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The Constellation suite will amaze you with exquisite decor, a sitting area, entertainment system and beautiful ocean views from floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows.

Sky Suite 1 (S1)
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Sky Suite 1 Cabin Reviews
Cabin 6123
Jan 2017
Enjoyable with reservations ! By: cruiselover40
Small in comparison with similar level on other ships. We didn't have some of the issues that other members have spoken about (ripped sheets etc., etc) but undoubtedly the whole ship needs a lift which i believe is due this year. Bathroom was small with the shower being over the bath - this made life trick as my husband loves to have his bath and i prefer to shower. Needed some military timings on certain evenings.
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Cabin 6129
Dec 2016
Tired suite that requires refurbishment and deep clean. It was also surprisingly small. The balcony of 6131 looks into suite if part of curtain not closed but due to mirrors on wall this sometimes requires full curtain closure. The butler and attendant need to be aware of general maintenance every day during their rounds and not leave it up to clients.
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Cabin 6124
Dec 2016
Comfortable and Quality By: Shiraleen
We upgraded on the second leg of our cruise. This cabin was larger with a larger TV, bathroom and balcony. The bed was great ( although I do not like memory foam as I find it too hot) but linen and pillows were good, room cleanliness was high and the bathroom was well equipped with bath and toiletries. Interestingly the bath robes were of a heavier quality that our first cabin, and unsuited to the climate on this itinerary
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Sep 2016
Excellent Itinerary By: healthy
Cabin was well appointed, but showing wear. There is a tub/shower combination. The tube was very high and entering and exiting could be challenging.
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Cabin 6130
Aug 2016
Awesome Experience By: settersx3
6130 is a sky suite. The cabin was spacious and included a sofa and chair. There is plenty of storage in the cabin. We had our breakfast in the cabin most mornings and were comfortable eating either in the cabin or on the balcony. The bathroom has a tub and shower with lots of storage. The cabin is close to the elevator but we never heard any sound coming from the elevators or the hallway.
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Cabin 6145
Jun 2016
Easily double the size of a standard cabin. Quite dark, with only one opening door for external light. But very relaxing and well fitted. Excellent Butler service with it. Enjoyed it thoroughly.
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Cabin 6102
May 2016
Beautiful Greek Islands By: RosieCanberra
Room is a great size and balcony is larger than a standard balcony, but we could hear an engine type noise so ear plugs are a must.
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Cabin 6126
Feb 2016
Almost a Perfect Cruise By: SRQtravelqueen
Sky suite smaller than Silhouette so a bit disappointed. Balcony has a bump out for some extra space. Not too far from elevator and stairway but just far enough to be quiet.
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Cabin 6102
Dec 2015
Our cabin was very well situated mid ship and clean, with everything in fine working order. It is our second suite experience on Celebrity, and even though the staterooms are not that much larger, the accompanying amenities now given to Sky Suite occupants are well worth the extra price. Bravo to Celebrity for seeing a need and filling it! Our room steward, Alfredo, was rarely seen but very efficient and we were very happy with his service. I would be wary of 6108 as it is right near the staircase. Noise was never an issue in our room and we both slept soundly, and I would imagine most of the Sky Suites on the 6th floor were as nice.
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Cabin 6123
Jun 2015
Wonderful trip By: tenoakssc
Nice enough. Lots of storage space. Prints on the wall were a little unusual. Nice size balcony.
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Cabin 6128
Oct 2014
Larger cabin with same size balcony as standard stateroom. Strange layout that didn't provide much more useable space than standard stateroom. Lots of wardrobe space but when the doors were open they blocked access to the bathroom. It is difficult to see how it can be described as a 'suite', larger cabin is a better description. Some guest extra guest advantages.
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Sep 2014
Beautiful Baltic By: alxlo1
We had an aft Sky Suite on deck 6, large cabin, even larger balcony. The butler and cabin attendant were top notch and really helpful.
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Cabin 6127
Sep 2013
Wonderful and spacious suite with unobstructed view. Very large walk-in closet, full tub with rainhead shower. Marble surfaces and wood paneling and balcony.
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Cabin 6146
Jun 2013
Great Sky 1 suite #6146 and #6145, 80 sq ft larger than other Sky 1 suites. The balcony is 30 sq ft larger than Sky 1 suite balconies.These two suites were originally a master bedroom and bath part of the Penthouse Suite next door. They were split off from the Penthouses and made into there own suites. This is a well kept secret in the Celebrity cruise general information to all of us and the ships in the same size of their fleet. We just stayed in the Constellation Suite 6146 and it was wonderful the bathroom is all marble and twice the size of the other bathrooms. The very best points are also no one is directly over you on the deck above you. This suite is in the Aft section and is very quite. The cost is exactley the same as the other Sky 1 suites. The furniture is very nice and you have a king bed. We loved it and enjoyed the one large room suite.The mahagony crown ceiling molding and woodwork and trim is beautiful. Highly recommended from this degreed Interior Designer from Dallas, Texas.
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Cabin 8127
Mar 2013
8127 great location, roomy!
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Cabin 6127
Jan 2013
Had a fabulous time By: BODICERIPPER
6127 "Sky Suite" (S1) Celebrity Constellation (port side, aft quarter of ship) - there were two of us sharing this stateroom: Really enjoyed this suite! :) The room looked just as it had in the photo at the Celebrity site. It did not seem smaller in real life as sometimes happens when looking at photos on-line. It was clean, orderly, and very well designed. Decorated in earth tones, with warm wood trim. Restful colours. There is a sofa that opens into a bed if it is needed. The room did not look worn nor tired. It was a very pleasant space in which to spend our "down time". There was a scratch on the wood of the closet door that had been repaired quite well. There was some kind of very small, communication device (?) on the side of the vanity in the bathroom, and it seemed to be no longer in use. I don't know just what it was in its day. It didn't bother me, but I'm not sure why they haven't removed it yet. The bathroom has a full sized tub in it, and I was surprised to see just how deep and wide the tub really was, perfect for bubble baths. I had expected a shallow, narrow tub, so it was a pleasant discovery. The bathroom featured a stone floor, stone vanity and stone wall tile. This stone was a lovely soft pink/salmon colour, either marble or maybe even onyx. There was plenty of storage in the bathroom. We were supplied with two large bath towels, two hand towels, two face cloths, and a bath mat. The room stewards would bring you extra towels and such if you wanted them to. If you hang your towels up, they don't replace them daily. Place them on the floor however, and they will replace them. There was a night light in the bathroom which could be unplugged. The hairdryer was not great, but it certainly was adequate. There is a very handy, retractable "clothes line" in the tub area where you can hang items to dry. The toilet is the typical vacuum type, and often needs two flushes to do the job. The toilet is a tad noisy when flushed, as this type of toilet often is. I think that the noise is unavoidable with vacuum toilets. There is a weigh scale in the vanity if you dare to use it during a cruise. :) Complementary robes come with this suite, and they are nice and thick and warm. The shower can be used either left affixed to the shower wall, or as a hand held shower wand. There is a fixed glass window between the tub area and the bedroom area in this suite, which lets more light into the tub area. It gives the tub area and bathroom a sense of having more space and makes the bathroom seem more open. There is a venetian type blind inside of this window, between the panes of glass, useful for privacy. There is a step up at the entrance to the bathroom as its floor is higher than the rest of the suite to allow for the plumbing. Surprisingly, neither of us tripped over it during the trip, so it must be at just the right height. Lighting in the bathroom is very good, and there is a magnifying mirror for makeup and shaving. The bathroom van worked quite well in clearing condensation from the mirror after showers. The room had an easy to use safe, a small bar fridge tastefully hidden beneath the TV, and lots of storage for the two of us. The room was tastefully decorated and very quiet. The carpet looked quite new. We couldn't hear any noise from the hall or from the rooms next door, other than perhaps a little bit while we were in the bathroom. But you couldn't hear this bathroom "noise" from the bedroom. We couldn't hear any noise from the public space under our room (the dining room), nor from the staterooms above us which we know were occupied as the ship was full to the rafters ("sold out"). The beds were surprisingly comfortable, and the sheets of good quality. The beds seemed maybe slightly narrower than a twin bed, but a tad longer? I'm not entirely sure about that though. We both slept quite well during the five night cruise. The closet was quiet large and even large enough to be used as a tight changing room if you're shy. :) The TV was of quite a large size. The balcony was heaven! 6127 has a nice balcony. We spent a lot of time out there. It's over a large, white "box" that's on the deck below that must have safety equipment in it? But you don't see that white box unless you look down. Also on this deck below the balcony, there is a public deck (forward to the white box) where quests might be able to get onto, but we never heard any noise coming from that area during our trip where everything seemed to be open to the quests at all hours. You can hear the waves from the balcony as the ship moves along. There is a larger, angled deck on the sixth deck, two staterooms aft of the one in 6127, and if you stand up and lean over the rail of the balcony of 6127, you can see onto this angled balcony. We didn't find that this balcony really "looked into" our balcony that much at all, and it didn't look into our stateroom at all. We didn't feel that our privacy was compromised. The HVAC system would make a gentle hum at certain settings, but it was not too loud; in fact I found it rather soothing. We had enough wooden hangers, but we could easily have obtained more if we had requested. The drapes were heavy enough to block light quite well. There was a night light in the bathroom that could be unplugged. The hairdryer was not great, but certainly adequate. 6127 is conveniently close to the aft elevators, but we never heard them from inside the room. The elevators on the Constellation seem to be very quiet overall. Room 6127 is located at a bulge in the hall just outside of the room. I thought that we might hear the stewards using this area as a staging area for linen and room service (which they do), but I never heard them doing so. Conversely, it's convenient because if you need anything extra in the morning or at turn down at night, this bulge in the hall is usually where you'll find the stewards and their supplies. Suite 6127 comes with a butler and two stewards and they will do anything to make your stay a great one. It was very easy to contact our butler and he gave us two methods of doing so, along with his business card. It seemed that either he or the stewards were always around our part of the ship if needed and very easy to locate. We were supplied with fabulous, fresh beach towels for both of our excursions, along with a very good quality tote bag/wallet for off shore exploring; it appeared to be very water resistant. We also enjoyed very quick embarkation and disembarkation, more perks of this type of room. The other features of this type of suite are listed on the Celebrity site. We had champagne waiting for us when we first arrived at the room, and the flowers and fruit bowl were kept full and fresh throughout our cruise, and several times during the day our butler would deliver canapes and desserts. We never had any issues with room service; it all went well. Room service could be ordered via the TV or by phone. The stewards and butler magically kept our room in order without us ever seeing them at work; it just happened! The turn down service at night was nice too. The staff was very professional, eager to please, very well groomed, polite and always smiling. I'm spoiled now, and after only my first cruise. I'm not sure if I can book anything other than suite from now on! :)
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Cabin 9111
Jul 2011
Upgraded from Conceirge class to Sky suite three weeks before sailing - got a really great price for residence/senior discount - glad we did this. The extra space in the cabin and bathroom was great, especially on a 12 night cruise. We were in cabin 9111 mid-ship near the elevators - very quite and no noise from deck ten as some people have reported. The cabin was very similar to the Jr Suite on RCCL- perks were good but not like the perks on a "full sized suite". Cabin was nice size with very large walk-in closet and plenty of drawer space. Bathroom good size with tub/shower combo - great showerhead, water pressure & hot water. My husband is over 6' tall and fit in this fine- no problem with head hitting the ceiling. The hair dryer was awful so make sure you bring your own!
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Cabin 6102
Sep 2010
Good location amidships. Website warns stateroom has smaller verandah which is semi-private; if it is smaller than others it's by a small amount. There's still plenty of room. Verandah is semi-private in that occupants of neighbouring Celebrity Suite can see onto the vernadah. However you can see into their stateroom so it's more of a problem for them than the occupants of Sky Suite.
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