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MSC Poesia Cabin Reviews - Outside Cabin with Balcony

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Outside Cabin with Balcony Cabins 62 Reviews
These cabins have a queen-size bed that can be converted into two single beds (upon request, except for cabins for disabled passengers), air conditioning, bath with shower, television, radio stations (available on television channels), telephone, and optional pay-for-use Internet connection, mini-bar and safe.
Outside Cabin with Balcony (11)
Outside Cabin with Balcony (11)

Cabin Rating
cabin not to bad very clean  Read entire member review.
My cabin was large enough for the two twin beds made up as a king bed, two small nightstands each with three small drawers, a small desk with two drawers, a small upholstered chair without arms, an ottoman, and a small cocktail table. There was a minibar/refrigerator. The closet had plenty of hangers for two passengers, and a set of six medium size drawers as well as a safe. I saw another balcony cabin that had a loveseat size sofabed instead of the upholstered chair, so either that cabin was three feet longer than mine, or that bed was a queen rather than two twins made up as a king. The balcony was just large enough for two chairs with arms and a small table. With the sliding glass doors and the transparent balcony panel, the cabin didn't feel at all claustrophobic. The bed was very comfortable and all I had to do to get extra pillows was to ask the cabin attendant.  Read entire member review.

10032. Our cabin attendant was PHENOMENAL. Excellent service. The showers are too small, I'm 5'9' and 120 lbs, so tall but skinny and I had a very hard time in the shower. Also, the shower curtains are terrible. Please consider replacing with shower doors. The curtains stick to your body while showering which feels terrible.

 Read entire member review.
Simply awful by Strider 39
Bermuda April 13, 2013 by beausmom129
Small for an 'extended balcony', quiet,  Read entire member review.
MSC is not for us by BCSurvive

This was in the B2-Balcony stateroom category and it was a good size with adequate storage. Unfortunately with this being the very first cabin in the front I did not realize our balcony railing was not standard. Only half of the balcony wall was see through as the front of the ship came around the side and half of the siding was solid metal. The balconies are nice, but I would certainly choose another room (any one further down) to get an unobstructed view. We also were below the bridge so we did not get as much sun since it projected out to the side somewhat.

 Read entire member review.
MSC Poesia - had it all at a great price!!! by Bitbythetravelbug_Seattle
This cabin is close to the Bow of the ship. There were no cabins at the end of the ship, so the door at the end of our hallway led out to a huge almost private deck. We thought about throwing a party there but were too busy having fun to get it organized:) It was very quiet on our floor and the location was wonderful.  Read entire member review.

Our balcony cabin wasn't the best--on the smallish side--but not the worst either; with a comfortable bed and adequate closet space. The TV was tiny and only had 1 English channel with everything else in Spanish, Italian, German, Russian and French. FYI to guests, keep a room key card in the slot by the door when you are in the room because along with the lights it also controls how the heat works. We didn't know that until the 6th night of our trip and I was FREEZING at night.

 Read entire member review.
Right at the lifts but very quiet. Didn't hear anything unless people were on their balconies. Compact room but quite adequate. We didn't have enough storage to unpack everything.  Read entire member review.
It's Italian by extonlass
room fine except size small--shower too small prefer HAL who has tub/shower combo --the shower with curtain leaks--sticks to me if I move --they must be able to do better here  Read entire member review.
Nice balcony, lots of storage, quiet room. Seems like a very long walk to the cabin, until you figure out there's an elevator behind a small maze of hallways.  Read entire member review.
Very good, lots of storage, more drawers than we had stuff, suitcases fit under bed. Quiet. Comfortable. Excellent climate control. If you wanted you could hang meat! Bathrooms better than many ships, and always perfectly clean, fresh towels. Our 9 family cabins were pretty much all the same except some interconnected and some with a child's bed that folds onto the wall. Balconies are terrific. Like the rest of the ship, thoughtfully decorated.  Read entire member review.
Great everything for this room. Steward professional and very competent.  Read entire member review.
Smallest cabin on a ship, but great towels  Read entire member review.
Culture at sea by Linda Morton
Great cabin.Plenty of space. Comfortable king size bed.Plenty of wardrobe space,plus lots of coat hangers. ample drawers but difficult to open.Good to have a drinks fridge. Nice clean shower room  Read entire member review.
Category 11 balcny cabin Reasonably spacious. Draws a bit shallow Comparable with other similar company balcony cabins.  Read entire member review.
Cabin 11154 very nice, good location, good size balcony, good amount of closet space  Read entire member review.
Great views, great location, Large cabin, plenty of drawers and closets. Large bath room with full shower. Very quiet setting. Balcony view were perfect outfitted with 2 chairs and a table. We had a sofa love seat (opens to a single bed), a pull down wall bed and a King Size bed. 2 Night tables with 3 drawers and a light on each table. A glass table in front of the sofa and a full walled make up lighted mirror over a full desk with many drawers and 2 electrical outlets. 2 110 and 2 220. We had a color flat screen tv with many channels and constant updates as to wind, speed of ship, travel maps and distances and weather conditions. Nothing was lacking. The double drapes covered the sliding glass doors to the balcony which let no sun in early in the morning. Cable internet and telephone also enhanced our cabin. Great cabin.  Read entire member review.
The balcony was nice, 2 chairs and a little table. The closet space was also adequate, we were able to put all our stuff away and store 2 large suitcases out of site. The bathrooms were clean, and small (but it's a cruiseship). My bf is over 6ft tall and the shower was ok for him.  Read entire member review.
Cabin 11155 - see above text  Read entire member review.
Great Cabin.  Balcony worth the extra cost.  Good Location being midship, near the lifts  Plenty of drawer and wardrobe space.   Might be a bit cramped if used for three or four people.  Shower efficient and no trouble with the plumbing at any time throughout the cruise!!!  Read entire member review.
Terrible trip by olesia
We had 3 cabins in a row. The doors on the balconys between cabins open. Very nice.  Read entire member review.
Our cabin was comfortable and quiet; plenty of room for storage and hanging garments. Balcony, although small had comfortable chairs and table; great for eating breakfast outside.  Read entire member review.
Horrible service, horrible food- they even used the portions of the same menu for another day (main entrees!!!) - Horrible!!! Excellent cruise directors and activities though..Thank Gawd Donny and Marie were on our ship- it made it worthwhile!  Read entire member review.
The BEST cruise! by teegee2002
We were in cabins 11185, 11187, and 11189. Excellent!!!  Read entire member review.
Our balcony cabin was well-appointed but a bit small compared to Princess with the same style of cabin. Drawer storage was a bit of a challenge as drawers are not as wide as other cruise lines making storage of folded clothing a challenge. We had to pull suitcases out from under the beds and use that as a drawer. The drawer in the nightstand only worked on the top - the bottom two were "false fronts". We could have used this extra space. It was nice having the robes in the cabin and not having to ask for one. Closet space was good. Suitcases (we had 4) stored easily under the bed. The bathroom vanity space was good and had a cabinet underneath the sink which held a good number of items.  Read entire member review.

This cabin is very well located, facing back the ship and allows a very interesting view of the sky at night. The only problem is that the balcony is protected from wind when the ship is moving and if your trip includes a stop in a place that has mosquitos, they will hide in your balcony and will invade your cabin if you open the external door... Be prepared.

 Read entire member review.
Two weeks on the Poesia by Maryanne2000
We were in cabin 12004 which has a balcony. This is a very good cabin , in close proximity to the sun decks: only one deck above. You need to walk to the other end of the ship for the lounges etc but we quite enjoyed the walk. We have no complaints at all regarding our cabin and our Steward joys (not sure of spelling) kept our cabin slick and span for the full two weeks we were aboard. The only thing missing is a tea or coffee machine in the cabins , it would have been nice to enjoy a coffee in the morning on our balcony . P and O offer this facility. Regards Mr and Mrs D McLelland  Read entire member review.
cabin # 12049, very nice, but was very noisy. PING PONG Table right over or head!!! Nice balcony, was set on an angle.. Very noisy location. You could really feel the rolling of the ship from this cabin.The beds and pillows in this room are very HARD not nice to sleep on at all... Cabin # 90199, was small. but very nice Bed and Pillows very comfortable, Vibration form the engine at times in this cabin.  Read entire member review.
Disappointed by Joe Josephson
Noisy location. Banging from deck above. Great view since it was a balcony room.  Read entire member review.
This cabin was noisy, we could hear people walking above us all the time and it sounded like they were moving furniture around us at night!  Read entire member review.
We were on the 12th deck with two small children and found our room to be perfect our son was on the pull out top bunk and the staff would pull out the sofa bed for our other child but she kept sleeping with us and told the staff don't go to extra work, leave the bed in. We were never disturbed by any noise, balcony was perfect with great views and the staff were great with cleaning our room and filling everything back up each day.  Read entire member review.
We had plenty of room in our cabin. There was enough room in the closets to hang 8 long gowns and 4 suits and several dress shirts and dress pants. We had plenty of drawers for things. In fact we even had 2 empty drawers. All 4 of our big suitcases and 2 smaller ones fit under the bed nicely for storage. We had enough room on our vanity desk to put up our 32in Christmas tree and still have room for the necessities needed on a daily basis to be on the vanity top. The only complaint that I have is that Cabin 12089 is directly below the dance floor on deck 13 so it is very noisy. Our balcony was in a great location as we were mid-ship on the port side.  Read entire member review.
Cabins in category 11 were large but did have an average to small balcony. The bed had a indent that I kept sliding into.  Read entire member review.
Our cabin was #12095. It was a superior balcony. The couch made into a bed and was big enough for 2 kids most of the time. (ages 8-12) When all the beds were made out it was hard to get around the room but that was to be expected. The kids would just walk across the beds and they liked the extra wave action they got. The balcony was perfect for us to sit on and boys to look over the edge at the water and anything wise they could see. We were directly below the Mojito bar and pool so during the day it was a little noisy bit a night it was fine.  Read entire member review.
Great location between elevators. Cabin is under pool deck--suggest deck 11 instead.  Read entire member review.
Adjoining balcony cabins 12132 & 12134 Leopardi Deck. Balcony had unobstructed view except for one vertical cross beam off to the side. Spacious, good storage (lots of drawers) Safe in the closet. Beautifully decorated. The closet was a bit tight as it opened into the bathroom door but we made it work. Bathroom was good..not too small..we are bigger people and the shower (with curtain) worked for us. Cabin was located at mid-section VERY near elevators. Located across from Crew door. Also, unfortunately, located under the Cafeteria which has wooden floors. Heard a LOT of heavy banging from the kitchen and the scrape of chairs early in the morning when Cafeteria was open. Very noisy at those times. This was definitely an issue. Balcony and windows were washed almost every other "at Dock" so were kept very clean.  Read entire member review.
Cabin 12142 was near the aft area of the ship. The room was a bit small, but that's to be expected on a cruse ship. The balcony was well shaded due to the overhang from the pool deck above. The buffet and pool were very convenient since it was right above us. We sometimes heard noise from above due to chairs and tables from the buffet area. We only felt mild engine vibration when docking in port. Overall, the room was just fine.  Read entire member review.
MSC POESIA by CruisingGuyMWL
Our cabin was under the buffet and every time a chair was moved we heard it.  Read entire member review.
12 floor, noisy under the pool area. Closet OK, Balcony OK  Read entire member review.
Nice cruise on MSC Poesia by dreaminofcruisin
Cabin under the pool deck was noisy with people running.  Read entire member review.
Everything is slightly smaller than you would like. The bathroom in particular is way to small. The balcony was also to small to really enjoy.  Read entire member review.
Spacious balcony cabin. Loved the terry robes. Very attentive cabin stewards.  Read entire member review.
12th floor aft balcony cabin Noisy, small balcony, semi-obstructed balcony view, uncomfortable cabin furniture, bedding in need of up-dating  Read entire member review.
These cabins were rated but not individually reviewed; read the full cruise review for opinions on cabins and more.
Cabin Rating
Great Value Cruise! by ClimberBoy
Give MSC a break! by Graeme2701
Still love MSC by LadyDuchess
MSC POESIA; A waste of MONEY, Time by
Atlantic cafeteria cruise by The Danish Cruiselover
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