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Norwegian Epic Cabin Reviews - Mid-Ship Balcony

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Mid-Ship Balcony Cabins 57 Reviews
These Mid-Ship Balcony Staterooms feature floor-to-ceiling glass doors that open to a private balcony. With room for up to three they include a separate bathroom with shower, two lower beds that convert into a queen-size bed, a sitting area and additional bedding to accommodate one more. These Balcony Staterooms are mid-ship, so you'll have easy access to all the delicious dining and exciting activities on board.
Mid-Ship Balcony (BB)
Decks: Deck 9, Deck 10
Mid-Ship Balcony (BB)

Cabin Rating
First NCL Cruise by Kool Katz

The cabin was in a good location. Nobody could look into my cabin from what I could tell.
Other than if the neighbour peeked around the corner. The balcony was spacious enough for two chairs and a lounge chair. I would have preferred the bed being closest to the sliding door, rather than the couch. As that way I'd be able to lie in bed looking out to the ocean. Also liked the fact that it was a sliding door that you could leave open to enjoy the sounds and smells of the sea.

 Read entire member review.
Little space to pass, small drawers, not enough light at dressing table area  Read entire member review.
Not enough floor space curved sofa wastes a lot of space. Shower is good Toilet is good but sink is inconvenient out in the open. TV does not swivel so can not be seen from the sofa only in bed.  Read entire member review.
9149 is great because there are no lifeboats in the way. It is mid-whip and the bed is by the balcony.  Read entire member review.

Perfect cabin for two. You definitely want the cabin with the bed by the window instead of by the hallway. They alternate. You can tell by where the curve is in the deck plan which way it's set up. 9157 had the bed by the balcony. Don't get a mid-ship balcony on deck 8, as they have no roof, and jut out, so you have no privacy at all from all the balconies above you.

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Wonderful location amidships. No motion from sea. In between both banks of elevators. Covered balcony. Unbelievable storage. Good view. No noise.  Read entire member review.
Cabins were very small, clean but difficult to move around. Great balcony and view but in the front of the shop and very far away from everything. Cabins seem to be soundproof as we heard no noise from other cabins.  Read entire member review.
Far exceeded our expectations by first time cruisers
Great view, virtually no noise or sense of motion.  Read entire member review.
Big closet; adequate balcony, mid ship with good overall location between the two elevators; would have preferred bed next to balcony door but every other cabin is laid out that way due to curved walls; Bathroom layout takes some getting used to.  Read entire member review.
First time cruise by Dolphin1964
Balcony was big enough for two, great view. Quiet at night, never heard the people beside us. Two closets, 3 drawers, plenty of space for clothes. We liked that the bathroom was split up.  Read entire member review.
We had one of the "wave" cabins. They have curvy walls and where the wall curves out, the wall in the adjacent cabin curves in, and vice versa. The theory is that by putting the bed in the space where the wall curves out, the cabin can be narrower and deeper than standard cabins but appear to be as spacious. The reality, though, is that it doesn't. Both my wife and I had the same thought when we first stepped through the door: "It's a bit narrow, isn't it!" Even worse, there's a "no passing zone" bottleneck at the foot of the bed, which means that even with just two people in the cabin, you're forever getting in each other's way. I don't know how a family with children would manage or even if I could for more than a week. Another big problem is the lack of a proper bathroom. The tiny washbasin is situated in the main part of the room, not far from the "no passing zone" at the foot of the bed, while the shower and toilet are opposite each other just inside the room's doorway (both concealed by sliding translucent glass doors). More modest types can spare their blushes with a curtain that pulls across to hide the area from the rest of the cabin but it does mean that when you have a shower all the water that normally ends up on the bathroom floor now ends up on the cabin floor. It's not helped by the fact that all the towels are stored by the washbasin in the main cabin anyway. So if you forget to pick up a towel before you step into the shower, stand by for a flood! The plus about the cabins, though, is that they are nicely decorated in an elegant, modern fashion, there's plenty of storage space and they have quite a big flat screen LCD TV. And the bed is really comfortable. Five stars all round in that respect.  Read entire member review.
Toilet too exposed for my taste, but it didn't bother my wife. No maneuvering room for two people to get comfortably around. Sufficient closet, but large amounts of storage space. Balcony was adequate. Smallest balcony cabin to-date.  Read entire member review.
Cabin 9189-every other cabin has the bed either by the balcony doors or next to the toilet. I definately would have liked our bed to be by the balcony doors, farther from the toilet and situated where we can lay in bed and see the water/view. So cabin 9187 or 9192 would have the bed in a better location  Read entire member review.


Great views, but only the second level of staterooms. Midship was miles away from the staircase so it was a Trek to anywhere. I am a fan of the split bathroom.

 Read entire member review.
EPIC mini cruise by shahoorsur
9193 - could not fault it any way - quite small but very quiet, midway between lifts which is ideal as the lifts toward the rear of the ship are usually the less busy of them.  Read entire member review.
Christmas to New Years by summertripnj11
Lots of storage,quiet location,close to everything,no cabins across from the room,plenty of hot water and pressure,great sheets,lots of lights.  Read entire member review.
NCL Virgins by yogaini24
Cabin was a little too far from the elevators being mid-ship. Location was quiet, lots of storage. Would have preferred configuration with bed closer to the balcony, would have had better flow.  Read entire member review.

Beautiful and comfortable stateroom. We had plenty of room and storage. Really took advantage of our balcony and enjoyed the views.

 Read entire member review.
Lots of storage, quiet location, but no roof on the balcony so completely overlooked and not sheltered!  Read entire member review.
Plenty of storage which you do not brequire. Glass toilet and shower takes away nany modesty and not welcome. Cabin very tight for space and difficult to move around.  Read entire member review.
Did not like the toilet shower arrangement and the sink was totally unsuitable,balcony was fine but space a little tight and wahts the point of a curved sofa!  Read entire member review.
Pass the Epic by by nclcruiser132
Great balcony; small table; fixed back chairs--balcony is large enough for Chaise Lounger which would have been welcomed; room TINY and CRAMPED; toilet and shower are AWFUL; air conditioner vent at mid height at door so person sleeping near door is frozen; to maintain the rounded curvy vibe of the room the first bed had a huge chunk cut off so the bed bottom appeared round---your foot simply hung off; great interactive TV= but on two week cruise it only worked second week; steward was GREAT; small ice bucket; no coffee table; no table between beds; no table at all except tiny table on balcony; sitting on couch your knees hit the closet; don't cruise on the Epic...try the Pearl!!  Read entire member review.
Great balcony area in middle of the ship. Quiet location.  Read entire member review.

The room was very nice and a good location mid-ship. It wasn't too close to the elevator so you didn't get a lot of noise in the hall, but it wasn't too far of a walk either. You get a lot of noise from the pool deck on the balcony, especially during the day when they're doing the Nickelodeon shows on the deck and using the microphone.

We had plenty of storage in the small room. It's a little weird how there is no bathroom. They just have a shower and a toilet which are both able to be closed off by sliding (frosted) glass doors. However, I would have preferred an actual bathroom so I didn't feel weird having to "do my business" in the same room as my new husband.

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Standard balcony cabin, though it was perfectly located in the middle of a gap between sets of lifeboats and offered an unobstructed view of the water directly below.

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Great family cruise by aussiecruzer
Good mid ship position, no lifeboats blocking view down to water  Read entire member review.
Better than we expected given some of the previous reviews. Space is a bit tight and beds certainly short. We actually liked the separate shower and toilet layout and the frosted glass did not cause us concerns at all. Plenty of cupboards but would have needed more hangers.  Read entire member review.
Terrible bathroom arrangement. I hope NCL fixes this before they build their next ship.  Read entire member review.
Epic isn't. by TheMagus

Weird is the best word for Epic staterooms. Not as bad as I'd expected but cramped and odd. The rounded corners of the bed were the only thing allowing you to get by but caused insurmountable problems for the steward. We had to adjust the sheets every day or it felt like it had been short sheeted. The shower was great, best I've seen. Noise was never an issue. They tried for different and they got it. Not better, just different.

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An Epic Time! by wcsmells
Loved the cabin! A lot of storage, beds were super comfy, and the room darkening curtain was fab.  Read entire member review.
Epic disaster by baseball16
Very tiny, tiny, tiny. We could not sit on sofa and somebody walk by you. Awkward situation with toilet and shower being open. Been married 29 yrs and we did things together we never have with the bathroom situation. Very awkward with friends, brothers, sisters, new boyfriend or girlfriend traveling together. There is a curtain to seperate it from the bed area but there is nowhere to lay your clothing to get dressed. If you seperate the beds to 2 twins you have 3 inches in between them. Balcony is big but you really needed that space in the cabin. Most people do not spend much time here and believe me you will not want to very small, Not good at all for 4 people had family in one and they were not happy.  Read entire member review.
10168 and 10172

Small. But adequate for two. Shower and toilet area separate. Makes getting dressed easier. Great, great,great housekeeping service

 Read entire member review.
Great location midship, lots of storage, quiet hallway. No complaints!  Read entire member review.
A Good Ship With a Few Problems by CaribbeanTraveler0
A lot of storage space. Too narrow.  Read entire member review.
We had cabin 10188 Balcony CC. Like the shower and bath. Did not like the bed at all, feet hang off bed, did like the technology with flat screen tv showing your accounts and ship activities planned and such. Did not like the small led lights on each side of the bed that you could not turn off, the light had a glow on them on the buttom, these likes were for reading in the bed. I am use to a dark room, the phone as well stayed lite up and we placed a towel on it each night to kll the light.  Read entire member review.
Great location (midships, least obstructed by the lifeboats). The only downside was that the elevators are forward and aft, so it was a bit of a walk to the elevators from the cabin in either direction. Nice size balcony, lots of storage space. Lighting could be better.  Read entire member review.
Loved the Epic by K&M2009
Halfway between forward and aft stairwells which was nice - depending on where you were going you could choose which stairwell you wanted to go to. Also, this cabin is on a portion of the side the juts out, which doesn't really matter but I liked that.  Read entire member review.
1. We agree - the bathroom arrangements in the Epic's balcony staterooms were inspired by a Jerry Garcia acid trip. 2. Lots and lots of storage space. Really good! 3. See review regarding plug-in outlets. They could also have changed over the European standard outlets to North American standard, between the end of the Barcelona season and the beginning of the Miami season. 4. We were able to keep the bathroom sink from spewing all over the place. Just don't turn it on full blast, that's all. 5. Norwegian could let people know how they can get the announcements in the staterooms. We had to open the cabin door to hear them. Only in the "farewell" document did I find out that the announcements were simulcast on Channel 22 on the ship's TV.  Read entire member review.
THE ROOMS. Well, they're nice... but the layout is weird. Toilet separated from sink and shower. Shower opens up into room, so expect a flood if you forget a towel for the floor. And the sink is weird - we couldn't figure out how to get it to drain. PLUS, no one tells you that you need to put your keycard in the slot for the electricity to work (cool feature to save energy, but for god sakes, tell someone!) plus no one tells you to dial TWO ZERO's on the phone to get the front desk. Ugh!  Read entire member review.
A very nice trip! by chiefbell
Cabin 10234, they call mid, but it seemed aft to me. The rooms are crowded, even with just 2 people. Bed was comfy and room was clean, but not much room to move around for a balcony cabin.  Read entire member review.
Plenty of storage space. Put our suitcases under the bed, so they were out of the way. People talked about the inconvenience of having the sink out in the rest of the cabin, but we didn't have a problem with it. I thought the cabins were nice and pretty typical of a cruise ship cabin, except maybe a little more storage space. The beds were very comfortable and my husband loved the pillows!  Read entire member review.
Loved the Epic by jerseygirl732
great balcony cabin with the bed by the balcony. Loved the 2 closets on opposite sides of the cabin. Not too far from aft stairs or elevators. Very quiet cabin.  Read entire member review.
Nice by pamscheff

Needs to be re-furbished but it is fine

 Read entire member review.
8102 The Steward did a good job and was responsiv

Stated above! Part of the drape was torn badly but not fixed before we got on board. Carpet was worn and not as clean as it could be. I liked the couch, but it really was practical to sit on...all you had in front of you was the storage closets. Balcony was nice, but you rarely could sit on it for solitude because of Music blaring from the top deck.

 Read entire member review.

Mid ship is usually a good choice because you are close to the elevators - not so on the Epic - the elevators are closer to the bow and stern. Cabin is very poorly laid out, not one place in the cabin where two people can pas each other - always have to move to let the other peron pass. The ship's telephone has a clock, but you can't depend on it - it does not update when the time changes. You cannot hear any announcements when in the cabin unless you turn on the TV - and then you have to turn up the volume to full to hear the announcement and you can imagine how horrible it is when the announcement ends and regular programming returns - we nearly broke our necks trying to get to the volume each time.

 Read entire member review.

Different unique style. Bed seemed a little short, and we are not tall people by any means. Always nice to have a balcony!

 Read entire member review.
Both good and bad by rockedge

Beautiful decor, tight living space, unusual bathroom separated by curtain from rest of room.

 Read entire member review.
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