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Enchantment of the Seas Cabin Reviews - Large Oceanview Stateroom

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Large Oceanview Stateroom Cabins 80 Reviews
Two twin beds (can convert into queen-size), sitting area with sofa, vanity area and a private bathroom. (154 sq. ft.)
Large Oceanview Stateroom (F)
Large Oceanview Stateroom (F)

Cabin Rating

Very nice Cabin! Just what we wanted and expected! Yes it's small but elegant! Everything worked fine! Perfect for couples!

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The room was fine, and the attendant made me feel comfortable. However, for emergency safety purposes, I would recommend staying in a room closer to the exits. This room is right in the middle of the ship on the very bottom level of passenger staterooms. In an emergency, it could have been difficult to get up to the lifeboats.  Read entire member review.

Being on deck 2 midship meant we could barely tell we were moving. Ample storage space and attractive.

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The cabin is okay for two, small for three, and I don't know how you'd manage with four (there are twin beds we had set up as a double bed, plus two pullman beds stored in the ceiling). There is only one closet, and very little drawer space. If it wasn't for the large cabinet where a refrigerator had been that I used to store some of my clothing, I don't thing I could have unpacked all of our clothing for a 9 day cruise. On the positive side, since the room is mid-ship on deck 2, it was very stable, even when we experienced a 4-8 foot sea state. The room barely moved.  Read entire member review.
Cabin location was very convenient to My Fair Lady Dining Room and the main stairs/elevators. It took less than one minute to leave our cabin, climb two flights of stairs to the 4th floor, and walk into the dining room. We used the stairs most of the time unless going to Deck 9 or 10. The cabin itself was a bit used and the windows were dirty, but that is to be expected considering the winter weather. We joined the twin beds to make a bigger queen size. Our 4 year old daughter loved her "room" which was the bunk bed. Our cabin steward did a great job keeping it tidy for us. Overall, we enjoyed the location and the room with a view.  Read entire member review.

-We were fairly close to elevators.
-It was quite, other than the hum of the engine (which didn't bother me…almost lulled me to sleep).
-Very close to where we disembark.
-Quick elevator ride up to the dining room.
-Great attendant.

-The window was a divided window, not like the big ocean view one you see in the pictures (this is true for all windows on the second floor, third and up are OK). Doesn't make for as nice of a view.
-Room was dated and cramped. Beds aren't that comfortable.
-Window was dirty and rusted.
-Pretty far down.
-Toilet had issues flushing sometimes.

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Large size room, very comfortable. The beds were ok but better than I expected. The room was very clean and our attendant Sandra was fantastic and on top of everything. I'm a tiny person but still had a little trouble with the super compact shower. It took me a while to figure out how to leave the shower head running while I washed my hair without having all the shampoo running into my eyes lol. All in all I was really happy with the cabin.

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Cabin was small but had ample storage, except in the bathroom. Bring an over the door hanger. Windows were small for the price. Very quiet.  Read entire member review.
Very nicely appointed, & a great location near elevators which took us straight to the Windjammer !  Read entire member review.

Cabin was in quiet location but long walk to dining.
It was the most filthy cabin in my 18 cruises. The good part is there is now new shower curtain, new pillows and new mattress if you choose this cabin.

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Fall colors by madera1
Cabin 2600 was perfectly situated nearby the mid elevators yet is quiet. The room is small but provides enough space for all of our items. The bathroom was small but the water in the shower never flowed out to the floor. The bed could be more comfortable and the springs squeaked.  Read entire member review.
A few notes on cabin 2612: This was our first cabin with a connecting door. When we booked via Costco travel, we had a noise concern with having a connecting cabin and were considering a non-connecting cabin further aft. The agent told us that it was nothing to worry about and that the connecting cabin wouldn't be any louder than any other cabin. Wrong. The connecting door is thin, and you can hear everything going on in the other cabin. Our cabin neighbors had young children and my wife and kids were awoken virtually every morning by the kids. Mind you, the kids were not obnoxiously loud or in any way out of control. They were just being young kids-- they talk, they laugh, they play. But man, you could hear every bit of it. Also, there was some kind of pump or servo motor in the vicinity of our cabin that would activate for several minutes at a time at random intervals throughout the day and night( sounded like it was in the structure below our cabin between decks). It was loud enough to wake you up and was quite annoying. We never determined what it was, but it would definitely keep me from booking that cabin in the future.  Read entire member review.
Long way from elevators, could here engines  Read entire member review.

plenty of room,a lot of storage
would have liked outlets next to bed,but given extension cord

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"Large" is a misnomer - despite paying a premium price for our cabin, it was no larger than regular inside or outside cabins. The reason for the higher price for the first two passengers, I suspect, is to make up for the lost revenue on the "discounted" 3rd and 4th passengers who share the cabin.  Read entire member review.
Great Service by AtlantaPesto

Room had 2 drop down bunks, which our room steward was kind enough to put up each morning when we went out of for breakfast, and drop back down as needed for naps or night-time. View of the ocean on cruising nights was spectacular - at 3rd level you feel like you're right above the waterline, so you can watch the ship cut through the water. Bathroom was smallish but functional, bring a quality hanging toiletry bag and all is well. Location was perfect - quick access to the elevators but never heard any elevator noise.

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Nice size room with large window vs. a porthole which let a lot of light in. No obstructions in from of the window. I chose this cabin, as I was traveling with my 92 year old Dad, and it is just steps to the nearest elevator. Elevator drops you off right next to Windjammer buffet. Not a good location if you want to be closer to the dining room or the centrum from my Dad's perspective. Lots of storage space. You can hear heavy footed people in the cabin above you.

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Cabin# 3062, this cabin had adjoining rooms,for the most part very quite and a large window for ocean viewing,the beds were together,we had them separated ,makes you feel like you have more room to move around,

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The cabin was comfortable, had plenty of storage cabinets and closet space, and the large window provided plenty of light as well as sightseeing. It was showing it's age, though. The mattress was very hard, and two of the pillows needed replacing. The bed was not high enough to store our large suitcases under. That was a storage space issue that was a little irritating. Only a small suitcase fit underneath it. The last afternoon of our cruise, the toilet overflowed all over the floor just as we were leaving the cabin for dinner. It took a phone call to the front desk, and stopping a ship's officer to ask for help, before they sent someone to clean up the mess. We stopped back after dinner, and the bathroom was immaculate. A quick fix and a quick clean up was very much appreciated. Our cabin steward, Lyndon, was exceptional.

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Fantastic Getaway by TheBird83

Just your average ocean view stateroom, nothing to write home about. Clean, comfortable, and functional. Quick walk to the centrum elevators.

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Great Trip by ranjan0126
Nice cabin, lots of storage. Bed was very comfortable and linens were nice. An alarm clock would have been nice and a larger tv but other than that, we were very satisfied. Even the outside noise was minimal. Close enough to the elevator to be easy to get to without the noise of being closer.  Read entire member review.
-Cabin seemed small and confining. -Closet had NO shelves but there was ample drawer space in the cabin. -Location is quiet and close to elevator for getting to the theater and Windjammer. -Noticeable odor of sewer gas (or whatever) in this part of the ship on Deck 3; a small can of deodorizer recommended. -Cabins on EOS have two, yes 2 AC outlets on the wall above the desk.  Read entire member review.
We both thought the shower space was the smallest on any cruise ship we have ever been on. I am a very petite person and I couldn't bend over to pick something up without sticking out of the shower. I thought the shower curtain needed cleaning or replacing also. We read a lot of complaints about the TV but it being an old style did not bother us at all. The bed was very comfortable and the cabin space was adequate. Much of the desk space in the cabin is used by their cash bar items so we asked all that to be removed to give us more space. There was no refrigerator. I always bring extra hangers so there was plenty of room to hang all our clothes.  Read entire member review.
3564 - nice cabin. Small but QUIET!! Also, it is mid ship and on the 3rd floor which is great for movement. We didn't feel much rocking even during rough seas!  Read entire member review.
Not the best experience by decemberbabycruiser
Our bed was very uncomfortable. We were surprised to learn that they actually sell the mattress and bedding. Our room steward Rodney was just okay. I wasn't impressed that at the end of the trip he asked me to please fill out the survey with excellent rating so that he wouldn't get his hours reduced. The room was not cleaned that well. Their were toiletries left from a previous guest in one of the cupboards. When he took down our son's bunk bed the first night it had dirty sheets still on it and a big long strand of hair hanging down. My husband usually ended wiping down our table tops in the main room as they were obviously missed. One day we returned to our room to find it slightly ajar. When we went to find him a few rooms down to ask him if he was finished in our room as our door was open, he made out that he was just coming back to check that everything was done. He said he knew that he'd left our room open. There were a few other times that he seemed to be lying through his teeth. The food was somewhat disappointing. It was just okay. We were looking forward to the lobster and shrimp night and were surprised by how small the shrimp were. My mom had ordered a birthday cake for my husband. It was disgusting! We had a good chuckle about the way it looked with the other guests at our table. Would expect that a birthday cake would be tasty. This one looked like cardboard. The food on Carnival cruise lines is much better. Our wait staff did do a good job though. I was impressed that the head waiter also came around regularly to check that everything was okay. One evening my husband didn't join us for dinner and the head waiter made sure that I ordered something to take back to the room for him. The next day he was sure to ask my husband if he was feeling better. I would recommend eating all meals in the dining room. It is next to impossible to find a table to eat at in the Wind Jammer Buffet. They have flavoured water, unsweetened ice tea, and coffee available all day long (often difficult to find glasses, cups, plates, bowls and utensils up at the Wind Jammer). I enjoy the theatre and go regularly. However I wasn't all that impressed with the shows on the Enchantment of the Seas. There is one show called "Can't Stop the Rock" which I think should be renamed "Can't Stop the Ballads". It did not seem very upbeat or "rock" like. My son who absolutely loved all of the shows on both Carnival Cruise lines asked if we could leave during that show. It was pretty boring. That being said, our table mates from dinner did enjoy that show. I'm not a big fan of magic shows but the magician on board did put on a very entertaining show. I would recommend that show. My husband went to both late night comics and had a few laughs. Our 7 year old did enjoy the kids club. The staff their were very good. The 6-8 year old age group were constantly being changed from one location to the other which made pick up and drop off a bit confusing but the two locations were close by. I can't say I'd rush to book another cruise with Royal Caribbean. I thought it was supposed to be a better class of ship than Carnival cruise lines. If it's not too late - switch to a different cruise line. If it is, hope your experience is better than ours. Sorry to sound so negative. I'm usually a very optimistic person and find the positive in most situations. Unfortunately this isn't one of those times.  Read entire member review.
Below Expectations by habsexpos
Cabin too noisy with breakfast preparation early in the morning, ruined complete cruise. Do not book Ocean View Back of the ship on the 3rd floor of this ship.  Read entire member review.
convenient location, close to elevations, but could not hear the noise. lots of drawers, but need upgrading with new TV's and bedding!  Read entire member review.
Small but comfortable. The location was fine and pretty much quiet, with the exception of a mechanical noise that was brief but periodic.  Read entire member review.
Cabin 4004 is a large, ocean view room. We enjoyed having the sofa seating area and the large sill between our bed and window was a very cozy reading nook. There was lots of storage and the closet was plenty big enough. Our only complaint about the room is that, because it is so far forward, you feel more of the ships movement, including the up and down of the bow, than other state rooms more in the middle. If you get motion sick easily, I wouldn't recommend this room, because in rougher seas you get both the side to side and front and back motion, which can really mess with your equilibrium. The room was soundproofed really well, and we didn't hear anything from the other cabins. The Orpheum Theater is behind the wall on the other side of the hall way, and while you could sometimes hear music while in the hall, you couldn't ever hear it inside the room.  Read entire member review.
Great Short Cruise by ruud hartog
Cabin was OK. We liked the storage layout, we maybe used one third of it. Some wear on the wood services, and one drawer was inoperative due to a bad slider.  Read entire member review.
We requested a queen size bed but found out that I had a problem getting around it so we asked our cabin boy to change it to twin beds and by the time we went to breakfast and returned it was done. We had a excellent cabin steward as we have on all of our cruises with RCCL. They all have earned an extra gratuity from us. Other then that it is a ship cabin so ou have to expect some smallness in the layout. A lot better then I had in the Navy.  Read entire member review.
We learned that the little couch in our cabin has two good sized drawers built in underneath the seating. We used it to put the minibar, and other ship items we didn't want to use during out trip. We loved the location of this cabin, one flight down from the theater, same deck as the dining room, close to elevators, easy to "navigate" the ship from.  Read entire member review.
We learned that the little couch in our cabin has two good sized drawers built in underneath the seating. We used it to put the minibar, and other ship items we didn't want to use during out trip. We loved the location of this cabin, one flight down from the theater, same deck as the dining room, close to elevators, easy to "navigate" the ship from.  Read entire member review.
Dated furniture/carpeting. No problem w/noise. Comfortable bed and wonderful linens. Need updated digital safe rather than having to use credit card.  Read entire member review.
One Great Cruise by tyler6597
Cabin 4072 which is a large outside cabin is a bit small but functional if your not there a lot. The appearance of the cabin is very nice but the TV is not a flat screen and rather small. The TV repeat the same shows every day except Fox News.  Read entire member review.
Never Again by agcutler
Small old 13" television. Our suitcase didn't fit uner the bed and we only had a shower. No body lotion or bathrobe and the "mini-bar" took up the only surface space we had so we had our cabin attendent move it for the duration of our cruise.  Read entire member review.
Our stateroom was as expected, very clean, and there was tons of storage space. A tip for future cruisers would be to bring extra clothes hangers. We brought several cheap dollar store wire hangers which worked out excellent. The window in our room was very large. Even with the pullman bed down we had enough space for the three of us. We had a connecting stateroom with my sister and brother-in-law which was very handy for playing games or chatting after our daughter had gone to bed.  Read entire member review.

4080 - no neighbors on either side just closets.

 Read entire member review.

Our cabin was on deck 4, mid ship. Very convenient location, not too close to the noisy atrium but close enough to to all the action on deck 5 and 6 and a short walk to the dining room.

 Read entire member review.
4572- Great cabin- lots of space, nice shower. No complaints  Read entire member review.
A great accessible cabin ... very comfortable and covered all my needs!  Read entire member review.
We had an accessible ocean view cabin (4574). It was very roomy with plenty of closet space. The only problem was the window was severely scared and marred and we were unable to see well out of it.  Read entire member review.
7010 is much larger than the average ocean view cabin, because it has the same area as a balcony cabin, but rather than have a balcony, it has additional interior floor space. Very spacious and comfortable!  Read entire member review.
Cabin 7012 is a cat F OV cabin. It is MUCH larger than most, as it used to be an officers cabin. Has the tube shower. It is VERY noisy as it is above the theatre. Not an issue if you're up late. Also FAR forward, but not too far from forward elevators...  Read entire member review.

Beautiful room!

 Read entire member review.
Room 7558 Enchantment of the Seas. Nice room. New tv. Shower doors instead of curtain would've been nicer, but maybe with the refit of this ship. Loved it since it was a surprise upgrade from Deck 4. Plenty of closet space, more than what we needed.  Read entire member review.
A week end getaway by foster mom
Cabin 3030 was just fit the bill for a short cruise. Nick our cabin person was great, was always there when we need him. We could of used a little more space on the dresser and in the bathroom area.  Read entire member review.
Deck 3. Nice window, comfortable beds. Quiet location. Plenty of storage space. Tiny bathroom.  Read entire member review.
The cabin was a good size the beds were very comfortable and the bathroom room was very clean. we loved the towel animals  Read entire member review.
Location nice & quite. Drawers too small for some of our clothes.  Read entire member review.
Deck 5 near the stairs in the center of the ship and eazy to get to everything  Read entire member review.
Small, worn carpet, "old" 13" TV with poor sound & picture. Small bath with curtain that was so small that your shoulder pushed the curtain so water ran out on bathroom floor. One small chair & small table, no sofa or any where to sit besides the bed. Really poor.  Read entire member review.

Small - was expected. Really nothing bad to say about the room really. Super quiet which was awesome. You hear no hall noise. Worst part is the shower. Was fine for me but I'm not a huge guy - Anyone over 200lbs due to height or width will not be as comfortable in it. 250++?? You'll want to bath in the pool.

 Read entire member review.
We were on  Deck 4 and the women next to  us were loud late at night.  We finally complained and ship called them.  They were furious but did stop.  The  Argentinian teenagers were  also a problem.  RCCL needs to monitor late night noise on the hallways more.  Read entire member review.
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Great Cruising! by blast459
Great Escape by TravlGirl
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