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A private balcony is just one of many fabulous features. These categories also include twin beds which make up into a comfortable queen-size bed, a refrigerator and TV, a spacious closet and a bath with shower.

Balcony (BB)
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Cabin B247
Very roomy and lots of places to put clothes.
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Cabin C227
Loved Alaska! Forestview
Very clean, some mild rocking which lulled me to sleep at night. Nice large balcony..which we did not use a lot due to the breeze and cold weather.
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Cabin A318

Comfortable but definitely worn out. Day and night from our 2002 inaugural maiden voyage on the Golden Princess. A renovation is in order. Black mold in the shower is unacceptable'
Once of the desk drawer did not function, sliding mechanism was damaged. TV remote could barely operate the TV.

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Cabin B305

Walking into the cabin, the first thing I realised was the size. There is a lot of well-utilised space! I've never seen so much hanging clothes and storage space on a ship before. Other reviews I'd read criticised the bathroom space for being small. I actually found it to be quite sufficient.

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Cabin B304

Large balcony cabin with large shower. This room is about 150 sq ft bigger than normal balcony cabins because it is designed for wheelchairs. It's the size of a motel room, with lots of storage. We didn't need the wheelchair room, we just got a lucky upgrade. The balcony is also larger. The bed was comfortable with a pillow top mattress.

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Cabin A305
Cabin C519
Loved Glacier Bay Bluebeary

Small but clean and comfortable. Loved the big balcony!

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Cabin B327

great location mid ship, plenty of room, well laid out with a great view from the balcony.

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Cabin A235

Not as large as it appeared in the Princess information.
Bathrooms are too small.
Showers are way too small.
TV remote was quirky.
Not many channels to chose from.
Limited AC & heat settings.
Bathroom needed an exhaust fan.


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Cabin 518

We had a great location with our cabin mid aft. Very quiet hallway, with a great balcony location. We had plenty of space in the room for all our belongings. The bed was wonderful! We slept like babies every night! The pillows were a little wimpy, but we managed.

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Cabin C107

Cabin as expected. The extended balcony with partial cover was excellent.

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Cabin a423
A423 standard balcony, covered, could look down at all the other balconies. Very noisy hallway and you will hear all kinds of chairs being dragged around above you. This noise goes way into the night. do not book this cabin if fingernails on the chalkboard bother you. Mid ship L234 very close to the front, quiet but can get very rough.
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Cabin B254
Nice balcony although rail was loose. Quiet room but bed was very hard and uncomfortable and bedding smelt stale. Cabin assistant was very good and very helpful. Large area for clothes.
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Cabin and bathroom too small
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Cabin C731
C731 - great closet and balcony; quiet hallway; needed some cosmetic help but was going into drydock at the end of our cruise. I'd select it again.
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Princess has the most poorly designed cabins for space, in my opinion. I have cruised on Holland, Norwegian and Celebrity and all have much better layouts for storage of your clothes, etc. Holland's bathrooms have a full tub. We also had a group of 3 families from the UK with boys next to us who kept their balcony doors open between cabins and the noise was not relaxing so we were eventually moved. I could not sit and enjoy my balcony. Princess was very accommodating; they actually went the extra mile, in my opinion. I just asked them to talk to the families and they said, let's just move you. On my next cruise, I will request to not be placed next to families for that reason. Our cabin location was great and our steward could not have been better.
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Cabin C714
Great location, fairly quiet, balcony was awesome. As with most cruise ships, the shower was on the smaller side.
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Cabin A425
A Rocky Coastal Chemaniac
Balcony is small. Location is noisy due to moving of furniture on Lido deck.
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Love the closet space on the Princess cabins. Holds the luggage better.
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Cabin B433
B433 was midship, which is fabulous. Altough this cabin is between the opening for the stairs and the elevators, I was anticipating some noise from that, but I would say it was negligible so NOT an issue. Balconies on the Baja deck are not directly visible from the Aloha deck (above), but the Caribe and Dophin decks ARE directly below. Good for privacy, but not if you wanted to look over the side into the water - that could ONLY be from the Dolphin deck.
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Cabin C703
C703 Great location near stairs and elevators. Directly up to buffet.
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Cabin A621
Good location, underneath the Horizon Court near the aft elevators. Fairly quiet room.
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Cabin C743
Being the very last balcony stateroom on the starboard side of Caribe Deck, I was surprised with the sea motion caused by the frequently high winds during our cruise; the motion was side-to-side, like a airliner "fish-tailing." The vertical "pitch" was not noticeable, nor was there much "roll" - even though we were on Deck 10; just this "side-to-side" motion. Strange! Being on the Caribe Deck, our balcony was DOUBLE sized, being above the Dolphin Deck 9 or Mini-suites. Unfortunately, the strong winds prevented much of our use of the balcony during our days at sea. Otherwise, there is plenty of closet space, plenty of clothes hangers, plenty of drawer and shelf space. The bath tubs in the mini-suites are very nice, and their absence in regular balcony staterooms was noted.
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Cabin C219
Nice closet with big open space for hanging clothes. HUGE balcony. Small bathroom with tiny shower. Room was nice and quiet. A little more movement felt being up front of the ship, but you don't hear the engine noise from the rear.
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Cabin A304
Our cabin was wheelchair accessible and very large. We were told that it had the pull down rods in the closets prior to sailing but that was not the case. Still there was ample storage and the bathroom was large but a small bench is difficult for a person in a w/c to use. Would have preferred a tub option (much safer) The drawers were always loose and falling out but I worked around them.I was disappointed that the balcony was small and covered. This would have bothered us more had the weather been better.Room convenient to elevators.
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Cabin C202
C202: Oversized balcony, though not very private (terraced) and had smokers nearby. The location at the front made it a bit choppy, and difficult to sleep at first. The cabin was extremely quiet. There were stains on the carpet. Nice, flat screen TV and good lighting. Plenty of storage space.
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Cabin C753
Aft BB cabin. Great balcony, view and location.
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Cabin C743
Standard BB cabin, caribe deck, large half covered large balcony.
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Cabin C701
Perfectly located by the aft elevators & the nice, roomy balcony that we had heard about! There was plenty of storage between the ample closet and drawer space in the closet, desk and night tables. The bathroom was a little small, but sufficient. I do wish the shower was a little roomier.
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Cabin C243
This cabin, as all on the Caribe Deck, has a very large balcony.  2 deck charis, one table and 2 recliners with room to spare.  But where they give you extra space on the balcony they take up in the interior and bathroom.  The shower is so small you can barely turn around.
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Cabin D734
Quiet location, extra big balcony with nice furniture. Best room on the boat as far as I'm concerned.
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