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Oasis of the Seas Cabin Reviews - Boardwalk View Stateroom with Balcony

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Boardwalk View Stateroom with Balcony Cabins 44 Reviews
Two twin beds (can convert into queen-size), boardwalk view balcony, sitting area, and a private bathroom. (182 sq. ft., balcony 52 sq. ft.)
Boardwalk View Stateroom with Balcony (B1)
Boardwalk View Stateroom with Balcony (B1)

Cabin Rating
Oasis an amazing ship by southphilly
Boardwalk Balcony b1 cabin 8723 connecting 8725. A very far walk to elerators. These cabins we chose were in back and we overlooked the aqua theater. We were able to watch the divers in morning practicing for their shows. It was very cool.  Read entire member review.
Excellent balcony view overlooks Aqua Theatre, Boardwalk & Aft Ocean View. Long walk from the elevators, but worth it. Some noise in the evenings from Aqua Theatre tv's, but nothing too bad-kids slept through it. Sofa bed is by the balcony, making it difficult to get through when the bed is open. Closet is by the bed, causing difficult access. Bathroom was roomier than expected.  Read entire member review.
Great view of Boardwalk and ocean, quiet at the end of the hallway, long walk to the elevator  Read entire member review.
Poor location of outlets under desk. Difficult to get into closet because of poor location and design. Limited counter space and storage in cabin.  Read entire member review.
Oasis in November by boxofrain1999

Overall we loved this room.

Positives: During stormy sea days, we were still able to use our balcony as we were protected from the wind and rain. Noise from the boardwalk was never a problem for us. If we sealed our balcony door, we could only hear outside noise if there was a show going on at the Aqua Theater.

Negatives: Great view into the rooms on the other side of the boat, so don't forget to close your curtains!

 Read entire member review.
by paulmustang

Great cabins to see the Aqua Shows and still have view of ocean. A little bit more sea motion though.

 Read entire member review.
Boardwalk - B1 - cabin 10329 Nice room - good size. Bed next to balcony. View was excellent! Great view of all Aqua Theater activities and the ocean and wake.  Read entire member review.
We were in cabin 10723 Category B1 Boardwalk Balcony. We were the 4th cabin from the back, although it was a little further to the elevator it was worth it. There was really nothing special about the design of the cabin except for the balcony. The bathroom was normal size, the cabin was a little smaller than other ships. The closet I felt was small. But we managed finding enough space. The beds were very comfortable but the pillows were terrible. We requested some feather pillows and that solved the problem. The balcony makes the room and you forget about all the little things. The glass on the balcony is rounded and really makes a big difference when you are sitting down you can see out with no obstructions. They finally got it right. The view was spectacular as we had a clear view of the aqua theater, The large outdoor movie screens, the fountain shows, the rock climbing wall, zip line and all of the activities on the boardwalk and a great view of the ocean. I have read that people say these cabins are noisy. There is a lot of noise when on your balcony but noise you want to hear such as music to the shows, movies ect. Once you shut your door it is very soundproof. And it seemed like the boardwalk was the least crowded place on the ship. So there wasn't a lot of people making noise. We had a problem with an odor in the bathroom that smelled like mold. So they switched us to an ocean view balcony. I was disappointed because believe it or not it was boring to see the ocean. I really missed the boardwalk! I will take a boardwalk balcony over and ocean view any day. Loved it!!  Read entire member review.

Boardwalk/Balcony. Very nice, compact, and the bed was next to the door. Our cruise mates had the other configuration 10721 and the bed was by the closet. This was not a good configuration for someone with a scooter, the scooter will not go into the room. So, think about that when booking. Problem was solved when RCI picked up the scooter and charged it every night and then brought it back for my brother in law. The balcony itself has a curved arc glass enclosure which adds room. The table is regular table height which makes it nice to have food on, no stooping down.
YES there is a plug at the bed, It's underneath the bed itself, at the head of it. So many people asked about this and so I wanted to let you all know. If you use C-pap it's great, no extension cord needed to go across the room.
Noise on the Boardwalk/Balcony, was minimal, and nothing was heard at night. During the Aqua show, it was still fine if the door is closed
View from Boardwalk/Balcony is exceptional. I guess you could call it obstructed if you want to, however, it was ocean panorama all the time, except where the Aqua Theater diving towers and stage sit, as well as the Jumbo Tron TV. My only issue is at night, you can't see or hear the ocean, so if that is your thing, that cabin is not for you. I would probably not do it again, because I love to sit out at night and listen to the ocean, but you can't beat the daytime view of the Boardwalk and Aft.

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I'm a big built 6' man. No problems with room or shower size whatsoever. MASSIVE BED, enough clothes stowage and quiet cabin.  Read entire member review.
A Transatlantic Adventure by NextCruisePlease

A nice cabin with excellent location. Configuration has the bed closer to the balcony. 2 chairs and small table on balcony with a view of the Aqua Theater and the Atlantic Ocean. Suitcase storage under the bed. 2 outlets at the vanity w/chair. New HDTV, carpet, and mini-fridge that kept soda and water cold. Small safe in closet. Bathroom has stand-up shower and separate Elemis body wash, shampoo and conditioner delivered by cabin steward, Anthony Alexis, who did a wonderful job keeping ice bucket full and tending to our needs. Nice to sit on balcony and watch the water and diving shows, once the weather cooperated.The only negative we experienced was the sound from the big screen movies when shown. Even with the door firmly secured we knew when the movie was on.

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11323 - boardwalk with balcony - absolutely loved location and view; can see ocean out the back of the ship as well as view aquatheatre; only drawback is no privacy on balcony like if you have an oceanview balcony, but that is not a problem for us. After doing a boardwalk balcony I will not go back to a regular ocean balcony unless I am lucky enough to get a suite. The bed is by the closet; loved the public balcony at the end of the hall for sailaways or for further viewing aqua theater. Very little hall traffic cause you are toward the end of the hallway.

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What a ship!! by SCOOP
Cabin 11323, great location by the deck 11 public balcony. Bed is by the closet. no noise issues from the boardwalk below. The doors are very sound proof.  Read entire member review.

We loved our room-- the view was great and we loved having a balcony. Occasionally we heard noise from the floor above us or rooms around us, but overall, it was a fantastic room. I felt perfectly comfortable with the size of the room. We also had the most wonderful stateroom attendant!

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Boardwalk can be a little noisy but our cabin was near the aqua theater we could see the zip liners, rock climbers, and the performances at the aqua theater WE LOVED IT.Shower was interesting but at least you don't have to fight with a shower curtain.  Read entire member review.

Cabin Deck 12 Category C2 Deck 12 Category D5 Deck 8 Category B1 : Our group all had quiet small cabins. The safe is much smaller compared to other ships ( an ipad mini barely fits inside and you can stack maybe 7 ipad mini on top of each other ) Towel Animals in all our rooms hurray ! The boardwalk and park view also offers a view of the sky and Deck 15. Balcony is great for drying wet stuff. Outlet in on top of the desk easy access. Large luggage will slide under the beds. Beds are comfortable enough like Westin Heavenly Beds. Shower water pressure and heat are glorious. The shower has sliding doors and you will need to squat to pick up fallen items. We heard some people having to slide the shower doors open in order to bend over to pick up stuff off the shower floor LOL. A few more metal wall knobs would have been nice to hang stuff up in the bathroom or main room. Bed is barely a foot away from the closet and I can see that being a problem for larger people.

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Behemoth of the Seas by EJKorvette
Even with sliding door closed and locked still heard noise from Boardwalk Could not see time on phone; need a clock in the cabin Could have used more air conditioning Was great for napping; blackout curtains really made it dark  Read entire member review.
Great view, very noisy outside on the boardwalk. Layout of the cabin was better than expected. The led lighting over the artwork was excellent. Other than that we loved it. Room 12325.  Read entire member review.
Great view of the Aquatheater and the ocean beyond. Quiet when the door is slid shut and locked. Suffers from some vibration and movement when the ship is at full speed. There was an odd sewage smell lingering in the corridor some days and the wash basin does not empty unless you lift the plunger mechanism out. Quite spacious with a large closet but a small safe. Overall ideal for a couple and one small child. After that it would start getting annoying.  Read entire member review.
Good location but very small cabin. There is no room to put your empty luggage. We had to stack them on the sofa. The safe is also too small. You cannot put the smallest netbook computers in it. Needless to say we were not happy with the cabin. Internet is a waste of money. TV has nothing to watch except ads trying to sell you products. Smelled sewage in the hallway but not in our cabin. Also since were on the Boardwalk the cabin can be very noisy late at night or early in the morning. Take with a power bar. There is only two wall plugs and the one in the bathroom is not very practical.  Read entire member review.
Amazing Vessel, But... by stewedprune

Stateroom 12 725, a boardwalk balcony room. I do not recommend this one as it is quite small and the noise from the activities on the boardwalk was disconcerting. Not much privacy either.

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My daughter's cabin was sufficient for sleeping in but not very roomy particularly when the extra bed was made up. The balcony was needed if any time was spent relaxing in the cabin. Our cabin was an adapted one and had everything we needed and room for the two wheelchairs (one manual and one powered) which were used during the trip. The only thing was that the door into the bathroom was not powered and the carer needed to be present to enable the wheelchair user to enter. All other bathrooms on the ship had push button entry doors - why not in the cabins? We overlooked the Boardwalk and my daughter overlooked Central Park - neither cabins were disturbed by noise. Soundproofing is excellent.  Read entire member review.
Sep. 15 Cruise by mmn531
Noise level was non-existent even being directly below the sports deck. You definitely need to bring a power strip due to the location of the outlets. Lack of drawer space but plenty of hanging room. Too many things stuck under the beds to allow for all of our luggage to go under the bed. Great balcony and good view.  Read entire member review.

Room was great and spacious. Bed was by the patio door. We had a balcony near the back of the ship overlooking the Boardwalk. We had a partial Ocean view. Slept like a baby; beds are so comfortable. We were able to watch Aqua show from our balcony. Drawback, you can see your neighbours across on the other side. In future, I would get a balcony on the Ocean. Nothing beats waking up in the morning and looking out into the ocean.

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8311 & 8313

CABIN--#8311 & 8313--We booked 2 cabins overlooking the Boardwalk in the aft section. Deck 8 is 2 decks above the actual Boardwalk and close to the Aqua Theater. We never had noise issues but we could hear the activities at the rear of the ship in the afternoon and evening but since we never retired before midnight it wasn't an issue. I was able to enjoy naps in the late afternoon. The cabins were pleasant and very well maintained. Our room attendant Brian Carvalho from India did a great job tidying our cabins 2x a day. He fulfilled our requests for extra clean glasses and towels and ice every day. He always had a smile and answered all our questions. Please provide an extra tip your room attendant since they work so hard!
We were glad we booked 2 cabins because I don't know how 4 persons could have fit into one stateroom. To be honest, we usually book junior or mini suites on other cruises so the cabin was smaller than we re used to. We had the option of opening the common door between our cabins but chose not to because we wanted to give ourselves and our teens some privacy. The partition between the 2 spacious balconies was removed so we could access our cabins from the balcony anytime. (You can also ask for an extra key card at guest services for your children's room.) Once my husband and I got used to the size of our stateroom (8311), it was fine. I had no issues with the close placement of the closet to the bed (larger cruisers may) but our kids' cabin--8313--had the sofa next to the closet and the beds closer to the balcony and that seemed a better configuration. The closet was adequate for my typical over packing although we needed more drawer space. Our large luggage easily fit under the bed. The queen size bed was quite large since it felt more like a moderate king. It was very comfortable but the pillows were thin. Luckily 4 pillows were provided per cabin. Bring your own pillow as I do when I travel anywhere. The colors of the cabin were in tasteful blue and soft gold. The pretty framed wall art depicted photos of plants or sea life. The flat screen TV was easy to operate although the recent movie offerings were costly--$9.99 to 11.99 per 24 hours. Other cruise ships offer this for free. The bathroom was small but fine if only one person uses it at a time. The shower stall has a nice round design and had outstandingly good water pressure. Sometimes my hubby had to kick me out of the shower since I loved the hot water and strong water pressure so much! The bath towels were of good thickness. Only bar soap and a dispenser of shampoo was offered. We didn't mind since we always bring our own sulfur-free toiletries. No robes were offered (suite guests only) so I was glad I brought mine. The AC was good and easy to adjust, but, as on every ship, be patient because it is always a bit warm on the first day until the cargo doors are closed and the ship gets underway. The balcony was very spacious and it was fun to eat breakfast overlooking the Boardwalk. My husband was dying to have a nightly cigar on our balcony but that was prohibited. (He had to go to the pool deck to smoke in the popular area that also had a nice bar for smokers.) Cabins near the Boardwalk are conveniently located to the forward/aft elevators. Our aft location made it easy for the kids to access the kids clubs/pools/buffet on the upper decks above. We liked being on Deck 8 since we were on the same deck as the lovely Central Park specialty restaurants.

 Read entire member review.
Great Cabin overlooking Broadway very roomy. Very Quite. Amazing stateroom attendant.  Read entire member review.

The Boardwalk Balcony staterooms are perfect for families. We were able to watch the AquaTheater shows and see all the activity on the Boardwalk.
When our sliding door was closed, it was completely quiet!
There wasn't much room to move around for 4 people (2 adults, 2 children under 10 in each of two staterooms), but when the sofa bed was closed during the day, it was easier.
Having the balcony provided more space and we enjoyed having the barrier removed so all of us could move freely between all 3 staterooms.

Storage space was quite adequate. The bathroom is small but everything we needed was stored on shelves or in the cute little drawer.

 Read entire member review.

Cabin location fine - at end of corridor and quiet. We were able to watch aqua theatre shows from balcony. No noise when balcony door closed. Very basic with no large bath towels, no drinking glasses only those in bathroom. No toiletries apart from 2 bars of soap which it seems were for the whole 5 days (where's the hygiene there?) and some sort of shampoo in the fixed holder. Bedding not fit for purpose - duvets comprising of large unfilled areas surrounded by great lumps.

 Read entire member review.
Pack a lunch by wheelchairtraveler
Noisy until 11:30 pm. Bell ringing on Boardwalk all day. Could see the ocean somewhat.  Read entire member review.
Boardwalk balcony was great - enjoyed not being blown away by wind when the ship was sailing. Closet space did seem a little small.  Read entire member review.
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Cabin Rating
Loved the Oasis!! by lovelifex3
B2B on Oasis by beachnative
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