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Celebrity Solstice Cabin Reviews - Deluxe Ocean View W/ Veranda

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Deluxe Ocean View W/ Veranda Cabins 86 Reviews
Floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors, sitting area with sofa, 32 inch LCD TV.
Deluxe Ocean View W/ Veranda (2B)
Deluxe Ocean View W/ Veranda (2B)

Cabin Rating
Great showers, mid-ships location, library nearby.  Read entire member review.
Very spacious balcony stateroom. Forward-most cabin on the port side of the vessel, so it is a bit of a hike from the midships elevators. Directly above a hatch door that opens as a wing for crew members to stand watch during docking and departures and can be a bit noisy, especially during early morning arrivals. You can also hear the lowering of the anchor and bow lines as the winches and windlasses are directly forward of this cabin. For me, I enjoy watching the marine operations of the cruise, so these didn't bother me at all.  Read entire member review.
Bathroom huge, great shower, small balcony, lots o NOISE during docking. I mean LOTS  Read entire member review.
Great Balcony, we actually had chaise lounges, and when the pool deck became to crowded we laid out on our balcony.  Read entire member review.

Spacious and very clean and comfortable with one of the best bathrooms I have found on a cruise ship.. We spent a lot of time sitting on the balcony either reading or looking at the view. Just being able to have fresh air and hear the waves makes the extra cost of a balcony worthwhile.

Being on a lower deck is more comfortable as the ship rocks more the higher up you go.

 Read entire member review.
First time cruiser by June-bug
On 6th floor-directly above the Solstice Theatre. One night at 11:40pm there was loud music and when I called, guest services said there was a "crew event" going on.....couldn't they have done that earlier? My whole cabin shook! My suggestion--choose the back of the ship! (Aft!)  Read entire member review.
See my review for details.  Read entire member review.
Long walk from forward elevators and longer from center. Noise at night from band somewhere under us. Very small cabin - two average sized adults did not have room to pass. Not enough storage space.  Read entire member review.
One of the best wheelchair accessible cabin with automatic door opening and a spacious balcony.  Read entire member review.
Great balcony, great space, great TV, quiet.  Read entire member review.
Great Ship by pletzkeb

Once on board, we were able to go directly to our stateroom, deck 6 forward. We immediately met our room steward, Derry, who took excellent care of us during our stay. Our room was your typical balcony room, small, but comfortable. We had a problem with the TV having a distorted screen. We called 3 or 4 times during the week, but could never get it corrected. Occasionally, when entering our stateroom, we smelled an offensive odor such as sewer. We were easily able to control our room temperature. The shower maintained a perfect water temperature. There was plenty of storage space.

 Read entire member review.
Our cabin was on deck six, which was just above the life boats, so every time we wanted to see the sights or take pictures, orange life boats were in the view. Slightly disappointing.  Read entire member review.
GREAT, quiet location. Close to main elevators (but you don't hear them as they are on the other side of a wall). Also very close to internet cafe. Perfect for people who can't walk very far as the elevators take you directly to the dining room or cafe.  Read entire member review.
6233, extremely noisy, creaking between the walls the crew could not repair, and we were told it has been an ongoing problem in this room for over a year.  Read entire member review.
We had a balcony cabin on the 6th floor (6235) on port side on the hump and were very, very pleased that we were on the outside of the hump. Look closely at your balcony cabin selection for this ship or you may be disappointed. First of all, the port side had the sun for the transatlantic crossing. It would have been much more difficult to be starboard side for the week plus of the crossing and never see the sun. But in general, most of the balcony cabins on the 6th floor have an obstructed view, although most are not listed as such by Celebrity. Look at a map of the ship (such as the one here at CruiseCritic) to understand which cabins are obstructed and which are not (although the map itself does not show the obstruction, see my following notes). Any of the cabins on the outside of the hump or within two of the outside on the angle are not obstructed. However, the balcony cabins forward of 6235 (which is located near at the stern stairway/elevator bank) in the center of the ship that are not on the hump have a lifeboat that is almost at the level of the railing in front of the cabin. So while were were able to see almost straight down into the sea and could watch dolphins, etc., these cabins only have a view further out at the horizon. The cabins toward the rear of the ship not on the hump also have a partially obstructed view, since the lifeboats are not as large in this area, but the winches to launch them are still just as high. Even the balconies on higher floors (such as 7, 8, 9, etc.) have a partially blocked sea view when looking down at say a 45 degree angle. So consider this fully when you book your balcony cabin to avoid disappointment. One other thing to consider with a balcony on the 6th deck port side is that the 5th deck port side promenade (which is not much of a promenade, since most of it is blocked by lifeboats) is a smoking area, so the cigarette smoke will be directly below your balcony, which may bother some people. This is especially apparent on the bump-out portion, where the smokers tend to congregate directly below (since the view is not obstructed by lifeboats). The cabin itself was nicely appointed and worked well for us for the 25 days. Although I had read complaints on other reviews of the overhead storage above the beds, we found it to be quite helpful for storing additional items that were not needed on a daily basis. However, I can see how the overhead storage would be difficult to reach for an elderly person with mobility issues. One other interesting design note is that the bed has rounded corners. So if you are either tall or sleep with your toes hanging off the end of the bed (as I do), you may find this bed design to be a challenge. Yet I've stubbed my toes on the corners of rectangular beds on past cruises and never did with this one, due to the rounded corners. Good for getting around the cabin, not as good for sleeping. Although the bed itself was very comfortable otherwise. The TV is a Samsung flat screen, about 30-32" and worked well for the variety of TV and movie offerings (including a large number of free on demand movies) in the cabin. It has a decent interface that worked well most of the time, although there were some issues with both sound lockout and being frozen in the middle of a movie (requiring a full reboot of the system, not obvious how to do this unless you are a techie, ask your cabin steward if this happens). We typically did not watch much TV or movies on past cruises, but found ourselves doing so on this cruise due to the lack of available entertainment on the ship. The bathroom area is the standard small bathroom layout, although we found the shower area to be larger than other ships. Yes, you could actually drop the soap and pick it up without having to step outside the shower. The balcony area had a small table and two chairs that recline almost flat to become loungers. My wife at times brought the vinyl padded backs to the couch out onto the balcony to make a padded area on which to lay out in the sun. In a design flaw on the ship, the opaque glass separating the balconies (which could be opened if you have adjoining rooms with family members) would rattle with vibration of the ship. The quick fix was to simply roll up some paper to force in between the glass and the separator, problem solved. Another design flaw that only showed up on days that they were cleaning the balcony directly above (twice during the cruise) was that the water drainage channel leaked (we're talking gallons, not just drips) onto the front half of our balcony. We alerted the room steward, but apparently nothing could be done to fix it until dry dock. One specific area of concern we had with this cabin is that the door is in full view of the hallway in front of the stairwell. Just be careful when opening the door that you don't expose your spouse to the world. In a rather weird design quirk, the peep hole in the door sent a laser of light from the lobby area directly to the bed at night. Since we didn't have a cover over the peep hole, we had to stuff some tissue in there to block the light. Regarding noise, the cabin was fairly well insulated. The only exception was the one evening when they did Dancing with the Stripes in the 3rd floor lobby and there were people watching from all of the atrium levels (including our level, 6th level). People were screaming (yes, screaming, since the level of noise was how they determined the winner) from our deck level (this happened on both of our cruises) and it was also rather late at night, so either go to bed late that night or expect to be awakened by screaming in the nearby atrium. The cabin steward (Rufina) was excellent and was always there to meet any of the needs of the cabin and to keep things clean and tidy.  Read entire member review.
Nice, Nicer, Ouch!!! by aaokcruiser

nice room - well maintained - great location

 Read entire member review.
Solstice Shines Bright! by Cruise-a-holic!
Our balcony cabin was well appointed. Despite a very noticeable reduction in closet space, we managed to find room for a weeks worth of clothes for two. The cabin layout, lighting, artwork, interactive television, and bathroom with solid shower door provided a very positive and "above average" look and feel to our accommodations. For anyone who has ever stubbed their toe or been blinded by bright cabin lights in the middle of the night, the subtle nightlight in the bathroom was an unexpected but much appreciated feature. The ability to dim the cabin lights was also a plus. This particular cabin is just steps away from the main elevators. Although you can hear many of the bands perform in the atrium once you leave the stateroom, once the door to the cabin closes it is very quiet.  Read entire member review.
Wonderful Alaska by ljshome

Cabin 6238. Great location, bump balcony, very quiet close to stairs and elevators. Plenty of storage space over beds, and under the sofa. Bathroom was very efficient. Shower nice.

 Read entire member review.
Best entertainment system in any cabin I have ever been in. A wide selection of on demand movies and good TV channels except for CNN TV which is like a CIA broadcast all day long.  Read entire member review.
Nice cabin with good space. Quite a walk to the elevator but nice and quiet too. Verandah is above a specialty restaurant so there was a roof below it, which meant you could not see down to the water. The first day, crew members were working on the deck so your privacy is not guaranteed but it did not happen again during the cruise.  Read entire member review.
A Fantastic Cruise by orlandodolly

Cabin size about average. Bathroom size wonderful. Room attendants fantastic.

 Read entire member review.
A fine room. The balcony seems to be openly observable from the flying bridge, so you might not feel completely private out there.  Read entire member review.
This is where we sleep and maybe have a rest. The room was big enough for us to move around freely. Storage is ample for two large suitcases and two small on board bags. Bathroom is a good size to do what you need to do. Only small comment would be anyone running around above you do hear a little but we are all there to have some fun!  Read entire member review.

Pros- Great room, well laid out, nice balcony.

Cons- Had a pushy room steward that would knock and come in every hour from 8-9am despite clearly wanting a sleep in and would even knock and come in even if you had the "do not disturb" sign up(stewards may rotate so don't base your decision off this).
-The toilet paper roll is in the most inconvenient and annoying location, don't know what they were thinking.
- The balcony divider between 7134 and 7132 is not secured properly and wobbles from side to side in the wind making loud banging noises that echo through the room(A thick piece of cardboard might be the solution here).

 Read entire member review.
Solstice cabin 7139 AX - deluxe ocean view accessible stateroom. Excellent totally accessible large space; plenty of room for 3 in the room - our 3 children, along with my daughter's wheelchair and walker, fit comfortably in the cabin. Very nice veranda, great view.  Read entire member review.

Loads of room!!! no noises from any other rooms, room to put 3 cases under bed and still more room. Lots of storage in both wardrobe, drawers and bathroom for toiletries. Needed more hangers and we just asked our room attendant for some more. Beds were really comfortable as was the shower with two settings. We were closer to the front of the ship which helped keep the weight off because all the restaurants are up the other end!

 Read entire member review.

Cabin was spacious and gracious. If you need an accessible cabin, or if nobody needs it and you happen to get it, it's a good one! Great views fore and aft. Quiet, close to forward elevators, big verandah. Accommodates 3 with the sofabed. Great bathroom with lots of space, large shower area. Numerous grab bars make great towel and swimsuit/laundry drying racks.

 Read entire member review.
Great cabin lots of space very comfortable bed. Balcony was a good size comfortable chairs. Very quiet cabin far enough away from everything as to not hear too much noise.Bathroom was excellent. The cabin was spotless the whole ship is so clean. Cabin no 7142  Read entire member review.
Clean, comfortable except for third "bed". Need more closet space. Quiet. Good location. Great for disabled. Nice bathroom. Safe location not good! Automatic door entry and exit very convenient.  Read entire member review.

Very convenient to the forward elevators, and very quiet. The bathroom has an amazing amount of storage room, as does the room in general.

 Read entire member review.
Cabin 7153 has a balcony and the bed is by the balcony. The cabin is by the elevators and it was very quite. TV is great.  Read entire member review.
Great cabin, although you cannot look straight down to water as the life boats are below.  Read entire member review.
Could hear the bass from music in the Quasar disco on Deck 4. However, this may have been specific to our cruise.  Read entire member review.
Good location, closet fine, balcony view blocked somewhat forward and aft by hump cabins. Quiet location.  Read entire member review.

Close to forward stairs and the Solstice theatre but far from Buffet. Good view

 Read entire member review.
great balcony cabin "on the hump." We loved that it had a short hallway and was close to elevators (you will too, trust me on this). Easy walk down to Deck 5 (restaurants and coffee bar) and near the library. The closets in this cabin are beside the bed. They are a little difficult to access and are a tad too shallow. We kept closing our clothes in the closet doors. Also, drawer space is plentiful but chopped up into small drawers all over the cabin. Nice chairs and table on the balcony!  Read entire member review.
Great stateroom. Lots of storage space, great bathroom (with lots of storage space and a good sized shower). The only issue I think people may have is that smoking was allowed on certain areas of Deck 5 port side, and once in a while you could smell it if you were on the veranda. I dislike the smell of smoke, but this was really not enough to bother me.  Read entire member review.
Trip of a Lifetime by ldydoc12
Cabin narrow, but long Great bathroom Good storage  Read entire member review.
Cabin 7303: Excellent use of space. More than adequate storage. Larger than average bathroom. Rounded bed corners for better use of space. Bed adjacent to the balcony instead of the door was a great improvement. Very quiet; a bit of a walk to the elevators. Good view from the balcony (roof of the Blu restaurant is one deck below the balcony, but does not interfere with the view). Would definitely NOT recommend any balcony cabin on deck six because of obstructed views.  Read entire member review.
The location of 7314 was close to the elevators but still a quiet location. The lifeboats below were not a problem when viewing the ocean from the verandah.  Read entire member review.
Venetian Adventure by Stevie Lawson
7318 - spacious cabin with sofa next to wardrobes and bed at window. You travel backwards. Nice bathroom with spacious shower. Wardrobe adequate and spacious safe. Cupboards above bed a welcome extra and held a lot of stuff. Nice large screen television and like improvements to Celebrity TV. Large balcony and comfy chairs and wooden circular table. Cabin very clean but steward forgot to clean the drawers in the bathroom under the sink. Personally don't like the new style set up of cabin doors so close together. We were right next to 7320 and when they closed their door it felt like your own, with banging and noise but this set up is for all cabins, the old ones were spread out along the corridor which was better. Generally quiet location just far enough along the corridor to miss the hilarity. Overlooks top of a lifeboat and down onto deck 5, promenading area. Does not have view dropping straight into the sea the way the old ships had.  Read entire member review.
Ports in a Storm by bernardcecelia
Cabin 7318: Nicely furnished, insufficient drawer and closet space, cabin located right above life boats, groups with multiple cabins remove the barriers between their verandahs causing a lot of noise for neighbors.  Read entire member review.
Great storage spaces, good location to public areas, quiet, nice chairs on balcony. Pillows were lumpy but bed was comfortable.  Read entire member review.
WOW!!! by twizzle
Nice, good size, good location, quite happily accept this room again.  Read entire member review.
Varand cabin on deck 7. Just right. Not too samll and we really used the verands everyday.  Read entire member review.
New height comfy beds,Great balcony, great view and loved the new style bathroom.  Read entire member review.
Great Cabin if they fix teh soot accumulation issue. One neighbooirng wall is a Attendanats Clsoet so you essentially have one neighbor. The veranda is 1.5x wider than the cabin.  Read entire member review.
8144 - oceanview with balcony. We checked into a room filled with chocolate and open bottles. It was a mess. The people before us were horrible. But after it was cleaned up we really enjoyed our room. It had plenty of space and was definitely livable. The balcony was great too. We really enjoyed it.  Read entire member review.
The cabin was great, the bed was comfortable and the mixer in the shower was good. The cupboard and storage space was ample. Cabins were kept very spotless and tidy and stewards always asked if everything was OK. I liked the bed turn down at night and the chocolates on the pillows. The various towel displays were very artistic.  Read entire member review.
Cabin 8212 was a Veranda Balcony cabin on the 8th deck mid-ship and had little to no motion during this cruise. Our room steward was excellent and left us wanting for nothing. The room is a little small requiring the deb to be rounded off at the end to fit into the space but it was otherwise very nice.  Read entire member review.

Nice cabim, wella ppointed

 Read entire member review.

We were in cabin #8250, a starboard hump balcony. We had some concerns about the location being that it is right next to the elevators. On any other ship, noise probably would have been a problem, but not this ship / sailing'¦very quiet! In comparison to other ships, other than the aft balconies we had on the Mariner and the Liberty of the Seas, this was our favorite cabin. Very nicely laid out, plenty of space and storage, modern bathroom, and very comfortable bedding. On the bed though, the considerable rounded corners didn't play well with my 6'' 5' frame. To prevent excessive hang-over, I had to sleep in an angle with my feet in the middle. My wife and daughter had considerable fun at my expense on this one. For those who care, there is a pretty good selection of free on demand movies to chose from on the TV. Most selections are new releases to DVD. Our room steward was a ghost; or at least so we thought. We met her when we first got on the ship, but never seen her thereafter. With that stated, other than a couple of occasions in which we had to call for some toiletries, we had no problems with the service provided and the room was very well maintained.

 Read entire member review.
9131 Great balcony Very quiet Very little movement Wonderful views, with no obstructions Highly recommended  Read entire member review.
Solstice is INCREDIBLE by jaxcruiser1961
Incredible space. Very comfortable. Great steward. Hairdryer! Great shower and sink (unlike the Epic!)  Read entire member review.
This is on the bump out, so I would recommend this room. Also, it is not one of the ones with obstructed or partially obstructed views. This obstruction is coming from the large white "X" that is painted on the glass of the verandas on the side of the ship. All rooms seemed to be very quiet. You would open the door and find out there was a rock band at the base of the central area of the ship. You could hear nothing in the room!  Read entire member review.
great cabin with large balcony and bathroom BUT the location and size of the wardrobe was awful. Too hard to get to, sqeezed up against the side of the bed and not very much space  Read entire member review.
Goin' again! by ppoppins
room very quiet - never heard neighbors. Storage very adequate. around the corner from the elevators yet never heard any noise.  Read entire member review.
Need more drawer space.  Read entire member review.
Cabin was fine, clean and spacious even with 3 in the room - had a pullman which made it a little crampt when this was down. Balcony a bonus, bathroom couldnt be faulted. All just lovely  Read entire member review.
Had a cabin on deck 11. The overhang spoiled the view in places like Milford Sound but overall it was a nice cabin with only occasional noise from the pool deck above.  Read entire member review.
Not enough closet space, wonderful balcony, some noise in the hallway in the mornings.  Read entire member review.
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