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A private balcony is just one of many fabulous features. These categories also include twin beds which make up into a comfortable queen-size bed, a refrigerator and TV, a spacious closet and a bath with shower.

Balcony (BA)
Decks: Deck 11
The bathroom was adequate, basic and functional. The bed was wonderful. Great sleeping after very active days on excursions. The cabin had a very large closet with great storage in the closet and the shelving between the closet and the bathroom. Additional storage is available in the bedside table and the desk in the cabin. We had a very friendly and considerate cabin steward. We had plenty of ice delivered to our cabin. My husband must have a CPAP machine for sleeping. I had requested distilled water for the machine when I was making the arrangements. It was in our room when we arrived. The Golden Princess has very large verandas. Since we were in Alaska, and the weather was frequently rainy and windy, we didn't make much use of our veranda except see the ports as we arrived and departed each.
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B 433
Never Again!
Pleasant. Surprised to find no toiletries available e.g moisturiser, cleanser, shower cap.
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Never Again, Princess! Glen Griffitts
It was smaller than most in this class. But it was clean and well maintained by the friendly and helpful steward.
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Cabin was more than adequate for a 3 night cruise - not sure how I would feel if I had to spend 30 days - but with the balcony and all of the public rooms I don't think it would be a problem. Our steward was very nice and helpful.
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Clean, but needs up grading (carpet worn, furniture scratched, etc)
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Great room, large balcony. I was happy being close to the aft, not much affect from the waves. Lots of room for clothes. Storage for suitcases under the bed.

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Cabin: My cabin was clean, but worn. Some of the drawers had stains. The bed was most comfortable and not sure why.

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A Really Good Week! teddybear43sr

My Handicap-accessible cabin with balcony was wonderful! Fine linens on the bed. Bathroom very spacious and able to maneuver a wheelchair with no problem and roll in shower. Very comfortable cabin, very clean.

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Hallways on this ship are not safe! There are cleaning carts parked all day and night and never removed, even when not in use. Please note, wheelchairs and walkers can't get by these carts and there are at least five in each hall so it's like a gauntlet trying to get anywhere. Even people walking have to turn sideways to pass these obstructions which are a fire hazard that is illegal in any nation I know if. In Canada, a firefighter must be able to navigate a corridor in full gear without impediment of any kind; on this ship, that would be impossible! And please note that I have photo evidence of our friend's wheelchair and walker with this cart to prove that they cannot pass in the halls. If a person is unable to stand briefly and fold up the chair or walker, they cannot get past. A person alone in a wheelchair who can't stand will not get out of their hallway. This is a fire hazard and Princess ignores it despite all the problems their owner's Carnival corporation has had recently. It's a disaster waiting to happen on this ship. I have never seen a ship with cleaning carts in the halls all day and night and never put away when not in use and I have been on six cruises so I know what I'm talking about. I don't know how Princess gets away with breaking fire codes that apply in most nations. Is it because they don't care because they're registered elsewhere? Those carts are a disaster waiting to happen and despite repeated requests to move them when not in use, nothing was ever done. Seriously, this is a disaster waiting to happen.

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Tight cabin, good storage. Hallway noise on sea days very loud.

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The closet was grand, plenty of hangers. Quiet? I don't think so. We were right under the horizon restaurant (we were on Deck 12).
View: Good
Hallway: good, right near the elevators.
Bed was not as expected.
TV was good for horror movies and MSNBC adds, hardly any news.
No ice in fridge unless you asked for it and paid. Water bottle was never replenished. Glasses were not replaced everyday.

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Not so Golden anymore!!! travellovers2

Very outdated cabins. Comfortable bed. Very outdated bathrooms. Terrible soap. Terrible and VERY OLD hair dryer. Chipped and very uncomfortable balcony chairs.

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Caribe 626 was a balcony cabin. It was a great cabin. The only issue I had was the shower size was a bit cramped and I'm not a large person. The shower temperature and pressure was fantastic! Balcony is partially covered and the view was great!
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C333 (Caribe deck) category BA. Located slightly forward of mid ship on the starboard side. Cabin was the usual setup of Princess balcony cabins. Everything was in good repair. Steward (Runion) was the best we have ever had in 14 cruises.
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Aloha deck balcony. The best. Noone over you. And buffet is a floor away. No complaints the golden princess is perfect.
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Cruise to Alaska with my Elderly Parents
Spacious Balcony, connects to neighbor balconies, great view, quiet location
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Very relaxing cruise! Vietri Sul Mare
Our cabin was clean and spacious. We really enjoyed the extra large balcony and the privacy that it gave us being half covered.
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Wonderful Alaskan Cruise AlwaysThankfulLady
Small but comfortable. Needed an eggcrate on the mattress. Great convenient location but a little noisy when chairs/tables were moved about on the Lido deck above us. Love the large closet and storage area and also loved having a laundromat just down the hall from us.
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Great balcony, great quiet location, huge closet, small bathroom but not cramped. Lots of storage space.
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We stayed in room C330, which was a balcony in mid-ship. It was wonderful and Nilo was our steward. He was great and very accommodating -- he did absolutely everything we needed and requested. This was the Caribe deck and it had the largest balconies on the ship and were partially covered. There was a table and four chairs, and our group sat out and really enjoyed particularly the scenic cruising day. I would recommend this deck highly! Our sons staying in room B412 -- and inside cabin close to mid-ship on the Baja Deck. They had very poor room service . . . the bed was not made, safe did not work, and cabin was not prepared for luggage, towels, etc. It took several calls, and six hours later after complaining and talking to the "Supervisor" Gil, it was finally made right. However, there were no apologies, and sons were treated rather like "second-class passengers." It was not until I told them we had a balcony room and expected a higher level of service, that my sons were finally satisfied. However, steward was not attentive throughout cruise after that. May be one of two reasons why we may not cruise with Princess again. (See Disembarkation comments above.)
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B 645
Baja Deck 645 1. The closet was the most spacious and best laid out that we have had to date on a cruise ship. 2. The balcony was covered which was fantastic when it rained. 3. The shower was great in terms of water pressure and heat but was tiny -- if you were a large person it would be tight. 4. The safe worked fine and was easy to operate. 5. This room is about four rooms away from stairs and elevator and we loved that proximity! 6. Sound was fine -- we could not hear anyone walking by the room or next door. Perhaps we had quiet neighbors :-)
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Nice quiet location. Definitely not in a busy passageway and close to elevators. Great view from the balcony and although you can see the bridge it is kind of fun to keep an eye on the officers as they move the ship in and out of ports. My wife wanted better mirrors and a place to get dressed. The balcony is smaller on this deck than it is for lower decks. This is a good room for two people but no more than that.
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Great days at sea Tinas Coma woman
We had a BA cabin. We had a huge closet, lots of storage in the cabinet by the closet and all the other drawers in the main part of the cabin. Caribe deck has great balconies, bigger by twice the rest of the balconies on the other decks. Caribe deck is midway between most of the decks you needed to access so that was nice. Our cabin was midway between the stern stairs/elevators and mid-ship stairs/elevators which was nice. Bed was very comfortable. Caribe deck is a quiet deck since you have only cabins above and below you.
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I thought our room was just fine. We had a queen bed and the girls bunk beds dropped from the ceiling at night so we had more room during the day. The balcony makes all the difference I'm telling you.
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hallway too noisy. Had to call security due to large group of teens congregating in forward elevator lobby at 10:30 - 11:00 at night yelling and making noise. This deck is just below the teen center and spa venues. convenient to Lido deck venues but too much foot traffic in hallway and overhead (?) Balcony area of cabin was quiet considering proximity to Lido pools and MUTS
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Our cabin was Great. No noise. we were close to the elevators leading to our dining room and to the horizon court. We loved that we had a large balcony and that it was halfway covered. We would sleep with the sliding door partially open and it was perfect. The water in our shower was great. No temperature fluctuations and great pressure. yeah the shower was small but we had no problem with it. Our bed was very comfortable except for the lump dividing the beds. Our room steward kept our room nice and clean.
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We were on the Caribe deck, mid ship which is good if you tend to get seasick.At first I thought our cabin was fairly small but having the balcony was really nice and you aren't in there as much as you think you might be. It was comfortable and we were well taken care of by Hermand
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Nice storage, comfortable beds, great midship location
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Very comfortable and well appointed cabin. We wanted to adjoining cabins for our family. No such cabins were available, but the steward unlocked and opened the divider on our balcony. So it was almost the same as having an adjoining cabin. You just had to go outside to our private balcony to go from one cabin to the other. One negative: we were surrounded by smokers (both to the left and below us were smokers). It would be nice if they offered the option of a block of non-smoking cabins so that we could enjoy being on our balcony smoke free.
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Adequate size, loved the balcony for Alaska views, plenty of storage, quiet and great cabin steward. L205
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C 334
Cabin was just fine for us. We were impressed with the amount of storage space in the way of closet, shelves and drawers. We were able to unpack everything and have places for all of our things. We loved our balcony and our cabin was in a quiet location. Had heard complaints about the bathroom space but for us it was fine. We're used to RV's so we were satisfied. The suggestion of the over the door shoe holder was great. Recommend to everyone that one! Our steward was outstanding. Took great care of us and we had everything we needed and more!
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C321 - Great Balcony- larger than other decks and partially covered. Perfect location-quiet, located between lifts. Small shower - wish it were bigger. Plenty of storage and hanging space. Outstanding Cabin Stewart- Herman!
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Inside Passage cruisingwith4
We had a cabin with balcony that could accommodate up to four people. Our children being too small for the bunks in the ceiling, we tried to get a roll away bed and crib. We were only able to get the crib, therefore our 3 year old had to sleep in the queen size bed. Although the additional bunks state this could sleep 4 people, it would have been unbearable to have 4 adults in the cabin. Two adults and two children - and we were still tripping over each other! The balcony was wonderful. We spent a lot of time on the balcony for fresh air in a private setting.
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Nice size and loved having tons of hangers. I brought my own and did not need them. That was a wonderful surprise having all those extras. Loved the large balcony....loved that 1/2 of it was covered.
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Good roomy balcony, quiet considering it was opposite the crew space.
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Bathroom really small. Room okay sized - nothing great. Great balcony! Flatscreen TV, Bed and Pillows comfortable.
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We LOVED our cabin. The balcony was the perfect size and covered!!!! This is a big deal in Alaska. Although we had wonderful weather so it really didn't matter but it did help to keep the wind at bay. We opened the partition between our balcony and my mom's and had plenty of space to go between. The room itself was just right for two people. The closet and closet with shelves were perfect and a great size. We also used the night-side table drawers and desk drawers for storage. There was really plenty of room to unpack all of our thing. Luggage fit under the bed just fine. I LOVED having a fridge available. It was very handy and we used it a lot. The one thing I would have to say that I didn't love were the beds and pillows. The bed was a bit hard but I slept fine and got used to it. The pillows were too squishy so I needed to sleep with two. Again, I got used to this. I would have loved another blanket though. The light-weight down comforter is just fine but I needed more. I wasn't cold but I like a lot of of blankets when I sleep. I never thought about it during the day so I always forgot to ask our room steward. I am sure we could have gotten another down-comforter. The location of our cabin was perfect. We loved being on the Baja deck towards the stern/aft of the ship. There was hardly any hallway noise and definitely nothing from above. We did hear the ships fog horn off and on but that is understandable.
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Very small bathroom but very large balcony. Cabin is very quiet as there is only one suite to the left of this cabin and nothing to the right.
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Bigger than I thought. Lido cabin on deck 14. Small balcony, but OK for 2 people. Bed was firm, but comfortable. Lots of closet and storage space. Small bathroom and shower. Room was clean but decor seemed a little dated. In the front of the ship. Felt more ship movement first and last night of cruise. No other balconies on top. You can see down onto other balconies. The ones on decks 8 and 9 looked bigger. They are tiered as you head down. Dividers open up between balconies, but not completely. Mine had two chairs and a small table. Room include a flat screen TV, desk, desk chair, sitting chair, small fridge.
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Lido Deck cabin 255 - starboard side. Great location near forward elevators and deck 14 pool area. The room was quiet and the balcony was covered and much more private than the ones on the lower decks. Being high up and forward was a great place to be balcony-wise. The first day a sea the toilet would not flush, and this was corrected promptly. There is plenty of luggage and storage space. Also plenty of shelf and counter space in the bathroom.
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Tiny shower, good closet space, loved the ease of access to the elevators (no noise at all)
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Hawaiian ROUND TRIP Gerry Gill
GREAT CABIN CLEAN AND IN GOOD CONDITION. Great balcony with plenty of room for 2 recliners, 2 upright chairs and a table . (CARIBE DECK ALL THE SAME) ALOHA AND BAJA DECKS HAVE MUCH SMALLER BALCONYS
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Terrible beds, huge closet, huge balcony (4 chairs and table), very quiet, except for neighboring balconies. Across from crew entrance and never heard them. Cabin was great except for the beds.
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Average cruise cabin. Quiet location, and convenient access to most things. Don't really think you need to spend the extra money to get the BA. My inlaws were in a BC on the Aloha deck that was just as nice. Their balcony was smaller, but the ease of getting to the back decks and other areas was great.
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L214 - Good location. Under the massage room so no noise upstairs. Close to dining and pool. I'd do it again.
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Wonderful Balcony, Caribe Deck had the large standard balconies on the ship. good location near the elevators, but not too much traffic.
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