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Trip Sucked! by tiepet

Terrible, waste of my hard earned money and completely sucked!!!

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E028 and E036 you can, at times hear the shows going on so if you go to bed early you may not want these cabins. You can have 4 people as their are 2 pulldown.  Read entire member review.

The room itself was nice, but too warm. I often woke up perspiring.

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E-114 was well located and quiet (except for kids running up and down the hallways.)  Read entire member review.

Cabin E120. 1st time in an inside cabin. Very basic. Decor was basic. No window but there were curtains to create an illusion that there was a window. Next time we will stick with a cabin with a partial view. Found some long black hairs on our comforter. Occasional faint smell of vomit where I was sleeping. Couldn't tell where the smell was coming from. Maybe a previous guest got sick??

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I think E146 was underneath the Inspiration dining room. Later in the evenings you could hear the noise as they cleaned up, but otherwise it was a nice, quiet mid-ship location.

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E161, E165

As I said before, the photos just don't tell the story. The rooms are cleaned but I would give them the same feeling as a Red Roof or a Motel 6 type room, old dirty floor, old TV, old bathroom, etc.

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second time around by MexicoCruzinMomma

The cabin E163 was really great at first...clean and stocked ...a little dust but a flat screen tv was a nice change from the last time. The room steward was Sudi...and he was very sweet and personable...and a great steward. THEN my personal hell broke loose...we were sleeping and we quickly realized that above us was a galley...and it sounded like a bowling alley all night long....I got no sleep...even with my wave sound machine on loud. I complained to Guest Services and they said to call when I hear the noise...and they said they sent someone to my room while I was at breakfast and it was just noises a ship makes. Like Im I have never cruised before. Eventually they found a room further aft that I could move to and I did, even though I was not wanting to change room stewards. We ended up in E237, new steward was Mr. G he as well was fantastic, this room was quieter...but one of the dining rooms was above me and you could hear them moving chairs and such till about 11pm, but after that it was really quiet....unless you were coming into port and then there was no sleeping...thanks to the thrusters, yes even that high up the thrusters were super loud and vibrating. I am a lighter sleeper though...please keep that in mind. However, everything happens for a reason and I have gone through my next cruise ship layout with a fine tooth comb to make sure I am in a quiet area with nothing above or below me but people. Lesson learned.

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Elated with Elation! by cajuncouple

Our room was always neat and clean. the box that holds the life jackets in the corner under the TV makes it cumbersome to get to the window.

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Not huge, but even with four people in it, never really felt crowded. Carpet a little dated, but nothing catastrophic. We didn't really spend any time there unless we were asleep.

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We found our cabin to be better than we expected. With 3 of us, they set up two twin beds as one king and there was a fold down bunk bed for our son. The beds and pillows were so comfortable. We found we had plenty of room to unpack and put away our clothes and stuff and had plenty of room to put the luggage under the bed. The bathroom has lots of space in the mirrored cabinet to hold toiletries and lots of bars to hold towels and wet clothes. The only noise we heard were noises of the ship itself. On the up side, we found the cabin to be quite comfortable, roomy and convenient. On the down side, the temperature/air was difficult to set, it sometimes felt "damp", and the t.v. isn't worth watching!  Read entire member review.
Disappointed by Tigerfanck

Small cabin, difficult to get around with a bunk pulled down.

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I traveled with a friend of mine and we split the stateroom, so we were running it in the twin beds configuration. We felt the amount of room we had was ample. We were both able to share the room without getting in each others way too much. Then again, we didn't plan to stay in our stateroom much.

The decor is very dated and is in serious need of a refresh. The curtain covering the fake window was absolutely nasty. It had an unidentifiable substance on the back of it that I'd rather not contemplate again. I scrubbed my hands pretty thoroughly after touching it. We had an initial issue with a slow draining sink, but they sent a plumber to fix it quickly. The TV is a very old tube set straight out of the 90s.

Overall the room was adequate for what we wanted, and I would book this particular class of stateroom again. We didn't feel that much rocking in the ship, even when we were on choppy water. I wouldn't recommend the room if you are planning on spending any time in there, but if your plan is to enjoy what the ship has to offer, this isn't a bad room for the price.

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Great fun on the Elation! by chasinraynbowz
PROS: Great location. Midship, near the elevators. No noise to speak of. Shower good size. Didn't have to fight with the shower curtain. CONS: Small. The box at the end of the bed which holds the life jackets needs to be removed and a small table put there (like on the Fantasy). That box made it impossible for us to walk around to look out of our window. Instead, we had to climb over the bed.  Read entire member review.
First Solo Cruise by truckcamper

A great deal for a solo traveler. The bottom twin bunk is made up, the other bunk is stowed, and it seems to be a lot of room - plus a price break even on the interior inside rate.

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Dated..dated and smelly! Looks like the 70's and 80's vomited and spit out a carpet.

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Nice roomy cabin and clean.

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Sheets, pillows and beds were great. Never heard neighboring cabins. We heard the hum of the engines - we were ok with that. It was clean - small, but we are on a boat and paid the lowest fare. Only heard noises from other parts of the ship shortly before getting off the ship.  Read entire member review.

room was not great. don't feel as though it was cleaned properly. but rene was awesome and the kids loved his towel animals.

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Decent size room with decent size bathrooms. I have been in smaller rooms which were very uncomfortable. Rooms had a safe, two closet areas, table, chair, ottoman, and decent walking space. It was comfortable for an interior room.  Read entire member review.
Without being negative, it's time for a serious facelift!  Read entire member review.
R115 and R125

Cabin was fine, felt no rocking of the ship at all!

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Nice room, very little traffic. The only real noise was the hum of the engine, but that was nice for lulling me to sleep, so I can't complain about it. Rooms are a bit dated, with old tube TVs. Plenty of storage space. Great view! Bring a hair dryer, because this room does not have one, and it only has one electrical outlet near the vanity and none in the bathroom. All in all, a great room.

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R203 - Very small cabin, shabby, in need of cosmetic work and deep cleaning. Hallway was very quiet and rest came easily. Some noise from the engine room but nothing that kept us awake or woke us from sleep. Seas were rough and motion was felt, but far less than when we went on upper decks. No foul odors detected at all.  Read entire member review.
Nothing Changed by JazzSinger
I love the stateroom showers. They're adjustable to anyone. The "king size" bed is actually just two smaller beds pushed together, so when you lie down, you feel that place where the two beds meet.  Read entire member review.
Elation! by 75nivek
Quiet, with cabins above and below. Portholes allow light to enter, but not much of a view.  Read entire member review.
A suite, which was very spacious and comfortable. Nice sized bathroom and closet, small plasma screen tv, nice lighting and seating areas. Very small and confining balcony.  Read entire member review.

Room was small but what we expected. We like the interior rooms and this one was on par with what we expected. Actually the restroom was bigger then we expected with a shower I could fit in. I'm 6'2" tall.

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My wife & I had sailed in December of 2010 on the Carnival Fascination. We were expecting our rooms to be similar since both the Fascination & Elation are the same class ship. What was evident right away is that Elation has still not completed is “Fun Ship” overhaul unlike the Fascination in 2010. The first thing we noticed was a large fixed box in the far left corner of our room. It was used as a coffee table and place to house emergency items. With our room setup with a king size bed, this box did not allow anyone to walk around the bed. I got the spot next to the window, so during the entire cruise I had to jump or slide into bed.

The next clearly evident feature was the tube television. My home has not had a tube television in over 6 years. The Fascination did not have them in their staterooms, so this was very surprising to my wife & I. The TV functioned fine, but obviously poor image quality compared to the standard HD TV's used by most people. A definite negative for watching movies or sports in your room during the cruise.

Looking around it was also clearly evident that our closet and desk space were smaller than our past cruise. It also looked very weathered and had been painted numerous times. Thankfully on this cruise, the staff had not left a spare bed under our king. So were able to easily stow our extra piece of luggage in the empty space. I would love to see some more hangers in the closet area. With my wife using most of the dozen hangers, I was only left with a few to put up my dress clothes.

The last major problem with the room and easily the entire ship, is the lack of American electrical outlets. The room had only two standard American outlets. One near the desk and the other only to be used for electric shavers located in the vanity light in the bathroom. In this day in age with most cruisers having tablets, cellphones, cameras, and/or laptops, only one usable outlet is terrible. The Fascination had at least two completely usable outlets in our room. I would recommend anyone to bring a European 220V adapter with you on your cruise. Also to note, that charging items like cellphones took much longer than usual in the room compared to at home.

Then there is a debate to get a inside stateroom vs one with a window. My wife & I agree to just get a window is not worth the additional money. It added nothing for us during the cruise. People will disagree with us and that is fine. Just our opinion. If you can afford it, upgrade to a balcony. Unfortunately the Elation does not really have any so you need to book them fast.

The bathroom was small and simple. Nothing really different from our previous cruise. Our stateroom attendant was always on the spot to replace used towels and he did a great job of cleaning the room several times a day. Our attendant; Ros, was polite and helpful during the entire cruise. Anything we asked for, Ros delivered. He made the experience aboard the ship all the better.

The bed & pillows were more comfortable than our last Carnival cruise. So we did enjoy that improvement.

Overall the room was dated and in need of an update. If you don't plan on staying your room much of the time, it will serve it's purpose. It is nothing to write home about, but all the problems are manageable.

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Nice, quiet location. Close to elevators. Good, big size for a ship cabin.  Read entire member review.
Look above. Our room was fine for what we paid.  Read entire member review.
Cheap particle board furnishings, dark and dingy corridors.  Read entire member review.
Overall good time by GoHogsGo87
Closet was pretty small. Good location on ship. Wouldn't book more than 2 or 3 to a room due to small space.  Read entire member review.

U 220 was the last inside stateroom in the aft of the boat. It was quiet. You could here the engines from time to time, but I liked it. It helped me fall asleep. The room was clean and we had plenty of room for all 6 of us. This was my first time in an inside room, and I must say it wasn't that bad. I would stay in one again.

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We only had a bed and a extra sitting chair would have been nice. Great Bed! Windows could use a washing. Big Bathroom. Big Closet space. Quiet! :0)  Read entire member review.

The room was bigger than we expected. We had a stateroom with a window and two twins that converted into a king ... that was really nice!
- Our housekeeper was super sweet!
- The overall staff was really friendly.
- The TV selections are LIMITED - There are mostly kiddie channels, and standard CBS, ABC that plays older recordings, oh! and they have one channel that plays 1 movie a day ... the same movie every 3 hours! I watched "The Help" and "Grown Ups" a few times on this trip!

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Mom's Day Cruise by QUEENIE45

Modified Grand Suite---in case you aren't made aware of that by your travel agent or pvp.

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Cabin was clean. The whirlpool tub was "clean" but completely worn out and old. You can't clean the old away. The appliances all worked fine except the TV had not audio on some channels. The room was consistantly humid even with 3 air vents. I found opening the hallway door and the balcony door would whoosh in fresh cool air on demand. There was plenty of storage space for me, my wife and two kids. The balcony was excellent. All the lights were accessible from your master bed which was great for night-night-time. One caveat is there was no outlet on my side of the bed. Fortunantly I had an extension cord for my CPAP machine.

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Good Value by jereza
More than adequate. Comfortable beds, nice squishy pillows, soft sheets. Big bath towels. Big bathroom. Huge shower. 3 closets, reading lights at beds. Only 1 outlet in room. Good location.  Read entire member review.
Dirty, small old room with cheap motel like furniture, and the room smelled musty. The ceiling were low, very claustrophobic.  Read entire member review.
Best out of 8 by OldGrad
Verandah deck very quiet, balcony very small, good bathroom, okay storage space, included a refrigerator, no hairdryer  Read entire member review.
Needs updating stained carpet, tile in bathroom stained, mirror needed replacing on the vanity. It had a very small balcony for a mini suite. We had to turn our chairs sideways to be able to sit out there together. We are not large people.  Read entire member review.
Room seemed bigger than on the Glory and Valor. small closet no blow dryer That was my wives only complaint. good view. light blocking curtains. No noise from dining room above and elevators nearby.  Read entire member review.
Our cabin was below the Mikado Theatre which made for quite a bit of noise until about 10:30 or so in the evening. It's near a crew space, but we weren't bothered by it at all. The bathroom, while clean, has some issues with discolored grout.  Read entire member review.
Close to the elevators and stairs. Plenty of room for 2. Lots of closet space. Shower was bigger than most cruise boats. Did not like the fact that the big was pushed up against the wall on one side. (Had to climb over the other person it get out).  Read entire member review.
Great Value by paformans
M86. Great location. Didn't feel much movement. Close to elevator, but not too close. Great view through window of Lands end coming into cabo.  Read entire member review.
Back on the Raft by BayouBuckeye

Smelly, but very quite except when making port.

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