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Twin beds that make up into a queen-size bed. Balcony, refrigerator, TV, spacious closet, desk and bathroom with shower. Approximately 233 to 285 square feet, including balcony.

Balcony (BA)
Decks: Deck 11 | Deck 12
Perfect size for two people, or for three people with an upper bunk bed option. Lots of storage, good-sized balcony, and bathroom is small but clean and very functional. Some signs of wear (faded carpet, rusty toilets, etc.) but that is expected on an older ship. TV offers lots of movie options and even Food Network and Discovery Channel. Turndown each night with chocolates on your pillow. Comfy beds. If you need anything, just ask your steward or stewardess, they are the best in the business.
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Rather small.Balconies overlook others so limited privacy.
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We booked a BE balcony guarantee and were upgraded to a BA balcony in a great location. Cabin Pros: Nice sized standard balcony with nice flooring. Loved large closet and dressing area space, lots of privacy and space! Many hangers were provided which was a first for us. The complimentary Princess beach bag on the bed was a nice touch. Great shower head/water pressure. Cons: Cabin size smaller than we're used to and had no sofa. No top sheet on the beds? Really? Had to ask and steward seemed put out about it. Teeny weeny shower was smallest we've experienced. Had no problem with shower curtain "snuggling" with us though. One robe and one set of towels for two people? Odd. Had to ask steward. Corrected from then on.
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Cost of Extras margibow
Cabin was very nice
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Cabin a little small but excellent and clean.
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Small very small compared to other lines with similar pricing
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Tiniest shower ever. Barely adequate.
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We had booked a Caribe balcony, but I forget to put no upgrade on my booking. We were upgraded to Ahola deck. The balcony is small and you only get two chairs and a small table. We like having breakfast on the balcony and the small table doesn't work. We brought the small table from the cabin out to the balcony for breakfast.

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Quick get away sun99shine

Excellent cabin service. The Steward was very good. Rarely saw him, but room was always tidied up while absent doing cruise activities. Top service.

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A little on the small side, but a nice sized balcony and a great location near the middle of the ship. One of the best cabins on the ship.

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Spacious enough. It's a cruise ship so unless you pay for a suite - and sometimes not even then - you will be in a very small space. The bathroom was bigger than I expected and the balcony was huge. We adored our balcony. We spent hours out there and on the last day we even saw a water spout with a rainbow formed around it.

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C244 is mid-ship, port side. It met our needs. The only negative was the odor that (sometimes) hung about the bathroom. The balcony gave us an quiet, semi-private area to sip wine while watching the clouds go by. Although I'm sure it wasn't needed, we brought a two-pound bag of mini candies for the man who took care of the room. He and everyone else we met were very professional (and friendly) the entire trip.

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Great CFD130

You can not beat Princess Caribe deck rooms

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C250 - roomy enough to relax in, with a desk and 2 chairs, small table, and enough drawers. Good size balcony with 2 chairs, separate foot rests, and a large table. Lighting was adequate (lamps on each side of bed, plus overhead lights and desk lights overhead). Typical tiny bathroom, but with nice soap and toiletries (and washcloths!), and adequate storage.
The hair dryer is the ancient kind - loud and hot, but not much volume, and pulls your hair out. Bring your own, and bring a 4-outlet extension cord. There are only 2 outlets, both at the desk.

There is no clock in the room, but you can call for a wake-up, and it rang right on time.
Bonus was the little refrigerator which easily held a 6-pack of soft drinks (which you can buy before boarding and bring on) plus 2-3 water bottles.

Bed is very hard but sags on the balcony side. Pillows are a joke - bring your own (buy the Eagle Creek large compression bag - a std pillow and case will fit and squish down to nothing. Really)

The laundry is close enough (takes $2 per load for wash, $2 to dry), and not noisy. The cabin was not noisy at all, really, but ours was an adult cruise.

If you are in the far north, traveling west and hope to see the northern lights, they will be on the Starboard side. If traveling east, they'll be on Port (in the north - duh!).

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A434 very convenient but a bit noisy since so close to elevator. Everything about room was fine. Elevators need to be set up so as to not be all on the same floor at the same time. Often had to wait a long time for this reason.

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Huge balcony - looks to be 9x9 square. Fits tall round table, two chairs and foot stools. Half covered by the deck above, so there was almost always some shade to sit under. Adequate bathroom, tiny shower with extra friendly shower curtain (bring clips to weigh it down and prevent water from spilling onto the floor). The water from the faucet is never really cold. It is decent flavored for drinking, just put some in the refrigerator overnight to chill. One outlet in bathroom for shaver, one by the desk and a hidden one behind the TV. Across from the crew laundry, but it wasn't noisy at all until the morning of disembarkation when we heard people coming in and out of the door.
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The room was large. If not for the room with the balcony, I think the trip would have been a wash. We stayed in a handicapped balcony room.
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Excellent location, near mid ships elevators and stairwells. The mattress is very hard so ask your stateroom attendant for an egg crate. The balcony is deep sunny.
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We stayed in C510 on the Caribe deck. It was quiet and we had a one of the largest balconies. Our room attendant was excellent and the room was very clean.
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A522 Deck 12 Nice room, good balcony, quiet. Plenty of open hanging space. Carpet had many stains. TV mounted near ceiling. You have to crane your neck to watch; very uncomfortable.
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Our room was a balcony room on Baja (11) deck mid-ship. It was perfectly situated to use the stairs instead of the elevator. Only 3 flights up to the Pools and buffet. An easy 4 flights down to the 7th floor stores and casino and way to get to our restaurant. We had plenty of storage. I asked for more hangers and got them. The hairdryer was old and not very powerful. We had one night where the whistling in the door kept me up. I don't know if it was not closed right or if it was because there were very strong winds that night. The bed was comfortable but the carpet was lumpy. Also more shelving in the bathroom would have been nice. The deck has 2 chairs and a table. It would be nice if they would come up with a retractable foot/leg rest so you could lounge on the deck.
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Great trip MarcsSharon
Caribe 410 - perfect mid-ship cabin. Big balcony with 2 chairs, footrests and table. We were able to take the stairs to get to everything we wanted.
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Our cabin was on Deck 10 mid ship, spacious and there is a separate area for closets and storage of luggage.
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Biggest closet we've ever had on a cruise ship. In fact, there was plenty of room for all our stff. Missed the little couch that we get in Royal Caribbean's cabins.
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D734 is an aft balcony cabin that is great! The balcony is huge and there is only a cabin on one side (the other side contains a crew emergency exit). This was a very quiet and peaceful cabin on our cruise, except for the lovely wake noise!
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The bathroom was even smaller than we had last summer on the Ruby Princess. We only had about 10 wood hangers while the other two cabins for my family had tons of hangers. We asked for more and got some old wire hangers which were not appropriate for our sweaters and knit clothing. The bathroom floor was seldom vacuumed. The balcony was nice, but it was too cold to use it so it was a waste of money. After the hard beds on the Ruby, we immediately asked for egg crate mattress covers, and the beds were more bearable this year.
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cabin #Lido deck 15, room 226. This cabin did not have a couch or extra room to put anything in. there was a bed, 2 small night stands with 2 drawers, a desk with 3 drawers, a chair and a small (very small) round glass side table that we kept having to move around the cabin because it blocked getting out to the balcony. there was a built-in refrigerator and television on top of the refrigerator. the closet was adequate and shelves in the closet with a safe that had room to put clothes. Regulation cruise bathroom. The balcony was small, with two chairs and a small table. On the whole this location would be great on a cruise for warm climates, but smaller than most other lines and ships we have been on, and usually there is a couch and additional table in the room that was not here. The noise level was void, very quiet hallway to be in, no people passing by on way to other areas, and right near the outside pools.
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Good location near the laundry room. A little small with a small balcony.
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Nice cabin clean tidy,good balcony a little larger then most. Great closet space. Shower too small and no hand held shower head. Had to wash my feet sitting on the toilet.
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Large and roomy with sufficient storage space. The beds were comfortable and not too hard. The flat screen tv was not at the correct angle for remote usage. Balcony large and spacious though furniture mysteriously sparse. Quiet and serene despite proximity to main elevators. Adjoining door between cabins could be opened on balcony.
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Cabin C406 was acceptable. The mattress was soft and sagging and the linens, including the towels were worn and faded. The balcony was paint stained. The cleanliness was only marginally acceptable. The cabin left us with the impression that it needed a good refreshment.
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Cabin C202 was great. It had a bed and a desk with another unit that had the TV. The closet and bathroom were small but had enough room for the two of us although the shower was so small and with me being so short it was hard to shampoo my hair without putting my head outside the shower to shampoo it. The balcony was an extended balcony which at first we were worried about but in the end it was wonderful. My husband loved it because he could see the bridge. It was a very quiet area of the ship. tigercat
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Caribe deck balconies have the largest square footage!
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Nice cabin, adequate balcony, small bathroom but well fitted, extremely large storage space, quiet location.
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We had a cabin on Riviera deck - so no one above us who could "spy" on us ... ;-)) The cabin is like all cabins on Princess ships: just the right size - everything there you need; a small closet, a small bathroom with shower New flat screen TV ;-))
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very tiny shower stall. Could not bend over.
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A632 - No complaints. I was concerned about noise, but I didn't notice anything. Right across from Laundry which was good.
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This cabin was located on deck 11, mid ship right next to the elevators. I worried about this but from now on, I will get a room near the elevators. So convenient and the noise was never an issue.
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Wonderful cruise cibaygirls
We had no problems with our cabin.. located about middle of ship, but more towards aft.
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Lido 307: Three cabins from the door to the pool....burgers and pizza...was pretty quite....didn't notice any noise. Balcony is one can look down on you...pretty private!!!!
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Great open closet design. Plenty of storage. Standard bathroom. No sofa, standard balcony. Great location ~ mid-ship. Overall, the ship was noisy. Always hearing banging, walking, and other noises ??
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Princess..Caribbean princess cabin 526 Caribe deck. Deck twice the size. Had a balcony area that was covered...and the same size area that wasnt. Probably a bad balcony for the first time because we would expect this now.
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Extended balcony, easy access to elevators and stairs, directly across the hall from Laundromat

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Caribbean Princess - Caribe Deck (Deck 10 - BA Category - Oceanview with Balcony) Stateroom C419 - Stateroom was larger than I expected. Bathroom was ample with good closet space directly outside the bathroom. The balcony was probably one of the largest on the ship and had four chairs and a table. I really enjoyed the stateroom.
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Cabin was fine. Rivera deck - front of the ship - no problems. Would like the bathrooms a bit bigger though but that ain't gonna happen and the space near the wall on one side of the bed was a bit tight. Other than that - the temperature was just fine and our cabin steward, Rowena, was wonderful.
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Cabin was on Deck 10 C 409. Great location for elevators. Good storage space
for hanging and folding clothing. Ample cabin room to move about. Veranda is
also roomy. Nice part is the overhang from Deck 11 which gives privacy and shade

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Location was perfect - smack dab in the center of everything. Cabin itself was a bit smaller than expected but closet space was huge (which is why the cabin was smaller than expected!). Shower was the worst. Tiny with a cloth shower curtain that attacked without warning. Balcony, however, was a slice of heaven!
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First Cruise BMW330zhp
C405, great location, huge balcony, very small bathroom.
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We had Caribe deck 10 602. The extra balcony room was worth the extra cost and the room was very nice. It was also a very quiet location and we were never bothered by any type of noise at all
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Quiet location. Convenient to upper decks. Shower is quite small.
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We had a balcony room ,it was very nice. The bed was uncomfortable, slept on better bed in a 3 star hotel. Shower was like Cruise director dan said," soap up the walls and spin". it is small, but water temp and pressure was excellent. Balcony was big, 2 chairs, 2 lounge chairs and a table. great view and quiet.
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Balcony on Lido deck forward near the door to the deck above the bridge. This deck is great for sailaway and photo's. Quiet convenient to pools and buffet and pizza and grill
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We had a great room.  We were starboard aft and had a great balcony.  The balcony was covered and provided some shade, though we were able to enjoy the sun, too. We enjoyed the balcony daily. Our room was more than adequate for the two of us.  There was even enough room when our two daughters visited.  The closet was spacious, the bathroom not.  However, we had no trouble with the infamous curtain.  The room was very cool- air conditioning was not a problem for us.  The area was quiet, with the exception of the slamming doors and running and yelling children.  The elevator was located around the corner allowing for quick access, though you could not hear it.  The room was close to the pool deck, and not too far to walk down to deck 7. 

The view of the Statue of Liberty was amazing and the return trip to New York featured a phenomenal sunrise over the New York skyline!  We were very happy with our accommodations.
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C422- Very quiet, nice balcony, sheets had holes, deck chairs had paint and holes.

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We were in C436.  Great location, middle of the ship, around the corner from the elevators.  The balcony was larger than most for that category, partially exposed to above balconies, partially private.  Port side.  Plenty of floor space, closet space, drawers, etc.  This is a great improvement over Deck 14, where you can enjoy waking at the crack of dawn to the sound of the Lounge Mongers reserving and dragging their lounge chairs around.
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Great location.  Close to all the "action"!  No problems.
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Caribe Deck has the largest balconies on the Caribbean Princess. It is half covered and half uncovered. Very nice.
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Short on Shore lanoanddeno
good cabin arrangement and good balcony furniture
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Fine for two - tiny shower. Great balcony.
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Appetizer Cruise Lisa McAllister
Great balcony, great closet space, hard bed.
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