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Balcony Stateroom Take pleasure in the view and comfort in the space.

Balcony (8E)
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Balcony Cabin Reviews
Cabin 9281
Jan 2017
I always pick the same cabin area... star board side near the glass elevators either deck 8, 9 or 10). It is close enough to check quickly what is happening in the atrium but high enough and far enough not to hear the elevators or the loud parties downstairs. Plus I can always find my room quickly because I know it is near the atrium/ glass elevators. I love having a balcony. Nice to go out in my PJ's first thing in the morning and watch the sun rise. and vise versa in the evening.
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Cabin 9371
Dec 2016
Cabin was ok nothing special.
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Cabin 10236
Dec 2016
Nice location on Lido, close to all the activities. Only drawback was the connecting room allows for you the hear your neighbors conversations and television.
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Dec 2016
Dirty and not clean. Mold in shower. Comforters were dirty. One day our room was not cleaned. They decided one day in port to clean the balconies but I could not tell a difference upon return to the cabin.
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Cabin 8387
Sep 2016
Entertainment By: Pterry2009
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Cabin 9394
Jun 2016
Will do the Magic again. By: Hurleys4UT1
Very clean, as I expected. They always are
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Cabin 9402
May 2016
Our room was a balcony and was very nice The drain in the shower overflowed overtime we used it which was annoying. I never told our room steward because I literally never saw him. He was a ghost. He came in and out in a flash and kept everything clean.
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Cabin 8259
Jan 2016
It was nice, great view on our balcony.
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Cabin 9398
Nov 2015
Not Very Magic By: BettyTexas
Good location, was quiet.
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Cabin 9338
May 2015
Our cabins were always clean, lots of storage, and perfect for sleeping, naps, watching tv and relaxing. The bathrooms are teeny but it's fun and unique! The rooms are small, of course, because you are on a should be out enjoying yourself, not sitting in your room for 7 days! lol
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Cabin 8469
Mar 2015
Not seeing the Magic By: djsmock
We made our way to our room which was ready for us. It was an usual set-up room 8469 balcony aft, which I was eager to see. I was quite disappointed the room was tiny, since I was traveling with a teenager this time and not my husband we needed the beds split. They had split the beds but because of the configuration this meant the bathroom door could not be fully opened! So we of course had to shift night stands and move the beds as well as a poorly placed table that we couldn't pass by. The balcony was huge as it was an extended balcony, we did enjoy the balcony when we could.
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Cabin 9283
Sep 2013
Not Exactly Magical By: KITKAT0229
Cabin 9283: It was just a standard balcony cabin on deck 9 just aft of the forward elevators both under and above other cabins. We had no noise issues from our neighbors or from the atrium. We had a pretty decent view but I don't think I'd want to be in balcony cabin on decks 6-8 though as the view would be more limited because of the lanai. What's the point of the lanai anyway? No one was hardly ever out there and it just blocks everyone's view from above it. Our main issue with our room however was the temperature. We complained 3 times. Each time they agreed it was too warm but they never sent anyone to fix it. They brought us a fan which helped but it didn't help with the humidity in the room. One day in port we came back to our room after lunch and it smelled of paint fumes. We went down to GS and brought it to their attention. They gave us a temporary cove until the fumes were gone plus 4 drink coupons. It was a very nice gesture and I was happy to check out a cove. We thought about switching but it really didn't seem much cooler in that room either. I'm guessing this is another area they are cutting back. On all our previous cruises we would practically freeze sometimes it would get so cold. This is a problem when cruising in the hot & humid Caribbean.
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Cabin 10258
Aug 2013
Happy Magic Cruiser By: KFMCruiser
Great balcony, quiet in room, little hallway noise especially nearer to end of cruise. Not a lot of electrical plugs so we always take a power bar. Very near the laundry room be sure to take soap/fabric softener. Helps lighten cloths needed.
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Cabin 9272
Apr 2013
We were in cabin 9272, a balcony cabin on the Vista deck. It is very near the Atrium lobby on the port side of the ship. One thing to note here. The location of this cabin is very close to the Atrium as stated which means that it's very close to the Atrium bar and the singer. I could hear her on into the night each night. Thankfully I bought a small fan with me that helped drown out the caterwauling; I mean entertainment, so I wasn't too disturbed. The cabin was nice and has a mini bar. Since I had brought on my own juice and soda, I removed most of the contents from the mini bar. If you do this, please take inventory of what is in the fridge BEFORE you put your things in it. And if there is something missing, notify the Guest Services desk immediately. I did not and almost had to end up paying $8 for a can of OJ and a can of Heineken beer. I was able to get it removed from my final bill, but I was a little upset that I would be charged without being asked if I had drank it. I explained to the guest services rep that I brought on six bottles of OJ and six bottles of Cranberry juice. I had ordered a bottle of Absolute ($60 for a 1ltr bottle) from the Bon Voyage department that was to be delivered later, note: Due to Texas liquor laws, the bottle wasn't delivered until the next day. NO big deal. Anyways, I went on to explain that I also do not drink beer. Like I said, the charges were removed and I only bring it up, so that others who do remove the items will know to take an inventory.
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Cabin 10216
Oct 2012
A Magical Week on the Magic By: swim4lifekac
Our cabin was the standard balcony cabin on most Carnival Ships. The main improvement is that there is now a flat screen tv, so the shelf at the end of the desk area is gone and the safe is now underneath. The room seems bigger without the shelving that used to house the TV and the safe. The only bad part, was that there was a 2 year old in the next cabin that screamed every night and the parents did not know how to calm the child down. He woke us every night and even with ear plugs we could hear him scream.
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Cabin 9271
May 2012
Great location, close to the elevators and right across the hall from the service closet - which made finding our steward so easy. We always had a full ice chest, extra room service tickets, whatever we needed. The location was also very quiet and the views from the balcony were perfect.
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Cabin 9410
Apr 2012
April 8, 2012 Magic cruise By: ridge-rider
Cabin 9410 Cat 8E. Great location. Balcony. Near the Lido deck. 120a plug-in in poor location. Everything else fine. Not much noise in the hallway. Our steward was just great!
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Cabin 8412
Apr 2012
Magical Spring Break Cruise By: Travelingboski
Cabin was centrally located, far enough away from the stairs so it wasn't too noisy. Up a couple of flights and you were at the buffet and pool area. Down a couple and you were at the Red Frog Pub. Closet and drawer space was more than adequate, could use a few more hangers. Balcony chairs reclined and were quite comfortable. Bathrooms had several shelves, clothesline, and comfortable size shower. Lights in the rooms will not work unless you place your key card in the slot, the tough part was remembering to take it with you when you left.
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Cabin 9372
Feb 2012
Magic WAS Magic By: mishy1695
9372 Balcony Stateroom 8E great balcony view on starboard side. great location to get to Lido Deck. Close to elevators and stairs but not too close. Midship. Lots of space for our items. The odd time heard chairs being moved in night from Lido Deck. Loved it!
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Jan 2012
Magic holiday By: aussietraveller53
Balcony cabin - Plenty of room for 2 people who packed 'lightly. We took extra coat hangers. Great location - away from the stairs/lifts but only 1 floor to the LIDO deck restaurants & pools.
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Cabin 7429
Jan 2012
Nice balcony, close to one end of the boat though so you may want to be more central! Lots of kids running in the halls but it was a holiday cruise so more kids than usual on this voyage.
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Cabin 93**
Dec 2011
Interesting Cruise on Magic By: Texas Tennis
Cabin 9346 - lots of storage. Third bed instead of sofa (although if you only have two passengers they would convert bed back into sofa). Nice view from balcony and large window (although window view partially blocked if you open balcony divider between 9346 and 9342...not blocked at all if open between 9346 and 9350). We had three adult men in this room and did not feel cramped.
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Cabin 6212
Dec 2011
Didn't Know What to Expect By: HopewellKat
Cabin 6212: Nicely sized; small, but pleasant balcony; nicely located at front of ship; excellent shower; plenty of storage for my sister and me.
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Cabin 8395
Sep 2011
Great! no negative things to say
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Cabin 8339
Aug 2011
Small bathroom, Good size bed and comfy. Good balcony Quiet location Accessible location Closets ok but could be better
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Cabin 10245
Aug 2011
The cabin we had was great. It was a balcony on the Lido Deck and we never had any problems with noise or anything else. I would highly recommend this location.
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Cabin 8336
Jul 2011
Good location near midship elevators. Smallish balcony. When docked, the best views were on the other side of the ship.
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Jul 2011
The Not-So-Fun-Ship By: digicruiser
Very small room, noise from lido deck above through the night, constant second-hand smoke on the balcony and regular noise of balcony doors slamming.
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