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Carnival Dream Cabin Reviews - Cove Balcony

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Cove Balcony Cabins 91 Reviews
Oceanview stateroom with a private balcony and twin beds that convert to a king. Every Carnival guest is assured of spacious, comfortable accommodations. All staterooms have carpeting, ample drawer and closet space, private facilities (shower, basin and toilet), telephone and color television showing first-run films.
Cove Balcony (7C)
Decks: Main
Cove Balcony (7C)

Cabin Rating
Our Room, 2250, Cove Balcony: I read that people really like the cove balconies and now I understand. This was a great room, fantastic view, and a great location. 2250 is the second most forward balcony room on the port side of the ship. Pretty close to the water and on the last day it was catching plenty of sea spray as we hit rougher waters. But being so close to the water, it was nice to watch the flying fish shooting out of the churning waters of the ship. Also, as it was on the port (left) side of the ship, we had great views of each port we docked at while starboard (right) is looking out to sea. The bathroom had plenty of shelf and counter space so a shoe organizer was unnecessary. But for the four of us, it was a bit cramped while getting ready for dinner, but that was the only time since all we did in the room was dress for dinner/departure in the morning or sleep. Overall, we will get a cove again if possible.  Read entire member review.
Dream 2 by trekkie

Cove balcony, simply the best.. So close to the water it was amazing. cabin 2252 was under the shore excursion desk, so it was really quiet. Elevator so close to your room ,and no noise ..

 Read entire member review.
Christmas on the Dream by nzdisneymom
Cove Balcony 2254 is perfect location - just below the Shore Excursion desk so no worries about noise from restaurants or galleys. It's behind the elevators and there's an entrance to the hallway on either side of where the cabin is located so you didn't have a lot of traffic even though the cabin is so near the elevators. Easy access for getting on and off the ship, close to Crimson dining room, Encore lounge, Lobby bar, and Fun Shops. For western Caribbean itinerary, port side is best for watching the port activity, and this cabin is located close to the gangway, so perfect for people watching.  Read entire member review.
Loved the cove the 1st half of the week. It was nice being close to the water when seas were calm to moderate and winds were calm. The 2nd half of the week, the winds were strong and seas were rough so our cove was constantly wet from sea spray. It was not really usable the whole 2nd half of week because you would get wet sitting out there. We still liked it, and would still book it again to save money. But I could see how some people would not like it. The room was a great size for a stateroom. Plenty of storage and floor space even with 4 ppl in the room. Beds were comfy. Room was quiet, located just above shore excursion desk. Bathroom was a good size. Balcony was also a good size compared to other ships. Room steward was excellent!  Read entire member review.
Cove balcony 2256. Lovely and private. Nice spacious room with lots of wardrobe space. Comfy bed and clean efficient bathroom. Very quiet, and very near everything so that apart from going to the top of the ship to the serenity deck, we could walk to the dining room, encore theatre, and the other areas of entertainment just by going down a few steps. Easy for embarking and disembarking at ports too. Highly recommend it.  Read entire member review.
We got a cove balcony (2260) and this room was really nice. Average size room with the 2 beds put together for a king bed. It also had a couch that had storage under it as well as a little coffe table. Plenty of closet space with 3 closets in a room for 2. Bathroom is average size for a cruise ship and still has the super powerful suction toilets! The room had a safe and a mini fridge which was stocked by the room stewart. Also these rooms have little flat screens that you can order room service off of, only thing was you had to find the perfect angle for the tv to pick up the remote controls signal. The balcony was the highlight of this room. About the same size as a regular balcony but closed up around the bottom so you can dangle your feet out. The life boats sit right above the rooms so they block the sun so the balconies stay pretty nice and dont get to hot. Balcony has 2 chairs and a little table so you can sit back and have a bite to eat and somewhere to put your drink. This room is right next to the main atrium elevators so its a very short walk, and we never really heard much noise being right under the main atrium.  Read entire member review.
Our October Dream by bandtaxi
Great view of water breaking at the front of the ship. Hallway quiet. Close to elevator.  Read entire member review.
Cove balcony 2275. very convenient since near stairs but not noisy. very quiet and not too rough. just down the hall from the laundry. 3 big closets and nice size balcony. we would get this type of cabin again.  Read entire member review.
Did it have to end? by USATreker
The cove balcony was more private than any other balconies on the ship and had a low to the water view that was different than other cabins. The views from most cabins wasn't much different than the views from the decks, and as spectacular as it was, every person on those rooms only got that view. We got both the low to the water views (where we saw flying fish, turtles, and maybe even a dolphin). The room was modest sized, but large enough that we weren't cramped for the short amount of time we actually spent in the room. There was tons of storage, and the bathroom, although small, was bigger than we heard other ships ones were.  Read entire member review.
COVE Balcony #2283. Best cove, near the stairs/elevator (no noise noticed),Cabin is over the gangway, makes for an interesting view during sail-aways. Room is near the front of the ship, no motion noticed, We have had several balcony rooms in the past on other ships but this was better. Will choose this cabin for future cruises.  Read entire member review.
Cove Balconies close to the front of the ship are the BEST for watching the waves! Try to get one that does not have a connecting room to assure more privacy. Be prepared, however, for early morning noises from doors slamming and work outside the cabin with lifeboat maintenance.  Read entire member review.
Cove Balcony stateroom was great. No problems with noise or sounds the entire trip.  Read entire member review.
Loved the Dream by GeckoGirl
Loved the Cove balcony cabin, room very spacious and balcony very private.  Read entire member review.
Room is in an amazing spot. Balcony is awesome and it's so quiet. I believe its under the Shore Excursion on deck 3, but we've booked a room in the same area two years in a row, and haven't heard one sound from above. The hallway is usually very quiet as well since it's about 10 doors down from the elevator.  Read entire member review.
Our cove balcony was a great value. We were on deck 2 and close to mid ship. It was no problem getting an elevator. We also could walk up the stairs to the Encore or restaurants on deck 3. It was quiet. I have absolutely no complaints! We loved our room.  Read entire member review.
Great balcony, great cabin. Connecting cabin. Not under the galley so there was no noise problem.  Read entire member review.

Nice room. Convenient to most areas of the ship. Some of the reviews, talk about noise problems on this level, especially those rooms under the galley. We did not have any noise problems. I will say a big Thank you to Carnival as my first assigned cabin was under the galley. After reading the posts about noise I called Carnival to see about getting my cabin changed. The employee was very nice, and changed my cabin, even though I later learned from my travel agent, that they didn't actually have to do that. So yay Carnival.

 Read entire member review.
The Cove Balcony is the place to be on the Dream. Loved it!  Read entire member review.
Never felt crowded by coldinkansas

Great being so close to the water and very private. Enjoyed sitting out and enjoying the quiet time ..

 Read entire member review.
great cabin, had cove balcony which was fantastic.  Read entire member review.
Great midship spot, close to elevators but not so close that you get noise from them. Also, the laundry was on the other side, so we avoided that noise. On our 5th day, which was a sea day, people were in the laundry all day long, even hanging out in the hallway, so I would stick to the even numbered cove balconies in the future for that reason.  Read entire member review.
Wonderful Dream by paisleydefender
Absolutely adored the Cove Balcony,wish all ships had them.  Read entire member review.
COVE BALCONY (Room 2329): Great mid-ships location on the starboard side! We never faced any of the ports. Being close to the water line was awesome! The sound of the water and gentle mist of the ocean is absolutely refreshing. The shade provided by the life boats above is NICE (definitely not a drawback what-so-ever)! It was great reading and relaxing on the balcony for breakfast. There is nothing better than enjoying a carafe of coffee in the morning with the sun coming up on the horizon. Being low and in the middle helped my wife sleep better on the rougher days/nights at sea. There was plenty of room for four bags and our mountain of clothes. Our room steward was super-friendly, very accomodating, and new our schedule to the minute. Room service delivered when requested, never a minute too early nor late. The only drawback would be the sewer smell in the hallway (NOT IN THE ROOM EVER) on the days we were in port. It was stinky, but it never entered our room. I believe it has something to do with dumping and refreshing the waste water tanks while in port at secure waste water dumping locations.  Read entire member review.
What a wonderful dream! by cooljackratmom
Cabin 2330. It is an adjoining cabin and had we had bad neighbors this could have been a disaster but our neighbors in the locked off adjoining room were another young couple on a romantic trip so it worked out perfectly. Did not experience noise from above or below us. One morning my balcony coffee ritual was ruined by a smoker in the cabin to our right on the balcony. I really feel like smoking anywhere NEAR cabins should be banned. This only happened once though so not a big deal. Cove balcony is amazing. We had great views everywhere we docked.  Read entire member review.
Cove balcony cabins are a good experience together with privacy,shelter and great views... but we found noisy neighbors and those that smoke can be down sides Cabins in Deck 1 and 2 (Only those in Stern and Aft sections) will have loud noise and vibration from thrusters when entering and leaving ports. Cabins have tiny bedside table but with no drawers for supplies etc.  Read entire member review.
A DREAM cruise by SCcruiser123
Room 2334 was a cove balcony and right near the elevators. Great cabin-lots of storage, large bathroom for a cruise cabin. Quiet. Good view of all ports from this cabin.  Read entire member review.
Dream Good and bad by hillbilly cruiser
Had a cove balcony (2334). Loved the closeness to the water. The life boats above were not an issue at all. They did provide shade most of the time, which was fine as I am not a great sun worshiper. There was a little water on the floor on two mornings but I believe it was from washing the deck above and not spray from the ocean Plenty of room and storage. No problem with noise being next to the elevator. The area to the right was a storage area for luggage carts and such. Did not hear anything from there either. Would do this cabin again.  Read entire member review.
Surprised and not in a good way by worldtraveler1207

The Carnival Dream has a unique balcony stateroom referred to as the Cove Balcony. I wasn't sure what to expect but I loved our cabin. These cabins are located on Deck 2 and are much more private than balcony staterooms in upper decks. The balcony space is a bit smaller than other balcony staterooms but no much. We truly enjoyed the private feel of the balcony. Should we have this balcony option in the future we will take it.

 Read entire member review.
The Cove Balcony cabins were very nice. They seemed to have more storage space in shelves and drawers under the couch. Quiet location and the balcony is 10sq feet bigger than the regular balcony cabins and that makes a big difference. When 2 balconies are opened up, you have a great space! The closet space is pretty much the same as other cabins. I would get a Cove Balcony cabin again!  Read entire member review.
We had a cove balcony on the port side of the ship about midship. We like sailing lower and closer to the middle of the ship because i suffer from vertigo a bit anxd we have found that these rooms lessen any seasickness. The cove balcony is wonderfully private. We were in cabin 2342. This cabin was just around the corner from the midship elevators and stairs and just a short walk down the hallway in either direction to reach the forward or aft elevators. Our cabin was very quiet and had no issues with noise or smell such as was experienced on the starboard side. We would definitely choose this cabin again.  Read entire member review.
We had one of those cove balcony rooms and it was awesome to be that close to the water. We heard the waves froth, had a wonderful breeze to escape to and the cove style offered plenty of privacy. Room size is just a little bigger than typical inside rooms.  Read entire member review.
Great balcony, nice size room. The bed was awful, very hard. the room location was awesome one floor down from dining room and the show lounge. Mid ship so less swaying and rocking during high seas.  Read entire member review.

Great balcony and great location. But no A/C and smoke from others drifting into balcony area sort of ruined the experience.

 Read entire member review.
Dream Cruise by Oil Lady

I would recommend a Cove Balcony

 Read entire member review.
quiet location, roomy, lots of storage, nice balcony  Read entire member review.
Great room...loved the cove balcony. Any room with a balcony is great for the money spent. Housekeeping was wonderful as usual. These people work hard to please the guests.  Read entire member review.
Room 2353 was a great cove balcony. Very quiet area and the balcony offered a lot of privacy. We had 3 closets which was OK, but drawer space was extremely limited.  Read entire member review.
Wonderful! by Arlethab
Cove Balcony: nice size room for four,loved the balcony.  Read entire member review.
Cove Balcony - 2353. Perfect layout for family of four. One Queen bed, one single bed and a pull down single bed from the ceiling (a Pullman). Very roomy bathroom/shower, plenty of closet space (with lots of hangers) and drawer space. Nice size balcony. Very, very close to elevators.  Read entire member review.
I really liked our cabin (2357, Main Deck, Cove Balcony) I was impressed with the amount of closet space, although I wish there had been a few more drawers. The layout seemed great, even in a quad room. We had enough space. The only challenge was our toddler constantly grabbing everything down off of the shelf (toddlers.. what can you do??). Our older son LOVED the upper berth, he could not wait to sleep in it every night. Our toddler did well in the single sofa bed, which was pretty roomy. Our King bed was extremely comfortable. I loved it and slept really well. So well that I am considering ordering the Carnival bedding that is available online. The bathroom had a lot of storage and the shower and water pressure exceeded my expectations.  Read entire member review.
The rooms are great! The cove balconies are the only way to go, I will always ask for a cove room from now on. I always have 4 people in my room and it is quite comfortable. You don't want to spend much time in there anyway, you might miss something! There is a "sewer" smell in the hallways, but we got used to it and tried to overlook it. Nothing is perfect.  Read entire member review.
Carnival Dream by

Loved the large room and the balcony. We even had a refrigerator in our room. We had brought our own soda and it was always cold. Our porter was wonderful!!

 Read entire member review.

2362 Cabin number
Awesome!! Quiet, close to water and great value!

 Read entire member review.
Loved the cabin, great steward, very private, lots of closet space. We were below the lobby so it was very quiet from above.  Read entire member review.
We had a cove balcony on the 2nd deck, relatively close to the water. Plenty of closet space, nice bed, and the balcony was slightly larger than regular balconies but not much. The balcony was very private. Despite being underneath the gallery/dining rooms, I never heard anything. We both slept well. It was very convenient to our dining room and the promenade deck for shows. Elevators were readily available although we usually walked up to the 10th floor when going to the Lido deck. We never used an elevator when coming down stairs.  Read entire member review.

Cabin was typical and very clean while we were on board we had our Carpet Replaced on Day 3 and all draperies rotated out on Day 4 and the Balconies Cleaned and painted on Day 2. we were told this switch out is done weekly 5 cabins from each section. Room Stewart was fantastic....

 Read entire member review.
Cove Balcony. great location close to the water. 3 closets, lots of storage, some noise from deck above, good location in relation to ship activities, comfortable king bed, couch/bed not very comfortable, good balcony, good shower, very attentive service,and always kept clean.  Read entire member review.
Cove seemed bigger then the other rooms we have had before I think it was the lay out that made the difference. The life boats are right above you which is nice because it allows for shade when the sun is on your side of the ship.  Read entire member review.
Noisy location! Located right under the galley.  Read entire member review.
We were in room 2382 cove balcony. Did not realize we were right below crimson dining room. Oh my gosh it was so loud all the time. Loud clanging and sounds of metal being dropped all hours. Smokers using the balconies beside us making non smokers retreat to their inside staterooms  Read entire member review.
We had a cove balcony room and loved it! The rooms were bigger than I expected. The decor was pretty and the rooms were always clean. There are 3 closets in each room which is great. We were right across from crew space but it wasn't noisy at all. We loved everyhting about our room.  Read entire member review.
Love the cove balcony - private, close to waterline. We heard the ice machine in crew space across the hall two mornings, otherwise quiet and peaceful. Nice size cabin and bathroom, plenty of space and storage.  Read entire member review.
Carnival Dream by secfan1
Cabin 2400 is located below the galley. We were awakened every morning very early with all sorts of bumping and scraping noises from above. I would not choose to stay here again. The cove balcony is not bad, but don't pick a cabin located under the galley on deck 3.  Read entire member review.
We really enjoyed our cabin. It had a good location, was free of sewage smell, was relatively quiet, and had a great view close to the waterline.  Read entire member review.
Unbiased by Edgemere
Never book or be booked in room 2435 on the Carnival Dream - the noise above is most unpleasant.  Read entire member review.
Amazing Trip by pennylane9175
Lots of closet space, great balcony, in the Aft part of the second floor, which was quiet. Small shower, but nice bathroom. Great steward. Amazing views when you dock at an island  Read entire member review.
Our Deck 2 Cove balcony room was well designed and very comfortable! the bathroom and shower are larger and work well! The downside is the doorway and hall are so narrow now, you have to turn the trey sideways if you get room service(no big deal) The cove balcony is somewhat dark and closed in with Lifeboats above and steel all around you. it is however the most private balcony available on the Dream and very close to the ocean (about 40 feet above the water) This was OK except for the last night when we drove thought a 50 Knot wind storm with huge waves!  Read entire member review.
Great balcony! Love the Cove!  Read entire member review.
We had a cove cabin and wasnt overly impressed. Always wet.  Read entire member review.
7276- near elevators of Atrium. Atrium can be loud sometimes but is usually quiet by 11pm.  Read entire member review.
Carnival Dream by mountaineer27

Aft cabin, very nice, quiet, large and beautiful scenery!

 Read entire member review.
A True Dream by smokeyandthebandit
Loved the Cove Balcony. The cabin was larger than others we've been in. Love the privacy of the Cove Balcony. Only thing is you could hear other guest allowing the doors behind them to slam. The balcony stayed wet where the ship was rinsed off each day in port but hey that was ok, just wear your shoes out there.  Read entire member review.
Dream? Somewhat..... by the_uglydog
Our Cove Balcony cabin was great! It was larger than what we are used to on most ships with a nice sitting area as well as their ever so comfortable queen sized bed. We especially liked the proximity to the ocean.  Read entire member review.
cabin was large but tacky  Read entire member review.
Dream trip by luvmex
Cove Balcony- private, but felt closed in. closets had crazy configuration, bring your own hangers. Strong sewer smell on deck 2.  Read entire member review.
Great balcony on Main deck - cove balcony. Interconnecting room too loud. Plenty of room. Very comfortable.  Read entire member review.
Dream Vacation by Little Rain
cabin 2290 and 2294, adjoining cove balcony cabins on deck 2. Plenty of closet space, sofa converted to a bed and a top bunk came down from the ceiling. We liked the cove balcony since it was partially enclosed and it seemed better with small children. We had 4 in cabin 2290 and 3 in cabin 2294.  Read entire member review.
I don't remember our exact cabin, but we had a Cove Balcony room, mid ship. It was very nice and plenty of room for me and my 3 children. People talk about cruise cabins being small, but I felt like we had plenty of room and it was very comfortable. We loved the balcony and being so close to the water.  Read entire member review.
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