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Oasis of the Seas Cabin Reviews - Superior Oceanview Stateroom with Large Balcony

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Superior Oceanview Stateroom with Large Balcony Cabins 73 Reviews
Two twin beds (can convert into queen-size), private balcony, sitting area, and a private bathroom. (182 sq. ft., balcony 80 sq. ft.)
Superior Oceanview Stateroom with Large Balcony (D1)
Superior Oceanview Stateroom with Large Balcony (D1)

Cabin Rating
Great room. Quite and bed by balcony. Longer balcony is great. Can move the table and chairs back to get out of direct sun and rain. It is a little bit of a walk to the elevators but with all the food we ate, we needed to walk. Easy access to Promedade, Casino and all the shows.  Read entire member review.
Midship deck 6 larger balcony room classification. Being midship on the biggest ship, it is a longer walk in either direction to an elevator. We didn't mind since we are capable, but this might be an issue for others.  Read entire member review.
cabin 6200 was quiet, had extended balcony, 2 single beds near closet and pullman couch that sleeps 2 adults near balcony. very tight for 4 people.  Read entire member review.
You will love Cabin #6236 if you are lucky to get it. Huge balcony and room & shower. On the bump out. This is also a handicap room so this is the reason for the space.  Read entire member review.
What's Not to Like by MalteseSkipper

Our cabin was good. I don't find much difference in cruise cabins but we had no complaints. Very quiet. Shower pressure always good. Balcony was a nice size. Some day I would love to take a cruise with a lounge chair on the balcony (maybe suites have this.) Our room attendant, Miguel, was always friendly. Actually I never experienced one negative employee.

 Read entire member review.
Great Cabin with balcony. Close to everything. No noise with plenty of room.  Read entire member review.

7129- great room, although would have preferred bed closer to balcony than closet

 Read entire member review.
Oasis it is by robmhome
I really like the location of our room (7196) - it was located close enough to the front stairway to be convenient but not too close that you hear everyone going by. It was very quiet and because it was on the hump you had a great view of the water and ship - front to back. The bathroom was very small - you can't have two people in there at the same time unless one of them is in the small shower. Overall they take advantage of the space very well but the shower needs to be bigger. I bumped my head/elbows a couple times during the week. I did like the general decor of the room and the bed was very comfortable. I really appreciate they provide two different types of pillows as my neck gets out of whack when hotel pillows are too firm/high. Thankfully they provide both a firm and soft/flat pillows.  Read entire member review.
Great big ship by hkupch
D1 cabin 7592 is at the left edge of the starboard cabins with extended balcony. So that means the balcony is a little smaller then for the cabin to the right, but still much bigger than the normal balconies. Too bad that for the higher price you do not get other chairs on the balcony, there would be enough space for it. Cabin size OK for two, bath and shower small but nice. Liked the big flat screen TV, but the interactive communication system needs a lot of improvement still. Good to have one european 220V power outlet in addition to the US under the table, so no adapter was needed for us here.  Read entire member review.
Oasis first timer! by S10Catman
Rm 7600 Starboard Forward Hump - Narrow room - 18 to 24 inches from end of bed to wall. Small Bathroom with tight shower even with rounded doors. Single sink in bath with shelves on side for personal items. Shower has shelf for some soap and shampoo. Large balcony with 2 chairs and a small table, could easily have used 2 lounge chairs. Location was quiet with some noise on balcony from upstairs - dragging chairs. Voices carries on the balcony, could hear normal conversations several balconies away. Very few drawers for storage, adequate shelf space in closet plus enough to store hangup clothes. Plenty of space for luggage storage under bed - 2 hangups, one 26" suitcase, and an overnight bag. Unobstructed view forward and aft but life boats below obscure viewing docking.  Read entire member review.
Cabin was nice, bathroom shower was Very Small! Storage was good.  Read entire member review.

We had an oceanview balcony. The balcony was a nice size. Our cabin steward Jose met all our requests and the cabin was always clean. The cabin is small with not as much storage space. Your suitcases will fit under the bed. The bathroom is very small. The bathroom counter was only 7 inches wide and the sink miniscule. There is very little storage in bathroom. The beds were very comfortable.

 Read entire member review.
Cabins on Oasis vs. Freedom or Mariner - not as much drawer storage, i.e. the night stands on previous ships had drawers which was nice as these only have shelves. Miss the cubby holes in the desk/tv area on the side that other ships had. Closet was good size, lots of shelving and the safe is on one of the shelves in there which is convenient. The previous R/C ships bathrooms were larger than on Oasis. Bathroom vents would be nice to have. A/C system on this ship for cabins is not great as you have to make sure your balcony door is closed and LOCKED for the system to kick on and it never got cool. We had a D1 on deck 8...8194. Great location, close to Central park, extra deep balcony. Close to elevator as well. I loved the location. View was not as good in St. Thomas or St. Martin but awesome view in Nassau. Bring an alarm clock with you as none of these ships have clocks in the room! Also, bring a power strip to plug in hair dryer/phone chargers, etc because there are only 2 outlets which are located under the desk and a power strip makes things much easier. Loved the lights over the art work in the room, very nice touch.  Read entire member review.
Oasis in December by PeterPan
Larger balcony, good location, quiet.  Read entire member review.
Superior Stateroom with large balcony, great view of the sea and very private. Shower large and good water pressure. Bathroom small but serviable. Bed large and very comfortable. Wardrobe was a little awkward to get into from one side although plenty of space when you did open it from ontop of the bed. Nice TV which swivelled to either the bed or the sofa bed. Small fridge stored with mini bar biscuits and tins which we took out to put our wine in. Hairdryer very servisable. Small coffee table which we moved to the side to give us more floor space.  Read entire member review.

Our stateroom was perfect, away from service elevators and was mid ship, mid level. Our balcony was wonderful and will always have a balcony on future cruises. The Captain did have to make an announcement to remind people that there was a NO SMOKING policy in staterooms AND balconies which I'm glad he did because several times we both smelled smoke (we are obviously nonsmokers and were irritated with that because you pay quite a bit for that balcony.

 Read entire member review.
Closet deceivingly small. We had tons of stuff and got it all in as hangers are double-stacked for over 1/2 of the closet. Quiet location close to everything and we used the stairs a lot to avoid the crowded elevators. Small, but we rarely spend much time in our room. It was more than enough to sleep in and had a sofa to watch flat screen TV, if we so desired. Balcony was great, no noise, no smokers nearby.  Read entire member review.

Cabin was usual RCI, but balcony was larger than usual. Heard some in regular balconies complain that they were "small".

 Read entire member review.
Big spacious & comfortable beds. Closets were tiny. Great views from balcony.  Read entire member review.
Nice but not WOWed by mamadawg

On the "bump out", so larger balcony. Nice and clean for the most part. Nasty "something" had been splattered in the bathroom wall opposite the toilet. Stateroom attendant told us that it had been there for awhile, work order had been placed and nothing done yet. Apparently wouldn't scrub off - we were told "don't worry about it" so I tried to ignore it all week. Bottoms of drawers kind of dirty looking, so I lined them with plastic or paper. Attendant kept it clean all week - we didn't see much of him, but that's ok. It would have been nice to have some extra towels, but we never saw him to ask. Level of service was what was expected, but nothing more. But that's ok - we had no complaints with him.

 Read entire member review.
We stayed in Cabin 8596 D1 category on the same deck as Central Park on the hump. When we arrived at our cabin our luggage was already there and our steward Lobo greeted us and filled us in on the cabin. Cabin was small by resort standards yet very comfortable, bed was great. If I had to book again I would go down a class as you don't really need that much deck anyway. Shower was tight but always hot, storage was just adequate for 2, safe was small but fine for a full sized camera and valuables. HDTV was great, full account review and your itinerary was available as well.  Read entire member review.
Cabin 8598- Oasis of the Seas - Ocean View- extended balcony All the cabins on the Oasis are smaller than other ships- so take that into consideration. Liked being on Central Park deck- easy to go grab a coffee at Park Cafe in the am. Going up or down stairs was easy being on this level with helps with not having to wait for elevators. Great balcony- extended- 2 chairs and small table. View of ports which is fun. Quiet place mid hallway. Closet space is ample - we bring own hangars to supplement - hide luggage under the bed for most space. Bathroom is tiny- small sink- capsule style shower- somehow there winds up being enough space to store all your toiletries.  Read entire member review.

Incredible. The balcony was the best part!! Worth every penny.

 Read entire member review.

Cabins are small but never once did I feel it was too small for us. (3 of us), cabin 8666. The kids slept on the pull out couch and every day our cabin steward pulled it out at night and put it back in the morning. The showers are small. I have no issue with them, but I am 5’1 and about 120 lbs. My 6’4 boyfriend would have a tough time. Storage was unique, but if used right, I had plenty of space for clothing and toiletries. The location of our cabin was perfect for us. Aft and right outside the doors to Central Park. You could go down a few flights to the board walk and one more to the Promenade. I never heard any noise in our room and I certainly couldn’t hear the park or anything else. It was quiet and peaceful.

 Read entire member review.
Cabin 8692 is an excellent location near central park. Great central location. Not noisy at all.  Read entire member review.
The layout was a bit weird. The closet was next to the bed which made it hard to get into the closet and it had to be one person at a time - no room for two. The other item that has been discussed is the placement of the electrical outlets - absolutely ridiculous. You have to practically be a contortionist to get to the ones under the mirror by the balcony door. I am not sure how elderly people get to them, especially people with bad knees or a bad back. There are ZERO outlets in the bathroom. I also found the cabin seemed to be narrow in comparison to the Jewel D1 balcony cabins. But that may not be the case. Other than that, the cabin was fine. It was very quiet and in a great location. My parents had a mini-suite on Deck 7 - 242 to be specific. It was terrificwould recommend that if you can afford the extra bucks. Due to a flood on the previous cruise they had new carpet, bedding and some furniture I believe. Rumor was a broken water pipe. Supposedly it is on You Tube.  Read entire member review.
Big can be beautiful by TravelOwls
Cabin 9600 - Adequate closet, too close to sofa, balcony could seat 4 to eat, but only 2 chairs. Quiet location. Some heavy scraping noise from above occasionally but not a major problem. Only 2 electrical sockets & their position under dressing table was very awkward. You almost need to get on your knees to plug anything in. Cabins 9599 & 9602 - Central Park View, Adequate closet space, but not easy to access side nearest the wall. 2 electrical sockets awkwardly positioned. Noise from Central Park restaurants etc., was never a problem. Blackout curtains blocked out lights from Central Park at night very well.  Read entire member review.

Room was fine with good central location and nice veranda.

 Read entire member review.
D1 Balcony lovely as ever,not enough drawer space though.Deck 9 quiet location. Central Park view cabins deck 9 with connecting rooms for children....excellent too......lovely view into the park above Park Cafe.  Read entire member review.
Bed by the balcony. Quiet location with cabins above and below. The room was in excellent condition except for the safe, which was broken and did not open without prying it. We had to lock a ribbon loop in the safe so we could pull it open easily. The extra large balcony was roomy and private, but did not include a lounge chair.  Read entire member review.
Oasis Is Worth It by Laughalot36
Room 10202 Extended Balcony fits at least 4 to 6 chairs plus table. Good location for quiet, but next time would choose a floor nearer to the Promenade deck or the Pool deck to minimize the amount of walking. -Closet Hangars - ample hangars 20 regular/ 20 Clipped totally approx 40 -Safe was numerical key and no need for card swipe. Just don't set it as PI because 3.14159. never ends. -Surprising amount of storage area (nooks, shelves and stuff)for two people -Outlets: 2 US, 1 EUR -Hair dryer provided and worked well for medium thick hair -Hard hand soap for hands is greasy. I would consider bringing hand foam soap in future if this type of thing irritates you. -Bring makeup mirror or something which will allow you to see back of your head. -No need to bring bungee cords and nite lites. The doors are now sliding and can lock mid opening via the handle. The lights in cabin have a 'night light' feature. -Two hooks within shower to hold wet clothes, so no need for hanging cord. A lot of hooks along bathroom walls (5+). -Bed is super comfortable -Has a connecting door to another cabin. -Porch light switch is hidden behind curtains.  Read entire member review.
see main review  Read entire member review.
Our stateroom, while not overly large seemed bigger than comparable cabins on Princess.  Read entire member review.

Room was great! Nice size - on starboard side so we were always looking at the dock (we backed in at 2 of the 3 ports). The clips holding the glass partition between us and our neighbor on the balcony was broken initially. It kept banging the 2nd night due to being in a storm. They immediately fixed it after we called to advise.

We travel light (2 adults 1 teen) and we did not use up that much of the available closet/cabinet space available. The hair dryer sufficed for my needs.

The room attendant was really fantastic! He was so attentive and helpful. Very friendly - LIKES to chat!! Really helped elevate our experience on the ship!!

 Read entire member review.

10602 well located in the middle of the ship but a long walk from the elevators. Deck 10 is equidistant from the entertainment/shopping areas and the sports/sun decks. Closet was adequate and the cabin was a nice size (as cruise ship cabins go) for three. Balcony was big compared to NCL Pride of Aloha

 Read entire member review.
the air conditioning was awful. Ihave no doubt it is because of the open areas but if you get a balcony room be prepared for you AC to shut off when ever you go on the balcony. Also NO ONE told us if when you are in your room you turn off the master light switch you also turn off the AC so our first night was miserable.Our room attendent never told us or the other people with our group.  Read entire member review.
Oasis Cruising by mimiandpapa

Typical balcony stateroom with a tad larger balcony, which was great

 Read entire member review.
Our cabin was fine. It is small and we spent almost no time there except sleeping and changing. The extra large balcony was not worth it because the chairs were just sitting chairs and it was not comfortable to sit there. People smoking below also drifted into our room when we had the door open. We brought a power strip which made charging our devices much easier. Bathroom works fine. If you get adjoining rooms you can have the balcony opened however check it before going to sleep. One night the cleaning staff opened it and left it open. We missed it and had our door open all night. It took five calls to get it locked in the morning.  Read entire member review.

Small but nice. Big deck. Ample storage.

 Read entire member review.
Cabin 11598 - Oasis of the Seas- Great sized balcony- mid ship so quite a walk to room. Quite location. Room is okay size - when pull out sofa is out you can't move at all. Bathroom is tiny- you can sit on toilet and wash your face in the sink at the same time - really. Closet has plenty of hangars- drawer space is very limited- limited bathroom storage. Room for luggage under bed.  Read entire member review.
Our cabin was wonderful. It was a handicapped accessible room (we are not handicapped). The bed was so comfortable (king size). There was a bunk that came down from the ceiling and a chair folded out into a bed. The kids were very happy not to have to sleep together. There was plenty of storage. There was a very nice wardrobe. The bathroom was roomy and the water pressure in the shower great. I have only good things to say about the cabin. I commented many times to my husband how sound proof the rooms were. Deck 12 room 166.  Read entire member review.
Our cabin was on the port side of the ship(12192) and we were not told that this is the smoking side of the ship.This mandatory information should have been provided by the salesperson when we booked. This meant that anytime we opened our balcony door, our room was filled with smoke from our neighbours. We also could not enjoy sitting out on the balcony for the same reason. Otherwise, we found our cabin to be well appointed and the view from our balcony was superb.  Read entire member review.
Oasis is great by bcontinental

Cabin 12204 - good size, quiet location and adequate bathroom for 3 adults.

 Read entire member review.
We had a D1 cabin and during the cabin crawl realized that there was virtually no difference between the D categories (D1 through D8)except for location. There appeared to be two different layouts one found the bed next to the closet which is what we had and it felt crowded. The other option was having the bed closest to the balcony with the sofa next to the closed; preferred. This was our second hump cabin and I really think this feature is over-rated.  Read entire member review.
We were on deck 12 with a balcony room that faced the ocean. Good location and the balcony had a taller table with 2 chairs. The beds were very comfortable with improved linens and pillows. Bathroom and amenities were similar to Voyager and Freedom class ships except that there is less storage. The biggest critique of the cabin was the lack of storage space. The closet seemed smaller (but width, depth, and height). Fewer shelves inside the closet for personal items and the safe was smaller, too. The TV was huge but there was relatively no other space for storage in the room - just 3 drawers and 2 small narrow cubbies. The couch was comfortable. It was difficult to keep the room cool enough for our taste.  Read entire member review.
As in our review we felt the cabin was smaller than on other RCI ships,the sink in the bathroom is to low.Bedside cabinets would have been better than open ended shelves.  Read entire member review.
Don't think high is better, deck 14 has an overhang from the above deck, I would suggest about deck 10. Don't waste money on a large balcony, you still only get one table and two chairs, even though there is room for sun loungers.  Read entire member review.
Our room was on deck 14 mid ship. We had a larger balcony than usual and on the first day our cabin steward got a lounge chair from the pool deck for us. Our room is right below the pool deck and on day 3 at 4:30 in the morning the cleaning crew woke me up by dragging stacks of chairs across the floor above our room. I would recommend getting a room on the 12th deck. No deck 13 on ship.  Read entire member review.
Favorite Boat so far by thelight12

Great spacious rooms bigger than even the deluxe balcony on the Royal Princess.

 Read entire member review.
Good Cruise for the Family by imacruisejunkie
Very nice cabin - bed was very comfortable. A/C worked well. Balcony was large and view was terrific. We could not hear any noise around us, coming from either the adjacent rooms or the hallway. Bathroom is fine - small, of course, but lighting was great, water was always hot, and plenty of storage for our toiletries. We liked the interactive TV that permitted us to see what was going on, menus, activities, info about shore excursions, etc. Very useful. Cabin service was outstanding. We never had to ask for a thing - our cabin attendant could not have been more attentive.  Read entire member review.
Where Was the WOW? by KingFish4001
Poorly designed cabin. Storage spaces were small, electrical outlet in a bad place under the desk. Door to the balcony kept whistling in hot air when the door was not locked. Door could not be locked when one of us was out on the balcony -- unforgiving design. The vertical shelves next to the desk were stupid -- couldn't store anything in them except toothpicks!! Ludicrous!! And the sink space in the bathroom was so narrow!!  Read entire member review.
Exceptional Ship by Sea Lavender
We cabin was an ocean view cabin on deck 14, mid ship with a large balcony. There was an over hang from above - deck 15 which some might say stops the sun from hitting your balcony. Also, with a large balcony you do not get anything more than standard table and two chairs. Our cabin was nice, modern and very clean. Our bed was large, comfy and linen to a good standard. Our layout was good, bed nearest to the patio door. We had three suit cases, and managed to fit them under the the bed. I managed to find a home for everything which was impressive as I did take everything but the kitchen sink!!! Bathroom was much improved, light and modern with a better shower enclosure. Whilst the towels were of a very good standard, I just wished the bath towels were bigger. Television was great, the information system was brilliant and you are able to see how busy the restaurants were. Some good T.V. shows, and I liked the morning show that was recorded the night before by the cruise director Amy and Zack. If you like a cabin on the higher decks as we do then I'd say book a cabin maybe on decks 8/9/10 as it's quicker to get about... The lifts are always busy. And don't worry about movement, we honestly never felt the ship move - I know that is always a key factor when choosing a cabin. If you book a cabin looking inwards, especially at the back of the ship where the sports area is (zip line etc) then the higher up you are the more you will be seen on your balcony.  Read entire member review.
January 16-23, 2010 by onemantax
The cabin was very small (especially the width) and the bathroom was barely adequate. We enjoyed the balcony and found it to be spacious. The room was quiet and the room steward was excellent.  Read entire member review.
I was in a category D1 ocean view balcony cabin on deck 11 of the Oasis of the Seas. It is definitely smaller than other balcony rooms on the Voyager class ships but the balcony seemed to be slightly larger. The bathroom is typical size and very serviceable for cruise ship life. The beds are very comfortable compared to other cruises. closet seemed to be smaller but we have never needed all the closet space on a cruise, so good there. Not noisy but when neighboring cabins opened their closet doors it seemed to be very loud, but no other noises from cabin to cabin. Overall great quality and very livable for a week on cruise ship in the Caribbean  Read entire member review.
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Cabin Rating
Highly recommend it! by PhillyFamily
Great BIG Ship! by 71Bruin
Big Ship Big Fun by balconies4me
Cruising with teens... by CrusinMermaid
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