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Freedom for all by millie5
huge bathroom, huge room, soft bed, quiet hallway and but noise from outside deck  Read entire member review.

Room 1002 is a Interior category rated room, however it is a picture window room on the bow looking forward on the ship on deck 10 all the way forward. 1002 is also handicapped accessible making it a huge room, it also has 1 pull out bed and a drop down pullman above the couch. The only nice things I can say about this room is that is its very big and for three 20-30 year old adults it had tons of room, more than I ever expected. It could easily fit 3 twins wide plus some and it was at least 12 feet wide and easily 20 feet deep, it was much more then then 180 of a regular carnival cabin for sure (I’m guessing around 240sqft). The bathroom is also large being made for wheel chairs, so you have a full size vanity and a full size shower (just no tub) and plenty of shelving mounted to the big mirror on the vanity. The issue with this room is, it is directly below the gym and more specifically below the treadmills. At all times of day all you will hear is thump thump thump thump thump thump thump, throughout the day when someone chooses to run on the treadmill since they can’t seem to find the outside running track (above no passenger cabins) or simply don't want to. This got annoying as when I wanted to relax I couldn't in my own stateroom and the staff apparently can use the gym when its closed (10PM to 7AM) and we had to call almost every night sometimes twice to tell them to get off the treadmills above us as none of us could sleep with the loud thumping noise. Also the worst thing to me in this cabin was it was very warm, and no one could do anything about it. In the elevator lobbies and almost all the public rooms it is cold (my thermometer said 67) and as you walked on deck 10 forward toward the front of the ship and our room it got hotter as you went. We called and complained and the room was 76 on their thermometer which mine registered 78 and it felt like my home at 80. The room felt “stuffy” being that warm and they tried to adjust it multiple times to no real avail. The engineer even stated the similar sized room next to us had 2 air vents, and we had 1 and tried to adjust the flow more to ours. What we ended up doing is popping off the diffuser that covered it so the air would pour straight down. That finally got the cabin to be more comfortable, however it was not nearly as cold as any public area or any one else’s cabin we entered on the ship. I heard many say “the ship is so cold” but our cabin was not. I am a cover sleeper and it never got fully cold enough (I sleep at 74 at home) to comfortable sleep. The temp and the noise from the treadmills made this a very bad cabin to me. I was pretty upset about it, and I am taking it up with carnival, as that we aren’t handy capped but they need to note this room is below a gym and either discount it more or warn people beforehand. I personally have been on only 2 Carnival cruises both on conquest class ships and this one was nothing like the Valor its sister, in which I had cabin 1008 a handicapped room as well, but it was a normal cool temp and had no thumping treadmills above it.

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1012 cabin from hell!!! by 1012 room from hell

We sailed out ready for a wonderful, romantic 6 day cruise on July 26th, but what we got was barbells dropping right above our stateroom and the sound of treadmills being used from 6 a.m. - 10 p.m.  It started almost as soon as we started to settle in to the our cabin on the first day of sailing.  As we unpacked we heard these great big "Thud"  sounds coming from the ceiling.  Since we knew that most people would just be getting unpacked we wrote off the loud noises to suitcases being moved around or dropped.  Within an hour we knew better, as we started to hear the sound of several treadmills being used and the clanking of barbells being dropped to the floor (our ceiling).  We left our room and went to get a drink and watch the sunset.  On our return to our room to get ready for dinner the noise was still going on.  We called down to the front service desk to report it, hoping they could do something about it or change our room.  Since the ship was sold out there was no room to be had.  We were assured that the spa and gym employees would be called and would do all they could to stop the patrons from dropping the free weights to the ground. 
At 11:45 p.m. the noise finally stopped.  The next morning at 6 a.m. we were awoken by the sound of weights being dropped.  It scared the heck out of us so much that my heart was pounding so hard and for so long that my husband was scared I was going to have a heart attack.   We went down to the service desk and complained about the noise, letting them know that we had been awaken at 6 a.m. and that the noise continued till 11:45 p.m. the night before.  They again assured us that they would do something about it. Mid day we came back to our cabin to had a nap and spend some quite time in the cabin reading, but we had no peace and quite.   My husband made his way up to the spa to check it out and found that the spa clerks were not monitoring the gym at all but instead were maning the front desk trying to sell spa treatments.   There was no sign asking the passengers to place the weights down instead of dropping them as we had been told there would be.   I went down to the desk again and reported the problem.  Now although the service desk clerks tried to help nothing did.  THe noise continued.  Instead of staying up at night to enjoy the shows or go out dancing we were back in our cabin trying to get some sleep.  Instead of having any real peaceful and romantic time in our cabin we were forced to stay away from the cabin all day from 6 a.m. -10 p.m., only coming back to freshen up and change for dinner each night.  On final port of call Jamacia, I was so tried and by that time my nerves were shot I couldn't even go on shore to enjoy the day.  I went to the House Manager and just broke down and cried.  I have a heart condition called ARVD and the sudden and loud noises along with the lack of sleep had taken it's toll.  The House manager took one of the service desk clerks and moved her to the gym where she stopped anyone from dropping weights for 2 hours so I could sleep.  The next day which was a day at sea and our last day of the trip she again positioned a clerk in the gym from 6 a.m. 9 a.m. so we could sleep in. 
The House manager and her staff tried to make it better but they could really do little to change things.  The problem lies with the design of the ship.  Having the gym above staterooms is a design flaw.  Noone should have to go through what we went through.  Take my word for it, never take a stateroom that is under the gym or other recreational areas of a ship. 
The House manager did give us a small refund 20%, but this is far to little to make up for the noise, the loss of use of the cabin, the lack of sleep, and the ruined vacation we had planned for all year. 

Be aware that if you find yourself in room 1012 on the Carnival Freedom you will not have a restful vacation. 

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1032 - VERY VERY small. There was hardly any room at the foot of the bed to walk around without smacking your toe on the chair that was under the desk. There was only one mirror that was usable. The other mirror had a light installed right where your face hit so I blew dry my hair a couple of times from my knees because my husband was on the computer in front of the other one which was over the desk. Only one bank of drawers...closest space seemed the same as other rooms to me. We have never done an interior room before and will go back to balconies. Just too small for us. For one person it would be fine.  Read entire member review.
the PA also needs to be heard inside the Staterooms.  Read entire member review.
Very nice! by julianne74
Good location to main areas. Try to get farther down the hall as foot traffic can be noisy.  Read entire member review.
Great location on port side, deck 11. Close to everything, quiet, loved it.  Read entire member review.

Carnival Freedom Stateroom 1061 is a good room. Was a bit warm on the first evening, but then never again. It is close to Lido deck, atrium elevator, Spa, and 10th floor deck (bow deck, aka secret deck).

Across the hall was the stewards galley room door, it opened and closed a bit, but no more so than another cabin being across the hall. If this sounds sketchy to you, try cabin 1063.

An this itinerary (southern), we were never toward the dock/pier. If you like that choose a cabin on the other side.

We opened the balcony between 1061 and 1063, it was very nice.

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Good cruise by ali6879

Best room location EVER! We were the first room in from the pool area on deck 10. No noise whatsoever from outside. No one running up/down the hallways. Excellent location for the pool/deck areas. Absolutely the best room, location-wise, we have ever had.

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Room was large. Our kids enjoyed being able to sit in the window sill (it's about 30 inches wide). Our son even took naps there. Our only complaint about the cabin was that there was a faint body odor smell.....but not enough to complain about. The location was quiet as we did not hear ship or passenger noise.

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Jah Mon! by Nikki Lisette
Cabin 1249 was awesome! It was located one floor above the tendering so I was always able to go straight to my room after an exhausting shore excursion. Granted it's far from the Lido deck food and activities but once you became acclimated to the ship, you realized the walk back was a breeze. The bathroom door didn't lock however but not such a big deal.  Read entire member review.
Nice size cabin....Loved the window. Being in front of ship did have some noise from the stablizers  Read entire member review.
Cabin was completely quiet once they fixed a terrible whiny noise underneath in the crew area.  Read entire member review.
found my FREEDOM by chill636
very noisy floor, unruly kids, sink leak never fixed  Read entire member review.
Plenty of storage space, quiet location, lots of movement felt from the boat, got seasick twice  Read entire member review.

The rooms are all basically the same with only location differing. We opted out of a balcony to save some money, but were very happy with the location. I like being near the elevators since it makes it much easier to get to various locations. This room is midships on the first level. Elevators directly to the Casino area and Lido deck with pool forward and buffect to stern so easy to get everywhere. No problems with noise and the steward was great.

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Very roomy, always kept extremely clean. No complaints whatsoever. Little less room when the beds were put together, but enough to move around in for two people.

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Nice porthole windows Noisy in the morning we dock because it shakes and you can hear the anchor going down Great size of room Beds do not go together though, so if you want to lay in bed with significant other, won't happen Bathroom was good size  Read entire member review.

Typical inside room spacious and dark just how we like them. If you need sunlight do not book inside cabins. This was a quiet room 3 rooms from the atrium elevators at midship deck 2.

 Read entire member review.
Perfect location - great for the 4 of us girls. Bigger than you'd think! TV is almost impossible to see on the bottom bunk with the top bed down but who needs that?!  Read entire member review.
2371 I like not being too high, for less swaying. I like having a lower window for natural light and a unique view. Our room was very comfortable and quiet, even though it was close to an elevator, which was quite convenient.  Read entire member review.
Back of ship, close to elevators but under gallery so noisy up until 11 p.m.  Read entire member review.
The cabin 6-406 and the ones on each side of it are located directly over the Disco. The walls and floors vibrate until the Disco closes. Great view from balcony. Being on the 6th floor, you can really hear the ocean when your are outside.  Read entire member review.

This was an accessable room and was fine. The air wasn't as cool as it needed to be.

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6283 & 6285

Family of 6 with two adjoining rooms. Very clean, lots of storage space. Traveled with two other families. Our rooms were next to each other so they opened up all the balcony separators and we had a nice long balcony. Beds were comfortable, couch bed was comfy, and the pull down bed was as well.

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We actually had 2 cabins that adjoined. They were 6297 and 6295. This was the best decision I have made in a long time. We kept the door propped open and put the kids in one room and my husband and I in the other. Having two bathrooms for the four of us worked out great. 6297 must be over the game tables in the casino. We could hear shouts from time to time but never lost sleep over it. The location of these cabins is awesome. Easy access to 2 banks of elevators.

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Unless you are a night owl who stays out of your cabin until after midnight, this is NOT a good cabin to book!! This cabin, and all those surrounding it on the starboard (right) side mid-ship, are literally right above the casino, which happens to have a bar with live entertainment every night. The band uses microphones, of course, and their music is pumped through the speakers, which are in the ceilings of deck 5. This cabin is on deck 6, so their ceiling is our floor. The music is SO incredibly loud that the walls and ceiling actually shake! We could even feel the reverberations of the bass in our chest! (The singer wasn't very good, either, which certainly did not help.) This goes on every single night, and is scheduled to stop by 12:15 AM. Unless you are one who likes to stay up late, enjoying the clubs or casinos or anywhere but your cabin, this is NOT a good cabin for you!! If you have kids, FORGET IT! If you must book on deck 6, I highly recommend a cabin on the port side (left), or a forward / aft cabin - avoid starboard mid-ship! Carnival is aware of the noise issue and they acknowledge that it is a problem, but they will not do anything to fix it aside from shutting the band down if they play past 12:15 AM and you call to complain.
Also, this particular cabin has an air conditioning issue, and would not cool down to an acceptable level, despite daily temperature checks by maintenance, and attempts to fix the air conditioner. The head refrigeration tech did acknowledge that a fan belt had issues, but his attempts to fix it did not produce a noticeable difference in the cabin temperature.

Now, onto the cabin in general. The room is small compared to what we're used to. We had 3 people, and it was a tight squeeze for our 8 day 'vacation'. There was not very much closet space and extremely little drawer space. The TV is quite old and temperamental. There is no DVD player, but you can watch a movie through their system for $10.99 a piece. (No thanks.) The beds obstruct the path to the balcony, though you can actually maneuver around the end of the bed to reach the balcony door. The bathroom was an average size for a cruise ship. We were able to store our luggage under the beds, which was good, but since we had 3 people, they left that couch sleeper undone the entire time, which completely eliminated any sitting area in the cabin, aside from the beds themselves.
Overall: I cannot stress this enough - do not book this cabin, or any around it on the right side middle of the ship on this deck if you have kids, if you like to go to sleep early, if you like to spend some of your evenings in your cabin. The noise issue is a very serious one, that while aware of, Carnival has no plans to address. Especially since the Freedom just came out of dry-dock 2 weeks prior to our sailing on May 10 2014, I would have thought the cabins would have been soundproofed, but that was not the case. We were eventually moved to cabin 6469 (starboard side, aft of the ship) and had no noise or A/C issues there. While this room does accept 3 people, it is a tight squeeze, so keep that in mind.

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Freedom from Stress by britmermaid
Assigned by ship 6381 was a small 'handicapped' cabin. Large bathroom but main cabin quite small and can't imagine how a wheel chair would fit in. Closet space small with the life jackets in one. Otherwise good value for what we paid, good location by elevator and central to get to Lido. Quiet location in spite of being a walkway to main passageways.  Read entire member review.

We enjoyed this cabin and our kids had the cabin next to us. We were able to open the partition between the two balconies, which gave us access to our kid's cabin (two 17 year olds and a 21 year old). They were in cabin 6389. The cabins were in a good location, midship and we were above either the guest services? deck, so no noise at night. Our cabin steward Newman (phonetically) was very friendly and accommodating.

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Balcony cabin was on starboard side of ship. We had a fairly comfortable bed, plenty of storage for the 3 of us. Our cabin Stewart - Nelson - was awesome. We actually didn't spend much time in the cabin, so I'm not sure we will pay more for a balcony room again, but that's just us.... we like spending time on the open decks. This particular room was quiet, and we were not bothered by extraneous noise from the Promenade deck below like I've seen other posters comment about.

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Average ship/Poor food by beatingulds

Average ship/Poor food with long lines and wait time.

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Very spacious room and the balcony was fantastic. Plenty of room to unpack everything. It's really nice to have a couch as an alternate seating place in the room. Bring your own hairdryer as the one that is supplied with the cabin is weak and it will take you forever to dry your hair. The only issue is that it is toward the back of the ship and when the seas are rough you really feel it when you are trying to sleep. Very quite. Never heard the neighbors unless we were sitting on the balcony and they were too.  Read entire member review.

Our cabin was fine. We always spring for a balcony – it just gives you a little extra space, and I loved sitting out there with room service coffee in the morning.

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Suite 7228. Very spacious. Handicap equipped. Nice appointments. Large balcony. Wind noise from balcony door even when closed securely.

Two Oceanview rooms (2401/2423) Well appointed and spacious. Nice to have the couch in the room. Closets are opposite the bathroom door so you need to be careful when opening the bathroom door.

One Inside Cabin (8440). Spacious and well appointed.

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Although not the largest suite (in fact I am not even sure what level suite it was - got this due to a wonderful upgrade fairy!) 7233 on Empress deck 7, it was probably my favorite!! Had a larger than normal balcony with 3 chairs and table- one chair actually laid back. My most fav was the double sinks in the bathroom. Spacious bathroom - decent storage with a separate dressing area 'room'. Two closets, although one was close to a bed so you couldn't fully open the door. Tons of storage. The lights were hard to figure out though. Some you had to turn, some push, some push twice. Toward front of ship so fairly quiet except a neighbor a few doors down moved their balcony chairs A LOT all the time. We faced the port in Key West and Ocho Rios - great views.  Read entire member review.

The deck was level 7. It was in a great area,and close to the Lido area.The size was nice,and the bed was comfy.

 Read entire member review.
Happy Anniversary to us! by tootsfranner
Great location. Cabins above and below us so no lounge music. Close to elevators but not too close. Hallway sometimes noisy but that was from people chatting walking by. Not near any crew space.  Read entire member review.
Wonderful Freedom Cruise by JMPInstructor
Cabin 7312 was incredible. We enjoyed this port side Grand Suite immensely. The room is quiet and well appointed. Enough room to sleep, sit, dress, etc. without bumping into each other. Note: Power outlets are a problem. We require bedside power outlets for our CPAP machines. Luckily, we brought a 12 foot extension cord and ran it nightly from the vanity power outlet. Our video tour of the room is at  Read entire member review.

Cabin was nice but run down. Doors on the closets did not close, bulbs in lamps were burned out and carpet was dirty.

 Read entire member review.

Cabin 7342, s standard I side cabin. Chair and desk. Very small, but comfortable. Room attendant was great. Some loud noises in a halls and some banging on walls.

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The balcony was great. Location was very quiet and was close to the laundry room and elevators. It was very roomy. We had a great view to watch the ship dock at the ports. Bed was very comfortable.  Read entire member review.
This was our first balcony cabin it was wonderful  Read entire member review.
Freedom Fantastic! by Sailorgirl222
Great location! Not close to elevators or stairs so it was very quiet. Great views!  Read entire member review.
What a let down by libbyfinkb
The cabin was in a nice location, perfect distance from the lifts. Our neighbors were a little noisy though. The bathroom was decent and the cabin, spacious. The balcony was adequate, could have been a little bigger. It was a nice room overall.  Read entire member review.
Good-size cabin, plenty of storage space, narrow balcony  Read entire member review.
We had cabin 7385 on the Empress deck. It was a balcony cabin on the aft side. The cabin itself was very clean and always keep up. Our room steward did a great job in taking care of us and always calling us by our name. Next time I would probably go for a cabin on the Port side to see more of the water and less of the docks.  Read entire member review.

Average cabin toward back of ship. Convenient to buffet on deck 9. No obstructions. Good location.

 Read entire member review.
I loved our cabin...we were the first balcony from the rear so ours was twice as long as the others down the side of the ship.  Read entire member review.
Cruise Review Carnival Freedom by South Alabama Cruiser

Fantastic Cabin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great Service !!!!!! Great Shows and Scott in the Piano Bar is Really Good !!!!!! The Casino and its staff especially Desi one of the Host were Great !!!!

 Read entire member review.
Nice Surprise by AngiP68
Spacious closet and larger than staterooms on other cruise lines! A little noisy due to pool deck overhead, but not bad.  Read entire member review.

Ample room for storage, nice balcony during the day....but unusable at night because of non-working balcony light. Noise was ok. Good view of the bridge.

 Read entire member review.
Pleasantly surprised! by ctwhitehouse

8202--next to the bridge. Kids would get a kick out watching the captainand crew navigate the ship in/out of ports. A far walk to everything on the ship.

 Read entire member review.
3 closets, mini fridge stocked with soda and liquor. Lots of shelf space in the bathroom. Hair dryer in the room. Two twin beds are on opposite walls, two beds drop down from the ceiling. By the vanity there are 3 full drawers, the fourth drawer holds the hair dryer which takes up a lot of room. There is a small oval table that can be moved around the room. There is space under the bed for suite cases. The room is all the way at the end of the hall and was very quite.  Read entire member review.
Great Balcony and Quiet Location.  We were on the 8th deck at the front of ship and it was a very enjoyable cabin to have.  The balcony rooms are exceptional!  Read entire member review.
A Great Cruise Despite the Flu by longislanderlloyd

Verandah Deck - Forward.
Nice room and balcony. Big enough for 2 and enough closets and storage. No complaints except that it is VERY, VERY far from the Posh dining room and the Aft where most of the activities - pool, buffet, entertainment, dining rooms, etc. are situated.

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Our cabin was wonderful! Very spacious with plenty of room to move around. We were kind of near the elevator but the room was very quiet. Now I can't live without a couch in the room. We sat there every morning for most breakfasts, had the table in front for our food with the TV right in front of us. No sitting with balancing plates on our laps. When my son and daughter in law visited, there was plenty of places to sit and/or move around. The only thing that bothered me was the choice of TV channels. I do like to keep up with what is going on at home. Why only Denver ,CO. stations? A west coast and east coast station would be a better choice along with regular CNN and TNT programing. Small point but it was irritating.This was our first balcony room. We did enjoy it but the chairs were not the most comfortable. It was really great to have when the lido deck was full.  Read entire member review.
Wal-mart Style Cruising by TOCruisersAreWe

8270 balcony. Directly opposite the steward`s store room which resulted in early morning noise outside our cabin door by 7 AM. Also some noise from the Millenium main concourse.

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Spring Break 2010 by cruisecp
Tons of storage in our cabin!!!!  Read entire member review.
A Taste of the Caribbean by prefer the sea
The cabins located on deck 8--specifically--the ones beneath the pool area are nearly perfect during the day. (This cabin was chosen for us by Carnival due to several changes we were forced to make on behalf of Carnival.) However, once the sun goes down and night time activities (deck parties) begin, things change. For example, my husband & I in cabin 8315 and family members in 8320, were awakened one night by what had to have been a table being drug across the deck above us. The sound started at the balcony and continued all the way out our door.  Read entire member review.
Disappointing by kelnstevie

The cabin was typical of cruise ship cabins as far as size. The décor is a little dated, but it was clean. Our TV died on the 1st day of the cruise, but we notified guest services, and it was quickly replaced with a new flat screen. The navigation channel was not working and we told the maintenance guy who replaced our TV, and he promptly put that channel up for us. The bed mattress was very old, and the spring stuck to the top of the mattress. Our cabin steward was notified and he placed a mattress pad on top of the old mattress and it did help. This bed did not measure up to "the bed" Carnival cruise ships are known for. The bathroom is just small, efficient, but small and there is nothing else to say about that. Our room was at the intersection of the cross hall and the odd number hall, but walk straight out the door, turn left, and straight up the stairs to the Lido dining room. Very convenient, but also very loud late at night when the partiers make their way back to their staterooms. Our neighbors were party animals, and at times were loud, but they were very entertaining as well...all in good fun. Be ready to hear the chairs moving around on Lido in this cabin, but it didn't interfere with our enjoyment. Overall good cabin and location.

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Annual Winter Cruise by Hardrock12
Our cabin was 8350. This is a terrible location. Directly under entrance to Lido restaurant. Wood floor. You can hear sliding chairs and tables day and night. Just someone walking across is very loud. Avoid cabins 8346-48-50-52.These are 4 cat. upgrades. Just tell them to leave you on 6th or 7th floor.  Read entire member review.

Occasionally at night you could hear tables etc being moved above you. I assume this was Lido deck nightly cleaning and it didn't really bother us. The good news is that you could be in Lido restaurant or pool area in about 1 minute from the time you left your stateroom..if you hustled? About 30 seconds.

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Spring Break on Freedom!! by Crusin' Teacher
Our cabin was really noisy as the Lido kitchens must have been directly above us. There was banging all night long.  Read entire member review.

Our room was spacious and well maintained. There was some rattling in the ceiling boards due to the ships boat that was quite annoying. The bathroom was bigger than I can recall on other ships. Television was old and the station options weren't great.

 Read entire member review.

Good, clean cabins with great location. Could hear a little Lido noise at times but no big deal

 Read entire member review.

The cabin was spacious and had lots room for storage. There were hangers and robes in the closets. The balcony can be opened up to share with friends.

 Read entire member review.
Great Staff by jean456

Our cabin was extremely noisy. Besides all the regular ship noises of vibrating and rocking, the Lido deck is located directly above the cabin. There is also a 24 hr pizza place directly above this cabin. On our last night we were kept up until 3AM from staff moving all the chairs around each time they cleaned up. It was so loud my fiancee had to go up there and personally ask the staff member to please not drag the chairs.
Besides the noise, the cabin is big and very clean. Balcony is great, and we were able to make our families balcony in room 8434 next to us all one balcony.

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Great cruise! by b_cruise

Very roomy, bit noisy.

 Read entire member review.
Fun Ship 2.0! by shenstar

We had an aft balcony room on the 8th floor which was best enjoyed as you depart from ports of call as you have the final parting view. It was less enjoyable in the heat of the day as unless there was a cross-breeze, there was no air movement and it was just hot. Evenings were quite nice though. There was also a weird daily occurrence that the entire aft section (rooms included) smelled very strongly of used cooking oil each evening (after 10PM). I don't know if this had something to do with the Lido deck being above us, but the smell of french fries was distinctive and strong each evening. Our room steward was top notch and satisfied our every whim including extra ice and glasses to help us with an in-room party with some of our new cruise buddies as we departed our final port of call.

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Cabin 9205. Well worth the money spent on this room. Includes a fully stocked fridge, whirlpool tub, extra closet space, king size bed and plenty of room to stretch out. Don't like that the Grand Suite forward of this cabin has an extended balcony and comes face to face with this cabins balcony, but not a big deal. Not a lot of noise other than other cruisers going to their rooms. No funny smells, nice decor and very clean. Port side of ship. If you don't like to feel motion when sea cruising then find a room in the middle of the ship. On windy days don't expect to get out on the balcony while at sea - door is hard to open and rattles inside of room.

Loved the room!

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Small, but adequate. Good storage, better than usual shower. Comfortable bed. Inadequate air conditioning. Near an exit to a small deck overlooking the ship's bow.  Read entire member review.

I was on the lido deck balcony room 9222 forward. I loved the room ,but heard water running every night ,but it didn't disturb my sleep. It was a great location. There is a door a few cabins away that leads to an upper deck above the bridge. The floor was quiet and close to everything.

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Great Location on Lido deck, Didn't notice much noise at all. Balcony was just fine I have no problem with the size at all. Had our divider opened so we could have 1 long balcony with our traveling companions.  Read entire member review.

Terrible location across from the utility closet. Noises morning and night. Stay away from this room. Lido deck was great though.

 Read entire member review.
Great balcony, central location!  Read entire member review.

We were in cabin 9269. We could hear the music from the Atrium at night, so we put two pillows in front of the door to block out the noise. Our room steward was Sladana, from Serbia. She was very nice and greeted us every time we saw her and asked what we did in each port. You now have to request an ice bucket. No towel animal on the first night. Our showerhead wouldn’t stand up, kept falling sideways in the hole. Our curtain rods were broken off, so we had to pull the curtains over with our hands.

 Read entire member review.
Cabin 9270 The only good thing about this cabin is the location. The Room steward was the worst we have ever had, we had no bathrobes, beach towels, Ice bucket and there was never a bottle of water in the cabin. He wouldn't put enough towels in the room even though we asked more than once in the end the towel animal dried my hair every morning. The shower flooded the bathroom every time we used it and overnight the toilet would fill up to the top with water (I learned after the first night to look before I sat) The door handle on the balcony door didn't work so the only way to lock it was at the top but we got a whistling noise when the ship rocked from the wind. When seas were active there were really loud creaking noises that kept us awake half the night. The plus is you couldn't hear the music from the lobby bar. I loved being on the Lido deck just wouldn't do that cabin again.  Read entire member review.
9273- Greatest spot for a cabin! On Lido deck, mid ship right in front of elevators. We had a 100 foot walk to the pool and I just can not speak any more highly of this cabin location!  Read entire member review.
Our cabin was horrible. The entire room shook so badly the mirrors were coming away from the walls. The bathroom flooded every time we took a shower and I don't mean a small puddle but water went out of the bathroom and flooded the cabin. There was also a mysterious red stain on our sheets.  Read entire member review.
No "My pleasure" from crew when thanked. Liked the table artist magician at dinner. Terrible buffet crowd management. Too many smoking areas.  Read entire member review.

Room was quite nice and oversized balcony was great!

 Read entire member review.
Our cabin was spacious enough for 3 adults to share. The bathroom was always clean and in working order.  Read entire member review.
Watch out for the wood shelf under your TV - if you're 5'1" like my girlfriend you'll bump your head on it.  Read entire member review.
Freedom from the Seas by islandman444
Cabin is OK, just stay out of the public areas!  Read entire member review.
Carnival cabins are among the largest of the cruise ships. Our cabin on deck 1 was enough for the two of us, plenty of storage and closet space, bath is of good size, the only problem would be the sleeping time for some, since deck 1 is close to the engines specially if you are in the rear section, but it was not a problem for us. The things to watch when you choose location is to make sure the cabin is not near the elevators and hopefully with another cabin deck above and not something like the gym or other noisy area.  Read entire member review.
These cabins were rated but not individually reviewed; read the full cruise review for opinions on cabins and more.
Cabin Rating
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