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Floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors, sitting area with sofa, 32 inch LCD TV.

Deluxe Veranda (partially obstructed view) (2C)
Decks: Deck 6
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Cabin 6274
Good but not all good Supperhunter
Very pleasant but starting to look shabby.
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Cabin 6253
We had a lovely Verandah stateroom. Plenty of room for the two of us. We were very impressed with the whole room overall - bed was comfy, bathroom was nice, and balcony was wonderful - especially on the morning of Tracy Arm Fjords. :) My husband liked that the life boats were just one deck down - made him feel secure. Ha! Other than the fact that they photobombed all of my pics taken from the balcony, their presence there didn't really bother me. The room was quiet - only noise was occasional neighbor slamming the door to the cabin next to us. I slept with ear plugs in, though, so it wasn't disruptive. The room was close to the elevators & stairs, which was nice. We were very happy with the room and would book it again.
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Cabin 6301
very nice cabin with a bit more space on the balcony as it juts out a bit - nice and quiet area of ship-TV's could use an upgrade to HD and tv selection is limited and sometimes duplicated ( TNT on 2 channels); shower was great ; bed and pillows very comfortable - cabin staff very attentive;
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Cabin 6308
Room was typical. We were assigned a room at the back which worked really well for Alaska and shoreline views. 6th floor turned out nice, closer to the scenery and water. A little loud and occasionally smelled diesel. Shower not on a hose, which I prefer. Excellent housekeeping. Clip for the curtain would have been appreciated to keep the light out in the mornings. I could hear the neighbors talking frequently, only annoying early morning.
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Good and Bad jazzmann4
The cabin was the best we have had compared to 4 other cruise the last being 10 years ago. We were pleasantly surprised by the size and delighted with the appearance. I couldn't have asked for more for a "standard" cabin. It was our first time to have a "verandah" and was delightful and pretty much a must have for an Alaskan cruise. Too much beautiful scenery to see and it is much better off your own private balcony than vying for railing view on the public viewing decks.
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Cabin 7260
One of the best cabins, in excellent position, with large balcony and maintained by an excellent steward.
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Feeling Cheated piscespat

Spacious stateroom wiyh nice bathroom. not a lot of storage space

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Cabin 6281

We had a veranda room w/a lifeboat obstruction, but don't hesitate to book one of these as the lifeboat didn't bother us in the least.

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Cabin 6178

Considering we booked a guaranteed Deluxe Ocean View with Veranda (showed as an 'X' for the cabin/stateroom number when our booking was confirmed), as it was discounted and cheaper than an ocean view stateroom, we felt, even though we couldn't choose where our stateroom was located, we still had a well located veranda stateroom on deck 6 (though partly obscured) situated midship on the starboard (right) side. We weren't allotted a stateroom number till 4 weeks after we booked (showed on our online ticketing PDF). Our ocean view was pretty good, only obscured by the top of a lifeboat and small crane, When I was laying in/on the bed, I could turn on my side and look out at the ocean and just see the outline of the deck chairs and table top, with no other obscurity at all!
The stateroom cabin (including ensuite bathroom) is spacious with lots of storage and coat hangers, was clean, elegantly furnished (maroon red, white, with neutral tones and timber panelling and edging, and well designed.
The King size bed is comfortable, and only when we had fairly big swells for 3 days of our cruising, did I notice any noises (slight creaking) in the cabin. One of the sliding wardrobe doors vibrated, but I just tucked a corner of a sleeve of a shirt between the doors and no noise. Also, the veranda sliding glass door's handle needs to be all the way straight upwards to block out any wind noise. Other than that, both of us had a noiseless cabin and peaceful sleep all the nights we were on the cruise.
Our cabin attendant, Rumalyn, was friendly, efficient, willing to assist us with whatever we requested (like providing us with a stainless steel jug of boiling water (which was hot for hours!) so we could have a cuppa in our stateroom. Any issues we had (maintenance issues) were attended to and solved/fixed promptly. The staff were lovely, with genuine smiles and we ordered a room service cooked breakfast, which arrived hot and on time (as well as with fruit, yogurt and cereal).
All in all, we enjoyed our stateroom accommodation and would consider booking another Guaranteed Deluxe Ocean View with Veranda Stateroom on Celebrity Cruises.

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As mentioned, we were midship aft part of the hump, starboard side, with very little obstruction. The bed was near the balcony on this sailing, which I like better on the S-class as it is hard to get into the closet when the bed is next to it. I would prefer they take the closet doors off for an open design, but not a deal breaker. There is a sofa next to the closet so still a little blocked on the side by the wall, but not as bad. There is plenty of room in the closet for most everything with an extra pull down bar for shirts. There is also room in the cabinets above the bed and some drawer space by the vanity that come in handy. There is plenty of storage space in the bathroom; they definitely got that right. My only complaint, if it really is a complaint, is that those little nightstands are actually only 2 shelves. I bring a small throw away box that I use during the cruise so the stuff I need next to my bed is easily accessible and doesn't get lost under the bed. Reading lights on each side of the bed would also be a great touch but again, not a deal breaker. The bathroom is actually quite large for a stateroom and the showers are enclosed by doors and not one of those pesky curtains that assault you during your shower like seem in some ships. We had one of the large hump cabins midship and ended up spending a lot of time out there. Footstools out on the balconies would also be a nice touch, if not for all, then for Elite passengers maybe. It would be a nice touch. We did have them previously in the aqua class and concierge class, so kind of missed having them in this cabin. We appreciate the no smoking policy and were located on the starboard side so never had an issue with smelling smoke.

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Cabin 6245
Perfect Cruise cjvagabond

Perfect size for two, plenty of space and storage and good view of the scenery.

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Cabin 6221

We were very happy with our room. It was in the same category as all the lowest-priced balcony rooms and yet it was mid-ship and had an unobstructed view. The 5th deck has all the life boats so most balconies on the 6th floor can't see directly down. 6221 is on a part of ship in the center that juts out over the life boats. The one thing about the balconies on the "jut out" is that some of the glass is tinted with the Celebrity "X" that goes across all the balconies. Ours was completedly covered in the darker tint so I raraly sat down because it made whale-watching dificult. That being said, I would still book the room again - great value for mid-ship. We never felt sea sick (although the sea was very calm when we went) and our service was great. We were close to the main dining room on the 3rd/4th floor and right by the elevators for easy access to the buffett, gym, and upper decks. Our room was always quiet - not a lot of traffic but I think on an Alaskan cruise you're going to get a quieter crowd anyway. I don't think there is any side of the ship that has better views. The scenery changes so much that it really doesn't matter. Our stateroom attendants were great. The bathroom was modern and had plenty of storage. King bed was great and very comfortable. I wouldn't want to sleep more than 2 people in the room but there is a couch that folds out so you could. The room also has great curtains that block out the light - extermely helpful in Alaska in the summer.

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Cabin 6149
We had 2 interconnecting cabins, 6147 and 6149. The greatest problem we had on our holiday was being woken at 330am every morning when the life raft enclosure was hosed with a high pressure hose. 6149 is directly above this and the noise is extremely loud. After complaining 4 times, the hosing stopped and we enjoyed two nights of peace. These cabins are also above the smoking deck and occcasionally we could smell smoke. If you need a third bed, the lounge in 6149 is unsuitable as the sheets just sit on the top and fall off. Cabin 6147 has an upper bunk and our son slept well in this I would not book cabin 6149 unless you are hearing impaired
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Cabin 7253

Cabin 7253 was large cabin with balcony on port side. New leather lounge and flat screen T.V. Fridge and safe also.

Only negative was cigarette smoke wafts up from level 5 smoking area into our cabin. This area is directly below us. Large balcony with table and two chairs. Heaps of room still though. Cabin is situated on port side. (Left ).

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Cabin 7281
Paradise on the Solstice Royalcaribbeans
Cabib7281 is a bit forward of midship. There is not an obstructed view but you do look down at lifeboats which is fine and dandy. Plenty of room for you and all your stuff.
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Cabin 8305
Great Improvement dahlia doll
Very nice room. No problems at all.
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Cabin 6177

Cabin 6177

Cabin with balcony with obstructed views. The lifeboats are right below. The cabin is just above a utility door used by crew and was regularly banged shut causing vibration and a loud noise in the cabin. We advised the guest relations staff and they did their best to minimize the slamming by adjusting the closer. It did improve the situation but did not eliminate it. Except for this noise, the cabin was quiet. The room was clean and functional. The sofa in the sitting area is very uncomfortable and could not be used for any length of time. We brought in one of the deck chairs when we were quarantined in the cabin. The bed was comfortable.

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Cabin 6156
cabin 6156 - fabulous. The beds are by the doors. The balcony is huge! The cabin is extremely spacious. There is so much room in the bathroom that we didn't even use all of the storage (2 women friends traveling together)
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Cabin 6165
The corridor on Deck 7 near the lifts leading to the cabin smelt strongly of urine in the evening going back to the cabin.
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No Surprises Jeff from T.O.
Cabin was very well maintained. Nice TV. Nice balcony, good sized washroom. Shower was larger than other ships. Towels could be a little nicer and larger. Sound was not an issue. No issue with storage and washroom had lots of space for toiletries.
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Cabin 6109
Cabin was very clean. No the biggest cabin we experienced but comfortable. The lay out of the room and bathroom was nice. Sufficient storage space for 2 adults and 2 children. The large LCD TV is a big plus comparing to the small tube TVs we had with other ships. Balcony was nice size with two nice lounge chairs and small table. The location of our cabin has pros and cons. 1st the pros; The cabin is in the very front of the ship on deck 6, one floor above the main theater. That provided use easy access by walking one flight down to the main show each night. No need to wait for elevators. BTW, we don't hear the theater at all. Our kids use the Kids & Teen club facility and that is also in the very front of the ship. Easy access by taking the elevator straight up to deck 15. Now the con; since we are on deck 6 and very front of the ship, you will hear very loud noise when the ship anchoring at port each morning. It will not be an issue if you are a early raiser and up before the ship docks. Otherwise it will work like a ware up call every morning.
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Cabin 6263
Very modern design with large bathroom and nice decor.
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Cabin 7299
Cabin was great. It's toward the back of the ship--kind of away from the midhip elevators, but we didn't mind the walk. Lots of storage---bathroom had a tall cupboard for storage. Room had storage under the bed for suitcases and many drawers and 2 large cupboards over the beds. Closet was roomy. Balcony got quite a bit of sun, which I liked. Shower was quite roomy with sliding glass shower doors. Beds were very comfortable.
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Cabin 6169
Cabin 6249
Despite having an obstructed view we were very happy with the size, layout and storage space in our cabin. The balcony was a good size too. The pulmanbed was above the sofa so even when it was out it didn't 'overcrowd' the cabin. It is the best designed cabin we have had.
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Cabin 7048
Cabin 7350 was fine apart from next door always letting their door slam,a nd Maria is a fantastic cabin steward, 1st class
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Cabin 7299
Nice view. Clean and upbeat in decor. Quiet room. Well organized bathroom. Quality furnishings.
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Cabin 7340
Cabin had an unobstructed view. It was between where the lifeboats end and the specialty restaurants begin.
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Cabin 6133
This cabin is in a good location. We heard no noise, and the view was fine.
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Cabin 6257
Cabin: #6257, cat. 2C, Continental Deck. This is one of the regular sized cabins on the new class of ship. Slightly larger than the traditional 170 sq. ft. There is an additional balcony on this cabin level. Very nice fit for two deck chairs and a table. I have always found the Celebrity cabins to be a perfect fit. They are slightly larger than some of the other industry standard cabins at this level. We had enough room for storage in the room as they have raised the bed level about four inches and even the large sized suit cases can fit nicely right under the bed. They moved the live vests from the storage area above the closet to a nice wire basket under the bed. Easy to slide out to get at the live vests for the boat drill. They do have a third sleeper bed - trundle bed that comes out from under the couch. But they also have a bed that swings down out of the ceiling and is hidden from vies during the day. So fitting two - would be very roomy and three is not a problem. Even though there is less closet space as you may read on the boards. There is plenty of space in the drawers and storage areas in the room. The large double closet has a hanging bar all the way across and about thirty wooden hangers for using to hang the formal wear along with the day to day things as needed. The area under where the Flat screen TV is located has 5 nice and large drawers. To the side of this area is a storage area where you wifi keyboard is hidden. This can also double as a large storage area and did for us on this trip. Under that is the mini bar and your cabin steward will open it for your use if you request it. I think there is also a small pull out drawer in the front of the sit down make up area. There is also an additional light switch and two plug outlets here for your use. Just above the bed are two large cabinets that are used for pillow storage and whatever you would like to put up there. We stored my carry on there the whole trip. The TV has a nice swing arm behind it that you can pivot off the wall for watching in bed. They can go interactive, do movies on demand (which are all free), and music of different types. Here is my problem with the music and how it is set up. They have no menu selection to bring in a large type and shuffle it from song to song mixing up the order. Something I would have liked to do. Additionally there are some nook areas with bars across to hold in things that you want to store there. It held our bottles of wine and soda we had brought on in Ft. Lauderdale. Our steward kept the small ice holder filled and brought a clear plastic wine cooler / ice cooler when we requested it. To re-state on bringing alcohol on board with you as you board the ship - Celebrity will allow two bottles of wine and maybe a few champagne. They are not strict in this policy but if you are a good passenger and do not try to bring on an excessive amount they are understanding on this issue. Your cabin steward will bring you ice as requested. Now there has been much discussion on the bathrooms on the ship and how they have changed. Yes they are a bit smaller. The counter space is not what your are used to. The shower stall area is now covered by a plastic enclosure. Very nice in my opinion. The shower head has a few adjustable settings but is locked in place and will pivot to direct the water. There are two handles to turn here - one for water pressure and one for temperature. Both work perfectly to all out satisfaction. They have a step up bar inside for the ladies to shave their legs on if needed. But the drying line I loved to use is now gone. Replaced by two cloths hooks. They have small bottles of shampoo, conditioner and moisturizer along with the standard soap and never ending supply of clean fresh white towels.
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