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Floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors. Two beds convertible to queen-size. Sitting area with sofa,vanity, 32 inch LCD TV, wireless internet access*, veranda. Some staterooms may have a trundle bed.

Deluxe Veranda (obstructed view) (2D)
Decks: Deck 6
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Deluxe Veranda (obstructed view) Cabin Reviews
Cabin 6200
May 2017
Cabin 6199
Mar 2017
Average at Best By: U4icmusic
This cabin in an partially obstructed view veranda or balcony cabin. It's a great size and one of the better obstructed view cabins, because you are between two lifeboats, so you get a better view. Excellent cabin steward, excellent location, close to the elevators and stairs, but not close enough to hear noise. It's a quiet cabin and we had no complaints about the cabin at all.
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Cabin 6293
Feb 2017
Cabin was a veranda with obstructed view, but the obstruction was minor and we enjoyed the extra large patio. Cabin was very clean, and bed was nice. Bath was nicer than on our last Princess cruise with all glass walls and door. A little tight for closet and packing space, but we had 4 suitcases. We had Celebrity take all of their high price stuff out of the refrig so we could put some of our stuff in. If you wanted to watch a recent movie on your in-room TV, they were $15 each. And the several free movies you were offered were stuff from years ago.
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Cabin 6200
Dec 2016
This cabin was less expensive due to having an obstructed view because the lifeboats are being stored a little below and to the outside of the balcony. We were curious when booking the cabin about exactly HOW obstructed the view would be--this is your question too, I'm sure. The view was obstructed, although not completely. You could still see the ocean/views, although not as well when sitting in the chairs on the balcony. And the lifeboats definitely got in the way of taking unobstructed photos from the balcony (you could always see the tops of the lifeboats at the bottom of each photo). But for us, those things don't matter (just crop the photos!). The reason we get a cabin with a balcony is to escape...have time for ourselves....and this cabin/balcony provided exactly that, at a little less cost than some of the others. Absolutely worth it and we would get this cabin again!
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Cabin 6183
Apr 2016
The cabin was great. Plenty of space and a large veranda which was partially obstructed but that was not a big deal. There was a large lifeboat directly in front of our balcony so we couldn't look down to the water, but the view was fine. Many people in higher cabins were also complaining that the lifeboats blocked their view so we were happy to have gotten a great deal. There are just 6 small-medium drawers so plan on storing things in the over-bed cupboard or closet. The bathroom was great, lots of storage that mostly went unused, a real glass enclosed shower and the nightlight.
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Cabin 7161
Mar 2016
Always neat and practical. I don't remember so few drawers though. There were only four drawers and Celebrity has done away with the nice bed side tables with drawers for the little stuff. Also, the closet is sideways and difficult to manoevre, special as our door kept sticking. Balcony fabulous. Bathroom is excellent.
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Feb 2016
Cabin was excellent except for tv, needs upgraded
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Cabin 6197
Aug 2015
One of Our Best By: hopeless holiday booker
Standard obstructed view cabin. No noise even on the day when they used the life board.
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Cabin 6190
Jun 2015
The layout of the cabin was fine. The bed however was awful.
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Cabin 6192
May 2015
Equinox new favorite By: dewiz44
Cabin was billed as a balcony with obstructed view. There were lifeboats below us but the view was not bad. We got a very good rate by selecting this cabin and the positives outweighed the negatives. We also did not spend that much time in the cabin.
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Cabin 6186
Apr 2015
Exceptional Cruise By: SEAMOREW
Obstructed view veranda - tender racked just off our balcony blocked view of the water. No big deal. Cabin was very well kept by our attendants. Storage was adequate. Climate control effective. No noise issues. Mattress could be better.
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Cabin 6206/1622
Mar 2015
So Much Potential By: barbjd106
We had two cabins. Both were well maintained. 6206 had an obstructed view but still had sunlight on the balcony. A lifeboat was hanging low outside the balcony so you cannot view the water directly at the lower level of the ship. Basic cabin.1622 Celebrity Suite. Nice size balcony. Lovely decor. Perfect butler service.
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Cabin 6181
Dec 2014
Lovely & Fun By: LillianHaskel
  Cabin was maintained well. We revived anything we asked for promptly.   Missed the nightly chocolates on our pillow and the cotton swabs and. Q-tips in the bathroom.
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Cabin 6208
Nov 2014
Slightly disappointed By: laks6105
Our cabin was adequate in size and storage space. We knew in advance that we had booked an obstructed view balcony cabin on Deck 6, so weren't surprised by the lifeboat view. Since we are budget conscious travelers, we feel we got value for the price paid. The bed was comfortable, good linens and the largest bathroom we have ever had. The design of the shower stall was great with plenty of room. The amenities like shampoo, conditioner were good BUT the quality of paper goods like toilet paper and facial tissues is awful (single ply sheets of TP break apart and are worthless and blowing one's nose was a painful experience). Cutting this corner isn't up to Celebrity's standards.
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Cabin 9163
Dec 2012
Trip of a lifetime! By: ArrrEnnn
We first got a cabin on level 6, stateroom with veranda 2D They had obstructed views. The obstruction was actually huge life boats, so I'm glad we upgraded to deck 9. Our cabin was great! Perfect view and the stateroom attendant was wonderful. It was supposed to be "close" to the elevators, but we didn't hear anything....... ever. It was very quiet. We could hear the dance club some times, but it never bothered us.
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Cabin 6186
Jun 2012
Cabin 6186. Balcony view is obstructed by lifeboats & tender boats. Typical of other small rooms we've had on other ships. Bathroom was slightly larger than most with a decent sized shower. Reasonable but not great storage space. We stored stuff in suitcases under the bed. The room was very clean and all of our needs were met by the staff.
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Cabin 8123
Nov 2011
Awesome Equinox By: Aldoscott
Cabin 8123 was fantastic. This is the first time we never went aqua class. The cabin is pretty much the same. Comfortable bed, large veranda great views. Would request this cabin again.
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Cabin 6294
Dec 2010
6294 by number, at stern end. Listed as "obscured" Was not lifeboat obscured (see main body of review) but downward, not outward view, obscured by extensive solar panels. Well soundproofed and quiet. Bedtime reading lighting could be improved on. Door could be made to stay open when full extended to allow access for room service, suitcases in and out, etc.
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Oct 2010
The Holy Land and more By: davidmaveng
Cabins with obstructed view (6000 series) are 75% obstructed, not the 50% as stated
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