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Floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors, sitting area with sofa, 32 inch LCD TV, wireless connection, two beds convertible to queen size, vanity, bath with shower stall and washbasin, additionally, suite veranda features lounge seating. Some cabins may have a trundle bed.

Deluxe Veranda 2C (2C)
Decks: Deck 6
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Cabin 6252
The cabin was clean and spacious. Very well kept by Conford and Antonio. We did store some things in the cupboard above the bed but it was a bit awkward to get the things out at times.
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Cabin 6177
Good size. Very clean. More storage would have been useful.
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Cabin 9042
Cabin Larger than many with sofa. Balcony average size with 2 Chairs & small table. Great Bathroom with shower with doors, not curtain.
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Cabin 6295
Cabin 6215
Brilliant, plenty of room and the balcony (our first one) was so,worth it. Bathroom with shower that was great, best we've ever had, plenty of room and the shower had proper doors, not a silly curtain. All toiletries were very good and were replaced with no fuss when running out.
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Cabin 6174
My Celebrity Experience viewcruisejune
Fab as usual cleanest bathroom ever. Attendant excellent without being in your face,they work so hard
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Cabin 6172
The cabin was fine. No noise or working issues. The toilet area is cramped for my size. We had our steward swap the duvet for a blanket since the duvet was way too hot at night. We also got some softer pillows too.
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Cabin 6258
The cabin was fine. The size was a little bit larger than normal since it was set up for overhead bunk. There was a full size couch instead of a love seat. The cabin steward was very good.
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Cabin 8278
Fun Trip MovieBuff
Cabin was fine...enough space. Well maintained by our steward and his assistant.
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Cabin Deck six
Really nice with plenty of space and a larger balcony
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Cabin 6267
Never Again erniet1948
no problems bit short of hanging space but we always take to many clothes
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Cabin 6269
Great cruise My sea
Spacious and clean, although short of draw space. Restricted view over the lifeboats did not cause a problem. Room kept immaculate.
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Cabin 6189
Great size, and huge comfortable bed. Great communication system through tv. Bathroom best in class and shower cubicle generous in size, and with door instead of curtain. Mini bar well stocked, but expensive. Not covered by drinks package. Cleaning standards high.
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Cabin 6253
Excellent Baltic cruise harryjbowdidge
The cabin was brilliant very clean the balcony was a partially obstructed view but you could see out of the cabin very well you can have the beds separated upon request balcony spacious with 2 chairs and table with room to have breakfast on. The television was a little temperamental as the remote did not connect to the television very well there was also overhead lockers above the bed which fitted folded shirts and trousers in there is a hair dryer in the cabin as well as drawers the wardrobe was big and fitted lots of clothes in you can ask for extra hangers from the cabin steward. The aircon still worked with the cabin door open the bathroom was clean and well finished with lots of space the shower was powerful. Whilst in the cabin at sea you could not feel a single move except the odd vibration overall the cabin was brilliant and clean the cabin steward was also very nice.
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Cabin 6173
Nice size, although the coffee table kept getting in the way when we were both dressing for evening dinner. Comfortable bed, although could have done with an extra blanket as I was a little cold at times. Kettle with basic tea and coffee making facilities provided.
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Cabin 6172
Our stateroom was very satisfactory for an ocean-view veranda cabin. Our cabin attendant and his assistant were outstanding. It seemed that they were always available without having to look for them if we needed assistance. They went above and beyond expectations. There must have been a dozen times our cabin attendant appeared out of nowhere to open the stateroom door if our hands were full.
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Cabin 6176

My cabin was great. Plenty of storage, - soap, shower cap, cotton balls, q-tips, shampoo, body lotion, hair conditioner and a hair dryer with all the towels I wanted. 'Nuff said?

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Eclipsed all others? Possibly southampton observer

We had a veranda cabin on deck 8 aft. Quiet location, good soundproofing and a more generous than average bathroom compared to other cruise lines we have sailed with. We particularly liked the walk in shower. The cabin was narrow compared to other balcony cabins we have stayed in and we found it rather lacking in drawer space. A positive was that our large suitcases easily fitted under the bed. Negotiating the narrow passage between the bed and the wall could be problematic especially in choppy seas. General upkeep of the cabin was good and our steward was excellent in all respects. The balcony was fully covered and small.

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Cabin 6271

Cabin 6271 was very nice. The life boats were just below the veranda, but weren't distracting. The bathroom and shower and fixtures were quite nice considering how small it was.

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Cabin 6290
Perfection nafanny29

Cabin 6290 Balcony stateroom.

Very nice stateroom with extra size balcony. Views out and left/right unobstructed but cannot see directly down to the water as roof of restaurant below juts out for about 3 meters.

Bed very comfortable, has a large flatscreen TV, nice sofa, large bathroom etc.

Did not get any noise from neighbours or below restaurant. 10/10

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Very well appointed and thoughtful use of space. Lovely comfy bed.

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Cabin 6290

Near back of ship ,plenty of room ,large bathroom,plenty of room in shower

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Cabin 6162
Our cabin was near the back of the ship, close to staircase and lift. Great views even though we were advised it would be restricted they weren't. Plenty of space in the cabin and in the bathroom.
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Cabin 6170
Not enough storage space for sox or underwear. Quiet location near the internet center.
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Cabin 6255
6255, partially obstructed, no problems at all, close to elevators, quiet, but air com a little hit and miss.
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Cabin 7181
loved the cabin and layout - the bed was right next to the balcony doors. We often slept with the curtains open just to see the sea and the ports on arrival. Downside it was situated just across from the crew access door to the hallway and from 7 a.m. the door was banging as room service delivered. it did get us up early however.
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Cabin 6161
Partially obstructed balcony, could still take great pictures and see the water. Lowering mechanism for lifeboats in front of balcony.
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Stateroom was very nice and quiet. It could have been laid out in a way to make for a few more storage nooks and crannies.
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Cabin 9139
Transatlantic April 2012 xdoesnotmarkthespot

Nice stateroom, but unfortunately not laid out for maximum utilization of space. The heavy comforter supplied for the "beds together" is just way too heavy and warm for us to sleep under. We requested a couple blankets and sheets. We were provided with 2 "single" bed blankets and sheets, not a king blanket and sheet (which would have been our preference).

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Cabin 6246
Great location. Close to central elevator, and short walk one flight of stairs to get down to deck 5 where most of the inside action is. It is a restricted view balcony. You see the lifeboats when you look down, and have to look out to see the water. Minor inconvience. There are chairs on deck 5 a short walk from the room with the best water view on the ship.
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Cabin 6168
We were in category 2C, partially obstructed balcony, which was less expensive than the oceanview cabins without balcony. I would highly recommend this category. The obstruction was only if you looked down, not out and we felt that the cabin was a great bargain. Since the category 2C and 2D cabins were the lowest balcony category, I would probably book a balcony guarantee next time. Many people that we met received wonderful upgrades by doing that.
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Cabin 6278
Chetshoe Hiheelsnkr
Quiet,Just enough,roomy bath and well kept,OK balcony,Clean linens 1 more towel would be a big bonus Partilly obstructed view was annoying. Not Celebrity 's fault more that of Travel Group never told us.
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Cabin 7224
Good cabin location just forward of mid ship. Nothing above or below to cause noise. View off the balcony is down over the lifeboats but no obstructions out to sea. Not a lot of storage space compared to other ships I have been on but this room has a Pullman bed as well as sofa bed. No clothes line in the shower in this room. No inside cabins on this deck either. One closet door was very sticky but the other one operated fine. Bathroom was adequate. Hair dryer was provided but it cannot be plugged in in the bathroom. You have to sit at the desk near the balcony door to plug it in. If you want to use the bathroom to dry your hair, then you need to bring a 120v hair dryer as the 220volt plug will not accept the provided hair dryer.
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Cabin 8166
We stayed in 8166, the was a slight damp smell as you entered the room otherwise no complaints.
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Cabin 6127
Though our cabin (6127) was advertised as for 3 Adults, it was quite cramped, with insufficient storage for clothes. It would have been OK for a couple and small child though. The main beds were very comfortable, and the toilet facilities were excellent.
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Cabin 7138
5 star luxury shylock50
Cabin 7138 quiet location towards the bow, unobstructed view from balcony, adequate in size
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Cabin 6243
Celebrity Baltic Experience John & Noreen Dixon

Had an upgrade to veranda cabin, port side 2c 6243 (I think). Excellent all round cabin, the bathroom is the best I have seen in 7 previous cruises and is to die for, but must back up claims re the tap in the sink, whoever thought of that hideous abomination needs a new job - definitely not in design.
The view, because we had our veranda just aft and the first one on the angle from the lifeboats, all we had was a very small craft below us, so not blocking our view.
Found the cabin very quiet and never heard a sound overnight.
Space - yes, one could say cupboard/wardrobe space was lacking, but the storage cupboard over the bed certainly helped with storing clothing etc not often used, so did not find it too much of a problem. (even with my wife's huge variety of clothing???). Well done Celebrity.

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Cabin 7155
7153 and 7155 Close to the elevators so not too far to walk! Very well laid out. Wardrobe space and cupboards are bit limited but we managed and we had clothes for eight weeks! The bathrooms on the Solitice Class are very good, probably the best we've experienced. Beds are comfortable. Balcony is exactly as you would expect with good quality furniture. TV flat screen good selection of movies and interactive to view your account.
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Cabin 6242
great location neat the elevator- no motion Bathroom well designed
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Cabin 6261
6261 Noticeable vibration relative to 6186 where my parents were (very quiet cabin and view is reasonable).
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Cabin 6303
Cabin-We booked cabin #6303 which was on deck six, the Continental deck the very last cabin on the port side of ship before the Aft balcony cabins/suites. We loved our cabin, the bad was very comfortable & we both slept great every night. At times we thought we were the only people on the ship it was so quiet in our cabin! The only time we really felt any motion from the ship was leaving the ports. The cabin had a nice leather couch, a nice flat screen TV & lots of brand new movies on the "free" pay per view. We watched Robin Hood, Prince Of Persia, Inception & bits and pieces of a few others. We loved the room service ordering from the TV, & being able to check our statement on the TV. There are a couple of interesting Celebrity TV channels also, one showing a current interactive map of the ship & one of the bridge view cam with all the weather & sea wave information etc. The music channel was also most impressive as it had a couple of my favourite artists featured. On the jazz channel there were several tracks by Pat Metheny & on the Blues channel there were also several tracks by our hometown favourite Buddy Guy. The bathroom for my money is the best on any ship I've ever sailed on. Our balcony had a minor obstruction which was the top blue that wraps around the specialty dining areas of the aft of the ship. We could not look straight down but that did not bother us in the least. The payoff was that this balcony & the one next to it are about double the size of the regular balconies.
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Cabin 6266
Wonderful cabin for the price. They sell it as an obstructed view, but we had no concerns at all with the obstruction, as it was only if you wanted to look down toward the water. The cabin itself was very quiet, with a well designed bathroom. We would book it again.
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Cabin 6169
6169 - Partially obstructed balcony. I heard tv, people talking but am very light sleeper. Husband heard nothing. Deck above smoking section but not directly so couldn't tell if noise came from deck below or close by cabin. Otherwise, cabin in nice location - obstruction was only looking directly down.
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Cabin 6****
Great cabin just off the elevators on deck 6. No noise, and right above the smoking area on deck 5!!!! No problem!!!!!!!
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Cabin 6277
Carry on cruising! Jayne Green
Bathroom nice size, room OK not much storage space. Some rooms very noisy including those over the galley on deck 6 and those under the gym on deck 11.
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Cabin 6287
Our balcony cabin overlooked a smoking area on deck 5, which we weren't very happy about. So watch out if you are allocated a stateroom beginning 62xx. We did complain, and the overflowing ashtrays were removed the next day. It seemed to be a staff smoking area, with chefs and other workers lingering around. Also, there was an access ladder leading down to deck 5 right outside our balcony, which was used by staff (not passengers). Any rooms aft of 6287 have a staff walkway in front. It's a bit difficult to describe, but if you look at pictures of the rear of the ship, aft of the lifeboats, you will see a blue area. The walkway is on top of this.
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