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Norwegian Epic Cabin Reviews - Aft-Facing Balcony

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Aft-Facing Balcony Cabins 49 Reviews
Norwegian Epic Aft-Facing Balcony Staterooms feature floor-to-ceiling glass doors that open to a private balcony. With room for up to three they include a separate bathroom with shower, two lower beds that convert into a queen-size bed, a sitting area and additional bedding to accommodate one more. These Balcony Staterooms are aft-facing, so the view from your balcony is amazing.
Aft-Facing Balcony (B1)
Aft-Facing Balcony (B1)

Cabin Rating

Cabin: I was in cabin 8211 an Aft – Balcony. The look of the room is beautiful. The wood and curve design. The narrow passage through the cabin is even forgivable. The major problem that I have is the toilet setup. You have a glass sliding door similar to an enclosure on a bath tub at home but it is from floor to ceiling. The toilet is positioned right next to the bed with a curtain that blocks off the toilet and shower on the opposite side of the room, both at the entrance to the cabin. Ok, all the sounds and smells that occur in the toilet will be in the entire room. If you are a big person, as I am, closing the door will result in very tight quarters.

The sink is in front of the bed and water splatters all around it when you wash. The shower is not so bed, larger than many that I have sailed with including my recent Sun voyage. My shower head was cracked resulting in water spraying from the sides of the head, it just meant keeping the sliding door only open enough for me to stick my arm in to test the water before getting inside.

I found my coffee pot with coffee still in it from the previous guest. I had to ask my Steward to clean or replace the coffee pot (he rinsed it and put it back- it still had water droplets on it and didn’t look clean – I never used it.) and to clean the toilet as there was a smell of dried urine.

There was some bird poop on the balcony railing but I just cleaned it off, I can’t fault the steward because that could have happened while the ship was in port.

There is a lot of storage in the cabin. Two large closets, three very large drawers below the closet (I only used one drawer and still had plenty of space). There is storage above that couch and below the sink (not sure what you would put in the one below the sink). I brought a nightlight as I usually stay in inside cabins but the light from the phone illuminates the room enough that you really don’t need it. I placed my large suitcase under the bed.

I use a CPAP machine and because of the shelf design on the bed I had to improvise its location. I pulled the stool from the counter next to the bed, placed the luggage protect between the top of the stool and the machine. I brought a long extension cord and surge protector but there is such a small distance between the counter and the bed that I didn’t need the extension cord, I just plugged right into the surge protector on the counter.

The bed was two twins put together for a queen sized. It was uncomfortable to lay in the center of the beds because the crack between the two mattresses was very noticeable. I thought that cruise lines put a cover over the cracks for comfort. I never noticed that on any other cruise where the beds were put together including previous NCL cruises.

There is a safe above the counter with more storage around it. To set the code press reset and enter a four digit code then press lock. To open, re-enter the code.

Above the sink is a place for your toiletries (behind the mirror) and a plug for a shaver. There is a hair dryer next to the stool at the counter. A mirror is across the counter.

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We had an aft-facing balcony, room 8213, and it was super small. I mean tight. And the shower and head were at the end of the room where the door was. So if the housekeeper or room service knocked when the other person was taking a shower or using the bathroom, you could see their sillouette. The head had a frosted glass door and it was a bit uncomfortable if you had to go when the other person was sleeping because you can hear everything. I was with my husband, but have a little bit of modesty and would rather have privacy while doing my business. I can't imagine sharing a room like this with someone you are not intimately familiar with. There was a lot of hidden storage, which was cool, but I kept forgetting where I put stuff. The light switches were in odd places and there was only one outlet for electronics. Hair dryer was good, I am very picky about my hair and was pleased that I had not packed a dryer and there was a good and strong dryer in the room. No iron or steamer, expensive to send clothes to be pressed. 2 beach towels that you got charge $25 each if they were missing from your room at the end of the trip. I put one in the hamper one night and they didn't replace it so I had to ask the housekeeper to replace it. Our housekeeper Roberto was phenomenal. He was super accomodating and greeted us every morning with a smile and well wishes, even remembering our names! I had read that it was noisy on the 8th floor, because you were close to all the activities. But it was not, you could only hear the wonderful noise of the water.  Read entire member review.
Western Med on Epic by honeybee100
Aft Balcony-great view, plenty of storage, quiet, except noisy and vibrations in the morning when docking.  Read entire member review.
Amazing! by catharsis_vc

Our room service staff was so nice, he learned our names from the day we arrived and greeted us everyday and made sure everything was always a-ok. All the staff on board were very nice and offered exceptionnal Customer service, they all seemed to go the extra mile for us. Thank you for an amazing stay!

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Enjoyed the Epic by carolat
Great cabin and large balcony, but having the bed near the balcony is definitely better. Location on deck 9 convenient to elevators and walking all around the ship. Elevators were not crowded as some have experienced.  Read entire member review.
Not So Epic by jaydro
Standard-size stateroom with a larger, slightly wider balcony. Great view out the back. Lots of violent shaking when coming into port.  Read entire member review.
Looking elsewhere by EdandDebbie

Nice room small but lots of storage. Nice balcony and view.

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Lots of storage. Bed is next to entryway which makes for cramped moving around when getting dressed. This configuration works well when you have a sleeping child because they are not disturbed by moving around. Cabin is in the aft and has a great view and large balcony. There will be significant vibration and noise when docking and undocking on port days.  Read entire member review.

Bed was by door, sofa by balcony. Room steward was Ricardo. We had three adults in the room and it worked fine for us even though the space was small. Epic has so many storage spaces that we were able to easily able to keep all our misc junk/shoes stored out of sight. My dad wakes up multiple times during the night to use the bathroom, so we wanted the bed to be closer to the bathroom to make life easier for him.

Ricardo brought us a third chair for the balcony. My dad found that the distance to the aft elevators was close enough for him (12 -15 rooms away) that his knees didn't bother him.

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Extra large cabin similar to suite as it's a handicapped cabin. The shower has a bench seat and safety bars. Loud engine noise when sailing. The whole cabin shudders when entering the port.

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We had an aft facing balcony (9297). It was in a wonderful location and offered fantastic views and a fine place to get away from everyone and everything. The closets were plenty big and there was more than enough storage.  Read entire member review.
The toliet situation in the rooms. It is a bit weird and small for a 250lb man. I can see some peoples complaints on it, as if you are going #2, and have people in the room, you are sh** out of luck. Crank the tv and hope no one is close by. Shower is small but was ok. We enjoyed our room, even though it is a bit tight at times. We loved the balcony, adds space to the overall room.  Read entire member review.
NEVER AGAIN by enchantedcruiser
Great view Tiny everything  Read entire member review.

This cabin is located in the aft, starboard corner.

Our cabin had one light over the couch that we could never get to come on. The only real usable outlet is under the desk. We brought an extension cord which was necessary, but we found it unplugged every day after the cabin was made up. The outlet itself was pulled out of its housing and hanging by wires...which we know our cabin steward had to have seen since she unplugged our extension cord daily. One would have thought this safety item would be tended to. The in cabin mini fridge was a nice perk but the temp inside was barely cold and we didn't see any way to adjust it. The lighting above the sink and the make up mirrors is terrible! I had a hell of a time putting on make up as you cannot really see what you're doing. There is only about 18 inches of space between the sink and the bed. We always had to plan who was going to be on which side of the cabin as you had to coordinate walking around the bed. In this cabin, the bed is next to the toilet. Would have preferred the opposite where the bed is next to the balcony. Since the cabins are all in a wave pattern, the cabin directly next to ours (10319) had the preferred arrangement. Our friends were staying in that cabin so we were able to see it.

This cabin (in the corner next to the secret stairwell) has a slightly larger balcony than the other aft cabins. The partition part that swung open between our cabin and 10319 where our friends were staying was only about 1/3 of the size of the partition itself. Its important to note that not all partition openings are equal! The partition between 10319 and 10321 was very small (about a foot wide) and was situated in the rear of the balcony, against the cabin - as opposed to in the front/water side. The partition was locked but based on CC comments, we brought the perfect tool to open it - the handle side of a small pair of nail clippers. Our steward never locked it during the week which we partially expected to have happen since NCL frowns on them being open.

We didn't particularly mind the toilet/sink/shower configuration but it is different and may be uncomfortable for those who are more modest. The sink is quite small and shallow so some may have difficulty shaving. We did like the glass shower doors which eliminated the dreaded water on the floor outside the shower curtain. There is an in cabin small coffee maker with cream and sugar. The shower has wall mounted shampoo and soap only. There are no complimentary toiletries.

The storage in this cabin is insane. Storage and hidden compartments everywhere. Too bad they couldn't have taken some of this space and turned it into usable cabin space.

This will be our first and our last aft cabin. While we love the quiet in the hallway as there is no traffic going by, we really enjoy sitting on the balcony while sailing. The noise from the water spray is so loud that it made it quite difficult to talk or listen to our music at any level other than LOUD. There is also a bit of a rumble when coming into or leaving port. It's not terrible, just something to point out.

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At the back of the ship. See review for bathroom, size,etc.  Read entire member review.
Great location, end ba stern back on port side. Balcony is wider than usual - will hold 2 chairs, tiny table and lounger leaving room to move around,  Read entire member review.
10322, Aft-Facing Balcony NIAGRA FALLS! Incredibly loud prop/wake noise (no, not a waterfall gently trickling, Niagra Falls!). Strong vibration when the ship approaches a port; be prepared to be awoken early on port days as you and everything in the cabin will rattle as the ship is slowed. The cabin does have a great view, especially when leaving ports. Don't expect a lot of sunshine on the balcony, only in late afternoon (southbound) and early morning (northbound). Very small/short bed and even shorter sheets. If over 6', you will not fit on the bed. Tons of storage space for hanging clothes. Super clean and neat. If looking for tranquility, book a balcony facing either side, not on the back.  Read entire member review.
2nd Trip on Epic! by photogcrazy

Cabin was great, good layout, could use a bit more storage but very comfortable.

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Norwegian Epic by jozni85
Room was nice with a ton of storage. Beds were terribly hard and uncomfortable. You either lie on your back or front or get bruises on your hip bones.. reminded me of camping in a tent. Balcony was really good but because we were at the back of the ship the engines and oceans were really loud - couldn't really talk to each other. Regardless of the noise of the engines we spent a lot of time on the balcony because the ship was so crowded.  Read entire member review.
Port-corner aft-facing balcony. Very noisy with lots of vibration while underway. Hallway outside is quiet since it's the very last cabin. Larger than average balcony. Not reccomended because of the noise and vibration.  Read entire member review.
Mixed Reviews for Epic by sunsister10
#11316--aft cabin overlooking stern. Poor layout-supposedly for three persons but two only comfortable because we are good friends. Larger than average balcony. Not a problem for us, but long walk (obviously) from fore of ship. Sink splashes, shower steps out in back of door, translucent barrier around toilet not suitable for two strangers.  Read entire member review.
Cabin was fine. Not huge but lots of storage. Only issue was amount of space between bottom of bed and vanity area. Very small.  Read entire member review.
Cabin 11317: B1 category, aft-facing balcony. Ample storage space on wardrobe closet and drawers; suitcases easily fit under bed for extra storage. Balcony has great views and is covered, which was great for people who like the shade. Very quiet (aside from the sounds of the waves coming out of the back of the boat) -- at least two floors of passenger cabins both above and below this cabin. We had a great trip in this cabin and would recommend this particular cabin without hesitation.  Read entire member review.
My Epic vacation!!! by sunlover41
great balcony, some engine vibration heard, liked the bathroom set-up, very comfortable bed  Read entire member review.
EPIC disappointment by Cabin11320
# 11320: Tiny cabin facing toward the rear. The balcony was actually adequately sized, but the furniture consisted of two cheap chairs and the tiniest table imaginable. No sunbed. In this cabin there is a door on the wall towards the bigger cabin next to it. This door can be detected on the deck plan if you know it beforehand. I didn't find out until I got there. The consequence of this door is the loss of valuable cabinet space. Also, the location of the bed in the middle of the room isn't good. After having had numerous malfunctions of the safe, I came to the conclusion that this cabin was cursed. My advice: choose a different cabin or a different cruiseline altogether.  Read entire member review.
We always try to get an aft corner cabin. The balcony was large, but we could not get around or see the side, as is the case for many other corner cabins.  Read entire member review.
Epic relaxation by hsmcruise
12315 - since this connects to a suite, the door eliminates some storage. great views from balcony. inside cabin 12305 had more storage  Read entire member review.
The stateroom was plenty big enough, the shower/toilet configuration was no issue for us, and the aft-facing balcony was perhaps the best choice we made. Views were spectacular coming into and leaving ports of call. The stateroom steward was incredibly helpful and attentive.  Read entire member review.
Best. Vacation. Ever! by fsuhockette
Great room. Amazing views. Quiet location. Loads of noise and vibration when docking but the views while in port certainly make up for the early wake up call.  Read entire member review.
we loved our balcony we were on the aft the back i don't think i would pick this location again it was too noisy and too much vibration but my husband liked it, the view on back is amazing and he would pick it again if it was up to him!  Read entire member review.
The cabin itself was too small for comfort. The smallest of any cabin we've experienced on any NCL Ship. The bed was too short. The balcony was OK, about 6'X 9'. Plenty of storage in cabin. Probably the best we've experienced.  Read entire member review.

Our cabin was somewhat quirky as the sink was in the main part of the cabin. A really quite unnecessary quirk in our opinion. Other than that, the cabin was adequate, the air conditioning was good, and it was serviced well. A decent balcony too. Being aft facing it was really very quiet as there was little passing "traffic".

 Read entire member review.
An EPIC time on the EPIC! by LivingLifetotheFullest
13286 - AFT FACING - Great location, awesome view, more than enough storage space and lots of room to move around; excellent balcony; some vibrations - especially when ship turning of docking.  Read entire member review.
Connecting door lost us some storage space. Vibrations when docking woke me and I am a heavy sleeper normally. View from the balcony was excellent. Quiet location.  Read entire member review.
These cabins were rated but not individually reviewed; read the full cruise review for opinions on cabins and more.
Cabin Rating
EPIC FAIL by sfxguy
NCL Epic 21 June 2010 by clydecruiser
Wonderful Ship! by Freestyler65
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