiet location, tiny bathroom, good size room.
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Cabin 8640
Great cruise! cruising twosome
Nice size balcony, lots of closet space and shelves for all over stuff, bathroom small, but fine for us. Stored suitcases under bed. Nice location.
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Cabin 7534
Adequate size with good sized balcony. Nice location, handy for stairs and lifts.A very quiet room.
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Cabin 9530
Our cabin was in a great location near the forward elevator and not far from the midship elevators. The library was located on our floor which made it easy to check for the scarce books in the library. It was a comfortable balcony cabin.
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Cabin 7170
Bright sunshine crustycrab
Cabin 7170 cat E3 is small and has balcony with obstructed view with no privacy from above or right side. Noisy due to nightclub below.
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Cabin 7658
balcony cabin 7658. good size. shower has sliding rounded doors. balcony is huge! Some noise from others on balconies above you is possible.
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Cabin 8008
A pleasant surprise!. 8008 was a nice size, typical bathroom, the balcony looks small on the schematic but it was full sized, PLUS being in the front of the ship, you didn't smell the stench from cancer sticks, there was no strong winds like the back balconies. It is nice to just sit there and watch the sun rise and fall. Very quiet spot, really didn't feel much of the rocking.
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Cabin 7610
Deluxe balcony staterooms are small--but have very clever storage cubbies and sufficient closet space for our 5 night cruise. Mulitple-week cruises on the Jewel in this stateroom would require more clothes, but the closets won't get any bigger... The bed mattress and linens were excellent and very comfortable. I loved the balcony--it really made the room seem larger and gave us a sanctuary away from the crowded pool decks. We loved breakfast and happy hour on our balcony!
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Not so much caugh51654
Balcony cabin - E2 - was smaller than other RCCL ships and the roof structure just below the balcony blocked the close ocean view and the sound of the waves. I would not recommend a balcony cabin on deck 7 for this reason.
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Cabin 9524
Christmas Cruise tawluv2cruz
cabin 9524; great location- near stairwell- but was quiet. Did not experience any hallway noise. Storage space was adequate. Balcony was nice. Carpet needs replacement.
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Needs TLC bell777
The bed was very old and extremely hard and the room although clean was very outdated. The rug in the hallway i think has not been cleaned in months. The bathrooms in the common areas were backed up and could not be used.
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Cabin 8560
Great location. Quiet. Easy access to dining, fitness, theatre, centrum. Nice size room with all amenities. Balcony was nice bonus for viewing sailing into ports. Adequate closet space with barely enough drawer space.
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Cabin 7108
WONDERFUL jaws1234
The only complaint I would have would be...We booked a non-smoking room. I am very sensitive to smoke. The cabins adjacent to us were not non-smoking and therefore we were bombarded with cigarette smoke because we had a balcony. I don't think our room should have been in such close proximity to a smoking room. The location was great in accordance with central activity areas and eateries.
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Cabin 8042
(Copied from main review body) Booked Deluxe Ocean View balcony Stateroom 8042 for us, and Interior 8025 for the daughters. Our balcony was unusual in that it was tucked into the indent where the superstructure narrows on Radiance-class ships, and was therefore triangular, facing 45 degrees between port and aft. This is also the case with the similar 8542, 9032/9532 & 7048/7548 on Jewel. Drawback is that those balconies are half the expected area, while still very usable. You can see the balconies to your aft, and they can see you on the balcony, but never into the room. Plus is that you get plenty of sunlight and a great sky & ocean view from the bed as there's no partition facing aft giving a much more "open" feeling. Overall we liked the arrangement, but it may not be for those who chase every square inch of balcony real estate and crave total balcony privacy.
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Cabin 7036
A relaxing cruise AlanAllyn
A little small, but great balcony. Very quiet location.
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Cabin 8044
Nice Cabin. Has a little bigger balcony. The balcony is indented into the ship so it is protected from the wind and rain which makes it a nice place to sit even when the weather is bad. I left the door open at night to get nice outside air when we were moving.
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Cabin 9506
Typical balcony cabin. Tiny but ingeniously designed bathroom. Huge king sized bed - frankly we would have preferred a queen size that would also provided a bit more space to move around the cabin. A large fold out couch was also provided that we did not need. It took up too much space. We requested that it be removed but were advised that such were standard fittings for all staterooms
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Cabin 7044
Cramped but big enough. Small bathroom but pretty good balcony.
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Cabin 8168
Wrap around balcony with 2 chairs, 2 lounges, 1 table. Excellent views of sailing in and out of ports. Ample space for belongings and hanging clothes. Bathroom a bit small, but not a problem. Crew staircase is next to cabin and frequent crashing noises at night. A VERY LONG walk from stairways and elevators.
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Cabin 7030
Room 7030 had an extra large balcony, but you lost privacy. The walls separating this balcony from the ones next to it came out only 2/3 of the way, with just open railing the rest of the way. So if your neighbor is standing at the outside corner of their deck, they can actually see not only your deck but also into your room. I'm not sure the extra space warranted the lack of privacy. Other than that, the room was fine, but small. I'll try to go to the superior-level cabins in the future as opposed to the deluxe. The room was close to the forward elevators (a plus for me), and it was quiet. So overall, not a bad room.
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Cabin 8086
Great location, accessible to the Centrum. Some bleed-over of noise from Centrum, though. The balcony was huge. The sofa bed in this cabin is uncomfortable and literally cosists of cushions on the floor.
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