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We had a double with a balcony, it was small around 283 Sq ft. I felt that the balcony was fairly large in comparison to the room. I would have preferred to have a larger stateroom and smaller balcony. I would highly recommend a balcony. The bathroom was very small with a tiny shower. I was alright with it, but my husband who is not overweight, but he is very tall 6'3", said he felt claustrophobic and cramped.  Read entire member review.

Our balcony cabin, Caribe 309, is classed as a deluxe balcony. We had always been in mini-suites, but they were sold out when we booked, so we were concerned about the size of the cabin.

We found the closet to be the same generous size as a mini, with most of the same amenities. The safe, refrigerator, desk, bed, and chairs were the same as in the mini. The climate control system is the same. Our balcony was as large, but was partially covered, giving us more access in bad weather. It had the same furniture as a mini. Lighting is good, with two ceiling lights, two over-desk lights, and two end-table lamps.

The main features lacking were the sofa, a bathtub/shower, a bit larger sink, one tv (the minis have 2), some under-counter storage, and a small shelf in the entry hall. The minis also have a wlecome glass of champagne on embarkation.

Overall, the cabin was adaquate in size, very comfortable, and the savings were substantial, about $1,000 for our party of two on this cruise, plus a smaller daily tip allowance. We will have to think very carefully before we pay a large premium for a mini in the future.

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I was a bit concerned about ship movement in this location very close to the front of the ship, but the sea conditions were so smooth that this was never a problem.

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We were on the 12th floor towards the front of the ship with an inside room.   There was definitley a sense of motion, more than I have experienced on other cruises.   The room temperature was easily controlled with the thermostat.   There was ample storage for both folded and hanging items.   The bathroom had little room for keeping hair and makeup products on shelves.   Quiet location and only a few doors down from a bank of elevators.   My advice is to select a room toward the middle near a bank of elevators.     Comfy bed and pillows.  The cabin steward was outstanding.   He provided extra beach towels as you had to carry them to the pools instead of aquiring and leaving towels at the pool areas.    Read entire member review.
Came back once again.... by laughing husky

Not sure what KK means, but we had an interior IB category. It was what we expected....An interior cabin in a great location....It was a guarantee and I would not have had a problem with any of them, I don't think....When I am traveling with a friend, I don't spend much time in the cabin....

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As a first time cruiser the value of having a balcony cannot be overstated. If I ever cruise again a balcony is a must! This cabin was toward the middle of the ship with only one floor with balcony's above. It was called the Aloha deck. When you first enter the cabin and go about two feet in there is an alcove to the left. this space is your open closet (lot of space and about 26 hangers supplied), five shelf unit with door (about two feet wide floor to ceiling), a safe on one of the shelves, and a door to the bathroom. The bathroom has a very small shower (about 3X3), a flush toilet, and a small sink area with large lower shelf and very little counter space. The shower had good water pressure, and built in shampoo and soap dispenser. The only downside to the bathroom was that you could not plug in a polarized plug (one prong is larger). On the wall abeam the closet area is a full length mirror.

As you pass the closet area and continue into the room immediately to your left is one single bed, a bedside table and another twin bed. The table has one light on it. (No alarm clock is provided!) Immediately against the second bed is another table with a light. Each table has a storage area. to the right of the second bed table is a desk w/chair. the desk is about four feet wide and ends just a few inches before the balcony. The desk has a drawer and a storage area with two shelves.

There is just enough room to walk between the wall and the ends of the beds. As you walk into the room straight ahead of you is what looks like a cabinet that is your small fridge. there is a shelf on top of this that has an ice bucket and a tray. there is also a small round table and another chair that is cushioned. The TV is mounted in the corner on the wall.

All in all we found the room to be very nice and appointed well. Everything was clean with very little wear if any.

The balcony was good sized with two chairs and small table.

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This room was a great location. It is the highest room deck and has a roof over it so that you can go out in the misty rain, of which there may be a lot of. It is close to the elevator, but you hear no traffic outside the door. It is one floor and a quick walk away from the Aft outside bar. It is a quick walk up the elevator to the buffet line. It is cozy, yet roomy as the closet is set on the other side of a wall along with the bathroom. Large closet. The steward makes up your room at least twice a day, and gives you chocolates each evening. While I had read that others had trouble with the shower curtain, we really did not. Some people bring binder clips and clip to the bottom of the curtain to keep it in place. I truly enjoyed this room and location.

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No Code Red by SummerTraveler

Interior cabin B232 was in the forward section. I did not feel much movement at night. We got a new cabin steward midway thru the cruise. Never found out why. I knew some of the crew was getting off in San Francisco before the ship went up to Vancouver, BC.

If you use a CPAP, you will need an extension cord. The outlets are by the desk. My 15' cord was long enough to reach it.

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B 505- Typical balcony room. Greta for two people. Three is a bit crammed. The buck is over the main bed. No room to dress privately. Everyone has to take turns. The toilet seems to clog more this time. The balcony is very small. Great for two. But three cannot sit since there is only two chairs and the third would not fit. The balcony does have covering so if it rains you are protected. Bad for sunning though.  Read entire member review.
Go with the Flow! by jrbeccles
Princess inside cabin B512. Loads of storage space, nice dressing area, flat screen TV, comfortable bed.  Read entire member review.
First Princess Cruise by Rudy Gunther
Needs to be refurbished. Very tired looking. Overlooks extended balconies 2 floors below.  Read entire member review.
We had a guaranteed balcony cabin. This one turned out to be a real surprise both positive and negative. B749 is on the rear starboard corner of the ship on Dec 11 Baja. The balcony is huge - two loungers, two chairs and a metal table ans still room to move around. The view was almost exclusively of the wake, but that was a new and Ok experience, especially when sailing out of port. The size of the balcony may have affected the room size slightly - there was no couch and table but plenty of room for a desk and two chairs. The next few rear balconies towards the rear center have large metal pillars that really messed up the space and usability of those balconies - we felt fortunate to have the unobstructed one. All in all I liked it and would book it again except it is not a good location on the ship for my wife. At the stern of course you get a little more ship vibration and wiggle. that was not too much for my wife, however, we hit a 24 hour storm of up to gale force winds and the rocking and motion was too much for my wife. She avoided getting full blown sea sickness by staying the night on Deck 5, amidships where the motion was much more tolerable. So for us I guess it have to be back to balconies amidships, port or starboard. I would recommend the cabin to those who like or can handle a little extra motion.  Read entire member review.

Very small and the layout is chopped up. Should not be advertised as a full suite.

 Read entire member review.
Good Bye Princess! by
Balcony and cabin size were great. Decor was tired, the bedspread was pilled up and old. The beds sank in the middle. Toilet was not as clean as it could have been.  Read entire member review.
Princess Let Us Down by rjohnson90

Room was a typical balcony stateroom with adequate room for storage. Bedding could use an update, but not horrible. The usual courtesy robes were not in the room, or offered to us.

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We were upgraded from an ocean view to a handicapped room (we're not handicapped). Appreciated the extra room and the over-sized balcony.

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Large closet, large balcony, small bathroom, quiet, mid-ship, great location (close to elevators/stairs).  Read entire member review.
We had a nice balcony - it was the larger size and comfortably fit 4 deck chairs and a small table. The room itself was pretty small. It seems on the newer ships they've increased the number of rooms and decreased their size. The room itself was very quiet. The closet space was ample; however, smaller than on other ship.  Read entire member review.

The cabin was a perfect size for the two of us. Being in the center of the ship was good and we heard no noise from the other cabins or from the hallway.

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Nice cozy cabin, only problem was loud humming noise from machinery nearby.  Read entire member review.
Excellent Cabin. Loved the half covered balcony. Balcony has 4 chairs and a table.  Read entire member review.

The inside cabin was very clean well appointed and very comfortable we did miss our usual window but for a very hot price we could manage just fine. We were expecting it to be a little noisy as per other reviews but it was peaceful, very quiet and nice and dark at night, as lots of people were commenting on not sleeping well due to the long Alaskan daylight hour. My only complaint about the cabin would be that as we booked last minute we were at the very back and we seemed to be walking forever, as the ship is rather big.

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Comment above regarding stateroom.

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We booked D110, a mini-suite on Deck 9, Dolphin.  It was very aft, nearly at the very front of the ship, which meant that we heard and felt the anchor being thrown when docking in the water.  But that only happened once or twice.  We also felt quite a bit of motion at the latter part of the cruise, but nothing terrible.  The location was very inconvenient for our dining room, which was at the complete other end of the ship.  But it was great for the Princess Theater, which was just two floors directly below us.  As for the cabin itself, it was quite adequate for the 3 of us.  Our son had his own area with shelves for his clothes.  When his sofa bed was put down there was hardly any room to walk around but we managed.  There was adequate storage in the room and lots of closet space.  The bathroom was nice and big.  Read entire member review.

Mini-suite cabin D310 was nice and roomy, located across from crew elevators. Very noisy on last night when they were collecting luggage. It was tough sharing one remote control for 2 TV's but by Thursday, we received a 2nd remote.
Balcony was one that was exposed (hangs out past the one's above), people can look down at you, but who cares, your on vacation.

 Read entire member review.
D310-mini suite. Great location, great room.  Read entire member review.

We loved our cabin. The location was great. The closet had tons of room and the bathroom was a pretty good size. The only complaint is that there are only 2 plugs in the entire cabin and non in the bathroom.

 Read entire member review.

I thought the mini-suites were very nice rooms. Plenty of room to unpack your suitcases and spread out. The bed was comfortable and having the couch was nice for sitting with the door open to enjoy the views when it was a little too cold to sit outside. The bathroom was actually large enough for 2 people to use at the same time so I have no complaints about it. This particular cabin was in a perfect location, midship, close to the main elevator. No engine vibration or excessive noise.

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We had cabin D517. Good location, mid ship. Nice for an interior cabin. Great closet space and storage, better than any other ship we have been on. Beds were lumpy but we request an egg crate and that helped a lot.  Read entire member review.

Cabin: We were mid-ship on Dolphin Deck, mini suite, D529. It was clean and roomy enough for the 2 of us. The balcony was spacious BUT be advised these balconies stick out a bit and there is NO cover at all...meaning the people above you can see straight down to your balcony and let's not forget that Caribbean sun peaking in. We were lucky enough to have nice upstairs neighbors and enjoyed chatting with them. Also, since there's no cover, our room felt quite warm as there was no shade from the sun. We kept the curtains closed quite a bit to cool down the room a little. I would not book a cabin like this again due to these facts. It was mostly quiet. We rarely heard our neighbors but there were some neighbors down the hall who made noise every morning and evening in the hallways. We didn't care for that but oh well. Frankie was our cabin steward and he was professional and did a great job. The bathroom has a tub which was a nice treat for a roomy shower. There were lots of places for storage but I felt that Carnival ships have better closet space and drawer space. The mini fridge came in handy for leftovers and the wine we brought aboard. The hair dryer worked but made a funny noise. Glad I brought my own. It was a great touch that they played an episode of The Love Boat every day. We enjoyed this every evening after turning in. I grew up watching this show!

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Fantastic vacation by crafter188
Fantastic location between midship and aft elevators. Mini suite provides a full size couch, which is so much more comfortable than having to always recline on the bed. Port side with no cover, so if you're bothered by having no privacy you might not like this balcony.  Read entire member review.

Very roomy the extra lounge area a plus, good size bathroom, large balcony of benefit. I could suggest more detailed route maps showing the ships location and left on the screen for longer instead of continual brainwashing of the Officer lapel identification over and over. We doubt if most passengers sufficiently interested to learn all the categories they were there to sea the inside passage and Alaska not to do an exam on officer rank identifications.

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Mini's are great value on longer cruises. The full tub in the bathroom is a real plus. The tub also has a removable clothes line for drying swimsuits, etc. The closet is HUGE. The mini-fridge is very useful. The extra seating area and seating in front of a large mirror made mornings and evenings much more pleasant. The sections each have their own lighting and air conditioning controls. The balcony, while exposed to upper decks, is the same size as every other balcony (except some suite balconies). The safe in the closet cabinet is very useful. The lighting is more than adequate and easily controlled. There are two televisions in the suite, but I honestly couldn't think of when that might be an advantage. The sofa is a great place to plan a day's activities.  Read entire member review.
Birthday Cruise by mfood34
Great cabin. It's near the rear of the ship so you get no excess foot traffic in the hallway. It's right near the elevators and stairways so you can access all parts of the ship by walking a few steps. The only problem is all the other balconies on the ship look down onto your balcony. Its like being in a fishbowl. If you need some romantic alone time on your balcony Don't reserve this cabin  Read entire member review.
Crown Princess by Freedom55
Cabin D734 We were travelling with family on this cruise and my wife's 81 year old mother had the St. Thomas Suite (D736). It was very nicely appointed with a wonderful aft balcony, a Jacuzzi tub and a nice sitting area with a bar. She enjoyed her "perks" like fresh fruit and flowers and breakfast in Sabatini's each morning. We were right next door in D 734. It had an extra large balcony with 4 chairs and a table. We love the aft cabins. It's our favorite location on the ship. The cabin itself was unlike any other balcony cabin. Our steward was very good and looked after my mother-in-law in style!  Read entire member review.

Decent room great balcony very nice bathroom

 Read entire member review.
Deck 9
Inaugural Alaska cruise by Navy Mustang

Very nice room with exception of balcony.

 Read entire member review.
Oceanview cabin E-219. Size was slightly larger than average. Limited drawer space but lots of closet space. Cabin was clean and bed was comfortable. Hallway was quiet during the evening.  Read entire member review.
Good convenient location but really obstructed view -- dirty window as well. Have had much better less obstructed views in this category.  Read entire member review.
E330 partially obstructed. Not much obstruction with this one, one third of view not obstructed at all, and only half obstructed on other two thirds  Read entire member review.
Looking for water and relaxation by shoulda' been a mermaid
good size closet and shelves. shower was extremely small. nice view, barely obstructed. excellent cabin location. right next to stairs in the center of the boat.  Read entire member review.
Nice room in a great location on the ship. But you could feel vibration from the ship.  Read entire member review.
Mini suites on Emerald Deck were very nice. Long narrow room that can accommodate 4. A fully covered balcony that had 4 chairs and a small table. An in room mini refrigerator , 2 flat screen tv, lots of storage, a desk, comfortable sofa that pulls out into a bed and a chair. The bath was smaller than a HAL bath on a mini-suite but was nicely done. One feature I liked was the closet area just outside the bathroom. Overall very nice room.  Read entire member review.
Mini-suite room E730 is like living in an earthquake. Directly above the propellors/engine. Great double balcony, but awful vibrations.  Read entire member review.

Every guest had access to our balcony from a large observation deck that obstructed our view. People on the observation could look into our bedroom and living area. The only privacy we had was to keep our curtains shut. If we were on our balcony we could touch the people on the observation deck.
The bathroom was small and opened directly into the face of the person sleeping on the right side of the bed. Not a pretty sight.

 Read entire member review.
Christmas on the Crown by Lemonslikethefruit
Lido 214 Nice sized balcony, lots of storage closets, drawers, under the bed, etc. Access to pool areas and food stations and horizon court couldn't have been handier. Once in awhile in early morning we could heard people running on the track on deck 16 but it didn't bother us.  Read entire member review.
absolutely loved the location. We were close to the elevators and to the pool. Shower small, bu who cares..........  Read entire member review.

Functional. Showed some wear. Showers very small. Felt more cramped than an interior on the old Celebrity Century.

 Read entire member review.
Wonderful Thanksgiving by CozyInCarib
Shower made a phone booth look big. Inside cabin near stern was a bit noisy during docking.  Read entire member review.
Closet space was adequate;plenty of hangers; nice balcony but missed the sofa that we had on Royal and Celebrity Tv badly placed making it hard to view.  Read entire member review.
Fab Four by Council Man
Good storage space, adequate size bathroom, very quiet, very clean.  Read entire member review.
Balcony is same size as an inside room !! not worth the pricey upcharge  Read entire member review.
We had an interior cabin, which was a good size for the four of us. A huge plus was the open area by the bathroom for storing and changing clothes - much better than the closets in our balcony cabin on RCCL Independence of the Seas. We usually book mid to aft ship, which keeps us close to the restaurants, kids programs, and other activities.  Read entire member review.
Could not be happier by Chillaxing from CT
Room for 4 - bunk bed from the ceiling & pull out couch provided enough room for our girls 6 and 10. They even had their own TV. Only wish the bathroom was a little bit bigger but that's pretty standard - would rather have the walking room which this room did.  Read entire member review.
Beautiful Baltic by birdsmom
Lots of storage space, fluffy comforters, small but clean.  Read entire member review.
Huge closet, big balcony. Very noisy, tiny room and no privacy.  Read entire member review.

Room was OK and loved the walk in hanging area. The downside however was the VERY small bathroom and shower.

 Read entire member review.
Disappointed by BJBrown
Adequate cabin, small shower, large closet area.  Read entire member review.

Cabin was typical balcony configuration. Enough storage space . Shower Curtain not long enough for the shower, about 1 & 1/2 inches to short. So after every shower, we had to wipe up the water with other floor mats we requested or towels.

 Read entire member review.
Hallway used by crew to get to their quarters; generally pleasant and smiled and said hello- which made for the ones who didn't all the more noticeable. More than ample shelf space! Simple decor; but, no comfy chair, just the desk chair. Could not plug my electric beard trimmer with a polarized plug in the bathroom; had to spread a towel at the desk and trim there.  Read entire member review.

Our cabin was fine. It met all our needs. I can say though that this would be one of the few cruises I can see an advantage to having a balcony. The sights were so beautiful it would have been fun to be on our balcony and order room service and watch the views from our private room rather than the public decks.

 Read entire member review.
R 311
Balcony perfectly sized for two people but sometimes others on nearby balconies were smoking and we couldn't enjoy it. Closet was a good size with plenty of hangars, included a fridge which is a huge benefit if you carry on your own bottled water and/or soda. Bed was extremely comfortable. The bathroom was very small, but what normal stateroom doesn't have one?  Read entire member review.
quiet location, plenty of hangers, lots of mirrors so you don't get claustrophobic, sticky drawers, need more drawers. Small bathroom. So what?  Read entire member review.
Noisy! R328 is just under the Neptune pool, and we had a hard time sleeping due to the overhead noise!  Read entire member review.

Our balcony cabin was typical of that of other cruise lines except that we noticed that our balcony was covered by an overhang. Not so for the lower level balconies that were open and exposed to the elements. So, in inclement weather and having one of those cabins, you probably had over paid to have a balcony. We liked the idea of a walk-in type closet for our clothing and had ample storage for all of our necessities. The bathroom on the other hand seemed a bit small and being the shower was not a full enclosure, we had wet floors more than often. We also wished that they would have the Weather Channel on cabin TV so that you knew to dress for the day. Our cabin attendant was prompt, friendly and maintained our room to our expectations.

 Read entire member review.
Great trip! by Paul306

Everything in this suite was fine, my only issue is that the couch seemed smaller than the ones in the mini-suites.

 Read entire member review.
R519 was a great cabin. Definitely enough space. Comfy bed. Great balcony. Just the right distance for elevators, stairs without hearing the noise.  Read entire member review.


No problems except for final day. There was a horrible shrill whining that apparently had something to do with the bathroom sink pipe. They were not able to fix it before we left and it was necessary to close the door to the bathroom because it was very, very loud. Other than that, everything worked well.

 Read entire member review.

I was so impressed with our Riviera Cabin (R617). I believe my husband choose the right side because you saw more, in the view. I was so tickled pink to have a balcony. It was lovely and it was very spacious for the two of us. I liked the fact that there was two pillows (one soft and one firm) on each bed. The bed or mattress was comfortable not overly soft nor overly firm. The service was excellent provided by (C............) the gentleman who took care and provided the maintenance of our room during (June 7 through 14th, 2014) I was so impressed with how immaculate and maintained this ship was. Like I have stated in the review above this total experience has exceeded all my expectations and has left me with a very memorable life time of memories I will never forget.

 Read entire member review.
Great view, loved the balcony very quiet section of the ship. Im still trying to figure out how to shave my legs in the shower there. haha really small shower. But I will and have booked that room type again.  Read entire member review.
R737- Great Location for an inside room. Steps away from the door leading to the aft pool, buffet right upstairs, easy to get to everything we needed.  Read entire member review.
Huge closet, what a surprise! Great location - private and quiet. Loved the convenience to the Terrace Pool and the Horizon Court.  Read entire member review.
All that and more by cruisinonnie
Nice size for ship. Great location mid ship. Big closet area  Read entire member review.

The room was spacious with plenty of storage space and an inviting balcony that could not be used in four of the seven days due to the cold rainy weather.

 Read entire member review.
Greek Isles Cruise by palymema
The mini-suite with balcony is an excellent size room Deck 9 Aft. Equipped with a full bathroom, this stateroom had plenty of room. Fitted with a king size bed, the sofa bed folds out into a queen size bed and there is a fold-out bunk which folds into the ceiling to house a 5th person in the room if required. The balcony is a large size (about 7-feet x 9-feet), but does not have any overhang, so people in balconies above you can look right onto your balcony. The room is convenient to the back elevators for the Horizon Court (Deck 15 Aft) buffet and also is in close proximity to the laundry facilities. There is a full walk-in closet, a desk, two flat-screen TV's, a mini-bar, a safe and an additional closet with shelves for items that wouldn't normally be hung up in a closet. The room has dual thermostats for those with differing preferences wrt temperature. I highly recommend this room.  Read entire member review.

I loved our cabin. Our "obstructed view" cabin was barely obstructed! We were on the 8th floor which was perfect because it was only one flight down from the promenade deck where most activities took place. We were also safely on the other side of the buffet for which my belly was grateful. We were not directly in front of the stairway/elevator but close enough for it to be handy. Very satisfied!

 Read entire member review.
Upcharge on Everything! by viktoryasecret
Our Cabin was very nice for an interior, clean, spacious, large tv and nice bathrrom  Read entire member review.
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