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Oceanview stateroom with twin beds that convert to a king.

Ocean View (6B)
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Cabin R173?
Decent. A bit outdated, but clean. Would've been nice with another outlet. There was only 1 in the room and 1 in the bathroom.
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Cabin R
The cabin washroom was small. It's probably suitable for 2 adults, maybe one child at the most. It was nice having a window. The interior rooms were too dark, but if you like to sleep late or nap during the day, it would probably work well. On the Riviera deck midship, I noticed a lot of creaking sounds. I stayed low because I am prone to seasickness. Besides the noises, the room didn't bother me. I'd call it an economy type room. The ship was introduced in 1990.
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Cabin R182
The cabin was what we expected. Certainly not extravagantly decorated, but functional and clean. Good air-conditioning, great shower, lots of storage space, and best of all a comfortable bed. Cute towel animals too.
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Cabin Main 5th fl
Room was clean - not enough receptacles - no thermostat- just a blue/ red dial on unit - not cool enough till sun set.
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Cabin M63

We loved this room. Easy Access to it all. Big king bed, roomy for 4 with pull out overhead wall bed that was very comfortable. I think they have the same beds as the Marriott. We all slept great! Great view of the ocean as well.

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Cabin m191

Plenty of room for two people, great natural light. large vanity and small side table. Short shower and standard bathroom. 3 closets and a set of drawers made my hanging organizer not necessary. It you are over 6' or claustrophobic I suggest showering in the spa or gym.

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Cabin R61

Nice room. The ocean room was not much good once the sun went down. I don't think I would pay the extra for the window. It was right around the corner from the elevator which was real nice.

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Cabin U152

We stayed in room U152 which located very close to the launderette and made ironing our pants and shirts very convenient. I would advise everyone to please study the layout of the ship and know how to navigate your way around. Our room seemed to be very difficult to get to but maybe it was just us. We must have had very "mature neighbors because there was no unbearable noise during the night or early morning hours. The service was great (not that we requested a lot) but the room was cleaned during our departures and you gotta love the towel art!!!

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Cabin M218
Forced to Relax Medtech2

Tiny closet. No storage in bathroom, few small drawers. Bed very comfortable.

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Cabin m233
Cabin M233... Only thing that would have made this cabin even better is if the outside window to the cabin was cleaner... for the size of the cabin the closets were of decent size the amount of clothes we brought with us... also the beds were high enough that you could store your suite cases underneath.
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Cabin R119
Cabin R119 is spacious, well designed. We had a vanity area and an extra chair and small table. Lighting was good and the bathroom was spacious. Not much counter space in the bathroom, but a hanging shoe divider helps immensely. Closet space was more than sufficient for a woman who always over packs!
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It was small but nice! It was an upgrade from our original interior cabin and it was nice to look outside and see the water. They kept the cabin clean and well-stocked with towels and ice for the ice buckets. The towels folded into animal shapes were a cute touch.
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Cabin M254
Room was a great size. The only problem is the noise from the mechanics when docking and departing. Sounds and feels like you are in the engine room. The bathroom is a good size and the shower is wonderful...string and hot. Location isn't bad, with elevators nearby.
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Cabin R196
Disappointed First Timers Bahamamama2809
Nice size window, cabin was clean and bigger than I thought. It was small, but the fold out bed was pretty good for my 12 year old. It was a real size twin. I thought the closet space was ok too. I wish there had been more room in the bathroom for toiletries though. And there was not a hair dryer in the room.
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Cabin M114
M114 was our cabin....Midship very convenient to elevators. Small room, ONE plug outlet in the entire stateroom, quiet location, no hairdryer, you Will sit only on your bed! Window in room
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My cabin was a oceanview. I enjoyed having a responsive cabin guy that always seemed to know when we were gone and kept the room clean and tidy. I hung some wet clothing on the shower rail but when I came back he had hung them up on a pull out clothes line that I did not see beforehand. I never had to ask for anything. The rooms were smaller than I had expected. I missed having a couch to sit on, but the Fantasy is one of the older, smaller ships. The room was more than adequate for my roommate and I. Drawer space for clothing was a little lacking, but closet space more than made up for it. All in all, for the short amount of time spent in my room, I enjoyed it.
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Cabin R132
Cabin R132 was awesome! It is on the port side about midship. The shower drain backed was a little slow in draining, but otherwise the bathroom facility was sufficient for its purpose. Closet space was little. We had read some reviews with suggestions and capitalized on them. Take a power strip. There was only one outlet. We also brought with us a hanging closet shoe organizer that we purchased at a local store for about $10. It made all the difference in closet space and organization. Taking some extra hangers is also not a bad idea. As for baggage storage, we slid ours under the beds.
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Cabin R72
Plenty of closet space. Small drawers. Definitely not enough room for 4 people, especially if you have teenagers. Dated bathrooms.
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Cabin M74
We had a ocean view and very comfortable cabin space - great closet space - good location on the ship, easy access to everything. We had adjoining rooms (M74 & M78) they were perfect for our 12 & 13 year old kids to stay in one room with the door open and husband and I had a king sized bed.
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Cabin R109
3 closets, nice sized shower, hot water, quiet room, neighbors on one side only, housekeeping or crew room on other. mid-ship, lowest level, little movement. comfortable bed. great lighting in room.
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I was told that our oceanview cabin only had one bunk bed in it, but it actually had two. We were worried about space, but we had plenty of it for a family of four. Bed was comfortable. Glad we chose the oceanview versus the inside room, although maybe it wouldn't have been as rocky.
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Our room was an ocean-view room. We did have 4 people in our room so it was a little tight, but Victor came in every morning and put the kids beds away for us. That gave us more walking space and room to get dressed. The bathrooms were pretty good sized and we did have closet space. The only problem we had was finding space for our suitcases after we unpacked them.
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Teen Point of View Myss_Lyss
Loud at night, no refrigerator.
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Cabin R192
Riviera-192: Our cabin was comfortable and we enjoyed the oceanview window. There was a Murphy-style bunk bed in our room that we didn't use. It was mounted on the wall in an unobtrusive way. Tips: bring a power strip with you as there is a single outlet in the room and only one in the bathroom, which didn't work. Also bring a hair dryer and a clock, as these aren't in the room, either. Review Carnival's personal beverage policies about the amount of alcohol and soft drinks you're allowed to bring on board with you. I saw many people walking around with their 12-packs before being able to drop them off in their cabins at 1:30. I'm not sure that would be worth the savings; a canned soda costs $1.95. Unlimited soda cards can be purchased per day as well--it's $6.00 for adults and can be used anywhere on the ship (including the dining room) except for room service.
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Cabin was great. Showed some age but the experience was great. The location was great almost mid-ship and on a great deck. We were able to use stairs to get everywhere.
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Cabin e172
Best Entertainment EVER! TheCruisingDiva808
Had a wonderful cabin steward, Soli, who put up with the millions of pairs of shoes from 3 women... not to mention bras, feminine products, etc... Poor guy!
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Cabin R139
Easy access to mid-ship elevators and also aft elevators. Great view with central location.
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Cabin M139
Main deck midships, what is not to like for a standard ocean view cabin. Had a fold down pullman bed for the third occupant. There was room, barely, for a fold out rollaway. We used the pullman. A three year old could walk under it. This arrangement left more floor area in the day. It could get a little noisy at night as other passengers left the entertainment venues in search of their cabins, typical of most ships.
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Cabin U124

U-124 was very quiet, a little small, nice view from window. Wonderful shower.

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Cabin M161
M 161. Great location, close to elevators without the noise.
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