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Norwegian Epic Cabin Reviews - Balcony Stateroom

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Balcony Stateroom Cabins 98 Reviews
These Mid-Ship Balcony Staterooms feature floor-to-ceiling glass doors that open to a private balcony. With room for up to three they include a separate bathroom with shower, two lower beds that convert into a queen-size bed, a sitting area and additional bedding to accommodate one more. These Balcony Staterooms are mid-ship, so you'll have easy access to all the delicious dining and exciting activities on board.
Balcony Stateroom (BA)
Decks: Deck 11, Deck 12
Balcony Stateroom (BA)

Cabin Rating
Big Ship; Tiny Cabins by Billy'sJean

Way too small for three people, even when one of them is only 2. Plenty of storage, just no place to stand, no place to eat if you order room service, etc. Don't plan on doing anything other than sleeping in this room.

 Read entire member review.
Love the Mediterranean! by BahamaMama17

Balcony cabin was great. Lots of storage.

 Read entire member review.

Better than our last balcony cabin on the Epic - this one had the bed near the balcony and not up against the bathrooms and sink. Shoot for a cabin that's laid out that way and you'll be much happier.

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Cabin was decent, we didnt have an issue with the infamous "see thru" shower and toilet space pods, but we were a couple traveling alone. If you have a kid with you or a friend/relative other than a spouse, i can see why people hate these.

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NEVER AGAIN!!! by Uncle Biff

Small, but what more do you need. The shower wouldn't drain, and after reporting it 3 times we just left the puddle for the Stateroom attendant to clean.

 Read entire member review.
Great Balcony..would be better with bigger round table and better chairs. Great view..not too noisy ..shower and toilets excellent and communications (telephone,TV) also very good...  Read entire member review.
Great cruise by wsx99

This stateroom worked ok for us. Like everyone else says the bathroom set up is very weird and we did not care for it. Definitely would be uncomfortable using it with someone other than spouse in the room. Hopefully NCL got the message on this and will never do it again. The room is a little tight and the wave thing doesn't really add anything to the room. Overall it wouldn't keep me from booking the Epic again for the right price but I would choose another ship first if given the choice.

 Read entire member review.
Epic is Epic. by EdwarG
11128 is perfectly located and easily accessible to an elevator bank mid ship. That is why we picked it and we "done good".  Read entire member review.
Baby's first cabin. Only one person can walk in the cabin at a time. Thurtaie bathroom is a joke, use the curtain to block the view but not the sounds of the toilet stall, which is seperate from the shower stall. On the plus side, plenty of storage room, nice size balcony, and a good room location.  Read entire member review.
Comfortable cabin and bed, though tight around the bed. Dim lighting above the mirror so hard to do makeup. Turn water on slowly in the sink and you will have no trouble with it. Nice balcony..over all quiet..great view. Loads of storage. Just FYI..the switch for the light over the mirror is located on the bottom of the medicine cabinet..(took us some hunting). There is extra storage behind the sofa backs. Toilet/shower split was really not a problem for us. The shower is large..plenty of room to reach out for your towel and dry off inside shower before stepping out.  Read entire member review.
Western Med Cruise on the Epic by buckeyecruiser44081
A nice large balcony and be prepared to squeeze into the cabin. They took room away space from the cabin to use it for the balcony. The cabins are not very sound proof. We heard people walking around in the room above. These are the smallest cabins we have ever been in. There is only a forward and aft set of stairs, none mid-ship. They eliminated a stairway to get in more cabins.  Read entire member review.
Balcony Cabin 11157 midship starboard side. It had plenty of storage. My husband and I are not very big people so we fit fine in it, but I could see that larger or obese people would be uncomfortable. Bathroom and shower were separate and compact. The balcony was a decent size. We didn't have much time to relax on it but it was good enough to check the weather and see the sun rise. We had equal access to both sets of stairs/elevators. My mom and a female friend stayed across the hall in inside cabin 11155. You need to be really good friends or patient with each other to stay in inside cabin. The beds didn't separate so they shared a king size bed. There's not much privacy for the bathroom, so they would use the public toilets when needed. There is a curtain that covers the shower stall for privacy. There was enough storage for 2 women to fit all their stuff. My other friend and her brother stayed in balcony cabin 11161 midship starboard side next to ours, again the beds were not separated and brother/sister shared king size bed. They also worked out their small bathroom/toilet area in shifts.  Read entire member review.
Med on the Epic by melody-s
Good location mid-ship. Good storage. Overall quiet, except the balcony when there was loud music on the Lido deck.  Read entire member review.
NCL Epic by NewHere
EPIC is just plain loaded with storage space  Read entire member review.
We had a starboard-side, mid-ship balcony on deck 11. The cabin is a bit small, especially the space between the bed and the sink/counter. We had the bed-near-the-door configuration which I would not choose again. These cabins also have the bed near the balcony configuration, which I think is better, as the toilet is not right next to your head! Yes, the toilet and shower compartments are a bit odd, but I like the "external" sink, and it wasn't as splashy as others have said. The shower is great! The storage is fabulous. In addition to a normal-sized long closet, there's a short closet above three roomy drawers. There's a good-sized cabinet under the counter next to the sink for dopp kits, cosmetic bags, etc. and a large cabinet next to the vanity section, which contains the safe and is really deep. Additionally, there are large cubbies behind the back cushions of the sofa, and more cubbies in the bulkhead on the curved wall above the sofa and bed. The only down side for the cabin is there aren't enough hooks/racks for towels and it's a LONG walk to the elevators. For such a large ship, the elevators are in two groups at each end--none in the middle.  Read entire member review.
Typical balcony cabin, located mid-ship. Since the elevators are toward the front and back of the ship, you have to walk to get to them. Make sure you know where your destination is (front or back) before you pick a direction.  Read entire member review.
The cabin, although small, but expected to be so on a cruise ship, was very efficiently configured so there was lots of storage space. The cabin was very modern and everything was easily accessible. The balcony was a good size and really a pleasure to use during the day or evening. It was so nice to be able to keep the balcony door open during the night and hear the waves and enjoy the fresh ocean air. We didn't hear any noise from any other cabin, so the cabins are quite soundproof. The flushing of the toilet is no louder than any other we've experienced on cruises over the years.  Read entire member review.
Cabin was fine. Since the ship is new everything was spic-and-span (except for some rust on the balcony railing). Bathroom and shower were nice, and we didn't experience the basin splashing others have discussed. Lots of storage space, and really large balcony. All-in-all, good.  Read entire member review.

Cabin 11178 was pretty much dead-on mid-ship. The bed is by the balcony in this cabin, and the cabin is in a quiet location. A service area door is directly across the hall, but was not noisy. The only time we heard much was on embarkation day when luggage was being delivered. Since there are no elevators or stairs mid-ship, we were prepared for a hike forward or aft. In the end, neither were a long walk away (we only used the stairs, no elevators).

We were concerned about wear and tear on the ship since we last sailed in 2013, but the room was very well kept, carpet was in a good shape, and the furniture all looked good. Some rust spots on the balcony, but no big deal.

 Read entire member review.
Balcony was nice, but the room was small. Always cleaning carts in the hallway, it was never clear. Bags of linens lying everywhere. The curved walls make the couch unusable.  Read entire member review.
Ample storage. Small cabin, good size balcony. Midship, far from elevators/stairs.  Read entire member review.
Larger than we'd expected, given all the negative comments we'd read - we were expecting a shoe cupboard, but the rooms were more than sufficient. There's plenty of storage, and - though we found the split-bathroom a bizarre design choice - we were able to work around it. The only negatives were a locked safe in the balcony cabin (which never got unlocked despite us calling Housekeeping), and a broken reading lamp in the inside stateroom, which was hanging off the wall due to it having been nailed in place. It was fixed with screws a few days into the cruise. The only other problem we had was a smell of rotting veg/poop on the balcony, the day we hit Cozumel. Presumably, this was when the ship was burning its solid waste, and the wind was not in our favour...  Read entire member review.
EPIC Disaster by pastPE1601
Cabin layout had no thoughts given to passengers when being designed. Too cramped. Two people could not pass each other. They had to back away to end of room so other could pass. Shower and toilet were unacceptable in size and location. Wash basin on vanity at bedside is inane.  Read entire member review.
Epicurious the Return by Phil Goodwins
Apart from the "issue" of the bathroom set-up that is in reality not so bad, the cabin is excellent. Very quiet, everything working, no bad smells, comfortable bed, great view and would willingly have the same cabin again.  Read entire member review.
Disappointing by budgiefanactic
the stateroom despite being a three berth was very small and although there were only two of us we found it very small. If one of us was sat at the hairdryer the other person was trapped at one end of the cabin with no room to move around. The washbasin was in the cabin and not the bathroom - how strange? The glass doors to the toilet and shower are very weird - good job there is a curtain you can pull across to shut them off but a couple of times we were nearly caught drying ourselves off after showering by the cabin steward knocking on door as there is nowhere to dry yourself other than by the cabin door.  Read entire member review.
Having cruised on various ships I felt that the cabins were smaller than the other balconies that I have experienced. Also, I feel that the price only reflects the other amenities of the ship. It will always be more expensive to cruise on a new ship. We did not have any trouble with flooding however further down our hall there was significant flooding due to some unknown problem. It even soaked the carpets in the hall! Thankfully we weren't caught up in this and had not problems with the functionality of our cabin. - It was very quite when all the doors were closed - so much so we missed the announcements for several things. This was a cabin with the bed by the door so we may have not had such space issues if we got one of the cabins with the bed by the balcony. All in all it did not effect us terribly. On vacation you worry less about that stuff!!!!  Read entire member review.

OK silent interior cabin.

 Read entire member review.
Big is not Better by gypsylady
Quiet location, but quite a walk to the elevator. Felt very little motion. A little rust on the balcony but overall, in good repair. Closet space sufficient for 2 people for one week, but might be a little tight for two weeks. Nice covered balcony. Beds too close to toilet area, separated only by a curtain. Sink in awkward location at the foot of the bed.  Read entire member review.
Just Do It! by veritas02138
12104 - actually liked having the bed by the door because it meant that we had bigger drawers for our clothes. Great location on the port side by the forward elevators.  Read entire member review.
Great first cruise by alamopair
Bed was a little short for six footer, but otherwise comfortable. Tons of storage space, great balcony. Lots of hot water in the shower, toilets were loud but very efficient. Shower gel did not lather very well, but was okay. We did not notice cigarette smoke smell except in the casino and on the outside deck.  Read entire member review.
The Best Ship by 3AAAcruisers
Large balcony with two chairs, plenty of room. Overhead and side privacy. Two floors down from childrens area and not far from elevators. Bed was located next to sliders which gave ample room to move around.  Read entire member review.
Very poorly designed balcony staterooms. As you enter toilet is on the right, shower is on the left, the sink is on the left side in front of the bed. If you use the mirror at the dresser another person cannot walk around the person to get to the closet.  Read entire member review.

The cabin was quite large by other standards. Bed very comfortable. The bathroom area was fine.

 Read entire member review.
Great cabin location. Elevators were hard to get, but we walked the stairs most of the time. My parents were in 11317 aft cabin and had terrible vibration and it was loud from the sound of the ocean below and with the flat back of the ship was also hotter as there was little to no breeze on their balcony. Ours was definitely a more prime location.  Read entire member review.
My 2 daughters and I shared a balcony room and we could not move! Every evening when we were showering for dinner, I would be climbing on the bed to get around my daughters. Thank goodness there was plenty of storage space.  Read entire member review.
Great Location, Great Views, Not for the Chubby  Read entire member review.
I had 12547 to to start. The cabin stewards use the door directly across it for laundry maybe?? The best part is you are near the vending machines. I then moved to 12129 which was an inside. It was in a perfect location, very minimal noise.  Read entire member review.
Cabin 12140. Great location, quiet, you look straight down to the ocean from the balcony and not onto the life boats.  Read entire member review.
The bed was small and there is not too miuch room to squeeze past to get out onto the balcony.  Read entire member review.
A Mixed Review by Epic Cruiser
Location on ship was fine - - mid-ship and high deck. Room itself is small for more than 1 person. Not enough space to put your things. Comfortable bed. Good TV though not much to watch due to limited channels. Bathroom setup is bizarre and we didn't like it. There is no bathroom as such. You walk into the room and the shower is on your right and the toilet on your left, both behind frosted sliding glass doors. There is a relative lack of privacy as compared to a traditional bathroom. The sink is in the room beside the closet.  Read entire member review.
Cabin 12152 was in a great location midship so not too far from either stairwell or lifts. Love being port side especially when leaving Miami and also when entering Nassau. The deck was a great height for everything too.  Read entire member review.
Great Excursions by Balcony12152

The cabin was beautifully located, mid-ships. Great balcony, but a LONG way from the nearest elevator. (Hard to believe that on a ship the size of the Epic, there are only two banks of elevators--one forward and one aft).

 Read entire member review.
Excellent Value by 3664shaken

Staterooms – we had cabin 12157, an outside midship balcony. The biggest pluses were lots of storage and closet space, we showed up with two large suitcases and a large carryon stuffed full with clothes and there was ample hanging and storage space for 21 days on board a ship. The second thing we loved was the bathroom, the shower, commode and sink were all separate areas so someone could be using the shower and the other could be using the toilet. The biggest negatives were 1) the bed which was very short, my feet hung off the end and 2) the cabin was narrow so you had to coordinate passing between the bed and dresser/TV area. I also heard complaints about dim lighting in the cabin, while this was never a problem for me I could see it being a problem for those who like bright lights. 7 out of 10.

 Read entire member review.
Cabin 12171: Rather small; unpractical bathroom set up, small sink. Good location on the ship, no noise issues. Comfortable bedding.  Read entire member review.
Great mid-ship location in the part that juts out. Very quiet, with the exception of slamming doors in the morning. A long walk to the front or back elevators.  Read entire member review.
Room 12177 on the Epic is 216 sq ft including balcony. The balcony is small, with room for 2 charis and a tiny table, provided. The shower is it's own little pod as is the toilet. The sink/medicine cabinet area is in the room. There's a couch and the entire room is curved. The 2 twin beds can be pushed together to make a larger one. Perfect for 2 people who want a balcony upgrade but probably a bit much once you try to get 3 or more in there. We loved breakfast on the balcony. There's a flat screen tv with little choice in channels, plenty of space, a mini bar with for sale stuff in it and storage for clothing, luggage and anything else you may need to stuff away somewhere. We brought too many clothes and had plenty of room. there's a safe for your valuables and a steward. There's a coffee pot we didn't use and an ice bucket with glasses for you. We really didn't use the couch except as a catch all for clothes and stuff we'd buy in port. Very nice upgrade from an inside, but not necessary if you won't be there much.  Read entire member review.
12177 MidShip Balcony BA. Plenty of storage space. When one is out on balcony and the other is in the bathroom or shower w/ the curtain closed, the door to balcony closed and the door to shower or bathroom closed there is plenty of privacy. Room is comfy for 2, but not for a family. Maybe one child would work if they slept on the couch. i wouldn't go more than that. 3 total plugs, so bring an adaptor w/ extra plugs if you need it. TV has the inputs disabled so don't think you'll get to watch your own movies on the room tv. Bring a pico projector or an iPad and you're fine. Balcony has 2 chairs and a small table for drinks or 1 plate. It's so worth it to have a balcony on this ship and have that space to relax by yourself or with your partner or family member or traveling partner. Shower is easy to use and includes shampoo and body soap stuff from a container built into the shower. Safe can be programmed as soon as you get into your room, and fits jewelry, money, maybe an ipad or two. Our steward was trustworthy, didn't touch our cash when we forgot to lock our safe. You'll have a touchscreen phone next to the bed and reading lights as well as several other lights throughout the cabin. There's a slot near the door that needs a key card to work, but any card will do, even an old hotel key card. I'm certain that if you upgrade to a balcony room you'll enjoy it as much as we did.  Read entire member review.
Our cabin was on Deck 12 midships. Overall the cabin was nice. The balcony was great. The cabin could have used some additional hooks to hang clothes from. The 3 of us had ample space. The only real downside was that fact that the elevators and stairways were located at the ends of the ship. If you accidentally went the wrong direction, you had to walk the entire length of the ship. The signage on board was poor.  Read entire member review.
Spacious, plenty of storage, very well laid out. Comfortable bed. Balcony afforded great views. Cabin steward was very good and the cabin was always cleaned thoroughly with fresh towels.  Read entire member review.
Unbelievable amount of storage space, comfy bed but too short, feet dangle over the end...Horrible place for the sink right next to the bed, very messy...Room way to narrow...Two people couldn't get by the bed area without one moving out of the way....Nice balcony...MIA crusie director  Read entire member review.
Epic was disappointing by 2peryearcruiser
We chose a midships balcony cabin. Once on board we found that there are no midships elevators, only front and back. To go from our cabin to the service desk, one has to go the length of the ship. The balcony was the place where we could be side by side, because the room was so narrow that we could not pass each other without backing up.  Read entire member review.
Norwegian Epic a Canadians review by Canadian honest cruiser
Perfect mid ship balcony cabin. Great Starboard view, mid ship has no rocking or movement felt. Close to mid ship elevators for easy access. No noise from bars or shows.  Read entire member review.

Our cabin steward was very good.

 Read entire member review.

Incredibly small. We have had one other cabin this size - aboard the Uniworld River Queen sailing from Amsterdam to Vienna. The "Waves" design of the cabin wasted valuable space. The bizzare design, where the toilet, shower and sink were separated from each other, was pitiful. If you sail on this ship be sure to get a balcony cabin. you will definitely need the extra space.

 Read entire member review.
Plan for fun and so it will be! by PalmBeachTraveler
Great balcony view from the back of the ship. Very private  Read entire member review.

Great cabin service. However the 'curvey' design is really cramped. The rounded bed, head and foot is to small for my 6'. It is uncomfortable to sit up to watch the TV the doesn't swivel.
No coffee table, no room. The pullout bed blocks all access to the bathroom area. Sitting at the dressing table is difficult on the stool provided.
The enclosed shower and head is the best asset. (no pun intended)
The balcony was great after we tipped for a table.

 Read entire member review.
NCL EPIC- Good and Bad by debravasquez
Cabin Arrangement: WAS HIDEOUS! Bathroom was spread out at the entrance and took up way too much cabin space. It was quite fun to be in the shower when someone wanted to go out the door! No privacy at all and it was very noisy. Bed was really comfortable, but set only a few inches from the cabinets at the end of the bed so walking back and forth was often obstructed. It did not matter where you were in the cabin you always needed to get to the other side or where the other person was. Terrible arrangement! Will not cruise the EPIC again because of this alone! ALSO Cabin had ventilation issues. Some how cigarette smoke was beginning pumped into the room in the evenings for 2-3 hours. We reported it and they would clean the room the next day, but the issues was ventilation and they never did find out what was causing the problem.  Read entire member review.
An Epic Disappointment by ChevyCruiser
Worst cruise ship cabin I've ever had the misfortune to be stuck in for a week.  Read entire member review.
NCL's new tagline: by MustangJay
Bathroom not private. Not enough walking space in room. Nice decor colours. Comfy beds.  Read entire member review.
Epic West Med Cruise by Helen Pask
Balcony was fine but I did not like the cabin layout. The cabin we were in was suppoosed to fit four people, it would be very squashed if there had been four of us. The bed was comfy but because it was curved it took up a lot of space. I did not like the idea of the washbasin being in the cabin, not very private. The same with the toilet and shower, when someone was in there you could more or less see them, not private. I would sooner have a closed off bathroom with all facilities in there. The wardrobe space was excellent, plenty of hangers and space. I didnt like the idea of the TV being placed opposite the bed. If you were sitting on the setee you couldnt see it because it was not on a swivel. The cabin was quiet, we had no problems, the steward was nice and did a good job for us. Plenty of towels etc.  Read entire member review.
Total downer by DrCruising
very uncomfortable...poorly privacy..extremely tight space to move...literally had to roll on the beds to get from one side of the room to the other.  Read entire member review.
Don't remember cabin # but was supposed to be an upgraded balcony, was forward, they all looked the same to me. Much lower ceilings give a claustrophobic feel, egress is bad because you have to walk the whole length of the ship to get to the stairs/elevator. Sink faucet is too big for the bowl, couch/bed for third person puts their head in the toilet area. Surprised by the poor design.  Read entire member review.
Epic Spring Break by Orlando trio
great balcony could feel the vibration when the ship is docking and moving sideways. loud toilet  Read entire member review.
Tight...can brush you teeth over the sink while sitting on the bed. Toilet is extremely loud to flush since there is no official door, just the sliding glass door. Akward layout overall. No space at all for a will have to get a small one in order not to move the sofa mattress out of the way.  Read entire member review.
Overall the cabin was excellent with plenty of storage space built in although circulation space at the end of the bed was very tight. The only downside was the lack of a washing facility within the toilet closet.  Read entire member review.
Small room. great balcony, no room to walk in hallway. Hated bathroom and shower.  Read entire member review.
These cabins were rated but not individually reviewed; read the full cruise review for opinions on cabins and more.
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