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Cove Balcony Cabins 46 Reviews
Oceanview stateroom with a private balcony and twin beds that convert to a king. Every Carnival guest is assured of spacious, comfortable accommodations. All staterooms have carpeting, ample drawer and closet space, private facilities (shower, basin and toilet), telephone and color television showing first-run films.
Cove Balcony (7C)
Cove Balcony (7C)

Cabin Rating
Cabin 2030: Cove Balcony Cabin. The best cabin EVER! Low to the waterline, since it's midship, motion is minimal. Close to the elevators and stairs for easy access.  Read entire member review.
Magical cruise by marsiklena
2252 perfectly located and in excellent other and clean. Little noise and movemnt of the shit nor vibrations of the eniges  Read entire member review.
Easy to find, close to elevators, but also noisy due to elevators. Pretty good view being under the lifeboats. Was not too thrilled with the AC, not cool enough.  Read entire member review.

The room was fantastic. The only issue we had was the mini fridge wasn't cold at all.

 Read entire member review.
Birthday B2B by sewut

This cabin is one that has the balcony between lifeboats, so your view is not blocked at all. In strong winds the balcony door will rattle. We stuffed a piece of cardboard in it. There is ample storage space, a sofa, fridge, safe that you program with 4 digits, and a connecting door to next cabin.(2278) No noise from above or below, but if your neighbors are inconsiderate, there will be lots of balcony door slamming.

 Read entire member review.
No problems with chair hogs by Aggiebuttercup
Balcony was very private. No lifeboat above this balcony, so it seemed more open and got a bit more sun during the day (but was still mostly shaded). Was a connecting room, so could hear some noise from the cabin next door. Otherwise was very quiet.  Read entire member review.
Room 2279, cove balcony, Great room near front elevators so convenient to everything. Sometimes a foul odor, don't know what from.  Read entire member review.
Carnival Magic by bigdsf
2289 great balcony, quiet location" or "Great view,, across from crew space,  Read entire member review.
Rooms 2289 & 2293 are Cove balconies that adjoin. The stateroom attendant opened the partition between the two balconies on the first day (at our request). These cove balconies are huge. A great space closer to the water, well shaded and private. Also very quiet. I believe the room was under the Guest Services counter, not a dining area. Room size was normal and everything was spotless. We were close to the Gangway for disembarking at ports, but were rather far from the Lido/Pool area. I didn't mind the trek, but keep in mind that it is a trek. Highly recommend this room and Cove balconies in general.  Read entire member review.
The cove cabin was nicely appointed and comfortable. It was quiet with the exception of the occasional person shouting down the hall.  Read entire member review.
The room was pretty typical, but we did have a "Cove Balcony" room which was pretty neat. These are balcony rooms down on the 2nd deck. Very close to the water. They do have an outer water tight door that I guess they close in high seas, but we never had to close it even though it got pretty rough one night. The only issue we had with our room was the next door neighbors going out on their balcony at 6am each morning and letting the door slam. I guess the 2 folks in that room would each go out once. Person 1 out... BAM, Person 2 out... BAM. Person 1 back in..BAM... Person 2 in ...BAM. We usually had at least 4 slams each morning. This was pretty annoying as the balcony door is right next to where the head of our bed was.  Read entire member review.
Very good cabin, balcony has a good amount of privacy and a good view. Connecting room means that noise can travel easily to the next cabin. Very spacious and well-lit. Not far from forward elevators but close enough to midship not to be too rocky. Definitely recommend it.  Read entire member review.
We had a cove balcony adjoining rooms, 2314/2318. The room was large enough with sofa and coffee table. We had a refrigerator that the cabin steward unlocked for us stocked with alcohol (which we do not drink) but it also had cold drinks which we did use. He restocked it as we used them. The three closets were adequate with shelves in one of them and the other two for hanging garments. The bathroom was large and had shelves for storage. It included a swivel mirror that was a nice touch. The shower was great unless you are a very large person, which we were not. The steward kept everything stocked. Our cove balcony was the highlight of our trip this year. We loved it. It seemed so private and cozy with very little sea spray (which we were worried about). The only down side was we could not open the door of adjoining balconies. We just yelled at the closed door, sorry to our neighbors!  Read entire member review.
Big Family Fun! by dawnvan
Cove balconies are soo nice, so close to the water. I was not bothered by the lifeboats above, not when you get that kind of view of the water. also could see the beautiful sunsets on the water. I little wet a time or two but not to bad and not wet everyday.  Read entire member review.

Room 2325 - cove balcony. Had a whining noise that kept us awake two nights. We were told it was because the stabilizers were out, and had a very hard time sleeping those two nights. Have had cove balconies before without this issue, so will try again as we love the privacy and shade of the coves.

 Read entire member review.
This was our first time in a cove balcony and it was awesome. You are only twenty feet off the water so you can hear the waves swoon you to sleep if you prop your deck door open. The cove balcony is a keeper.  Read entire member review.
Magical Spring Break by Happy2Cruise22
Quiet, loved the cove balcony. Perfect location near the mid ship stairs.  Read entire member review.
Our stateroom was 2337, a Category 7C cove balcony on Deck 2, between the forward and midship elevators (closer to midship). That was an excellent location. It was very quiet (we were below the Northern Lights Dining Room), and it was very convenient (very close to the midship and forward elevators). However, the first night, there was an annoying noise. I honestly don't know what it was, since it was not repeated on any night. I did notice a pipe on the edge of our balcony. Do all cove balcony rooms have that? If not, was the noise somehow related to that pipe? And if so, why only that one night? The water was rough that night. It might have been raining, I don't know. Looking at the deck plan, it is possible that we were below one of the Deck 5 hot tubs. Maybe the pipe was for that? Maybe it was raining, and the pipe was clearing the water from the hot tub? In any case, we did not hear that noise at all after the first night, so this is more a curiosity rather than a complaint.  Read entire member review.
A Magical Perspective by Daniel_4579
Our cove balcony was fantastic! Being low and at the center of the ship, we had very little movement. While it was a standard size room, the balcony was bigger than the standard balcony, and we were able to use it as a foot rest. I was concerned that the hull would block the view, but the standard balcony has tinted glass, so it wasn't much different. Better price too! We were under the galley and next to where the luggage carts get stored, so it was very quite. There were only two small drawbacks. One, the fridge didn't work good at all. Our room steward brought in a bucket of ice and a towel to put it on. The counter in that area was delaminating, so I'm assuming we were not the only one who felt that way. Second, we didn't like that we were suppose to keep a room key in a slot next to the door. I don't like coming back to the room at night and finding a dark room. We found out though, that you can put a playing card, business card, or any other card in the slot to do the same thing. In other words, we got by pretty good.  Read entire member review.
It is the FUN ship by crazyfuncruisechic

We had one of those cove Balconies on the second floor. AMAZING!!! This was my first balcony room and I loved it!!!!! We were so close to the water we could see fish...well kinda...and the birds that swooped down to eat them... they were little but we could see... Sleeping with the door open and the water beating off the side of the boat was AMAZING!!! I will not cruise again without a balcony. Cove Balcony is a private oasis and I highly recommend one. When the water hit the side of the boat the spray casted a was so pretty we sometimes left something fun to go sit on our balcony. OUR room number was 2341 ... I think. AS I sit here writing this post I am jealous of whoever is in MY room now.... Lucky!

 Read entire member review.
FUN FUN FUN by Reinette
I was a little worried at first with the description "Obstructed view" but the view from the cove is just fine. The lifeboats are over the balcony so you are offered some privacy plus you don't have to worry about rain if it is bad weather. You are close to the water, which makes it seem like you are on a smaller boat. There are chairs to sit in and a small table. I loved sitting out there in the early morning,drinking coffee. It also provides a quite place to relax and unwind. The room itself is pretty standard. Not overly roomy but big enough for two people. Plenty of places to put all the stuff you bring. The bathroom is small but functional. The cove was also very quiet and we did not feel much of the ships movement. I think there was only one night where we felt any rocking at all. Its a good room for people who might be prone or concerned about to seasickness. The only drawback is that you have to wait on elevators because they take a while to make to to the 2nd floor. But the coves are also just one floor below the MDRs so it is an easy walk. All and all, it is good value for the money.  Read entire member review.
Loved the Magic by finditapt
They said they would not be ready until 1:30, but they were ready just before 1:00. Our Cove Balcony room was great! We had the two twins pushed together to make a King. We had a couch, which converted as a bed at night. Another bed came out of the ceiling above the couch. Plenty of storage. Didn't realize it until Day 4 that there were two huge drawers below the couch/bed. Two closets for hanging clothes, another closet of just shelves. The vanity had 5 more smaller drawers, and some small shelves on the other side of the safe. There are also 2 more small storage on either side of the King bed. We used the bottom of their stocked mini frig to store some of the sodas we brought. I was really worried about the Cove Balcony. It was great! It had 2 chairs and a side table. I loved being so close to the water. No issues with the chairs getting wet or us getting sprayed on. The life boats above us shaded most of the day sun, but we did get evening sun. It rained one day, and we were able to sit on our balcony and didn't get wet...because of the life boats being there. Only downside of the Cove Balcony is when your neighbors slam their balcony doors. They don't mean to do it, they just close hard, so you have to make an effort to close it softly yourself...really loud and not fun at midnight. The beds were very comfortable. Did not wake up one time with a back ache. However, once I got home, the back aches started up again. I need a new bed! They have a blow dryer in the room, but it's not so great(short cord, and doesn't get that hot). I will bring my own next time. I liked that the TV now has the menu for the entire week to view. It was nice not having to go up to the dining room each day to see what they were having that night. Oh, and no clocks in the rooms, and only two outlets. No issue with noise from our room. Loved that were were very close to elevators, and the laundry room which was($3/wash and $3/dry and has an iron). Our room guy, Antonio, called us by name every time he saw us.  Read entire member review.
Our First Cruise by doomisdelicious
Nothing to complain about! You hear a very slight humming/vibration of the engine, but it isn't bad. You're basically right in between two sets of stairs/elevators. Only ONCE did I hear anyone in the hallway (a child crying, but it wasn't a big deal). My only advice: this room is joined with 2370, and you can hear people in that room (it sounds muffled, but technically you can hear them). I would advise getting this room if you have someone else in that room or if you just don't mind it. The balcony is GREAT and the lifeboats provide a little bit of shade (and a LOT of privacy). But seriously, this room is fantastic. You won't regret it.  Read entire member review.
2374 - Cabin interior pleasant although we were disturbed by some loud shrieking coming from the Lanai area adjacent to The Vibe nightclub whilst some younger passengers were smoking outside.  Read entire member review.
2375 is across from Laundry room and below the Galley. But we were glad to be further back in rough weather.  Read entire member review.
Magic for the Girls by freebirdco
Our "Cove Balcony" was very nice. Only complaint was there was a small child next door who got up and made lots of noise going in and out of his balcony every morning. I say this is a parental problem, not anything the cruise line could correct. Would normally be a very quiet private area.  Read entire member review.
FUN! FUN! FUN! by newBell11

We were in cabin 2396. It was a cove balcony and we loved it. Great views, plenty of space. One day I noticed some banging in the galley very early in the morning but it was only for a few minutes. It didn't even stir my husband.

 Read entire member review.
This cabin was very nice. Big closet and balcony. It also had a couch and fridge. The only noise we really got was from the Pilot boats but it was only coming into and out of ports.  Read entire member review.
Cove balcony #2400 under the galley was pretty noisey most of the day and night. If a little noise doesn't bother you then it is a great cabin.  Read entire member review.
2409 on the Magic. Cove balcony. King size bed, plenty of closet space, bathroom adequate, balcony size fine, great view. Early morning very noisy either above or below.  Read entire member review.

The cove balcony was a great choice for us. There were some times that there was rain and wind and this balcony is protected from the weather that most of the time we could still sit on it and enjoy the ocean rolling by and stay (mostly) dry. There were 3 of us in the room (my wife, our daughter and myself). The couch converted into a very comfortable bed for our daughter - so while we didn't have any place to sit besides the beds or out on the balcony, there wasn't a terrible feeling of claustrophobia.
We had signed up for the "carnival chooses" hoping that we would get an upgrade over the basic room but that didn't happen. We were still quite happy with the room.
You are very close to the water in this room - so I believe the amount of movement is less than it would have felt if you had been several floors higher. It's also not too far from the center of the ship which I believe also reduces the feeling of movement.
The windows were cleaned at our first port of call (Jamaica), but were dirty again within a day or two.
The full size window and glass inset in the door gave us a great view while we where in the room.
The balconies are separated from each other very well, giving us a great sense of privacy.

 Read entire member review.
Cove 2415 Great area, nothing directly across. Watch out for Room steward that is not yours, he parks his cart across from room very early and makes lots of noise. We had Kirk for our steward and he was great! Typical balcony room, 3 closets, desk, sleeper sofa. Two chairs and small table on balcony, bathroom is small and typical, nice shelves for toiletries are a good touch!  Read entire member review.
Great balcony. Loved being so near the water. Cabin close to stairs and elevators. Laundry down the hall. Galley above. Sometimes at night heard a random noise but nothing that was disturbing or that would wake someone up.  Read entire member review.
Noisy Cabin! by nmikha

The ship itself is very nice, so I had very high hopes for a great cruise. I knew I definitely wanted a balcony room since I'm not much into sitting at the pool with all the loud music. On my vacation, I just want to relax. What I didn't realized is that the cabin I was given was directly under the galley. For the whole cruise, I could hear the noise above. I dealt with it as best I could. We were told there weren't any rooms available to move to when we inquired as the ship was sold out. The next cabin was complaining to the room steward manager and could hear him saying, I can't do anything about that. By the end of the cruise, it seemed that the noise was getting louder or else I was getting more tired, so I called guest services. She said she would tell them to quiet down. That did no good. By the last morning, it felt like steel barrels were falling on my head. I call guest services at midnight and again at 4:50AM to complain. They offered me $60 credit. Would you think that is reasonable compensation for many miserable nights of sleep? I did also call their corporate headquarters. They gave me a 15% credit off of my next cruise. I've experienced much more helpful customer service, but at least it's something.

 Read entire member review.
Carnival Magic by texascrusinggranny
Lots of closet space, bathroom was comfortable in size with plenty of shelf space. I especially liked the hair dryer in the dressing area which freed up the bathroom. On occasion we were awakened by noise from the galley above and the last night was extremely noisy. Loved the cove balcony with the privacy it provided as well as wind protection and being located mid ship on the second floor was very convenient.  Read entire member review.
Wonderful. Would recommend! Large balconies  Read entire member review.
Cove Balcony a plus; quiet, private and cozy. Very close to the water line on Deck 2. Ample space with pull out sofa, small table, comfortable bed and linens. Bathroom adequate.  Read entire member review.
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