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Freedom of the Seas Cabin Reviews - Promenade Stateroom

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Promenade Stateroom Cabins 78 Reviews
A view of the Royal Promenade with bowed windows, two twin beds (can convert into queen-size) and private bathroom. (169 sq. ft.)
Promenade Stateroom (PR)
Decks: Deck 6, Deck 7, Deck 8
Promenade Stateroom (PR)

Cabin Rating
6257 & 6259 a lot more room than I expected. Definitely go for a promenade view if you are not doing a balcony.  Read entire member review.
Cabin #6277 - nice cabin, enjoyed overlooking the Promenade "people watching"....we are night owls and out late, so by the time we went to bed we didn't hear any noise from the music, etc..........liked the shower doors verses the shower curtains......plenty of storage......even the little shelves to the left and right of the mirror allows for plenty of personal items to be stored (mirror above desk)......we brought extra hangers which we ended up using......IF YOU WANT ICE you need to request it..........would choose this cabin type again.......  Read entire member review.

Our room was connected to another stateroom and we could hear the television and their coughing as if it was in our own room. Unless you're a late-nigher who enjoys the loud parties on the promenade, you may want to avoid these (AND adjoining) rooms.

 Read entire member review.
As I stated in my review, I was so impressed with the very thoughtful and strategic design of the room and bathroom. Such clever use of limited space. Read my review for the details.  Read entire member review.
The Ben and Jerry's "Sweet", Cabin #6305.... please see my review above.  Read entire member review.
Cabin: We had booked the Ben & Jerry's "Sweet", also known as the "Cow Butt" cabin - Stateroom 6305 on Freedom, Liberty, and Independence. You might be asking, "What is different about that cabin?" Well, the Ben & Jerry's Sweet, as it's called, is an Inside Promenade cabin with an obstructed view of two cows' behinds as one looks out the window! Because of the view (which I learned was unplanned by RCCL), passengers in this cabin each receive a complimentary ice cream item every day of the cruise (yes, that means that between the two of us we received 14 items) plus Concierge Club benefits! Concierge Club benefits are typically restricted to Diamond cruisers or those who have booked the Royal and Family Suites, Presidential Suite, Owners Suite or Grand Suite. However, the Ben & Jerry's Sweet also qualifies for these benefits which include use of the Concierge Club on Deck 10, admission to the Ice Show without waiting in line for tickets, and complimentary appetizers and beverages (alcohol included) each evening from 5 to 8:30 p.m., among a host of other benefits. The cabin itself is a bit kitschy, decorated in a cow theme, but RCCL really wanted to turn this "unfortunate" design into something that is now "cowveted" and cute!  Read entire member review.
Due to the view being obstructed by the Ben and Jerry's cows, this room has been designated the "Ben and Jerry's Sweet". Guests staying in this room are allowed access to the Concierge Lounge, as well as one free Ben and Jerry's ice cream per day. The room is also decorated in cow styling. There is a crew elevator and stairway next door which can be noisy from time to time.  Read entire member review.
Very disappointed by

Our cabin was pretty much the same as usual (we did a Promenade this time rather than balcony), but it seemed somehow smaller than a Promenade we had once before.

 Read entire member review.
Nice Ship by Donna D

Room location all in all was good. A little more center would have been nicer but it was good overall

 Read entire member review.
We Be Crusin' by Sashas
Promenade Stateroom-Deck 6 #6325. Perfect. No noise or light problem. I like it dark at night. Remember to close the curtains when changing. It feels like a balcony cabin and it's easy to forget that you are on the inside and showing the whole promenade your view.  Read entire member review.

The cabin was extremely small but the room service attendant was very good. But everything can be heard from the promenade which made it very hard to sleep. The beds were separated and could barely move within the cabin.

 Read entire member review.
Very little noise, despite promenade one floor beneath. No noise from cabin next door. Good size room, good space. Crew room on one side of room the room, so is only another cabin on one side. No connecting door. About half way between aft and forward elevators/stairs.  Read entire member review.

Promenade 6587. Nice size closet with safe and plenty of hangers. Lots of drawers and cubby holes. One sofa under a window looking out over the Promenade, and another along the wall. Lamps and reading lights on each side of the bed. Nice size bathroom with shower. No shower curtain, but a sliding door instead. Some noise from Promenade during certain times, but gets quiet early. Nice room directly across from Vintages Wine bar. The Logo shop is underneath, but no noise problem.

 Read entire member review.
Freedom 2/22/15 by Fluffy627

Less than expected

 Read entire member review.
We had a blast! by pjanoff
We had a Promenade on deck six. Plenty of room for clothes, including lots of hangars in the closet. Tip-remember to put your suitcases and other luggage under the bed. Bathroom and shower were average size. For those who complain about this, you're on a cruise ship where space is at a premium, not at home. My only complaint here is that I wish someone could work out a cabin design where the bathroom door and the closet didn't collide. It's the same on most cruise lines Speaking of home, the bed and bed linens were as comfortable and luxurious as you'll find anywhere. Better than home. Our cabin location was also great for watching the shows on the Promenade.  Read entire member review.

We had adjoining staterooms 6609 and 6611 which allowed us to have twice the space and double the bathrooms which helps when getting ready for dinner. The cabins are located at the center of the promenade and offer a great view of the parades, the shows and general people watching. The cabins were nice, equipped with the normal standards. They were clean and comfortable.

 Read entire member review.
Loved the Freedom! by retiring soon
Cabin 6629 was a promenade view but you couldn't see the parades from it. You had a good view of the desk & shore excursion desk. It was handy to the stairs & elevator & a great location IMHO.  Read entire member review.
Promenade Stateroom 7275 No complaints. I read in past reviews about noise from the Promenade below. We never experienced any noise. Our room overlooked The Bull and Bear Pub. They had music and singing but all was quite by 11pm. Our group of 8 had four promenade staterooms- 7275 and 7277 (adjoining) and 7279 and 7281 (adjoining)  Read entire member review.

The room had the same square footage as an interior room but the layout was inconvienient. Because the Promenade window was on the opposite side of the room from the door, the bed bisected the room with only a foot between the wall and the end of the bed making it difficult for two people to get ready for the evening at the same time. The bathroom was extremely small. There was a minimal amount of drawer storage but there were extra shelves in the closet. The room was not noisy even though it overlooked the Promenade Deck. The only time we heard and music was during the shows which ended well before bedtime.

 Read entire member review.
Great Promanede room inside cabin

I feel for the rate of my money on this cruise was very pricy compared to the Mariner of the Seas she was the best the food for her was delightful, and very very good the cruise this time was awful the food sucked and I hated every dinner except for Chops Grill that was the Best and Johnny Rockets.

I think you all better step up and start giving us better food on the next cruise Oasis of the Seas or many of us will start a fight and law suits flying around. For me to spend 1500.00 pp for a future cruise you ought to step up and give us more than gold and a nice balcony room. The dinners were so hard to digest, the salads awful and the main dinner like slop on a plate even little kids had trouble using the toliets. My own sister who is a dr. was very ill on this ship who had tummy problems the entire ship, and I feel that if the cruise does not do anything else right please give us better meals. Or I tell you I will NEVER USE YOUR SHIPS AGAIN. I want to have my next 22nd anniv cruise better with better food but the way it is with everyone else the Navagator of the Seas and others your food is uncalled for.

Also the prices for the mixed and frozen drinks should not cost more than 5.00 each, 8.75 is just not going to cut it. Too expensive and a 1 bottle of cheap Berringer wine for 31.00 a bottle is normally 10.00bucks a bottle was outragous too.

You can make fools of so many but us past cruisers you will not be able to fool!!  Read entire member review.
Very disappointed by vulcan97
The Promenade Stateroom was as expected but the lack of an outside window made it somewhat uncomfortable due to not being able to see the sun and estimate the time of day. With an interior window, you have to be sure to keep the drapes pulled or other can see into your room.  Read entire member review.
Just what you'd expect. Tiny bathroom and shower stall. Great location. Near library (good meeting spot) and has rooms above and below so it's quiet. Promenade view is not great. View is of the bridge. Can be noisy during events, but not unbearable.  Read entire member review.

Promenade 7589-equal distance to either the front or back bank of elevators. Fairly quiet hallway. Plan on walking miles everyday to get to the Windjammer or the Arcadia theater. Mid ship but still very aware of the roll when the waves get high. Window seat to watch people below on the Promenade is great! Space is well used but if you need to plug something on the bedside table bring an extension cord of at least 9 feet.

 Read entire member review.
Great promenade stateroom, felt a bit cramped with 2 people. The bathrooms are always so tiny....but met our needs. Took quite a walk to get to it, next time would want to be a bit closer to the elevators. Loved the fact that we could see the parades/shows from our room, when held in the promenade area, without any obstructions!  Read entire member review.
Better than expectations. Plenty of room even with wheelchair. Lots of storage. Bathroom much better than expected. View would have been better 3 or 4 rooms down (ask for Street View not Promenade) unless you want quiet. Our room was almost sound proof! Bed was great!  Read entire member review.

Cabin 7631 was great! Loved the promenade view. Next time will be about 3 rooms away from elevator, more mid-ship for better view of street. Still, the noise level was almost sound proof.

 Read entire member review.
Lover Of life by LOVER OF LIFE
Promenade staterooms (8257, 8259, 8261, 8263): each pair are connecting staterooms; two person limit per cabin; adequate, but limited floor space; average size closet with several shelves and room safe; 4 drawers below and 3 shelves above the TV; two nightstands each with one drawer and open shelf; vanity/desk with one drawer and two open shelves; storage behind mirrors in bathroom and at desk; forward view of the Promenade (central may have better views); good access to forward elevators Junior suite (9344): hump cabin, great location, central to everything; spacious room and floor space; sofa and chair; walk in closet with numerous shelving and hanging space; additional closet in room; nightstands with drawer and open storage; vanity/desk with drawer and open shelving; behind the mirrors storage in bathroom and desk; drawer space and open shelving at TV; plenty of room with additional space between the curtains and the balcony door (a few feet, actually) due to the "hump" status  Read entire member review.
Reasonable size with a small seating area and a king size bed. A window to look out to the promenade was very nice. Shower stall could be a challeng for plus size people. Overall very agreeable for a cruise ship cabin.  Read entire member review.
room was smaller than expected, hard to pass each other without backing up. We had a promanade room on deck 8 and never heard any noise from parades and dances. Bed very comfortable, lots of light in the room, shower and bathroom very small but useable. We had plenty of storage and closet space, great location.  Read entire member review.
February 1 Freedom by srcruzaddict

Loved the view of Promenade and the love seat under the window. We also appreciated having a door on the shower.....

 Read entire member review.
Great view. Lots of storage space. Small shower. Very noisy from the Promenade activities.  Read entire member review.

Good room for two people. There was ample closet space though we could have used more drawer space. We had 8311 and 8313 (connecting) and the location was good. Three up to the pool deck, three down to dining and the Promenade. Bathroom was perfectly functional. The beds were very comfortable.

 Read entire member review.

This cabin is a fully handicapped-accessible cabin, wider than standard inside cabins to allow for wheelchair mobility. It has a flat-floor shower with curtains rather than a step-in corner unit with drains in the floor; my husband now wants to add the exact same layout to our ground floor bathroom at home :*). The added space below sinks and cabinets meant a small loss of storage space, but we made it work. The location, near the aft elevators, was very convenient, and the cantilevered bow window overlooking the promenade was great for people watching.

 Read entire member review.
Just As Expected by VacationJack
Just enough size for a weeks vacation.  Read entire member review.
Very quiet cabin, in excellent location. View of promenade made for great people watching, and made this inside feel less like an inside cabin. We were two women sharing, who had packed LOTS of stuff, and found the closet a bit cramped; we could have done with more drawer space. Still, we found the room quite nice. Beds were very comfy, as were the pillows, and there was great water pressure in the showers (better than I have at home, in fact!). Ladies, shaving your legs will be a challenge in this small shower/bathroom - plan accordingly. But the shower door instead of a curtain made up for the smallness of the shower. Water from bathroom tap tasted perfectly fine (again, better than tap at home). I ignored advice on this board to bring a power strip, and wished I had. There was only one outlet we could find in the room (above the desk), and we had a tough time with all our devices (iPhones, laptops, kindle). I would definitely recommend this room or the adjoining cabin 8323 where the rest of our party stayed.  Read entire member review.

Good view of the promenade, no noise from below. Connects to 8323.

 Read entire member review.
Cabin 8325. Promenade view on deck 8. It's at the end of the promenade so doesn't offer a view of much of the "action". Noise from the promenade parties is barely noticeable.  Read entire member review.
Good size, but still a little small compared to Carnival. Pretty quiet location.  Read entire member review.
Nice location overlooking the promenade. Drawer space limited.  Read entire member review.
Great Vacation by khack1818
Bathroom was small, Bed was very comfy, stateroom was quiet for over looking the promenda  Read entire member review.
8623 is a Promenade Stateroom overlooking the shopping mall. It's nice from the perspective that you have a view of something without paying the fees to have a window or a balcony. If we want to see the outside, then we go outside. The Promenade room is cozy, but is almost to small to get around in comfortably. It is located far enough from elevators to be quiet yet close enough to have a reasonable walk. This location, however, is far from the center of the Promenade which makes watching the parades difficult as you are way on one end. Another issue that the sound quality of the TV on the FOX channel only was terrible. This is my second Royal Caribbean ship with that problem - wonder if this is a political statement on the part of RC or just technicians who can't clear static.  Read entire member review.
Outstanding Cruise by dclcruiselover
Promenade cabin was very comfortable and just right for two people. It was quiet, even though we were one deck above the promenade. Plenty of closet space and bathroom was fine too. Bed was very comfortable and all three suitcases fit easily under the bed.  Read entire member review.
Staterooms - We had Promenade cabins 7615 and 7617 which connected. They are not far from the elevators and stairs which where great. Our kids had a room with twin beds and we had our own room. We chose these because we thought the window overlooking the Promenade would be better than an interior room with no view and they were less expensive than a balcony room. The rooms were just what I had expected (after viewing photos online). I did bring the extra power outlets but didn't need them because we had two rooms so we had plenty. I did bring the over the door organizer to put on the bathroom door which was handy. I brought extra hangers but found I didn't need them (especially with two rooms). We packed a six pack of bottled water in our luggage and it arrived as well. The rooms were very nice. As I was taking pictures of the rooms, our luggage arrived. We had all our luggage by about 2:15 pm! That was a nice surprise. By the way, the beds are extremely comfortable (we had trouble getting out of bed each morning). We heard NO NOISE from other rooms or the hallway our entire trip. There are two parades on the Promenade (one is late at around 11:15 pm and one at 5:15 pm and a Rock Party around 10:30 pm but they only last around 45 minutes and they would not stop me from booking one of these rooms. The music is somewhat muffled and really, we were SO exhausted on the night of the first parade, we fell asleep anyway. But in my comments to Royal Caribbean I did say that the first parade should be at 9:00 pm. It's geared towards kids and I bet most of them were asleep by the time it started! We really enjoyed our rooms and they were kept immaculate by our stateroom attendant, Emily.  Read entire member review.
could us a night light room very dark, but if you turn on a regular light it's too bright for the middle of the night and wakes up you room mate.  Read entire member review.
Good not great by MikeandTutti
tiny closet, small room,  Read entire member review.

Nice cabin. Terrible cabin service.

 Read entire member review.
Amazing Family Cruise!! by Southern Gal Georgia
Promenade stateroom, Deck 7. Tiny bathroom, extremely noisy hallway. Won't stay in this room again due to nightly loud noise from the Promenade shows.  Read entire member review.
secret storage behind the 2 side mirrors on the dressing table.  Read entire member review.
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Cabin Rating
Fantastic! by RAYMORRA
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Way More Than A Cruise by Jeffmikegordon
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