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Oceanview stateroom with twin beds that convert to a king.

Ocean View (6C)
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Ocean View Cabin Reviews
Cabin U66
Feb 2017
Small, but not tiny. Good size shower and bathroom not cramped. Could use a chair. No fridge, but we just asked for an ice bucket for ice for the sodas we brought. Very clean. Beds super comfy.
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Cabin U61
Jan 2017
Typical ocean view. No surprises. Su was our steward and was exceptional. Seems like he knew what we needed before we did.
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Cabin U165
Jan 2017
Typical Carnival Fantasy class oceanview room. Older, no frills, showing it's age. Liked the location.
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Cabin M229
Sep 2016
Carnival Elation: Just So So By: t&nluv2snorkel
Our cabin was always clean and the steward was always polite.
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Aug 2016
Enjoyed the Cruise By: pcooper
Cabin was nice but not enough electrical sockets
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Cabin M138
Mar 2016
Out of 12 cruises, this was our first time on the Elation and selecting an Ocean view stateroom instead of a balcony. We have been on several older Carnival ships (Fascination, Imagination and Sensation) that were in great shape. Our room was M138 and it was in terrible shape. The drawers would not slide out or would fall on the floor. The medicine cabinet would not close correctly and the electrical plug on the light above the cabinet was not working. The storage for the lifejackets was in a weird place that made it impossible to walk around the bed. The formica on the drawers and desk was peeled off in several places. The sink faucet and stopper were so gross we did not want to touch it. Our steward was not very friendly and almost non-existent, but did service our room okay. We went to guest services to change the room but the ship was full and we could not change.
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Cabin U88
Feb 2016
It was amazing!!! Loved the balcony, bed, large expanse of the room itself!
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Cabin U63
Dec 2015
Beds were very comfortable, I just wish there were more electrical outlets.
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Cabin U38
Sep 2015
My Least Favorite Cruise By: tesmith0520
Smallest cabin we have ever stayed and needed a really good dusting but over all it was fine for a 4 day trip. The sink had standing water in it whenever it was used. The decor is "tired" and well used.
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Cabin U230
Sep 2015
No Such Thing As a Bad Cruise! By: NOLAgiant1982
We were in U230 which is aft-facing oceanview (facing out the back, overlooking the wake). This was an excellent cabin for us. It was larger than your standard oceanview, longer by about 3-4 feet I'd say. We met some people on board and ended up in their room a time or two and the size difference was noticeable. Ours was much more spacious. Since it was way to the back of the ship it was not only quiet and had very little foot traffic, it was easy to find! Just hoof it to the back and you're there. These aft-facing rooms are a bit of a trek to the elevators so if you're not too mobile this would NOT be a good option for you. However, it's a quick trip up the elevators to the Lido if we needed ice or coffee or water or a quick snack. This made it very convenient. The window is recessed and there's a little ledge we could sit on and gaze out the back of the ship. Room steward was Nelson, he was adequate. Did nothing above or beyond and completed the required service and left us alone. We were fine with that! The a/c was cold and the water pressure was excellent!
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Cabin U237
Aug 2015
FIrst Cruise Ever By: cc116
Larger than expected and comfortable but very worn and dirty in some places. Really just needs a gut job.
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Cabin U197
Jul 2015
We had five people in our room and it worked for us. Yes, it was a little cramped and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who plans on spending a significant part of their cruise in their room but since we were only in our cabin to change and sleep, we didn't have a problem with our tight quarters. Our cabin steward was incredible and did a great job. That said, our room was worn down. The bottom drawer wasn't sitting right, there were scrapes and scratches, and the wardrobe catch was broken. None of it impacted our time on board but it was noted in case anyone is sensitive to these things. There were plenty of hangers and a flat screen TV. The window was fine. The temperature was wonderful. The thermostat worked well. I was nice and cool.
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Cabin U21
Feb 2015
Room was as expected. Living area was clean and tidy with adequate space. There was a box in the corner of the room under the flat screen television that made it difficult to walk around the bed. This box was where the life jackets were stored. The restroom was also clean. The shower was nice sized and the water pressure was great.
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Cabin M139
Jan 2015
Cabin M139. I knew the rooms had not been refurbished, but I was still very disappointed. After our last cruise on the Conquest, it was a big let down. The room was clean, but no amount of cleaning could make the tile in the bathroom look good. The window was dirty (as I expected) and everything looked really, really old. Yes, I knew what to expect when I signed up, but I still didn’t anticipate how I would react to it. The TV was old style, which in itself didn't bother us, but the picture was awful. It was so blurry, we couldn't read the stats on the bow camera view and couldn't watch the football game, which disappointed my husband. The bed was acceptable. The kids both slept in the upper. I looked at the trundle under the bed and it looked really bad. The mattress was so thin, I don't know how it could possibly be comfortable. There was no room under the bed to store luggage, so it just sat at the end of the bed. I didn't like how you had to crawl over the bed to get to the window. The carpet needed replacing. The vent in the bathroom developed a whistle halfway through the cruise, but we managed to get it fixed somewhat. That same type vent has done that before on past cruises.
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Cabin R189
Jan 2015
This is the best lil get away that you could do for yourself....The crew was amazing the cabin was kept like a queens!!!!
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Cabin M93
Jan 2015
Our cabin was M93. Clean and quiet. A short walk to 2 elevators in either direction. The bed was comfortable and had the old bed frames not the newer metal mesh frames. looked like the mattresses were a little worn. I thought the temp was a little warm but it was tolerable. The bathroom was the biggest Ive had on a carnival ship. It was a nice feature. I did miss having a couch like on other ships. The window was great. I did not have a balcony this time but I did not miss it either. Elevators worked fast and the waits were never that long.
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Cabin U49
Nov 2014
Big disappointment By: Reenwad
The ship doesn't have any standard balcony cabins, so we were in a ocean view. If you wanted a balcony, you had to get a suite. We could not get the temperature regulated in the room. We'd wake up at night sweating, then a couple hours later, freezing. The television was old (not flat screen) and didn't work well. Could not see the picture with the reflection of the lights in the room. Also didn't have the channel to view your billing - you had to go stand in line for a kiosk which were strewn about the ship.
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Cabin M165
Sep 2013
Quiet room. Felt no movement. close enough to two stairwells that it was easy to pick one or the other depending on where we were going
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Cabin M39
Aug 2013
Ship better than the crew By: MRVEGAS711
M39 is Main deck ocean view. It was the smallest ocean view we have slept in but the ship is probably the smallest ship we have been on. No sofa, just a stool and in King configuration, someone has to crawl over the bed to get to their side. Average size bathroom with decent storage.
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Cabin U241
Aug 2012
U241 on Elation: Room on the very back of the ship. The window was large but filthy. Bugs all over the outside. Very LOUD engine noise and vibration. The air conditioning was inadequate and don't believe it ever really got fixed. The room air temp as checked was 75 degrees (with the air on high). On our last day---didn't need an alarm clock---the entire ship shuddered for 15 minutes at about 630AM and was loud. I won't book the back of the ship again--just thought the view would be different and maybe a nice change. The beds were okay, not usual Carnival quality. Room layout was typical. Room steward was invisible and not in a good way. Our room was never really "clean". Our bathroom smelled every day, even after cleaning.
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Cabin U230
Jun 2012
Relaxing & enjoyable! By: FunForUs
U230 - Our cabin was an ocean view which was sparsely furnished. The shower was a nice size though. The cabin was located at the stern and was larger than other ocean views in the same category allowing us to be able to have our bed set up as a queen and still be able to walk past the ugly corner box holding the life jackets. The last morning, the cabin was noisy (engines?) as we approached NOLA, but that was the only time I noticed it. The window needed a good cleaning, too. If I were booking an ocean view cabin, I would book this cabin again.
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Feb 2012
Great cruise ...but???? By: Adobe Flash
Great staff ...state room good ..too bad we could not walk around bed to window.
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Cabin E-147
Aug 2011
Great Ship and People By: bushmouse
Nice sized ocean view cabin for the price. The bathroom was slightly larger than most ships I've been on. All in all a nice cabin.
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Cabin M153
Apr 2011
M153 - very close to elevator. Elevator does not go to back dining room. Good location, very quiet despite the elevator.
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Cabin E240
Dec 2010
Not so great on Service. By: buellblaster
Our cabin was on the very back of the ship. I chose this location so which side we ported on, you could see land. It was very quiet with regard to hallway noise, however, in port they were cleaning or something on the outside of the ship and it was a very loud banging noise. (we needed to get up anyway)There was a pole right in front of our doorway on the hinge side which made it a little tricky to get luggage in and out. However, it was very handy if boat was rocking or you had too much to drink so you could prop yourself up to open the door!! We had plenty of space for two women and one of them a clothes fanatic. My friend made the statement she was very surprised how big the room and the bathroom were. The window is not flat against the ship as on the side and it is set back some in the molding like a deep window frame.
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Cabin U42
May 2010
Cabin U42 : too noisy, lots of ship noise at night. When beds arranged as queen the window side was blocked by furniture, had to climb over bed to reach that side. Cabin needed some renovation (lavatory was rusty). AC difficult to control, ceiling mount knob very hard to turn.
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Cabin M177
Oct 2009
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Cabin M153
Jun 2009
Close to center elevators but had to use aft elevators or foward elevators for most common decks such as dining room, lounges etc.  Lots of lights in the room.  Nice bathroom. Decent storage.
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Cabin M186
Apr 2009
Wonderful last minute family getaway By: Frozen Tundra Belgian
Category 6C Main deck cabin M186 This was a great cabin, it had plenty of storage space, the beds were comfortable, the the location was very quite.
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Cabin U118
Nov 2008
Less motion than most and fairly quiet. This 6C oceanview cabin is recommended.
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Cabin U61
Sep 2008
Get-Away to Cabo By: larsenbiz
Close to elevators, but kind of noisy because of location. Really comfy bedding. Good water pressure in shower. Good storage. UGLY decorating!
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