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Norwegian Epic Cabin Reviews - Studio

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Studio Cabins 93 Reviews
Cool and hip, right down to the funky lighting and flat screen TV, this exclusive key card access-only category is unlike anything you have ever experienced before. These staterooms have a full size bed for one guest and a window view to the corridor. Studio guests have private key card access to The Living Room, which is a shared private lounge that boasts a bar, two large TV screens and comfy seating for hanging out, reading a book or just enjoying a drink before dinner. Awarded "Best Cruise Line for Solo Travelers" by Porthole Magazine in 2012; Norwegian Epic is the ship of choice that was specifically designed and priced for the solo traveler. (No single supplement required)
Studio (T1)
Decks: Deck 11, Deck 12
Studio (T1)

Cabin Rating
solo cabins double bed (Nice) large flat screen TV plenty storage mood lighting 11503 just right distance from solo lounge hairdryer, no fridge but didn't need one some light gets in through window to corridor (there are shutters though) hallway very quiet due to only solo members can get in here  Read entire member review.
NCL Epic 11511: Initially sliding cabin doors wouldn't work; fixed during first evening. Could have used about another 6" between bed and fixtures. Cabin was very quiet, bedding luxurious and conducive to over-sleeping. Lighting, as with all of the studio cabins, was not the best. Occasionally the commode area light wouldn't turn on (sensor). Shower just fine. Didn't leak. Very happy with the cabin, generally.  Read entire member review.
Heavy door to hallway close to this room needs a pneumatic close as it slammed all night every time someone returned to cabin. I also think the stewards were over-matched here, at least mine seemed that way. He never quite got it all right.  Read entire member review.

cabin 11515 studio

very noisy as can hear staff banging around in room behind so wakes you up early in morning..cabin directly next to studio lounge so great location but the noise spoils it.

11510 studio
near studio lounge not to noisy ..recommended.

 Read entire member review.
Storage space, sink, shower, bed, all fine. Toilet light was on sensor and I would prefer to have it remain ON rather than go off after a few seconds. Reading light for bed was inadequate. Didn't like changing colors of recessed lighting and it was not clear that the symbols near the telephone would change the colors. The large bed took up 1/2 the room and for a single, was unnecessary. I would prefer to have a smaller bed and more room to move about. The use of room key card for main lighting switch was no problem as I am used to that in European hotels. My cabin 11515 was surrounded by crew space and noisy. However, the location was good relative to the stairs and elevators with Garden Cafe, Kids Space, and pool area located right above on decks 14 & 15.  Read entire member review.
Very convenient to the studio lounge.  Read entire member review.

Excellent cabin and steward (Cyrus). When you open the door for the first time you think "What have I done!? This is TINY!" By the 2nd day and so on, you are thinking "This is more than enough room" and you very pleased. No issues with room, layout, or amenities. Honestly - the hair dryer onboard is better than the hairdryer I have here at home. I wish they sold them in their gift shop!

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It was small, but plenty of room for one person. I was worried that, since the bed is right next to the hall, that it would be noisy, but for the most part I could hear very little. I could actually hear more from the room next door; let's just say that I knew when that room's toilet was flushed and the phone rang. I liked being relatively near the lounge, as I took advantage of the (filtered) water and the hot tea that was always available. I wasn't bothered at all by the doors to the lounge opening and closing.

 Read entire member review.
Overall Fantastic! by geogal95
Small, as expected, but ample storage. Studio lounge a huge plus. Hallway could get noisy. Poor lighting. Super comfy beds! Better than I ever expected it to be. NCL really set the bar for this!  Read entire member review.
For 100 square feet, it is really well laid out. There is BRAND new carpeting which was laid during the week I sailed. Previous carpeting had lipstick stains on it. Noisy upstairs folks woke me up during the morning hours with scraping along the bulkhead floors.  Read entire member review.

Select Studio cabins not near any staff supply doors or near the Studio Lounge door. Either end of the ship would be quieter but take you a few extra minutes to get to the lounge if that is a concern.

 Read entire member review.
The cabins are fine for a single traveller on a short trip -no more than 7 days, due to limited wardrobe space. It has "mood lighting" and enough room but is let down by a tiny sink and inconsistent water temperature in the shower. It was also impossible to change the room temperature despite having a control for the purpose!  Read entire member review.

just what you need,Solo's lounge makes up for smallness of studio

 Read entire member review.
11552 Studio. Quiet, small, but plenty of room. A bit far away from things - however, I would rather have that and have quiet!  Read entire member review.
Solo Traveler on NCL's Epic by Creative Cookie
The Solo Cabins are a bit of a shock upon first sight, but I found enough space to put away all my belongings and once I adjusted the lighting to my taste, I was satisfied. The lights constantly rotate from red, to purple to blue to white, and I kept it on white for the maximum brightness. Someone told me it was romantic, but it was beyond my ideas of romance. I had never gone on a 7 day cruise before and never on an inside cabin, but it was just fine. It was quite cozy when I wanted to lay in bed and read. The toilet and shower compartments were a bit small, to say the least, but still adequate for an average size person. This cruise was the smoothest I have ever been on, whether it was being in those waters in April or the ships stabilizers, I can't say, but you hardly knew you were at sea sometimes.  Read entire member review.

This room was right at the end of the corridor where the door to enter the Studios was. I immediately requested a different room as people were going back and forth and the door was slamming every two minutes. As it was spring break I knew I was in for no sleep for the entire week if I stayed there. There was a terrible stain on the carpet and there was mould in the shower. I asked to move and they said to wait until the ship had left port at 4pm and they could see if there was a spare cabin. Thankfully, at 8pm they called to say I could move to 12541 which was way better but was a connecting room so i could hear the guy in the next cabin coughing and doing his business.

 Read entire member review.

Studio is fine. A little tight in the shower. The lounge is nice.

 Read entire member review.

Small but adequate, this room does have a door to an adjoining room.

 Read entire member review.
My cabin - great storage space - 2 closets, under and around basin storage, 2 wicker baskets under the bed. Storage in the stool at the dresser under thhe tv. Could not hear any noise.. however my shutters did rumble a bit when docking. Comfy bed. Great cabin steward Orthos. Shower and toilet sections were small but fine for me. Can't really complain at all!  Read entire member review.
Epic Adventure by JArsenal
I found the Studio Cabins to be roomy enough for one person and very comfortable. I did spend some relaxing time in there because this trip was supposed to be some much needed R & R for me. The studio areas were quiet and you could be as sociable or reclusive as you wanted.  Read entire member review.
An Epic time by jdscion
The studio cabins are designed very well. The shower is incredibly small...but it gets the job done. Like I wrote in my review, if you think the studio room is too small, you are spending too much time in there!  Read entire member review.

Beautifully arranged space with plenty of storage for one. Good value for the money.

Some good tips I received for the room:

If you like your room absolutely black at night, bring some black electrical tape to cover up the light switches that glow blue. Also, the phone screen can be dimmed by pressing the light bulb icon on the upper right corner of the screen.

Bring extra hangars and suction cup hooks that can go in the bathroom for drying swimsuits, etc.

Don't forget the two baskets under the bed for additional storage.

 Read entire member review.
The studios are very well designed. Slightly cramped next to the (large) bed but otherwise plenty of space. Separate toilet and shower. Bedding (downie) and pillows of a high standard. Unusual lighting and window on to the corridor (not see thru on the corridor side. No extraneous noise. Access to private lounge close by. Excellent choice for the single traveller.  Read entire member review.
Standard studio cabin, plenty of storage for 1 person. Great location, as not too far from elevators, but in opposite direction to the lounge, so should be quieter. Narrow corridor in all studios. Perfect for young professional travelling alone.  Read entire member review.
The studio cabins seem to be a new cruise concept. The Norwegian Epic is one of the first ships to offer these studio cabins for solo travelers. The cabin itself was very tiny. I'm a tall guy and I felt squeezed into the cabin. I had to ask the steward how to turn on the lights. It involved the use of my key card. If I wasn't careful, it would have been easy to leave my key card and get locked out of my room. I'm not sure why they installed these crazy colored lights. You can set them to one color or you can have them on a rotation. It seemed novel at first but after some time it was just annoying. Storage was at a premium but this seemed common in any of the staterooms not just the studios. The walls were thin and I could hear everything my neighbor was doing.  Read entire member review.
This information contained in review  Read entire member review.
12513 is one of the better studios to book. It does not have a connecting door and is only next to one room. It is not near a door like 12514/12515 and therefore quieter.  Read entire member review.
Solo traveler by lareefun
Studio cabin 12516, very near the studio lounge one floor up, can hear the toilet flush in the next cabin, but not too often. Can hear people passing by the door and can hear the passage door opening and closing. None of which was really bothersome at all. Other that the issue with a missing shower door replaced with a flimsy shower curtain, I would book this same cabin again. Hopefully the shower door will be installed when I next cruise on the Epic.  Read entire member review.

The ambiance lighting was killer. My brother had another one of these and he kept reminding me how the ambiance lighting reminded him of his new car's lighting. I have to admit, it was lovely. The bedding headboard and sideboard was white leatherette and reminded me of being inside a cool club or maybe an insane asylum! All jokes aside, it felt like I had a chamber on a space ship or a really posh-designed G6 with its circular porthole looking out to the hallway (which of course I always closed off). Highly recommend this cabin category!

 Read entire member review.
Studio is perfect for ONE cosy and cool, lovely insulated feel, the bed SUPER comfortable (a queen) with 4 pillows and 3 extra cushions. ask for a sheet if you are a "hot" sleeper blankets are VERY warm. The room had lots of little cubby holes and big baskets as well as room under the bed for bags etc I had trouble finding out how the lights worked (you have to put your room key in the slot as you walk in) good lighing options. daylight, romantic, changing from blue to green to red. I had no trouble with the sink, as it was really a fine size. (I heard it was bigger than in the state room?)same with shower. the singles also share a little meeting place, which is stocked with snacks ands you can get a light cereal breakfast there. Finding your way into the middle of the ship confused some people. very private and mostly quiet. VERY narrow hallways  Read entire member review.
I found the Studio to be great, honestly the only recommendation is to put a blow dryer in each Studio so that the passenger does not have to ask because a lot of passengers do not even know to ask. There is space in the shelves next to the sink. A suggestion for consideration is that I noticed a lot of older passengers in the Studios and by made taking out one of the beds in the Studio it might make it easier for them to move around and get in and out of bed in the middle of the night. I had no problem and enjoyed the double bed but then I did not spend much time in my room and had no problems crawling on the bed if I needed. One other thing that I noticed is if the seas were rough the closet doors would come open so maybe a little hook might stop that from happening. Me I put my shoes at the bottom as a jam and it worked.  Read entire member review.
cabin 12520 perfectly situated for the Living room, far enough away not to hear door noise from passageway yet near enough to nip down in your boxers for a coffee in the morning etc. To create space at a mirror for you ladies move the table and stool from under the tv to the gap between toilet and shower then you have a mirror and a light over you!!  Read entire member review.
EPIC Vacation by nwcrzr
T1 Studio Cabin #12521: Small but delightful cabin with plenty of storage. Shower is a bit cramped, but nothing that can't be dealt with. The location is great, just down the hall from the Living Room/Studio Lounge and a very short walk from the FWD elevators... When I could remember whether I was FWD or AFT!  Read entire member review.
Studio cabins are perfect; love the private entrance  Read entire member review.
12525 is beside a linen supply room, door to linen supply slams shut a lot during the day if trying to nap. Not an issue at night, though.  Read entire member review.
Great SOLO studio , very close to get to the solo lounge and next door is a storage cupboard for housekeeping so no noise from neighbours! Really close to get to lifts too.  Read entire member review.
If you are a smaller than average individual (height & weight)you are going to feel cramped any where you go on this vessel. It is not designed for those even average or above average in these areas. Interior Design is questionable as to the amount of privacy Americans expect for peronal activities. No absolute privacy from view in many cabins. More like a hospital, curtains all over the place Duh! Second class at best. That is not my idea of an innovation. It is more like a reduction in services for a higher price by substituting an exasperating amount of technology to replace class. Technology is "modern" art not "Art;" it is a sub-set of all art. A more well rounded presentation could help me get over being surrounded by plastic flowers. Most of the hotels that I frequent use real flowers. Thanks but no thanks! I am not sure the NCL marketing department fully understands what the word "innovation" means. I think they are just like most corporate marketing geeks. That use words that deceive you and in their ambitions to sell their mothers to the underworld. There are better managed cruise lines out there. Keep searching!  Read entire member review.
12529 or close to this are the best Solo Cabins mid ship, close to studio lounge and away from doors and laundry  Read entire member review.
Studio Cabins were great, right size for solo passenger. Plenty of storage space, lots of plug sockets, only thing missing was a fridge.  Read entire member review.
Studio cabin - 12533 - great size for one person - lots of storage - two thumbs up!  Read entire member review.
An Epic Solo Adventure by LibrarianLizy

Excellent cabin in a good, central location. Very quiet. I couldn't hear anything from my neighbors or in the hallways. This is a connecting room. Shampoo, body wash, and liquid hand soap are provided, bring anything else, including bar soap, you may need.

 Read entire member review.
I had the SOLO cabin 12542 it is very clean modern SMALL but worked fine for me. NO COMPLANTS on my cabin  Read entire member review.
12543 I loved it!!! but the walk was like a hike to get to living room or anywhere else. I was not allowed to use the exit path for life boat drill that was was printed on the back of my door. I was later told at the desk that because it was a crew's stairway I couldn't use it for the drill but in case of a real emergency I would be allowed to!!! That makes no sense to me!!! Weren't we trying to know what we should do in a real emergency?? I had no idea which way to go after I was turned away from that. I walked about half the length of the ship and then down from 12 to 5th deck and then back half the length of the ship..on the 5th deck. Not a pleasant thought if the ship had been in trouble!!!!!! My little cabin: cozy and nice...temperature control was great....lights rather funky, but OK. I hated to leave it when the cruise was over!!! Oh, across from the snack room (Which wasn"t ready yet)  Read entire member review.
Compact, efficient, conveniently near vending machines. Far enough from Living room to avoid noise.  Read entire member review.
Studio suites were great; the shower is really small, but the on a whole the Studio was fabulous.  Read entire member review.
Didn't see the cabin Stew all that much in the studio area. Got a chance to check out the haven...def a must next time. Boat seemed to rock a lot, staff said it was because it was so big.  Read entire member review.
Phenomenal Cruise! by Daphne Starr
We each stayed in a Studio Room (12560 & 12562) and it was delightful! I wasn't sure what to expect because I'm a bit claustrophobic and have never liked the idea of an inside cabin. Much to my surprise, the room was not confining at all. It was absolutely perfect for one person. Generous amount of storage, well lit, and easy to move around in. The shower was small, but the wonderful rain shower head had good water pressure and plenty of hot water. There was also a real hair dryer in the room - what a treat! I had a fantastic room stewardess, Lea, who was very attentive and left me towel animals each day. As for the location of our rooms, it was perfect. They were right outside the aft elevators - very convenient! It was a long walk down the hall to the Studio Lounge, but we only went there once a day for cappuccino in the afternoon. I'd rather be close to the elevator and the stairs which we used several times a day. The room was quiet - no noise from above, below, or in the hall.  Read entire member review.
Best cruise ever by debbiecape
12560- studio- quiet, roomy and comfortable bed, totally adequate size for single traveler, perhaps too tight for couple  Read entire member review.
Standard studio cabin. It wasn't too close to the studio lounge, so if you plan on spending a lot of time there, be ready to walk. This cabin was on the aft part of the ship, so it had good access to the elevators and stairs that went to the main dining rooms.  Read entire member review.
An Epic Single Cruise by mforcemaniac
Can hear neighbor next door at times, very very close to stairwell and elevators, convenient for going to Spice H20, Mandara Spa, Manhattan Room, Cagney's, or Moderno. Not so convenient for those who will be spending a lot of time in the Studio Lounge.  Read entire member review.
Glorious time on Epic! by 1969cruiser

Cabin was clean, far from the Studio Lounge ( Living-room), but close to the elevator lobby!

 Read entire member review.

Was perfect for one! Had no trouble unpacking. It should be noted that Studios don't have refrigerators, but the ice bucket was always stocked.

 Read entire member review.

Studios are great. Love the lounge and the daily get togethers. Funky lighting!

 Read entire member review.
1st Solo Trip by ercadm
The Studio room I was in 12569, I initially thought this would be a great room as it was the most AFT that was available, as well as being right at the entrance to the studio area so no long walk down the corridor, unless you wanted to go to the Lounge/Living room in which case it was a long walk, but that wasn't the problem.. the problem was the moment people would come through the studio corridor entrance the door would slam shut.. each and every time!!! Do yourself a favor and unless you can sleep through anything, do NOT get one of these rooms close to the exit. Since I was staying up late, I opted to sleep in most days until at least 10 and that was just impossible pretty much an hour before we hit the ports people were heading for breakfast and so it was non stop slam, slam, slam  Read entire member review.
If Only by MsPackrat

Completely comfortable and well thought out with two small exceptions. It would work far better to put the television recessed into the bathroom bulkhead or a swing down from the ceiling rather than off to the side of the bed. And that would leave room for a couple more drawers.

The reading lights are abysmal. I saw the reading lights in a standard cabin - little lights on goosenecks and they were far better. Change them.

And, I was forewarned about all the indicator lights from the various lights, switches and buttons and brought some opaque tape to block them or I would have been miserable, but I'm a light sleeper and prefer a pitch black room at night.

Ventilation was great, bed was comfy, pillows ample and fluffy. Shower was small, but the showerhead was great and the water pressure fantastic. I was almost unaware of the adjoining cabin even though we had a door rather than a bulkhead and only rarely was aware of traffic in the hall outside my cabin. Great soundproofing.

 Read entire member review.
Single studio was too small.  Read entire member review.

Studio Cabin - Very Small but Functional

There is a solo supplement - Studio rate is not the same as the Per Person rate in a double occupancy.

Funky lighting was more interesting than I thought however it was very hard to get enough lights turned on for well lit reading.

Room height not that tall.

Shower stall height low. I was OK at 5'7" but someone pushing 6' will have real problems.

Floor space adequate to change clothes and do jumping jacks, but no more.

Area was very quiet but very far away from the studio lounge. As I spent more time in the studio lounge than expected, this meant much walking.

Studio lounge had programs from 5-6 every night. Some were useful, some not. Generally OK and of greater value than expected.

 Read entire member review.

My studio was the last studio in the corridor right at the back of the ship, it was very quiet, the door outside let you out in to the main corridor and you had to have a solo travellers key to get through it so there were only a few people using the door mainly me and the lady opposite me. My only issue with the position was how far it was for the studio lounge, next time I will get a room closer. But that was personal preference, I used the lounge a lot and walked miles!

The room was spotless all week, size was good for me and I had no problems with all the bits and pieces. There was a tv, hairdryer, washing line over the shower, safe, laundry service bags, loads of storage and European and American plug sockets (5 in total I think). The bed was very comfortable and I slept well although I often woke up early with all the banging around of the ship coming into port each morning. The guys servicing the cabins were friendly and helpful and were great when I locked myself out of my room!

I had an issue with the shower not draining very well but I think a few people did so maybe it was to do with the ship rather than my room. I didn't have an issue with the colour changing lighting like so many people seemed to, I thought it was nice, I mostly set it to daylight but not always. There were main lights over the sink, shower, toilet, tv and bed so you could turn the mood lighting right off if you wanted. The towel sculptures was a lovely touch and made you feel special even though there were families spending much more I am sure. Overall I felt it was good value for money and made my week easy and comfortable.

 Read entire member review.
I loved my studio, I thought it just the right size for a single person, would be crowded with two although the bed could of fit two. Didn't mind the inside cabin at all, spent most of my time on deck. Everything was put together very cleverly. The price was excellent and the fact a customer didn't need to pay a single supplement was the biggest plus for me.  Read entire member review.

Love it. Cool lighting. Plenty of storage in closets, around vanity, and under the bed. Bring extra hangers.

 Read entire member review.

The Studios are great, no spacious, but enough for one or even two. It is a couple bed so two fit there. Bigger TV than the inside rooms, special lounge.

 Read entire member review.
Badly configured. Bed was too large for space. No room to move around bed, use phone or get clothes from wardrobe. No drawer space. No usable desk/ table space.  Read entire member review.
First NCL cruise by RoyaltyC

Cabin is spacious for 1 person. Felt no motion as it is mid ship. Loved the lighting effect

 Read entire member review.
Solo cabins are awesome!!!  Read entire member review.

great cabin for the solo traveler

 Read entire member review.
Excellent cabins, but the hallways are long and there's no way to cut across.  Read entire member review.
First Cruise by TransAtOnly

This cabin was fine for me. There was adequate storage, however a few clothes hangars in the closet with the safe would have been welcome and provided some function to that space. The shower was good and the other facilities fine. The bed was VERY comfortable. The room was clean and the cabin personnel very pleasant and helpful. A very big plus was being able to go to the studio lounge 24/7 and get a coffee or tea, cookies, yahourt, fruit or sometimes sandwiches. It was much closer than any other snack option.

 Read entire member review.
Epic a hit by LadyLark
I'm a huge fan of the Norwegian Epic Studio rooms. Other than a wierd lighting system, I have no complaints at all. A creative use of a small space, quite comfortable for one person, and the studio lounge (The Living Room) is a great place to meet and mingle. The lounge has the only free cappucino machine on the ship, continental breakfast in the morning and snacks the rest of the day. There's an evening gathering each day to meet up with other "solos" and arrange dinners or activities together. I enjoyed just sitting in the lounge from time to time and chatting with whomever came along. There's a video on UTube that explains some of the oddities of the cabin lighting, etc.  Read entire member review.
Single Cruiser by Dianne Turner
Solo cabins are first class. Quiet corridors, excellent service  Read entire member review.
The studio cabins are located in the middle of the ship and run a long area. It had private living room space where folks can meet and relax. Only the TS people have access to it. The cabins itself was enough space for everything. It may be better than a tiny closet in NY. Plenty of privacy. Well appointed placements of TV and sink and shower.  Read entire member review.
NCL EPIC Studios are well designed for single people, what else might you expect? Great ilumination with 5 differente colors you can choose from, system and nice glass/plastic shower walls. Nice wood floor and excellent studios privacy and location throughout the ship.  Read entire member review.
small studio cabin, Needs a closet or two. Not just that cubby you want to call a closet. not enough space to store luggage. The sink is a joke,lol. The water closet is wayyy too small, also the shower stall. Can you give the studios a proper night stand and counter space? I LOVE LOVE LOVE the studio lounge!!! I cruise solo as often as I can, and this was such a nice concept. I hope the other cruiselines give us something similar.  Read entire member review.
T1 12517

Admittedly, I love the little studio cabins for solo travelers

 Read entire member review.
These cabins were rated but not individually reviewed; read the full cruise review for opinions on cabins and more.
Cabin Rating
First time cruising, mixed bag by HellsKitchenCruiser
Solo Traveler by ericinkw
Better Than Expected by cruiserjack1
Norwegian Epic Fail by SkaterJasp
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