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Two twin beds (can convert into queen-size), vanity area and a private bathroom. (140 sq. ft.)

Inside Stateroom (M)
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Bing bong lisastorey
average for an inside stateroom. beds were comfortable. room felt great
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Cabin was typical inside. There were places where the paint could be touched up and maybe scratched chrome replaced, but barely noticable. Overall, cabin was as expected.
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Cabin 2081
Good size nothing out of the ordinary. Our stateroom attendant was very sweet and very good despite it being her first cruise! When we realized we didn't have a room service menu in our room and I asked her for one she immediately ran and got one for us.
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Cabin 2013
Our stateroom, 2013, was not kept well at all. The phone had a thick layer of dust on it, the shower had many mildew spots in and around it, and the air conditioning unit fell out of the ceiling. The room steward only cleaned our room twice during the 3 night cruise and had every excuse in the book why she had not cleaned it more often. On other cruises it was being serviced at least twice per day. She also entered our room at least twice to obtain items to be placed in other rooms and left obvious signs that she had been in there (clear bag with linens left at foot of bed). The bad part about it is that when she entered to get the items she didn't even bother to service the room.
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Cabin 7081
Excellent Service CarrieSusanne
Small inside cabin with a non-typical layout, but workable. We would have preferred to have the floor space rather than the chair and the glass coffee table. Excellent location for getting around the ship, just steps from the Centrum balcony where you can hear what is going on, two floors up to the buffet and pool, a few floors down to the dining room. It was probably the quietest cabin we have had on any ship.
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Cabin 3589
Wonderful Time! rediris09
Our cabin was situated right under the Centrum and I was afraid it would be noisy from above, but not so. It was very quiet. Everything in the cabin worked fine. The only draw back were that the beds were a little dated.
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Cabin 8635
Too Short TennisCruiser62
This cabin is situated from front to back opposed to side to side, but the bed is still the same direction as a regular room. This room smelled terribly like mold. The cabin steward called maintenance right away and they came to fix the air conditioning. Unfortunately, the mold smell is permanent. The room is in dire need of an upgrade. Bathroom smelled of mold too. Bed however was comfortable, and the room location was VERY CONVENIENT! Loved how close it was to Windjammer and Solarium/gym (midnight snack bar)- just up one floor. Main dining room was same end of ship so you just go down 3-4 flights of stairs.
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Cabin 7123
I have actually stayed in this cabin twice. It is in a quiet location but still near the stairs and elevators. On the deck plans you'll see that Chops is located underneath this area but it is not an issue. Absolutely no noise from the deck below (or above) from this location.
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Cabin 7077
The room was located AFT and near the elevators. No noice in halls and clean. It was pretty tight for 3 people (square footage).
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Cabin was small, but I expected it to be small so I wasn't really surprised. My brother got a handicapped accessable room since there were no other 3 person rooms left when we booked. That room was AMAZING! It was huge, had a fridge, huge bathroom, really nice.
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Cabin 2133
Subpar Jordanbeate
It was fine. The bathroom was a little cramped. The shower glass had green mold on it. Shower curtain was too short and water for all over the floor.
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Cabin 3525

Basic. The room does not come with robes, but are available upon request.
Towels: two per day (more available upon request)
Blankets: no- available upon request


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Cabin 2581

this was the least expensive cabin that we ( 3 guys ) could find. It is in the newer section of the ship so we had a shower door instead of a curtain. Very comfortable and always spotless. If you like sleeping in the dark an inside cabin is for you. We needed a flashlight to get around when others slept. This cabin is soundproof. No engine noise, no anchor noise and no people noise. This was my first time in an inside cabin and will chose this category again. The money I save on the cabin will be used for a longer cruise on a Royal Caribbean ship :)

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Cabin 2133

This cabin was typically tight for an interior room. Room in good shape overall, with the exception of one small area in the bathroom.

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Cabin 4081
Fun time pugbart

cabin needs new beds carpet bath room redo

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Cabin 3567
Cabin is showing signs of wear but it was very clean. The TV is new (flat screen).
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Cabin 4009
There is a lot of movement in this cabin if the seas are rough. Very noisy was able to hear the people on both sides of us and behind us. We did have plenty of room for our clothes and other items. It was in a nice area in the front because no one walks down that hallway as a main thruway. It is on the 4th deck which is great for leaving the ship on the last day you don't have to drag you luggage down all the stairs.
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Missed a fridge but overall not bad for the price paid.
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Cabin 4015
Happy New Year Getaway fishin' musician
The room was tolerable considering the price, but also the low point of this trip and probably the worst room in almost 20 cruises (I think this is the 3rd or 4th inside cabin). Closet space was lacking. Worst shower I've had on a ship. Very hard to dial in a consistent temperature (ran out of hot water on disembarkation day). It was also an oddly shaped shower. I'm 6'2" and under 180#, so fairly thin... I could not keep the curtain off me and ended up showering with the curtain open. The room did have a very nice, new, large flat screen TV.
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Cabin 3665
A perfect solution kathlyn1688
Adding an alarm clock in the room would be very helpful.
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Cabin 3541
We had an inside cabin M (3541) on the 3rd deck, It was slightly smaller than our previous inside cabins; however, there was a small couch and loads of storage in the small space. The makeup vanity had three mirrors with the outside two having small shelves behind the mirror. My luggage is hard cases and didn't fit under the bed, but there was enough room in the closet to store them. Closet had plenty of hangers which is unusual. (I always bring extra wires.) Later I talked to someone who suggested to lift the bed and slide bags under. Never thought of that. Mattress was pretty comfortable. Pillows were good; not too flat and not too hard. Bedding was always looking clean and crisp. Lot's of cabinet space in the bathroom but I always bring my over the door shoe holder. The shower was really small but very doable. Water pressure and temperature was good. We never had any outside noise problem. We were close to the elevators that left us out at the theater entrance and the Windjammer. Our cabin steward, Karla, was great. Kept the cabin clean and always made sure that I had ice to keep my medication cool (no refrig in room).
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Cabin 3563
Lots of storage space. Cabins had a seating area with love seat and a curtain to divide space so that you can turn on lights after kids are asleep.
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Our family of four stayed in two separate cabins. Have a total of 5 suitcases (small to medium size) and a violin. Enough space to stow the suitcases and enough closet space to hang our clothes. Need to use ALL drawers. After we packed and organized, the space was comfortable. Restroom was tiny but manageable. TV worked well. No coffee maker. Very quiet.
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Cabin 7619
Bermuda 2012 mdml5

7619 is a great location, right by the stairs and only one level above a bar. Noise was never a problem and it was convenient to take the stairs. I would definitely stay in this room again.

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Cabin 3641
We stayed in interior cabin 3641 and our boys stayed in interior cabin 3639. The cabins had a connecting door, but we had to call guest services on the first day of the trip to have the door unlocked. The rooms were identical except for the fact the boys each had their own twin bed and my husband and I had a queen sized bed (with the two put together as one). The beds were very comfortable, exceeding my expectations! One problem with the beds put together was that there was no way to walk along either side of the bed. DH and I had to crawl on and off the end of the bed. I wasn't sure I would like the interior rooms, but they were quite nice. Actually, they were great for the kids because as soon as the youngest sees the light of day he jumps out of bed. This way he had no idea what time it actually was and I was ensured he got enough sleep. The rooms were also nicely located from the stairs and the elevators. The storage space in each cabin was very good with plenty of spaces to put things. Three of our four suit cases fit nicely under the beds. Remember to bring a night light or light up clock. It can be really dark. The service was wonderful!
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Cabin 4003
A super time bovinegal
We had a very quiet area. Its what I expect on a cruise. I don't go on a cruise for a really nice room. I go to see and do stuff. The beds were very comfy and we slept well. It was quiet. But RCI doesn't tolerate excessive noise and we would have called guest relations if there was a problem.
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Cabin 3757
room 3757. close to forward elevators. Very quiet. this cabin has a door to an adjoining cabin. Good storage space.
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Cabin 3015
3015 (category M) is an inside stateroom near the front of the ship. This was the smallest cabin we have ever had at 140 sq ft. There was plenty of space for our clothes and our suitcases fit under the bed for storage. We could hear the ship drop anchor on port days. It was a place to sleep and we spent very little time there.
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Cabin 3d
Matterss was not the best, needed replacing.
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Cabin 8161
TINY SHOWER. Quiet Location.
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Deck 3 cabin, interior, underneath Centrum area. Had pair with connecting door, very handy for checking on children old enough to be in their own cabin. Could hear activities in Centrum area, this would be a problem during party nights if you go to bed before 11PM and are a light sleeper. Assume for rooms further aft under My Fair Lady that some dinning room activity may be noticeable early if you prefer to sleep in. Storage space is more than adequate for 2 people.
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Cabin 2049
2049 not bad the shower curtian is a pain to deal with and also the curtain that seperates the area's was not big enough. Not bad for 149 sq ft....
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Cabin 3055
Lots of storage, take your own light up clock or you won't know if it is day or night. We felt very little motion in our cabins.
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Cabin 3629
Great location. Away from all the nose. Very quiet
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Not Enchanted liz48170
Good value. Crowd was much older than expected, as was ship. Cruise had much to offer for the 60 and up crowd (Bingo, etc). RC seems to know how to keep kids busy, even teenagers. Not much to do for the 18 - 45 yr old crowd however, the price is right for what you get and going to the Bahama's given our cold weather is priceless. If you book this cruise, keep your expectations lower, consistent with what you pay (around $700 per person total).
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Cabin 2583
2583 a small room compared to what I have encountered before. Spotlessly clean and the cabin steward Marlon, was fantastic. No refrigerator, so book on before you leave home by calling RCL. They are very friendly and helpful!
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Cabin 2075
Enchanting again shipgeeks
Very comfortable. Mid-ship, so very little movement. Very quiet at all times. Surprising amount of storage for a smallish cabin. Hard-walled shower (rather than shower curtain)was excellent, with fantastic water pressure.
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Cabin 4023
Small Cabin, tiny shower, basic toiletries.
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Cabin 3581
Our Cabin #3581 was in the center of ship, lots of drawers, shelves, and closet space. Our room had a door to the room next door which I believe would be room #3583, so would be great for a family that wants two rooms together. It was pretty quiet and our room Steward, Moses, was fantastic. My happiest moment was when I saw it had shower doors instead of a shower curtain. Might not mean much to others but I don't like when it sticks to me and I don't know who used it before me. LOL
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Cabin 3597
New England BABY! Are.we.there.yet?

3597 and 3599 - Located under the Champagne Bar and the moving of chairs was very loud in the cabin. Other than that, never heard a peep from the neighbors or people in the hallways.

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Cabin 2045
There were a few strange noises during the night but nothing terrible. One sounded like and electric motor. Another sounded like splashing water. After the first night, we learned to sleep through them. This room was locked next to an A/C closet. It was forward and port. This made it super convenient for the teen programs and the WindJammer. The only other complaint was that the seapass kept demagnetizing and someone had to come out to open our safe once. After the third seapass, we stopped using the safe!
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Cabin 4061
Cabin 4061. As with most cabins small shower. Beds were ok, closet and drawer space was good. The cabin is right below the Casino, so you will get noise from above, mainly it sounded like chairs scooting around. We took ear plugs so the noise was not an issue, but beware you are below the Casino.
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Cabin 7027
7027..bad location..near the main stairs for the crew space where they bring up luggage etc. Tiny room and noisy at night for some reason. Good storage in the room helped to cope with the cramped room. Inside room was supposed to be a large inside room. I would have hated to see anything smaller. I would never book this room again.
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Cabin 2093
Cabin was as expecting mid ship with a connector door. No issues with noise and was plenty of room for the three of us staying in the room. This was a typical inside room with two Pullmans.
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Enchanted on Enchantment dmbfiredancer03
great location, quiet, not a lot of traffic in the hallway since it's not in the main hallway
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Cabin 4071
Cabin 4071 on the Enchantment of the Seas was great! There was plenty of closet space, our empty luggage fit under the bed and the cabin had everything that we needed. A+++
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