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If you love cruising, the ultimate trip is an around-the-world cruise. But how do you plan for three months at sea? We can set you up for a success with our list of world cruise itineraries and tips for choosing a cruise, packing your bags and navigating the onboard social scene.

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Fort Lauderdale – Around the World
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Fort Lauderdale (Port Everglades) Tahiti (Papeete) Tahiti (Papeete) Aruba Tahiti (Papeete) Santa Marta Tahiti (Papeete) Panama Canal (Cruising) Tahiti (Papeete) San Juan del Sur Acajutla Tahiti (Papeete) Tahiti (Papeete) Tahiti (Papeete) La Paz Tahiti (Papeete) Tahiti (Papeete) Los Angeles Tahiti (Papeete) Tahiti (Papeete) Tahiti (Papeete) Tahiti (Papeete) Tahiti (Papeete) Honolulu Tahiti (Papeete) Tahiti (Papeete) Tahiti (Papeete) Tahiti (Papeete) Tahiti (Papeete) Pago Pago Tahiti (Papeete) Nuku Alofa Tahiti (Papeete) Tahiti (Papeete) Paihia Auckland Tahiti (Papeete) Tahiti (Papeete) Tahiti (Papeete) Sydney (Australia) Tahiti (Papeete) Tahiti (Papeete) Tahiti (Papeete) Cairns Tahiti (Papeete) Tahiti (Papeete) Rabaul Tahiti (Papeete) Tahiti (Papeete) Tahiti (Papeete) Yap Island Tahiti (Papeete) Tahiti (Papeete) Tahiti (Papeete) Kao-Hsiung Tahiti (Papeete) Hong Kong Hong Kong Tahiti (Papeete) Sanya Tahiti (Papeete) Tahiti (Papeete) Singapore Singapore Tahiti (Papeete) Phuket Tahiti (Papeete) Tahiti (Papeete) Tahiti (Papeete) Cochin Tahiti (Papeete) Mumbai (Bombay) Tahiti (Papeete) Tahiti (Papeete) Dubai Dubai Tahiti (Papeete) Tahiti (Papeete) Tahiti (Papeete) Tahiti (Papeete) Tahiti (Papeete) Tahiti (Papeete) Tahiti (Papeete) Aqaba Suez Canal Tahiti (Papeete) Bodrum Chania Zakynthos Bari Hvar Venice Venice Sibenik Tahiti (Papeete) Malta (Valletta) Trapani Tahiti (Papeete) Tahiti (Papeete) Ceuta Portimao Tahiti (Papeete) Tahiti (Papeete) Tahiti (Papeete) Tahiti (Papeete) Tahiti (Papeete) Tahiti (Papeete) Hamilton Tahiti (Papeete) Tahiti (Papeete) Fort Lauderdale (Port Everglades)
  • Embarkation: Embarkation was painless. We arrived at Station Pier Port Melbourne on 24th May 2015, and dragged our suitcases to the upper level where 300 or so passengers were boarding the Sea Princess in Melbourne for a 102 day World cruise. ... Read more
  • World Cruise 2015
    We have sailed on 30 Crystal cruises, the longest cruise prior to the World Cruise was 21 days. This was our first World Cruise. Transfers The included Carey Limo SUV transfers from home-airport-ship-airport-home were seamless. Drivers there ... Read more
  • It's a big beautiful world.
    This was our second World Cruise on HAL Amsterdam, but not our last. Our favorite cruise line is Crystal, but HAL is a better deal. 80% of the quality for 60% of the price. So when we can save up enough shekels we go on Crystal, when we get to ... Read more
  • Aurora World Cruise 2015 - 1st Half
    The Comodore
    Probably the best ship in P&O's fleet, having sailed on her, around the world and elsewhere, several times since 2007. Sadly her recent refit has removed one of her most loved features - The Bordeaux Restaurant, and replaced it with The ... Read more
  • 2015 World Cruise & More
    Please note that we were on board for 162 days but the number of nights we could show in the summary has a maximum of 100 days. We sailed Crystal Cruises and remained on board the same ship for 162 consecutive days. We boarded Crystal Serenity ... Read more
  • I boarded Queen Elizabeth in Southampton on December 23rd and spent Christmas and New Year on board before returning to Southampton Jan 6th.2015. I then crossed to Hamburg and back before setting off on my half of the World Cruise Jan 10th., finally ... Read more
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