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Norwegian Epic Cabin Reviews - Large Balcony

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Large Balcony Cabins 74 Reviews
These Large Balcony Staterooms can accommodate up to three guests. They include two lower beds that convert into a queen-size bed, a separate bathroom with shower and additional bedding to accommodate two more. Not to mention the large private balcony that offers you an incredible view.
Large Balcony (B6)
Large Balcony (B6)

Cabin Rating

I liked the cabin. It was narrow, but workable. The balcony is huge! The bathroom situation on the EPIC isnt great, but its fine. Don't let it spoil your trip.

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Norwegian Epic 9013 Had a Huge Cove Balcony, it was like having an extra room!  Read entire member review.
I purposely booked a large balcony room, category B6, so me and the kids would have the extra room. However, I learned that my balcony room was cramped. It was hard for 3 of us to maneuver around the room at the same time. To be honest, the inside cabins as well as the solo cabins had more room to move around than our balcony room. The sink was a bit small. I didn't make a mess, I just wished the sink was a little larger. Other than that, everything was great. The bathroom set up didn't bother us. We actually found it quite amusing at times. I guess that just our humor. :-) The beds were absolutely amazing. However, the sofa that rolls out was one of the most uncomfortable places I have slept. We all took turns sleeping on that. GRADE - C  Read entire member review.
Cabin 9021-Great balcony very good size. 2 lounge chairs and 2 patio chairs with small table. Nicely decorated. comfy bed with nice beddings. If you are super tall your feet may hang out of bed since it was not the longest bed but it was adequate for me and my husband. Lots of storage. Big faults would be the lighting is very bad and the privacy level of the toilet and shower at the entrance is lacking but we got used to it and having the separate shower/ toilet/ sink made it easier for 2 people to get ready at the same time since all three were separate and not in the same room. I would have no hesitation staying in this cabin again in the future based on the large balcony and comfortable bed.  Read entire member review.
What a Ship by Going4now
The balcony room 9024 has a large balcony. Not all balconies are equal.  Read entire member review.
Very small room, not a fan of the "wave" design. Standard room would have offered more useable space. Storage was great. Large balcony was awesome, room for 2 chairs, 2 loungers and a small table. Split bathroom not a huge problem, but prefer standard set up. Small sink not efficient.  Read entire member review.
Huge balcony. Lots of storage. Quiet. Easy access to entertainment floors and the Garden Cafe.  Read entire member review.
The cabin only has two AC outlets that are hidden away under a "desk." After a week, we still couldn't find the location of all the cabin lights. There was some sort of tapping noise that recurred every time we were underway. That was especially annoying when trying to sleep at night.  Read entire member review.

The large balcony room was a nice option to get away from everyone and relax. The room was spacious enough for two, but had a weird privacy curtain for the bathroom and shower, but worked fine. Lighting was good, closet space perfect, bed comfy, but the room was never cleaned to my liking...from hairs and gum on the balcony floor to the glasses having stuff on them. Made me have to rewash them myself everyday. The floor was not clean enough for me to walk without at least socks on, room was dusty too. The tv station options were horrible. I believe almost all of them were either the news, kids, 1 movie channel and everything else was NCL related.

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Bad choice by marsan0920

The cabin has pleating of space for your stuff, but anyway mayor complain "BATHROOM" this is ridicules, toilet, shower and vanity in separate areas, and not too much privacy. Balcony with nice space
SERVICE !!!! Please, horrible, !!! remember is Free Stile including the staff.
Location: very good, close to elevator. Be sure do not use floor # 8 very noisy, but # 9 is fine.

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great location. right around from the elevators. i asked my gf during the trip, do we have any neighbors? because I didn't hear one door slam shut or people in the halls. Wide balcony with reclining chairs. not every balcony had that. never felt her rock side to side.  Read entire member review.
Narrow cabin, but has huge enclosed/sheltered/in-hull balcony, great view, highly recommend this cabin. Also very quiet. First cabin forward, portside.  Read entire member review.
Epic in 2012 by conreb4
Cabin balcony had a steel plate that restricted the water view when inside the cabin. Also, there was more swaying movement probably due to being the first cabin in the front of the ship. The bed was comfortable, and I liked the shower, toilet setup, although my wife did not like having the sink next to the bed. We would not want this cabin again.  Read entire member review.
Cabin# 10001 (hull-balcony) smaller than expected, but comfortable and quiet.  Read entire member review.
EPIC UPS AND DOWNS by cathy robertson
Cabin 10016 - check out the balcony. We thought we had won a watch as it appeared on the deck plan to be twice as long as the others but it had no glass frontage therefore felt very enclosed. Open space felt like we had a window with no glass. So we were a wee bit disappointed that we had paid an extra 600 plus to enjoy a balcony. On the subject of the opaque glass shower and separate toilet...hmm, not too keen although you only saw the outline because it was opaque, however on a ship which on every corner squirted you with disinfectant (which is excellent to note!!) why put the wash hand (tiny) basin in the cabin itself. Obviously when you hmmm wipe yourself, you then have to pull open the door and cross to the basin to clean your hands?? Hey who thought this one up.  Read entire member review.
The cabin was too small. For this to be a new ship i would have expected the room to a little bigger than what the old ships cabins are. But this is the smallest cabin we have ever had out of 9 cruises.  Read entire member review.
Exceeded our expectations by SOUTHERN MD CRUISER
Smoky balconies. "Extended balcony" is a nice feature, as it give additional space outside.  Read entire member review.
WOW! by peach 79
Great Balcony, quite location, great view!  Read entire member review.
New Fans of The Epic by Daisy's Dad
Cramped cabin versus standard balcony cabins on other ships. Much-debated bathroom layout was not a big deal to us (married 24 yrs, not too modest). Balcony was huge. We asked steward for 2 loungers. He delivered them before sail away. We spent a lot of time here. Closet space and storage was excellent, specially considering the size of the room. Although we loved the big balcony, in the future we'd likely opt for a larger cabin, even at the expense of a smaller balcony.  Read entire member review.
The "waves" style of the room makes things "odd" to move around in. The looks on the other hand are very appealing. The rooms (balcony) are very, very nice & clean!  Read entire member review.

Regular sized-cabin but huge balcony. Wonderful location on deck 10. No facing cabins as the medical center is on the other side. Very quiet. Very near back set of stairs and elevators which were much quieter than those at the front of the ship. No complaints at all. Would definitely recommend.

 Read entire member review.
Great cabin Not too far from elevators Completely covered and sheltered from wind and rain BIG BALCONy with lounge chairs Spent HOURS on Balcony LOved it Great service from RODRIGO  Read entire member review.
Good storage to unpack your things, and suitcases fit under the bed. The bathroom is terrible with see through doors to the toilet and shower, and a sink in the bedroom. The sink is tiny and there isn't enough room for more than one person to turn around in the entire room. Very constricted on space and claustrophobic. The deck is nice.  Read entire member review.
7 Epic Days by Psolar
Great balcony overlooking other balconies and no one overlooks you. Just one neighbor. Bigger than other balconies in the same category. Bed by the bathroom (would be better by the balcony) Not much room between the bed and counter. Lots of storage. Very efficient design overall  Read entire member review.
Not a clear balcony, had to stand for view of ocean. Large balcony has only two chairs. Tight squeeze, no privacy in bathroom. No hangers in one of the wardrobes - cannot move from one to another.  Read entire member review.
Epic fun by rjrchiro
11074-bed by the balcony, Larger then average balcony, fully covered. Good closet space, poor bathroom design. The sofa in the room is a waste of space.  Read entire member review.
Good Cruise by hello123

Great balcony, quiet, close to elevator loved location. Comfy beds.

 Read entire member review.
Loved the Epic! by Kim in Florida
Great cabin location mid-ship, with a much larger balcony than comparable size balconies.  Read entire member review.
Epic Cabin #11169 BF Large Balcony Bed was close to balcony. Was narrow for 2 people to pass. Great Shower. No problem with sink splashing. Entrance to toilet area would be very tight for larger people.  Read entire member review.
Not so much... by cruiser1812

Good balcony...large triangular shape. I did not really care for "wavy Shape" of room or bathroom setup.
There was storage room, but still very difficult for two people to negotiate room at same time, a lot of "Excuse Me" required

 Read entire member review.
Cabin 11172 - small balcony cabin with a big angled balcony facing forward - I would suggest this for two people only!  Read entire member review.
Good Cruise by harvey27

Cabins are adequate for what you need, bathroom and shower facilities are not ideal but are doable, plenty of drawer space but not much space to move about in the cabin, but then again you don't spend that much time in it.

 Read entire member review.
Great Family Trip by dmh165638

This was our first balcony room and we loved it. The size of the balcony was great, the room size was great, and the location was great with zero noise issues. For the price point it was a bargain. The only complaint is of course the bathroom. I didn't mind the layout but the sink drove me nuts trying to shave. My wife did not like the bathroom layout at all. My in-laws had the same room further forward and they also loved it.

 Read entire member review.
Bomb the cabins and build new ones with more privacy and regular bathrooms  Read entire member review.
WOW EPIC by mmemichele
Check deck plans to see which way wave goes Get a cabin with wave near bed not couch Loved our balcony  Read entire member review.
We loved our location as our room was close to the elevator and it was very quiet. We had an extended balcony and I loved this as I was able to put two loungers out there so we could fully enjoy the balcony. I never heard any noise from side to side and above and below. I am a very light sleeper so this was very important to me. There was plenty of storage room lots of cubby holes and plenty of space to hang clothes. The bathroom set up was a non issue for us except when I did order a Pizza I thought oh my what am I going to if he knocks on the door while I am in here by myself?  Read entire member review.
Hated the toilet and shower setup/location; I have been married 20 years and I had to ask my spouse to leave the room every time I had to go to the bathroom. Our room was shaking/vibrating 5 out of 7 days; very, very annoying when you're trying to sleep. We were told the noise was the engine "revving" up, and we were given an option of moving to another room to sleep every night, which we gladly took! There were a total of 37 people in our group, everyone that had 3 or more people in the room complained that the rooms were too small and there was no privacy for the bathroom. The toilet flushing noise was too loud, you cannot use bathroom in the middle of the night for fear of waking everyone up! The toilets and showers in the fitness center had more privacy!  Read entire member review.
Tight layout made it difficult for two people to get ready. Bathroom and sink was near the bed, closets on other side with only about one foot to get by the bed. Room was cozy and quiet along with a large balcony. Highly recommend getting a cabin at end of hallway if you want peace and quiet.  Read entire member review.

12014 has a balcony but not with glass on the bottom, making for a not so great view. So does 12016. Our friends had 12012 which had glass so we all congregated there.

 Read entire member review.
One time deal by SouthLyonCruiser
We had cabin #12092 on the Norwegian Epic. It was located where the ship bumps out which made the balcony almost 3 times bigger than a normal BD balcony. Norwegian now has an up charge for such locations and are well worth the cost if you spend a good deal of time on the balcony. We found the storage adequate although not generous. This cabin would be a real squeeze for more than two adults. The shower was the largest in our experience.  Read entire member review.
epic proportions by snow angel
Great balcony room impossible for 2 average size adults to move around in. toilet area cramped to say the least shower very tiny lots of storage  Read entire member review.
Nice large balcony  Read entire member review.
The True Epic by shae77
The space between the bed and counter hardly big enough to roll suitcases through. Was not a fan of separate toliet, shower and sink... The BALCONY was BIG and beautiful, if you had family, you could have the partion removed so you could enjoy each other's company on the balcony. Loved the sliding glass door as opposed to the one you have to pull open.  Read entire member review.
Large balcony due to the "bump out". Room is a little tight. Sofa is worthless except as a place for a third person to sleep. Bathroom, sink, and frosted doors were not a problem for us. Plenty of storage. Nice lighting. Comfortable bed. Shower was nice.  Read entire member review.
The Epic was an Epic disapointment by love2cruisehowboutu
Great Balcony Cabin doesn't flow well Bathroom is Over thought Extra storage is a 5++  Read entire member review.

Wow what a cabin. There were 3 adult women in our cabin and we had plenty of storage space. In fact we did not fill it all up. On the last day of the cruise we discovered even more storage that we did not know we had. The balcony was unbelievably large and we spent a lot of time in the morning and then again late at night on it. It had 2 lounge chairs and 2 regular chairs and a small table on it. There is actually room for 3 lounge chairs. The bathroom situation is a little awkward but we managed. If you have not been on Epic, there is no separate room for the shower, toilet and sink. There is a curtain you can pull closed across the toilet and shower. There is only 1 outlet in the room so we had an extension cord with us and that worked fine. We found the location of the cabin to be a good one. We were close enough to the stairs and elevators but just far enough to not hear anything in the night.

 Read entire member review.
Great cabin with the bed by the door set up. The balcony is huge and private. Loads of storage space. Very convenient to get up to the Pool Deck, Garden Cafe and Splash Academy.  Read entire member review.
Tiny cabin, not really twin beds, split but side by side. NO privacy with see through bathroom. Huge balcony, would have preferred larger cabin.  Read entire member review.
Our best cruise yet!!! by LovesCruisingNCL
Great spacious balcony, but enclosed, so have to stand up and look out to see everything. Room was on the small side, but storage space makes up for that. Child will sleep in a travel-sized pack n play, rather than a full-sized one.  Read entire member review.
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Cabin Rating
One of the best by 4wksaintenough
Epic is not so by sandycruzr
Disappointed by PatLynn
Great time on the EPIC by NotAVeryCreativeUsername
EPIC... FAILURE!!! by simonmom
Really Epic by Prezrob11
Unhappy Cruiser! by Happiness25
A mixed bag by kingading
Excellent cruise! by Sadiebell1
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