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Floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors, sitting area with sofa, 32 inch LCD TV.

Deluxe Veranda (1C)
Decks: Deck 8
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Deluxe Veranda Cabin Reviews
Cabin 8278
Oct 2016
First time cruisers By: FreckleX
Very nice, space OK, one small point, the curtains were in need of replacement, but otherwise, all good, plenty of hot water in the bathroom.
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Cabin 1082
Sep 2016
Loved our room. Beds were very comfortable. We could watch US Open tennis in our room and most sports channels. The bathroom was roomy and the veranda was our favorite part of the cruise. Of course the scenery is the best part of the Alaskan cruise
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Cabin 8233
Sep 2016
Our cabin was very comfortable and spacious with lots of storage space. Both the bathroom and the verandah were larger than expected. Our twin beds were very comfortable, and we slept very well every night! Our cabin attendants Wilfred and Sheldon were amazing!
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Cabin 9268
Jul 2016
Alaska Cruise By: donaldcoyne
Very clean, great location on the ship. Steps from the elevator and card room.
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Cabin 6172
Jul 2016
Our Anniversary Cruise By: dixon ill
we had a cabin viewing the ocean all the time and the city's it was very good. we enjoy the rooms been clean twice a day that was nice.
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Cabin 9131
Jun 2016
We were stateroom 9131 on the port side forward and it was a nice room. About the same size as all their veranda rooms. The front of the ship tends to be a bit bumpy when the seas are rough but it was a good place to be in regards to the elevator. It was a quiet room no noise above or below and no noise from the elevators. There is a lot of room to store things and the suitcases fit under the bed no problem The layout is the couch next to the patio door
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Cabin 6098
May 2016
Solstice starting to show her age. The cabin was fine with plenty of storage.
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Cabin 8129
May 2016
No complaints about the Cabin. The Balcony Furniture was showing its' age however we assume they will be upgraded in September, We didn't have a choice at the time we booked and were lucky to get a balcony cabin at all. We normally sail mid ship but this cabin was forward and there are no adverse comments at all. The lifts are not really central they appear to be forward and back and plentiful so no big drama with walking to them. The cabins were clean, well maintained and offered what most people would need. And, as others have previously commented on, it was nice to have glass doors on the shower rather than a curtain.
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Cabin 6101
May 2016
The layout of the cabin was really nice. We were at the front of the ship so had more motion than most but we are fine with that. There were plenty of storage areas for our things. The shower was very comfortable, not a shoebox. Our room steward was excellent and took very good care of us.
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Cabin 8117
Mar 2016
Very quiet. No entry exit or overhead noises. No view obstruction. Forward Portside If weather rough may not suit as too high and forward. Roomy not interconnecting and bed next to balcony for optimum views.
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Cabin 8186
Feb 2016
Picking pockets By: hawkeyethenoo
Very nice, the stewards were excellent.
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Cabin 8297
Jan 2016
Good cabin, very quite for sleeping. Loved the shower doors, no clingy shower curtain!! Not too much foot traffic.
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Cabin 8324
Oct 2015
Best Cruise to Date By: JB2112
Very nice and clean
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Cabin 7259
Jun 2015
Above Expectations By: lespres
Cabin was spacious and well planned. The bathroom was plenty big and had everything we needed. Towels and sheets were a bit tattered and will hopefully be replaced on the dry dock. No noise issues.
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Cabin 8298
May 2015
As this was a long cruise, a veranda cabin was a must for us. The room was not overly large, but was up to the task. Having a small lounge as well as the large bed (more than King size I would guess) gave us both plenty of room to spread out. Also the balcony was a good size, and we spent a large amount of time reading and listening to music watching the world go pass. The surprise (although we had been warned) was the bathroom - it was a good bit larger that the RCL bathrooms - nice. The service from the room attendants (thanks Santanu) was very good, and has been a common factor on all cruises we have had. We had ice twice a day, and they were very good a cleaning when you weren't around - a nice knack they have.Although a little walk from the atrium elevators it was not too far, and there was no noise in the cabin apart from a few from the next cabin, but it was excellent. Down side was that the bathroom did not air our clothes out quickly, so we used some hooks with magnets (thanks to whose blog we read that on) and were able to hang them near the balcony for a bit of airflow (walls are metal!).
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Cabin 8126
Apr 2015
After 4 Celebrity cruises all room attendants were top notch, any problems were handled quickly. Have been in a Veranda room 3 times and Aqua room once. If you shop around when pricing is close on a Veranda and Aqua it is worth it. But if difference is $300 per person more ,it is not worth it. Aqua Blu dining room is for Aqua class only. Room holds 100 to 125 people and never waited for seating. Service was great and food also. Aqua class has extra bonuses, separate line for and other departing , fruit everyday, water and Champaign on first day.
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Cabin 9265
Apr 2015
Fantastic Experience By: oxley10
Excellent very clean and good amenities. The pillows were hard but solution quickly found.
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Cabin 8168
Jan 2015
These cabins are great - good size, amenities, balcony etc.No problems with it.
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Cabin 6221
Nov 2014
Great Ship By: pointpetre
Everything worked well. The balcony was great. The bathroom was very nice and had good storage. The bed was comfortable and the heating/cooling worked quietly and perfectly. Our room steward was very nice and very good at his job. However, the purpose of the refrigerator was to sell things, not to provide us a useful appliance for our needs. Ice was not provided except on demand. We never asked for it. Room service was a 10 out of 10. It could not have been better.
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Cabin 8293
Sep 2014
8293 and 8291 are together at entry. Close to rear elevator, past hump. Because of deck 5 jutting out, it was high enough to not be bothered by deck 5 port side smoking area.
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Cabin 8146
Sep 2013
Very, very pleased By: ElliottKitsap
Stateroom 8146 ("Deluxe Ocean View Stateroom Veranda")The great:1. A great location. Not too far from the forward elevators. Starboard side.2. No public areas above or below. 3. Three decks above the lifeboats, so our view was unobstructed. 4. The stateroom itself was great. Larger than on our previous (Holland-America) cruise, or at least it sure FELT larger - especially the bathroom.5. Spotless. Everything worked. 6. Our room was ALWAYS made up while we were at breakfast. 7. The closet was really spacious.8. So was the veranda.9. The bed was amazingly comfortable! Picking nits:1. There was an unattractive carpet scrap being used just inside the door to the veranda. 2. Why are the pillows on the bed so small? They're smaller than standard pillows, and way out of scale with the large, great bed.3. The stateroom was almost directly across from a crew space, so every time we left our stateroom, we almost bumped into either crew members or a cart. 4. Why does the door to our stateroom open out into the passageway? We didn't figure out to push it when leaving the stateroom until day 4. And the auto-close mechanism on the door causes it to really slam shut unless you hold it back manually.5. The railing on the veranda was at EXACTLY eye level when you were seated.6. If we kept the door to the veranda open (and we did - the weather was great), we could hear conversations from adjacent verandas.Hey, they're teeny, tiny nits, but they're nits nevertheless.
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Cabin 8131
Jul 2013
Everything new! Very comfortable and clean. Leather sofa! Veranda sliding door was easy to operate (unlike on RC Oasis of the Seas). Veranda furniture very nice. Plenty of storage even for family of four - including closet space, dresser drawers, bathroom storage and under bed for luggage. In-room safe worked. You could see part of the bridge from this cabin and the outward view was unobstructed. Not too far from elevators/staircases. Interesting layout design is that inside cabins have their own hallway so traffic flow is less congested. Memory foam mattress topper. Odd set of pillows.
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May 2013
Good location. Cabin is regular size. Good balcony. Closet is okay, but safe takes up room in closet. Storage over bed is very awkward. Not enough drawer space. Nice bathroom. Decent shower. Very clean.
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Cabin 8205
Nov 2012
Honest opinions review By: diamondj
Cabin 8205Overall good sizedBathroom very good in every way, especially shower cubicleHanging space far too small and squashed - prefer the open plan hanging railBed large and comfortableTV good sizeBalcony ok Sound proofing good when balcony doors shutGood full length mirror
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Jun 2012
Sweet Solstice By: krisfaraway
Cabin was outstanding.
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Cabin 9159
Apr 2012
We had cabin 9159 for the week. Overall a great cabin. Location was awesome. Close to stairs / elevator but around the corner so we didn't hear the activity at all. The cabin was extremely quiet. I've had ones in the past that were really loud -- lots of creaking, rattling, etc. but not the case with this one. Also felt very little movement in the cabin. Liked the more subtle, contemporary decor of the cabin. At first, I thought there wasn't enough storage space, but once we unpacked, there was room left over. I think the biggest design flaw in the room was the location of the TV. The TV was a nice size, etc. but it was mounted across from the sofa and did not tilt so if you wanted to watch something while lying in bed, it was difficult. Wouldn't have been a big deal, but since my daughter was using the sofa as her bed, we couldn't really sit on the sofa to watch. Also, the TV had music channels, room service, your photos, account info and even on demand movies. The balcony was a nice size and included 2 chairs that reclined. Bathroom was laid very nicely and the bed was comfy.
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Cabin 8152
Feb 2012
Placement of small sofa too close to closet, otherwise perfect!
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Dec 2011
Found the cabin clean and nice balcony; hallway seemed wider than other ships. It was a good location - midship and not far from elevators.
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Cabin 6292
Dec 2011
Larger than normal balcony by about 3 feet in depth. Very quiet, no motion felt. Would get this cabin again in a heartbeat!
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Cabin 8339
Nov 2011
Great cabin, far from stairs or elevators and very quiet.
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Cabin 8287
Oct 2011
Cabin 8287. Closet parallels the bed which is weird and awkward but it allows more room for the big bathroom which is a plus. Very good location; but it is the first cabin next to the 'bump' so you can't look to the right and see the front of the ship. However since the ship has two bumps on each side like that, few cabins will have the full view to the right and left. Nice sized balcony. I would book this same cabin again!
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Cabin 8318
Aug 2011
8316 8318 Great cabins, enough storage, very quiet, great views.
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Cabin 8118
Apr 2011
When really windy at sea you can hear the whistling of the wind under the bridge extension, but nothing too distracting. Everything else was perfect. The room is located on the 8th deck which has no other items other than rooms on it meaning no traffic going by your room at strange hours. Deck 8 is great as it is in the middle of the other floors so accesible by elevators or stairs quickly.
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Cabin 8269
Apr 2011
Solstice 3rd April cruise By: Traveller-man
8269 Deck 8. Close to elevator but no noise. Very clean and comfortable. Bed 9/10. Interactive tv very good, hanging space and storage excellent. Only two minor complaints no foot stool on balcony and the faucet can catch you out when face washing. Would take the same cabin grade again but I would prefer the bed away from the balcony door.
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Cabin 6302
Mar 2011
Hooked on Celebrity! By: CruiseMaman
6302: Quiet location at the end of the hallway. We liked that the stairway and elevators were far away, since there was virtually no traffic. Very spacious private balcony, but does not look directly down onto the water due to a steel deck area right outside our balcony. (The deck is an access area for crew only, though, so it's not like people walk by the room.) We knew that our cabin was considered to have an "obstructed view." The view out to sea was unobstructed but, as I said, we couldn't look directly down into the water. We would definitely book this cabin again.
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Cabin 8262
Feb 2011
Small rooms, but hey, its a ship! Balcony was great as you didn't feel as restricted. Had a problem with the overhead elec. outlet in the bathroom. It messed with my water pic. Maybe it was an outlet for a different current. The water pic was fine when I got home. Was worried that when it stopped working after 4 days in the cabin, that it was broken. Not so, but find out about the outlets if you have issues. Beds were very comfortable. Used the fridge to store our stuff from the ship and was careful to replace their stuff each day.
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Cabin 8287
Jan 2011
Cabin was very cool. Loved my room and my bed. DD loved the pull down bed from the ceiling. Lots of space for clothing and empty suitcases stored nicely under the bed and out of the way.
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Cabin 8247
Sep 2010
Solstice is a Winner! By: reginab1979
Very convenient, midship, near midship elevators
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Cabin 8138
Jul 2010
Nice balcony and good size bathroom but a little too far foward.
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