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Oasis of the Seas Cabin Reviews - Superior Oceanview Stateroom with Balcony

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Superior Oceanview Stateroom with Balcony Cabins 48 Reviews
Two twin beds (can convert into queen-size), private balcony, sitting area, and a private bathroom. (182 sq. ft., balcony 50 sq. ft.
Superior Oceanview Stateroom with Balcony (D7)
Superior Oceanview Stateroom with Balcony (D7)

Cabin Rating
Since the cabins were one of our concerns, we were not really happy with them. Everything was exceptionally clean and our stateroom attendant was the best though. The rooms were quiet, we had a great view, the closet was not really too small. The bathroom was small and we did have that concern. There were no outlets in the bathroom nor enough in the room for that matter. There was just not enough room to walk around someone else in the room. Although the balcony was small, it was OK. The dividers were not private and you could see through and around them easy!  Read entire member review.
Smaller than usual RC balcony, but beautifully appointed. Fabulous shower! I never did find the right elevator that lead to my room so it was a very long walk to the door. If I had spent more time, I would have found my section of the ship to aim for. I was on Deck 9.  Read entire member review.
Our balcony cabin was spacious, bright and well decorated. We enjoyed it very much. Our cabin steward looked after us very well.  Read entire member review.

The Cabins were good enough. Nothing to complain about them.

 Read entire member review.
Our cabin was 7306. Balcony - nice Room size - just enough Furniture - liked having the sofa and coffee table TV - liked the ability to turn the screen making it viewable while in bed. Linens - Nice quality cotton. Pristinely) white, crisp, clean fragrance. Comfortable mattress and pillows Bath - Nice shower, sink was a tad awkward but not enough to be an issue Noise - No noticeable noise  Read entire member review.
Amazing Cruise by charsin
Our room # was 7676 and we thought it was great. Suitcases fit under bed if they are open.  Read entire member review.
Good but crowded by pjuer56

Very spacious room, with nice balcony. Roomy bathroom with excellent shower.

 Read entire member review.

The stateroom was great as was the service for the room.

 Read entire member review.
We thought there was plenty of room, storage, closet space, hangers, etc. the bathroom was very small but the shower was nice. The balcony had plenty of room as well. The bed was so incredibly comfortable!  Read entire member review.

Plenty of room and storage for two guests - more than two might be tight - the en suite was good - the shower was small but of adequate size for me (3xl guy) - plenty of hanging space. We loved the balcony which was bigger than we expected. Some people have commented about the difficulty of accessing the power points (outlets) but there is now a set of three power points on top of the vanity unit - I guess these have been retro fitted as the original points under the unit are still in place. The AC was excellent.

Jack kept our room clean and made us a lovely rabbit and snake!

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Our cabin was at the rear of the ship. Small cabin and had to walk to get anywhere - Better in my opinion to be in the middle of the ship or on the Boardwalk balconies at the rear at least you can then see the aqua shows  Read entire member review.
Generally, the cabin was fine--very compact, but ample storage space. The bathroom sink is very small and too low.  Read entire member review.
Rooms are very small, even with this category. Our 2 sons had the room next to us, I don't know how 4 would fit in this room. Lots of closet space. Shower is like a phone booth, almost like camping.  Read entire member review.
The cabin doors open out, not in. So each time someone leaves their cabin, it's hard to close the door quietly and it just slams. It's very loud all hours of the night. Also, the balconies are not very private. There is a metal sheet, with about an two inch space at the bottom. Then there is like a frosted plastic extension (that can be removed if you're next to family/friends). It has a rounded edge, so if you go to the railing of your balcony, look to the left or right and you will see your neighbor(whether you want to or not). You have a sliding glass door which if everyone is out on the balcony, you can't close the balcony door properly (so if one of you is a smoker, the smoke smell will get in the room). The closets are small, so you have no hope of storing your luggage in there; slide the bags under the bed...they will fit. Also, there aren't many drawers. There is a top drawer that has the complimentary hair dryer in it. Then there is a deep drawer, followed by what looks like a deep drawer, but when you open it, it has a shallow bottom. If you're modest about your underthings, use the one deep drawer. Everything else, you probably will end up folding and putting on the shelves in the closet. This room (10142) is toward the front of the ship and close to the elevators.  Read entire member review.

We were in cabin 10274 and could not have been happier. It was a D7 and had a balcony. It was considered AFT but we chose it because we wanted to be somewhat aft since that is where the pools and central park are located. It was only a few cabins from the elevators which was also really convenient. The cabin itself was a little smaller than on the Freedom Class ships but was fine for two people. The bedding was great! This cabin is in a great location.

 Read entire member review.
10318- huge closet, very nice balcony (lifeboat far below), good aft location (Dining Room, Boardwalk, Windjammer, etc. are all aft), very quiet.  Read entire member review.
Great location. We had debated the pros & cons of oceanview balcony vs. one overlooking Central Park, Boardwalk, etc. Choosing the oceanview was a great choice.There are many places in the public areas to sit and enjoy the action, but there is nothing like retreating to your own balcony to listen to the waves and watch the beautiful sea go by for a bit of quiet. Having a cup of coffee on one's balcony in the morning is the best start to what might become a very busy day. Deck 10 was a good location - very quiet and very still. Never heard any other sounds unless I was on my balcony & usually couldn't tell we were moving. The rooms seem to be a little smaller and perhaps have a little less storage than some other ships, but they were adequate. Luggage still fit under beds; that's always nice. Had brought a little hanging closet shoe bag, which was quite useful for storing a variety of small items. Bed was very comfortable and had pillows of different degrees of firmness, so you could choose what fit your needs best. 7 great nights of sleep - better than home.  Read entire member review.
Needs more storage space. Glad they moved outlets. Closet in better location but doors hard to open. Nightstand did not have drawer. Coffee table TINY  Read entire member review.
Ample space to store everything (especially under the bed for suitcases), lots of hangers, a much larger shower than on either the Voyager or Freedom class ships, excellent bed and bedding, great view, no noise from hallway (and we were near the elevator which we appreciated), and ample balcony. No complaints from us!  Read entire member review.

Our room was very nice and clean. Richardo, our cabin steward, was both friendly and funny! The other cabin steward that worked just up from him was from Jamaica and he would sing as he worked and had the funniest infectious laugh that made it extra comical and enjoyable when we saw them together. We always encouraged him to continue singing which made his laugh all the more. They knew us by name from the first day on and always asked if we needed anything. Ice in the ice bucket twice a day and extra towels was all we ever asked for. We put the mini bar stuff on the top closet shelf so we could use the fridge. We could have asked that they be removed but we didn't want to bother him. The mattress was a little uncomfortable for us (We have a Sleep Number bed at home) but it was fine. We didn't complain. We would certainly book this room again! The ocean balcony was perfectly located. Yes, it was a walk from the elevators, but we didn't mind the walk to offset all the extra food we were eating! :) We loved being in an ocean balcony, as we always enjoy. For us, being on a ship is not fun if you can't SEE the ocean from your room. The ship is so big that if you were in an interior room or interior balcony, you wouldn't even know you were on the ocean. Just too much like livimg in a fishbowl for us. There was absolutely NO privacy in an interior balcony. When we were overlooking the Boardwalk or Central Park, you looked right into people's balconies. If I HAD to choose one to stay in, it would have to be one overlookiing Central Park. The extra $ for an ocean view is well worth it. Also, being in the aft just a few steps from the public hidden balcony was wonderful!!! Thanks to our TA for suggesting it! We caught the Aqua Show from there the night before we has reservations and sat out there on the lounge chairs a few times, both in port and on sea days. There was a nice view of the port as we left on the public balcony, as well as seeing ships in dock next to us. It was interesting to see the Aqua Show from a different prospective. There were only 10 of us out there on the balcony watching the show, but the other times we went out there we were the ONLY ones!. It is quite a hidden gem!! There are other aft balconies that really only those on those decks know about (and only if they take the time to walk down and check out what's behind the door with the glass insert).

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Firstly we boarded at Southampton we were sent e-mails confirming our boarding time and asked to acknowledge that we had received this. When we arrived at the port there was a massive crowd and the doors had not been opened to let people in. We waited 2:15 hours with people pushing and shoving and then the rain started. No officials from RCI or the port gave any information at all no definitive lines were set up it was chaos I have never known anything like it bad! bad! bad!

The pools were not heated and on one day all of the main pools had nets over them with maintenance going on, even if the weather is not good if the pools are heated at least you can get in for a swim. The public areas are not big enough for everyone if you are inside due to bad weather We went to the Karaoke final in the On Air lounge and got there 2 hours before it started as there was no way you would get a seat as the weather was raining outside so everyone was inside.

Well this was truly awful.The booking system on the TV staterooms kept giving different times to the one I had printed off when it was booked over the phone with RCI. That's another thing couldnt book any dining or shows on line had to all be done over the telephone even though I booked this trip on 9th April 2013! When I phoned RCI to complain that I could not book the dining or the shows the rep just said 'Yes its a problem at the moment - try next week' ( 52 weeks later and you still can't book!!!!) Anyway back to CATS so we got in line 1 hour before the doors to the theatre opened and the lines became extremely long and about 4 people deep which made it difficult for people to access the elevators going in and out there was no line control. When the doors did open people who had VIP on their seapass thought it was acceptable to just push to the front of the queue and show their VIP sticky yellow dot! There was only 1 crew member checking the seapass cards to enter the theatre and people just pushed past her to get in. Worse than that even though you had the show supposedly booked there was not enough seats in the theatre and people sat on the stairs in the exit isles to watch the show which is a complete health and safety risk if something happened and you needed to exit the theatre as it was i left before the 1st intermission (not the only one I might add) but it was difficult to get up the stairs with people sitting all over them!! Disembarkation at Fort Lauderdale was awful again another long wait with limited customs officials to cope with the amount of people from Europe entering the US. Oh and the Gym smelt of smoke for the 1st 2 days so bad impossible to train in there.

The good stuff
Nice staff and good food and a lovely ship if organised properly would I go on Oasis again NO, give me Freedom loved it.

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Totally WOWed by thebumps

Room was nice, clean but cabin steward was lacking in attention. Late clean up (after 6pm) and no towels, hard to get ice delivered. Overall disappointed.

 Read entire member review.
All Smoke and Mirrors by robertm1021
Our Cabin was small but clean. Our room attendant did a great job keeping the room clean. The mini bar will nickel and dime you to death. I found the cabins to be smaller that the ones on the smaller ships.  Read entire member review.
A great time by polkadots

Both our parties had ocean-view balcony cabins on the 9th floor, though half the ship apart. We were disappointed in ours only because every time we went out to enjoy the balcony, the couple next door was out smoking on theirs. My in-laws' balcony cabin had an extra-deep deck and I think they were able to spend a lot more time out enjoying theirs than we were able to enjoy ours. Our cabin was a fine size - plenty of storage so we could unpack thoroughly and hide the suitcases under the bed. The in-cabin TV system was awesome - loved being able to look on it to see menus, schedules, etc. Our stateroom attendant was very kind and thorough, though there were drawers in the bathroom and in the vanity that looked like something had been spilled in and never cleaned, so we did not use those and still had enough room for everything.

 Read entire member review.
Roomy cabin, lots of closet space for 2, closet has "soft close" feature, front door opens out to save more space, beds and pillows were comfortable and had and great sleep, not a lot of tv channels, bathroom had enough room if your small to average size, water can get extremely hot if you want it to, toilets were very powerful, sometimes you can hear your neighbor flush, balcony was roomy, interactive tv lets you see what the menus were and the waiting time for each venue which was very helpful when you decide where you want to eat.  Read entire member review.
Hard to maneuver suitcases/luggage with all the furniture inside, but furniture itself is nice to have. Quiet.  Read entire member review.

The balcony cabin we had was nicely laid out, with plenty of room and closet space for all three of us (3 women with lots of clothes). My only complaint would be the lack of electrical plugs (however, I've found this on all cruise ships) I think with eveyrone now carrying cell phones, computers, tablets, etc. the lack of plugs is sometimes an inconvenience. But, this did not take away from our enjoyment of the room. The beds were very compfortable and there were plenty of towels.

 Read entire member review.
We had a balcony, very roomy, but we needed more drawers and a place to store our luggage. I personally don't need the sitting area. If some rooms could have storage space instead of chairs and tables, it would be great. Keep the vanity though.  Read entire member review.
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