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Balcony (obstructed views) (7A): Carnival Legend Cabin Reviews

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Balcony (obstructed views) Cabins

44 Reviews
Partially obstructed oceanview staterooms. All staterooms have carpeting, ample drawer and closet space, private facilities (shower, basin and toilet), telephone and color television showing first-run films.

Balcony (obstructed views) (7A)
Decks: Deck 5
A Fun Cruise ozpen
Great location forward right opposite lifts to Lobby - surprisingly quiet.
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We had a lovely stateroom with a balcony and really enjoyed being in this space to relax. Sitting and watching the ocean was amazing and truly relaxing. Plenty of storage. Bathroom was very suitable.
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The cabin was good and facilities are adequate. TV channels need to include more varieties.
Cleanliness and room service was very good.

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Aussie Legend 2infinity

The room was well positioned being midship. 3 cupboards, 4 draws, mini-fridge. Lounge that converts to 3rd bed. The rooms are a reasonable size (well my room was anyway). Slightly bigger than other ships I’ve been on, but I was in an obstructed balcony room this time, maybe inside and oceanview are smaller (can’t comment yet). Obstructed view wasn’t an issue for me. The obstruction was the life boats, but they didn’t protrude much higher than the railing, so you still had good views. My room had an old style CRT (That’s cathode ray tube, you know the chunky pre flat screen) TV in it that was in serious need of degaussing. I did note looking in at rooms while passing that some had flat screens, so I guess they get replaced as needed. Maybe I should have, accidentally mind you, bumped my TV onto the ground, but maybe they wouldn’t have had a replacement for me. There were two complimentary movies available (kids/family and more mature) that reset every three hours. It’s a pity they just didn’t replay back to back. Kids movies usually cartoons go for no longer than 90 minutes leaving 90 minutes of watching previews for the pay per view selection. Room attendants were excellent (thanks Rommell). Saying that though, our pool towels got forgotten one day, so I had to get them from the pool, sign your life away and if you don’t bring them back, get charged $25/towel. Also I wasn’t given a disembarkation survey, so got defaulted into self disembarkation. A quick call to guest services got this fixed though.

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A lovely room with a partially restricted view, simply because the lifeboats are below the balcony, otherwise you have no problem looking right out to sea. We had it configured with an extra bed for our son and there was ample room. Our bed was a King and very comfortable. Being right in the middle of the ship, it was quiet and was not subject to as much movement as the rooms at the fore or aft. We would definitely choose this room or one very similar again.

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5182 is an obstructed balcony stateroom. We could see the water from our beds; it is hardly obstructed by lifeboats. We could sit in our chairs on the balcony and see everything. The third bed is a sofa. It was too hard and they gave us a real mattress on top. The shower is big, small lip to step over. Hand held shower massage, great pressure, settings worked. Room for a shower chair. Three closets and plenty of storage in the bedroom and bath. Room darkening curtains work! Best lighting of any ship. If you want it bright it has surround ceiling lights!

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We had cabin 5245 - a special handicapped cabin. The cabin runs north-south apposed to east-west like most cabins. This resulted in a balcony about twice the size of an average balcony. It was "slightly" obstructed, the slightly being from your knees down was blocked by the lifeboats, very little obstruction. The bathroom was about twice the size of an average ship bathroom with a large shower that included a bench. The only problem may be with a wheelchair, it may be nearly impossible to get out to the balcony with the large step over - no ramp, and the balcony is very narrow, I am not sure a wheelchair could turn around?
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Good view over the lifeboat, good location, bathroom light didn't work too well.
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Cabin 5181 is Obstructive View Balcony. However the room size is the standard room and the balcony is a good value. Your view is not obstructed if you are looking straight our or sitting down looking out. However, you can not see straight down because there is a lifeboat at your feet. There are the 3 closets and this room does not allow you to hand that over the door organizer many people pack. The bathroom has 3 shelves on both sides of the mirror so you really do not need the organizer for your personal items. The location was quiet (at least on this cruise).
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Triple length balcony (narrow though) Limited closet space No sofa Handicapped bathroom
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5167 and 5169 obstructed view; cant see straight down. View blocked by life boats
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For us 5185 on the Legend was so so and it may have been because for the 1st time ever we had some lousy neighbors. When they weren't yelling at each other they were smoking like crazy on the balcony and I can't handle smoke, hate the smell (upsets my stomach) and I have a bad heart. For the price though 5185 had plenty of room, all 4 suitcases fit under the bed and my wife and I had plenty of hangers and closet/drawer space for our clothes. 5185 is an obstructed view because of the lifeboats but they are the smaller lifeboats and the opening between two of them is at this balcony, on the left side of the balcony.
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Room 5161 is an obstructed view balcony. The room is the standard size with 2 twins that can be put together to form a queen(maybe?). This room also has the sofa bed as well as the upper berth that folds down from the ceiling above the couch. It has the standard 3 closets, which is plenty of room even for four people. Even our largest suitcases slid easily under the bed. The bathroom is cramped but adequate. One problem we noticed is that water tends to stand in the shower; hopefully that is not a persistent problem. The balcony was very nice but small of course. It was perfect for our needs of just being able to get some air or watch the waves. The cabin is not particularly close to the elevators but is very quiet with very little traffic passing by. We never heard any noise from the crew or passengers in the adjacent rooms.
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Legendary Christmas Cruise cruisinbanddirectors
Great location, obstructed view balcony not that bad...especially if you want a nice deal
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Our room 5173: Great location- centrally located, but not too close to the elevators. Our room was apparently on of the few with a flat screen tv! Starboard side is not as interesting of a view as port side in my opinion. TONS of storage space. It felt big inside. Comfy bed. Room temp. was able to be controlled easily. Comfy couch, big enough fridge. Plus it comes with toilettries like lotion and shavers and shower gel. We booked the obstructed view, so we were on the 5th floor, mid ship. The obstruction wasn't so bad, but you really can't look down. Advice: If you're ok with taking a gamble, book the balcony guarantee category, b/c the worst you'll get is the obstructed view, so why pay extra unless you want a really good upgrade. That said, my mistake was letting the dishonest agent at talk me into paying extra for the obstructed. Yep, bad business, and when I called to complain (and emailed) customer service would not help or apologize. DON'T BOOK WITH PRICELINE- book with Carnival directly!
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Excellent location; lifeboat only blocks view straight down. Still a huge beautiful view of the water; great while in port or at sea. close enough to aft elevator but very quiet, no noise. Also great to be near aft elevator as that's where the dining is both down to MDR and up to Lido. Super location, would book this room or a room in this area again in a heartbeat.
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Obrstructed (somewhat) view balcony, really close to the elevators. Ample close space, with lots of storage space. The location was pretty quiet, and we didn't hear anyone from either above us or below us. Really good location. Would book it again.
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Great Balcony even with the lifeboats at floor level. Didn't bother us at all. Great value for the money.
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Legend is great jhg20852
Clean, functional, spacious cabin, we had a basic balcony. I do not understand why the news on the TV is from Denver. Since the ship leaves from Florida, can't we have news from Florida?
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Cabin was great - had the bed pulled together for a King and the couch was made up to sleep my son.
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Cabin #5152--not a bad location, quiet. The porter did a great job, clean,nice balcony, closets were ok, hot water was good, bathroom was ok, room is nice for a ship.
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We had a handicapped cabin on the 7th floor. It was small, but adequate. The bathroom was well equipped for handicapped, but the balcony was inaccessible by wheelchair and the closet was small. It was nicely appointed. This cabin is in a great location in regards to the elevators, a real asset if you have a wheelchair!
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We had a 7A obstructed balcony, but it was nice. The top of the life boats were about even with our floor level on the balcony. No obstruction at all looking straight out, but you could not look down and see the water. I would get this same room again.
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Great time peoriacruisers
Good value for the money we had cabins 5227 and 5229 both obstructed balcony staterooms 5229 was slightly nicer when it came to the balcony 5227 was on the end and was slightly smaller and had a small wooden step right outside the door. The life boats were at the bottom of the balcony floor and only obstructed the view down not out
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This cabin is in the middle of the boat.  When we stood on the balcony and looked down you would see a life boat.  The balcony has 2 chairs and a table and was nice to have.  The bathroom is small maybe 4ft by 5ft.  We only had 3 in our room.  I brought shoe boxes to keep bathroom items in because the bathroom does not have any drawers or storage areas.  The cabin had 3 closets about 2ft wide by 8 ft tall.  One closet had one bar to hang items, one had 2 bars for hanging the other had 3 shelves not including the floor space.  We felt very comfortable in the room.  Big mirrors and luggage fit under the beds. 
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No cabins were across from us so we thought it would be quiet but we had a very noisy cabin above us.  Constantly heard running back and forth so it must have been a family with a small child.  Very annoying.
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It was nice to have a balcony but this was had an extremely obstructed view. In addition to the life boat just under us, we also had a wall to the left so you could not look out to that side at all.
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