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Oceanview stateroom with twin beds that convert to a king.

Ocean View (6E)
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Cabin m155
Carnival Paradise is no Paradise cathydavitt5@gmail.com
The mirror vanity in the bathroom was rusted and did not open. We did not have a refrigerator in our room and we asked about we were told that our room was "not updated"-we were not aware prior. Overall the space in the room was good.
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Cabin 157
Overview Judges
Clean and good service
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Cabin E164
Our cabin was clean and roomy. Our stewart was responsive and kind to our request.
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Cabin R232
Disgusting. Stained carpet, lumpy-uncomfortable bed, yellow stains on comforter (possibly urine), sticky "gook" on desk, windows were smeared, shower flooded entire bathroom every time it was used, sink backed up as well, toilet flushing was intermittent (sometimes it flushed, sometimes it didn't), found dried blood on one of the "fresh" towels. The cabin was so nasty that I tried to stay out of it as much as possible. I've been in hospital rooms that were cleaner and more comfortable. I actually had thoughts of "this must be kind of what it's like to be in a jail cell".
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Cabin U157
The beds were comfortable and the room arranged adequately for two people to move around easily. The most challenging part was for two women trying to get ready with only one electrical outlet.
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Cabin E 148
Showed signs of abuse from past passengers.
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Cabin E16
The ocean view cabin with a king bed was clean and adequate size for my wife and I. Although we didn't watch much TV while on board, the sound on the TV was somewhat muted and sometimes difficult to hear. Plenty of storage space for our four pieces of luggage, which we actually had over packed for the trip. We did however bring a hanging cloth shoe and toiletries racks (over the door) that helped out. We were near a laundry room and washed & dried clothes a couple of times on the trip without any problem. The laundry room had an iron & ironing board set up for free use. Bed and pillows were comfortable. So much so that we spent far more time sleeping than either of us had expected. There were only two minor complaints regarding the cabin... the coat hangers were kind of strange (four hangers hanging off of one hook) and the room had only one electrical outlet that we had to share. Bathroom was adequate size and plenty of water pressure, hot water, towel hooks, etc. No complaints there.
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Cabin E126
Spacious, clean, great steward. Could stand a little updating, but very good as it is.
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Cabin E38
Everything was fine
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My First lovethesun70
The cabin was clean and wonderful.
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Cabin R207
Great Trip for the Money! ApolloBeachWanderer
Comfortable and well appointed, and very quiet, even at the aft portion of the ship on the Riviera Deck.
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Cabin E23
Food is terrible. Erika Begosh-Mayne
I can not say enough god things about the staff. Nurdiansah is incredibly kind and professional. We did not have to ask for anything. The cabin fit my family comfortably.
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Cabin M90
M90 was located on 5th floor. Elevators were slow and working only half the time. Most activities were on the 9th,10th floors- lots of climbing--but needed the exercise for all the food we were eating so we were okay. If you don't like climbing stairs you need to get rooms on upper decks.
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Cabin E160
Just Average Ron0126
There was adequate space for my wife and me but the NOISES at 3am made sleeping rather difficult. We figured out that we were directly below the galley. Metal on metal -- like a metal spoon banging on a metal bowl sitting on a metal countertop fixed to a metal table. One night I'd swear they were butchering a frozen cow with an axe and a sledgehammer. There was a sound we heard each night over and over that we finally figured out was someone pushing chairs across a tiled floor and each time the legs went across a joint in the tile, it bumped. Imagine this happening for an hour or more at 3am and you'll begin to understand. The AC isn't really controllable from a temperature standpoint. You can only control the rate of airflow and it was a couple of degrees too warm for our tastes. The bathroom was average but you CAN fit two people in the shower ... if you like each other! Watch out for the hot water though. CAUTION: The metal pipe for the hot water gets VERY hot. Only touch the handle. Don't touch the pipe from the handle to where the hot and cold water mix.
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Cabin U226
AMAZING Ashleybeslagic
Always kept serviced and clean. Beautiful ocean view every morning!!
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Cabin E-106
Pleasantly Surprised! optoyman@aol.com
I was with my Mother, and the room was arranged with single beds in an "L" shape which provided lots of walking around room, even if I had been traveling with my wife I think I would prefer this arrangement! except for the window, the room was very clean, our room steward was just okay compared to the service that we are used to on Carnival.
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Cabin was very nice and staff took very good care of us. View was nice and location of cabin couldn't have been more convenient. AAA+++

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Cabin E94
Epicurean nightmare trvlingsalsman

Larger than other cruise lines but old. Our attendant Gregory was excellent!

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Cabin E58

I don't expect much room and just need a place to sleep so I am easily satisfied. I had no problems with our room on the Empress deck. The AC was cold the first night which we corrected that morning by turning it down. The shower was a bit tricky initially to set the right temperature. You definitely need to turn the cold on first like it suggests before you turn on the hot. You don't need a lot of hot as it will get hot real quick! The cold water pressure could have been a bit more to offset the hot water too. The wife and I had plenty of room during the 5 night cruise even with the twin beds combined to form one bed. I like a hard bed which I was not disappointed. I do wish I would have brought my own pillow as I am spoiled when it comes to other forms of pillows. I made due because when you are tired it doesn't take much to fall asleep. I was not disappointed in my room as it was clean and kept clean daily. We had plenty of room for our clothes in the supplied closets.

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Cabin E234
Had an awesome time jeepchick40

Our cabin was #234 on the Empress deck, which is the first place we went to drop off our luggage. The cabin wasn't quite ready so we just stuffed the bags under the bed and headed to the Lido deck for lunch. Our cabin had a window which was nice to look out of even though we didn't spend much time there at all. There is no shortage of hot water and the water pressure was great. At times we would come in and shower and not even need to turn the hot water on at all. The air conditioning worked great and even had to turn it down a few times. We did hear some engine/propulsion noises, but quickly got use to them. We were at the back of the ship.

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Cabin E122

Small cabin, but the room is mid ship and very convenient to the Elation dining room

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Cabin E72

Our cabin was E72. It is an accessible cabin and was adequate for three people. The location was very convenient, but it was a little noisy at night do to singing at the bar. Earplugs fixed the problem easily.

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Cabin M165
Carnival Paradise carolynp123

We were in cabin M165 and M173. Oceanview rooms, convenient to shows and meals, under the pool area.

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Cabin U156
Perfect location, just wish they had balconies on this ship.
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Cabin R134
Pleased with Paradise traveling is cool
We were surprised how much room we had in our mid-ship,outside, but lower levl cabin. Once we put the twin beds in an L shape.. it opened up the entire cabin for 2 women to get around with ease. The lighting in the bath was great, so it was convenient for 2 people to get ready at the same time, with good vanity lighting and magifying mirror. Plenty of closet space,too. I used the RICK STEVES method of packing and bring my clothes on hangers, so, it takes only a few minutes to unpack and hang. ONLY improvements.....a BLOW DRYER... and a CURTAIN between the closet area and vanity/beds, for privacy, would have been TERIFFIC....!!! Bath came w toothpaste,creams and a few other samples and nice THICK toasty BATHROBES and BEACH towels..! Elevators were right around the corner, so easy access everywhere.
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Cabin E155
Carnival Paradise Feb 9th sweetnesscruises
Small bathroom with no power source. Beds hard.
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Cabin E71
I have a small sports model wheelchair that don't take up to much space at all. and I had a hard time getting in and out of my room, and the Bathroom in my cabin although were suppose to be accessible it was really small so small my wheelchair barely fit into the Bathroom stall. Bottom line this ship is really old and not good for people with disability or that has a wheelchair
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Cabin E173
Bigger than expected. Lots of storage. Nice size bathroom. Very clean and well stocked. Fresh towels all of the time.
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Cabin E19
Empress 19--Constant smell of smoke from ventilation system. Beds comfortable, bedding good, plenty of pillows and clean towels. Steward good, friendly. Hallway noise very noticeable, because there's a large gap under door (all cabins I think) Unexceptional but adequate storage areas. Shower nice, no tub. Remember that you will be charged for the bottled water they provide. No mini-frig, no ice. Fancy towel folding every evening.
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Cabin E143
PARADISE was PARADISE ! oneluvablepest
we did hear what sounded like an outside metal door clanging from time to time, but it wasnt anything that kept us up or ruined our time !! :)
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Cabin E164
Only one negative comment about where we were as far as the room is concerned....mid ship right under the galley and I must say there was a lot of noise. My DW said she heard banging around 2am-3am most nights and it actually woke her up 2 times as well as several times a day we just heard a loud buzzing noise like.... I have no idea.....some sort of machinery droning I guess is the best way to describe it. I am a heavy sleeper and never heard the stuff at 2am, but did hear the buzzing stuff...again not super loud with the buzzing, but enough to notice it.
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Cabin 167
Quiet Location Very Clean Close to Atrium Close to Stairway Ample Closet Space Ample Shower Space
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Cabin E169
Some minor noise above cabin, probably dining room set up but not bad. Steward Roy was great
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Cabin R187
Room R187. Let's start with the Noises in the middle of the night that we heard in our cabin. Something kept clanging against the boat and once you woke up in the middle of the night you couldn't go back to sleep unless you were knocked out from drinking, which happened a few nights. Those were the nights I could sleep. We were right across from the employee walkway room. You can hear them go through in and out of the door. I suggest that after midnight they should respect our sleep time and be more quite going in and out at least till 8am in the morning. I thought the space in the room was great for 2 people. The cabin had plenty of space to put your clothes, shoes, luggage, etc... Daman had a nice towel art and chocolates waiting for us.
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Cabin E106
Good view from the window and substantial room for a 4 day cruise in the cabin. Cabin was small but comfortable. 2 closet areas for haning things up and several drawers and shelves for other items. Plenty of room to store everyting we took with us. This cabin is on the same level as the main lobby of the Grand Atrium but far enough down the hallway that you didn't hear the activity from the Atrium bar etc. Close enough to the mid-ship Stairs and Elevators to make access to everything very convenient. Cabin was fairly noisy during the evening hours. I think the Elation Dining room is right above this room but I still can't figure out why it sounded like someone was using a sledge hammer on the floor above us. It wasn't this way all the time mainily just in the evening between 4-8. The cabin also isn't very sound proof. We could hear things from above, below and outside in the hall. And just have to mention a little pet peeve. I still can't figure out why the bathroom light is on the outside of the bathroom on most ships. What's with that? If you go into the bathroom and forget to turn it on before entering you are in the dark. During the night when you turn it on you wake up everybody in the cabin because you have to turn it on before you shut the door. Who thinks up things like that?
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Cabin u182
quiet location, sleeps four and a trundle, plenty of closet space for four
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Cabin E174
A Blast ! tomcruise007
Cabin is enough for 3 people to stay comfortably. It has a pull bed and one queen size bed. It also has a small flat screen TV, few movie channels. AC and other things worked perfectly. Room service was outstanding.
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Cabin E139
Overall Good Time! babykates
I would not particularly recommend stateroom E139. The Empress deck 7 was great and is conveniently close to everything. However, during the middle of the night we heard a lot of loud clanging noises that disrupted our sleep many times. We were not sure what the cause was - perhaps either the laundry room below us or the dining room above us? The water temperature during the shower was extremely inconsistent. The room was tiny with little room to maneuver around the bed (king-size). The walls were not sound-proof. The bed was comfortable! The room needs a clock and more electrical outlets. I liked that the bathroom door could be propped open, and that the stateroom door did not shut automatically. Great, huge ocean-view window!
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Cabin E168
First timers with toddler cruise_w_toddler
Adequate space, especially with the queen-size bed pushed all the way to the window. You can sometime feel the slamming of the door from other cabins. Can be noisy during the morning.
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