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AquaClass Cabins 102 Reviews
Floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors, sitting area with sofa, two beds convertible to queen size, vanity, bath with shower stall and washbasin. 32 inch LCD TV and wireless connection.
AquaClass (AQ)
AquaClass (AQ)

Cabin Rating
CABIN: We were in Aqua Class room 1502, being the foremost room on the starboard side of the Penthouse deck (deck 11). While this does mean the downward view is slightly obstructed to the left by the wings of the bridge, you do get a great view the length of the ship to your right. And the room itself? Again, WOW! Why? A bottle of chilled champagne in the room upon arrival, daily bottles of water, daily canapes, bi-daily room attending (bed made in the morning, and then turned down in the evening thanks to our excellent room attendant, Newtown), a decent size bathroom (while not as big as you would likely have at home, it was bigger than we were expecting), and (contrary to general opinion) plenty of storage (big cupboards, half a dozen drawers, over-bed storage, plus enough room below the bed to put your bags allowing you to use your bags to keep clothes in and still easily access them).  Read entire member review.
Cabin 1507 roomy and spacious. Very large bathroom.  Read entire member review.
1509 was great. No noise, plenty space Enough closet space too Nice showers Balconies are sufficient  Read entire member review.
We liked the cabin. Enough room. All our luggage fit under the bed. Comfortable bed. Great balcony. Quiet room. Once in a while you could here the treadmills above us. It was rare,and the sound was faint. I ran on the treadmills almost everyday. From what I could see most people were walking on them. I think only a heavy footed runner may be heard in the cabins below. The balcony was great. Lounge chairs and foot rests. Great view. No overhang beyond the balcony.  Read entire member review.
1515 Great room, front of ship a little noise from the spa deck above.  Read entire member review.
Not enough storage. Good balcony, Quiet cabin. Close to Relaxation Room and Spa. Bed was hard and needed extra padding.  Read entire member review.
Aqua class is the way to go!  Read entire member review.
Equinox Cabin 1515 Great location near the relaxation room, quiet location, bed is near the bathroom.  Read entire member review.
Very close to spa area. Directly below the treadmills. We could hear it thumping regularly until about 11:00 PM, but it was a muffled, regular sound and easy to tune out. Not much hall noise. Low traffic area. Close to the relaxation room. Balcony ponded water every port day when they washed ship.  Read entire member review.
Very spacious with lots of storage and nicely decorated. Large bathroom with upgraded shower. Noise from treadmills above beginning at around 6:30 am and ending at around 11 pm. We wear earplugs to bed but were still awaken by the sound in the morning and had trouble getting to sleep if we went to bed early. We spent little time in the cabin, so it was not a huge issue for us. Great unobstructed view all around except for the bridge which we enjoyed looking at. We didn't have the overhang above or the supporting posts like most of the 10th and 11th floor rooms have from the middle to the rear of the ship. However, we spent so little time on our balcony that I don't think this would've been a big issue for us. We felt LOTS of motion in this cabin since it is near the top and near the front; not a good choice if you have motion sickness! We enjoyed the handy stairwell just outside our room to the Aquaspa and Solarium. Newton was our great attendant.  Read entire member review.
Seeing the World in Style by Puget Sounder
Excellent location near the spa and gym, nice view from the balcony, not much space for clothes, fantastic shower!  Read entire member review.
Great room. Quiet, beautiful balcony, clean, comfortable and sufficient room. WOuld happily rebook this room  Read entire member review.
Stateroom 1522 and 1524 are great handicapped cabins. The beds are very inducing to a great nights sleep. I can't say as much about the pillows. The included amenities in the room are great. The double door closet is enough for short cruises but if you are extending your cruise you might need more room The drawer space is quite adequate. The balcony while not enormous has two sling back chairs along with good footrests and a nice teakwood table. The egress to the balcony is fine for a wheelchair. I highly recommend the four hadicapped Aqua Class staterooms.  Read entire member review.
Lots of room, and right across from stairs leading directly up to Aqua Spa (handy for the spouse of the wheelchair user)  Read entire member review.
1522. Superb handicapped room. Far exceeds minimum standards for ADA rooms. Roll in shower is and shower seat are great.  Read entire member review.
1523 Aqua Class was a great position for us--front of the ship, near gym and spa. Should be avoided if you are motion sensitive.  Read entire member review.
Stayed in Cabin #1525/Deck 11 - perfect location!  Read entire member review.
1529 is a fantastic cabin ideally located on the Penthouse deck. It's quiet. There are no deck noises from above. It's forward of the waist cabins with their overhanging decks. It's close to spa services. It's close to the forward elevators without being on top of them. It's close to stairs that take you directly up to the Aquaspa Cafe. Perfect location unless being close to the big dining venues is more important to you. Getting from 1529 to any dining other than the Aquaspa Cafe requires walking most of the length of the ship. That really isn't much unless your poor planning during the evening has you running to and fro. I highly recommend using Cruise Critic to investigate your cabin assignment during the booking process. The default cabin selections were the less desirable but probably adequate cabins. Investigating our cabin options on CC revealed desirable-looking cabins that had some issues (cabins adjacent to crew passageways or below the weight room section of the spa) that couldn't be ferreted out looking at the Celebrity literature.  Read entire member review.
Nonono Marie by Vicvic
hardly any drawer space,no lighting on verandah. Sofa took up too much space in a small area. Quiet location but a long walk to the spa considering it was Aqua Class  Read entire member review.
quiet location, not enough storage space (closets and drawers), bed near door  Read entire member review.
We booked the Aqua Class stateroom #1535 on Penthouse Deck 11. The room was just an average-size balcony room with added amenities like daily fresh fruit, fresh-cut flowers and different types of tea ( prepared fresh daily with choices of raspberry, jasmine, herbal, green, etc.). The bathroom had a lovely shower tower that allowed us to adjust the position of the shower heads and the water pressure. It's great to have curved sliding doors instead of shower curtains. We chose our room with great care and made sure that they were not directly below the pool with deck chairs scratching the ground or below the fitness centre with people dropping weights. Our room #1535 was on the port side below the acupuncture rooms and my colleague's #1540 was on the starboard side below the hair salon. We thought it was very important to get quiet rooms for good night sleeps when we had a port intensive cruise. Both rooms proved to be very quiet throughout the day and at night. [IMG][/IMG]  Read entire member review.
Large handicap accessible room. Quiet with very little external noise. Hallway crowded at times but maneuverable using mobility scooter. Close to elevator.  Read entire member review.
1542 Spacious room for 2 plenty of drawers/closet space very quiet (hair salon above us) Close to elevator In front of ship so long walk to aft Great views from balcony  Read entire member review.
Trip of a life time! by bbrooks230
Room: (1542) The room is the stateroom was good for 2 people with adamant amount of storage if you use the drawers, cabinets above the bed, closet, and bathroom storage. Our luggage went under the bed for storage which was a nice way to get it out of the way. Having a balcony room is a MUST especially on a cruise with this type of itinerary. The room is across from a "staff" door which was loud during luggage drop off, but we didn't notice it after that. It's very close to the elevators and Aqua spa, lounge, pool, fitness area. It's underneath the salon so it's pretty quiet at nite.  Read entire member review.
We were in the Aqua Class - plenty space, I wish that the flowers were change every day - love the bathroom, the shower - it's does kind that has several spray. It was very relaxing. But my only complaint which is very significant due to the fact that you pay for the service is that no one when we board the ship told us about the amenities and the perks that we have as an Aqua Class guest. It make me feel that they were trying to still from something that I paid.  Read entire member review.
AQ 1545: Nice location near forward Elevators and on the Port side of the ship. I picked it because it did not have the large overhang that most of the mid-ship AQ cabins have. I like to go out at night and check out the stars and the large overhang prevented any upward view. Also, since it was November and December and crossing the Atlantic Westward, the sun was on our side of the ship all day which was really nice. I also like the more forward location so you can hear the bow waves which sound like the surf. We like to have the door open when we are in the room to hear the sound of the ocean and get some fresh air.  Read entire member review.
1544, 1546 & 1548 - Deck 11 - Aqua Class The cabins were located starboard. The cabins were located near the front lifts which were ideal. Along the corridor was the relaxation room. Up the stairs on Deck 12 was the spa area, and Deck 14 the bistro cafe so we loved this location. 1544, & 1548 were set out so the bed was near the window and seemed more spacious than 1546 which was reversed and you had to get past the bed all the time to get to the bathroom.  Read entire member review.

We booked two AquaSpa cabins (1551/1549) and were able to open the balcony door between the two rooms. We really liked the shower and fog free mirrors. For storage you do need to use the storage cabinets above the bed which seemed to be a good use of space, but could be difficult if you have a mobility problem. TV was nice but not much regular programming, movies selection seemed good. There has been much talk on this board about the view obstructions in these room. Room 1551 has a basket pulled to the ceiling that was really minor obstruction. Room 1549 with much larger balcony had a window cleaner apparatus that was more of an obstruction. I would do 1551 over 1549 in the future, but feel the balconies not over the lifeboats would be highly preferred. These set back balconies do have lots of obstructions. Deck 12 shades them and from ours you really could not see forward.

 Read entire member review.
Cabin: We had Aqua Class cabin 1571, a balcony. Very comfortable. At first, we were concerned about storage space, but the large single closet, overhead storage and dresser draws we're amble for two. The spacious bathroom was easy to navigate. The shower rocked, with little massage jets that pushed water anywhere you want. Just fantastic.  Read entire member review.
Great time on the Equinox by HappyFeet1958
We were in 1577 which is below the walkway around the pool deck. The overhang meant no direct sunlight but it didn't bother us despite us being vehement sun worshipers. We had a little noise from overhead in the evenings but virtually nothing at night (it was October and people may use the decks more in the height of summer). This is a cabin where the bed is against the balcony (under the noisiest place) but it didn't cause a problem.  Read entire member review.
Best feature of the AquaClass cabins is access to Blu Restaurant. Cabin is on starboard side of ship, which was preferable for this itinerary. Standard size but with upgraded towels and bath products. Nearly directly under walking area between Solarium and outdoor pool so some noise on rare occasions i.e., kids running one evening. Overhang from deck above offers nice shade. Centrally located, high up for good view and lesser motion sensation. Couch uncomfortable to sit on. Two reclining chairs plus slightly larger, higher table which is better for eating on the balcony. Free bottled water and teas provided daily. Not much bathroom counter space. Shower design on Solstice class ships is among the best at sea. Good but not great storage space for multiple week cruise.  Read entire member review.
Poorly designed storage. Ample room for hanging clothes. Too noisy from track above. For this itinerary, a poor location on starboard.  Read entire member review.
Great location, close to elevators, lots of room, great bed, good bath, great shower, nice balcony, comfortable chairs, good TV, nice seating, minibar good , excellent cabin  Read entire member review.
Excellent cruise by Hapytocruise

MId Ship with very little noise from above pool deck.

 Read entire member review.
Stateroom AQ 1601: Thank you Edgar, our stateroom attendant, for taking care of us during our stay and for helping with our last day balcony party. We chose this category because we wanted to relax and have a spa like environment for the duration of our cruise. In addition, having our own dining room in Blu sounded intriguing to us. Moreover, this was a new category of staterooms which were located on the same deck as well as the Relaxation room at the forward end. The cabin itself was warm and inviting with an updated and current attention to details. The bathroom had mosaic tiles, an above-the-counter sink, a glass enclosed storage unit, hidden toilet brush, hidden garbage can, plush thick towels, save the waves program, door hooks, a round glass shower door, Hansgrohe shower panel, a nice ventilation system, granite counters, and Hydro-Minera'le aquatic spa therapy bath products which included lip balm, face and foot mist, body wash, shampoo and hair cream. The scent was lemongrass. There should have been more storage for shampoo etc. in the shower because we also brought our own. It is fine for their products only and there should have been a soap dish as well. Our bed was located near the balcony and because of that the couch was too close to the storage closet. It was hard to get to the back of the storage unit. There were plenty of hangers and storage, although we felt that a chest of drawers would have been a nice addition. Cabins with the bed located near the bathroom had a lot more room to maneuver. They alternate that platform from room to room. The flat screen television was great. It had all of your room service, stateroom account, movies, on demand, Solstice class and Equinox documentaries, ship info, and television station menus on it. The best part for me was the music stations. We had the ambient station on all the time which had soothing waves and background bird sounds. For those that are not sure how the oil reed diffuser bottle works, simply take out the reeds and flip them around so the wet side is facing up. Your stateroom will thank you. There was a digital phone, a digital safe, a pay as you go mini bar, small drawers of storage, daily bottled water, iced tea, flowers, canopies, fresh fruit, Frette bath robes, slippers and a healthier room service menu that included smoothies and egg white omelets. The couch was comfortable but should have had pull out storage underneath. I moved the couch once and found all sorts of items from previous passengers including walkie talkies. You might want to check underneath. In addition, two twin beds could be separated or kept together and there was a huge storage unit above the bed. We housed most of our things there. Moreover, there is room under the bed to put your luggage and the sheets and bedding were very comfortable. There is a pillow menu in your stateroom, too. If it is missing ask your attendant. The body pillow was great. This stateroom was also centrally located and close enough to the elevators. There is an automatic door that blocks passenger noise. There was also a peep hole in the door for security. We received two sets of blue Celebrity tote bags later in the cruise as well as a white net bag for the pool or relaxation room.  Read entire member review.
Cabin 1602 AquaClass - beds near closet. Closet small, not enough storage but great location, great veranda, great service.  Read entire member review.
Wonderful Cruise by vegaslover
Cabin 1603 Aqua Class was great had a larger balcony then the rest. These 4 cabins on both sides have larger balcony just like it looks on the deck plans. Also every other room has the bed by the window. Our room did not much to our delight.We got this class for less then the Concierge class that we usually book and with more features.  Read entire member review.

great cabin midships starboard side. Extended balcony on hump meaning we had great forward views to the bridge. No noise from Foyer music, but noisy from 7.30 am with Deck Chairs being moved and on Pool party nights it was like a herd of elephants overhead. Cabin Steward Gladwin was fantastic.

 Read entire member review.
1606 is an excellent cabin. You enjoy the perks of Aqua Class including bottled water, iced tea, fresh flowers and fruit as well as the option to dine in Blu, a special healthier dining room. It is the perfect location - mid-ship, close to elevators and stairs. It is "on the hump" so the balcony is double or triple sized. Plenty of storage and the bed by the bathroom, which I prefer as it opens up the room more. At times, we could hear things above us since it is right below the pool deck, like the running of little feet or a deck chair being dragged. It was only an issue 2 nights when there were parties on deck. Loud banging (dancing, I presume) and light music noise came through the ceiling, but all was quiet around midnight. I'd possibly book this cabin again for the amazing balcony, but might sooner choose one sandwiched between cabins above and below to ensure more peaceful evenings.  Read entire member review.
Under pool area, but not terribly noisy. Great location close to elevators. Oversized balcony.  Read entire member review.

Shaded larger balcony, easy access to the main lifts, great shower.

 Read entire member review.
1608 Nice balcony facing forward - no noise issue - even though right below the pool area. No complaints  Read entire member review.
Great location; fairly close to stairs and elevator.Stateroom is located near large suites and the same steward in charge of Penthouse suite took care of ours. Balcony almost double size of non-hump stateroom (but adjacent balconies - rooms 1606 and 1610 are even larger). Bed is located by balcony. Great bathroom storage but stateroom closet and storage areas a bit small. Occasional noise heard from pool deck above, but infrequent and not terribly loud. Balcony is on forward side of hump. Good privacy on balcony; all of balcony is covered. No signs or wear or tear in the stateroom.  Read entire member review.
Eastern Med Roundtrip Rome by Texasgingerbread
Cabin 1610 was good with the exception of an intake or outtake fan on balcony. It's LOUD. It's the same noise you would hear as up in an airplane. My hubby actually wore his Bose White Noise headphones when he was on balcony. We complained and they did make it a bit softer, but still very, very loud. No noise from above pool (couldn't believe it), no noise from neighbors, HUGE balcony on slant - 3 times size of normal if not bigger - no exaggeration. Bathroom plenty of storage and room worked fine for us...small closet but storage above bed helped with folded clothes. My hubby would have liked to have more room in the bathroom to sit (sorry that's gross, but true). LOL.  Read entire member review.
Aqua Class: The room was in excellent condition, well decorated and very clean. The beds have extra room underneath for luggage due to a higher level off the floor. The shower was glass enclosed and large enough for anyone. The balcony was spacious and very clean. The flat screen TV was also a nice touch since it was out of the way. Had more TV channels than usual, which was a change from the past. Reception at times was spotty due to the satellite, I assume. Flowers everyday, fresh fruit and bottles of water as promised. With the cabin in Aqua Class comes unlimited access to the Persian Gardens and Relaxation Room. Well worth the extra price.  Read entire member review.
1621: great location, totally quiet and comfortable.  Read entire member review.
small closet, with sliding doors that limited access, not enough drawer space, good balcony w/comfortable chairs, quiet, close to main elevators, bathroom had good storage  Read entire member review.
The Second Time Around by cruisephypro
We highly recommend Aqua Class. Our cabin, was in a great location, Deck 11 with cabins above and below us. So very quite and not far from elevator and staircase.  Read entire member review.
Ventilation fans for ship interior were outside our stateroom balcony, making it rather noisy, but not a deal breaker. We could still hear the sounds of the ship at sea, and it rather buffered the noise from neighboring balconies.  Read entire member review.
Wonderful by gauthier37

Excellent location and amenities. Beds are very comfortable, service outstanding.

 Read entire member review.
Excellent cabin, quiet, aft, good location, great service.  Read entire member review.
Crowded islands by kikaan

Our aqua-class cabin looked very similar to all other Balcony cabins we had before.The shower space was comfortable. Thanks for the amenities.
The one difference here is that we enjoyed watching video-films whenever we wanted to on a large flat screen. You could interrupt the film and catch up where you stopped later.

 Read entire member review.
We enjoyed our cabin which had great size. It was an Aqua class cabin and had all the spa specialties added in. The bathroom was very large with a great big shower. Balcony was a good size, but the over hang gave a little to much shade when the sun was up from 10am to 3pm.  Read entire member review.
Best cruise ever! by madmaxsmom

Great room located on the second library floor. Quiet even though we were right across from the main staff door. Never heard a peep from all the activity that must have come through there. Balcony was great and room was always well tended and clean. Close to the upstairs and all the daytime action.

 Read entire member review.

Good room, two decks below the public areas. Very little noise. Overhang of public area gave a little more shading, which I suspect would be welcome in the height of summer. Not a problem in the fall/autumn. We didn't use room service much; cleanliness was excellent.

 Read entire member review.
Great cabin. The next cabin (1633) has a covered air vent above the balcony. This one was quiet with great views.  Read entire member review.

bed is near the balcony--quiet room--great view--great bathroom

 Read entire member review.
Very small closet, quiet location, close to stairs, nice balcony, not much space between bed and closet, uncomfortable couch, needs new mattress  Read entire member review.
After we got the veranda divider locked-it banged with the ship's movement the first night, and the gurgling it the shower taken care of-which was done quickly, the room was great. I do wish that the fan was not so loud. We had to close the door to the bathroom to block out the sound. The room was a good size, the veranda was great, and the bed was comfortable. The curtains were great, blocking out the sunlight. I would have liked a clock that was easier to read-it was on my husband's side of the bed-and I could not read without glasses and had to stop at his side to read. At our age, 60, we get up more than once at night-and it is helpful to know if it is almost morning, etc.  Read entire member review.
A little disappointed. The cabin seemed smaller than usual. We always book a veranda. The deck size was nice, esp. enjoyed the chairs with a separate foot rest. Nice touch. The closet space was different. There were no shelves in it, just lots of hangers. First time ever we had trouble putting away our clothes, even ended up using the tiny space above the safe. Bring back the shelves! Bathroom a nice size  Read entire member review.
Cabin 1645 has the bed closest to the bathroom. Very quiet room and views from balcony are unobstructed. This is a port side room.  Read entire member review.
Great location, though a little far from the elevators. Quiet. Balcony was nice because the large overhang is not right above it. Unobstructed views.  Read entire member review.
Tiny wardrobe, difficult to get inside. Insufficient drawer space. Cabin space very restricted. Not good for 2 people. Had a very negative impact on holiday! Bathroom design very good. Balcony very good.  Read entire member review.
Celebrity Equinox 2011 by CruiserFromMaine
Very quiet, good sized balcony, great shower!  Read entire member review.
Ultimate Caribbean by Reisende
1568 Butler parks his service trolley opposite this doorway (at least you always know where you are along the corridor!)  Read entire member review.
Fun in the Sun by cruisephypro
I recommend Aqua Class cabins. However make sure you chose a location that has cabins above and cabins below your cabin- best locations back 1/3rd of the ship- near the suites. If possible, do not go under gym or pool- the noise might be disturbing.  Read entire member review.
fantastic! by Melinda Palmer
not much drawer space but plenty of closet room and hangers.  Read entire member review.
Disappointed Celebrity Fan by Wichita Cruiser
Overall, the cabins are pretty much the same as other cruise ships we have had, but are not laid out as well. They seem small compared to other cabins. The distance between the closet and the couch was too small. I like them better in the hall. The larger shower was nice, but I would go back to the other ones for more room in the cabin. I did not like having the safe so low and there did not seem to be as much storage space. Although, that could be because of the new way it was arranged. As always, the bed was comfortable, the flat screen TV was nice and it was very clean.  Read entire member review.
Aqua Class by MeghKel
Bathroom outstanding. Closet adequate. Location not good; too noisy. Balcony excellent. Cabin attendant outstanding.  Read entire member review.
1621/quiet & good location/nice bathroom and shower/ balcony/need more drawer storage  Read entire member review.
We had an Aqua Class Veranda on the 9th deck forward. The room was very average. Nothing exceptional, nothing negative.  Read entire member review.
Cabin 1606. Great location, mid ship hump. Near elevators but on outer hall so no noise problem from elevators. Some daytime noise from pool furniture, only noticed it when trying to take an afternoon nap.  Read entire member review.
Very large balcony.  Read entire member review.
These cabins were rated but not individually reviewed; read the full cruise review for opinions on cabins and more.
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