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Caribbean Princess Cabin Reviews - Oceanview Double with Balcony

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Oceanview Double with Balcony Cabins 119 Reviews
Twin beds that make up into a queen-size bed. Balcony, refrigerator, TV, spacious closet, desk and bathroom with shower. Approximately 233 to 285 square feet, including balcony.
Oceanview Double with Balcony (BB)
Oceanview Double with Balcony (BB)

Cabin Rating
good time inspite of.... by indian princess
great location, near everything(laundromat, stairs to Horizon, elevator to mid ship etc...), storage was very adequate, balcony, altho small was nice and we used it alot. found area quiet, some noise when others on their balconies. would choose a room in this area again  Read entire member review.
Nice Little Getaway by Workinless

Cabin was regular balcony about midships. OK but a little dated; mattresses was quite sunken on both sides. Always need to mention the TINY shower princess has in anything under a mini suite.

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Wow, small! And the tiniest bathroom and shower I have ever seen, kind of like an airplane bathroom but with a shower. I joked that the designer must have won a "design the world's smallest shower stall" contest. Seriously, my elbows hit the walls while shampooing my hair! If one was a person of larger dimensions, this would be a really tight fit. The amenities are just so-so; the shampoo/conditioner combo was awful, but the shower gel was nice. The only amenity in our balcony cabin bathroom was hand lotion. I had read many reviews stating that the beds were lumpy or too soft, but our bed was fine, and quite comfy, and we loved the big, puffy pillows. The closet is quite large, and despite the small room, there is decent storage. This was the first time we booked a balcony, and loved it! The balconies on deck 12 (Aloha) are covered, unlike some of the larger balconies below us. There is nothing like watching your ship pull in and out of port from your own private balcony. The room was clean and well-maintained.

 Read entire member review.
Princess Lines by elderbands

Our first balcony ,which we enjoyed just relaxing and watching the ocean.

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We stayed on the Aloha Deck; Room A705; we like this ship location, the deck is quiet and close to the elevators; which take you right to the Horizon Food Courts.

 Read entire member review.
Our Cruise to Neverland by TOCruisersAreWe
Cabin location was great; amidships on deck 11 with easy access to stairs, elevators and all ship amenities. We were concerned that the cabin might be too close to the stairs/elevators and be noisy but that turned out to be misplaced worry. Cabins are a little smaller than on CCL or RCL, but Subdued decor and plenty of mirrors make the cabin feel warm and more spacious.  Read entire member review.
B 752 aft cabin, loved the rear view, average size cabin, balcony was a bit larger but we did have a beam on the left side but did not hinder use. little wind on balcony- good size closet, small bathroom and small shower, plenty of storage space and drawers.. quiet location but a long walk to many venues. good deck tho as aft pool was up two decks, horizon court/cafe caribe up three decks..  Read entire member review.
Amazing! by dreamindessert
Our room was perfect for a honeymoon, but not really needed if you are looking to save money. Showers are very small. Everything was the right size to accomodate what we needed.  Read entire member review.
A great cruise by bcmiami
Cabin C101: Firs cabin at the starboard side on the 10th(Caribbean) deck so it was quiet. The cabin itself was pretty much what you find on most ships. It was tight but it worked & after 10 previous cruises it's pretty much what I expected. Location was terrible because of how much we had to walk to get anywhere. The balcony was spacious but partially exposed to the balconies on the higher decks so that privacy was an issue for me.  Read entire member review.
By far this is the best place to get a balcony deck as the decks are the biggest. Our stateroom was really nice. Huge balcony, flat screen TV, the room itself was really well maintained. No ripped sheets or bad carpeting like other people have mentioned. The bathroom is really small but I expected that. We had an awesome stateroom attendant, Robert from the Philippines. He was the nicest crew member we encountered (more on that later). Our room was always quickly cleaned and he was very attentive to our needs.  Read entire member review.
Tiny bathroom, huge closet area, lots of shelving and storage, modest sized room, TV was bigger than I thought, HUGE BALCONY!  Read entire member review.
C219 Balcony. Great room, quiet, a little far to the elevators. Great layout, best closet, big balcony  Read entire member review.
We had been upgraded from a BF to a BB, C222 and we LOVED this room. It is the normal sized Princess stateroom with an extra large balcony.  Read entire member review.

Carib deck balconies are larger than other decks, and the cabin sizes are the same as other decks.

 Read entire member review.
Cabin C254 is more forward than we are used to. I can't think of anything negative about the location or the cabin. It's a typical cabin with one of the largest decks, so about 5' of your deck is hidden from your above neighbors. The overall deck was about 10' x 9' where the average is half this size. I didn't care for the mat underfoot and it's very plain looking, not very romantic or attractive. I couldn't help but think I would love this in Europe where all the ports are nice and close to the ship. I wouldn't bother AT ALL in Asia. The ship (Diamond Princess) is so large it pulls into container ports...not a pretty view at all from your cabin or deck.  Read entire member review.
Caribe floor - aft area. Love the larger decks on the balcony rooms on the Caribe level and the location in general on the boat.  Read entire member review.
Room was nice, no complaints. My wife wished the shower had the soap and shampoo dispensers that Carnival has. I had fun, most of my excursions were of the relaxing kind, but I would not recommend this cruise line. Better service on Carnival and the activities are more fun.  Read entire member review.

Our balcony room amidship was very nice and reasonbly spacious for the furniture in it though it did not have the couch included on some lines. Good TV' no DVD. Nice frig. Storage was very good. The bathroom was quite adequate. Good beds though some other passenger complained about old mattresses in their cabins. DO NOT back a cabin in the stern of this ship. Sitting in the lounges, we found a lot of vibration in the rear in the last 50 feet or so.

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Location on the port side was good during docking/viewing the port from the balcony.

Conveniently located near the aft elevators.

A little noisy near the elevator from people talking.

Balcony was a bit dirty.

Mattress was old and uncomfortable.

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The balcony was large and very nice, but people can see from above, the bathroom was small, We did not here any noise in the halls, but the was noise from the thruster motors when we pulled away from the ports  Read entire member review.
C 718 Category BB aft balcony on Caribe deck. The Caribe deck balconies on Princess are larger than the other balconies. They are partially covered from above and also look over part of the balconies below. This has never made us feel like our privacy was being invaded. The only negative about aft balconies on Caribe deck is that you sometimes feel and hear the vibration of the ship as it docks. This can be quite early in the morning and it is loud enough to wake you up. But if you're an early riser, aft balconies on Caribe deck can't be beat.  Read entire member review.
Still a Celebrity girl by Professor Swim
Great size balcony, though the room upstairs could see down onto your balcony when you stood at the railing. The room would have been a bit cramped if I had been sharing with another person rather than staying by myself. When on the Canada/New England cruise, my room was often on the "good side of the ship," meaning that I had great views of the Statue of Liberty, Newport Harbor, etc., while my family who were in suites and on the other side of the ship typically had more industrial views. Close to an elevator, but not so close that people waiting could see directly into your room. Easy access to the Palm dining room and the Horizon court buffet.  Read entire member review.
Good Ship Good Cruise by Cruise1329
C735 is towards the back of the ship. The room is nice and the balcony is huge. The bathroom and shower are small but seem this seems to be true on most cruise ships.  Read entire member review.

Cabin was a little narrower in overall width but more than made up for it with the oversized balcony and terrific views. We were on the right back corner of the ship and experienced the most breathtaking views of the sunrise and sunset we have ever seen on a ship. Only issue was with propeller and stabilizer noise while docking and leaving port. Bed we had needs to be anchored together better as my husband kept falling into the crack where the 2 twins come together. Never had that issue on other ships we have been on. Overall cabin was clean and quiet since it was next to one of the suites

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Disembarkation on Sunday was as easy as any I'd ever experienced. We were off the ship by 8:45 and at SJU by 9:20. Security wasn't bad at that hour but the line got bad by 11 or so. Our flight at 12:30 went as planned and amazingly we were back in Oregon before midnight. I'll be cruising Princess again in July when we sail to Alaska aboard the Golden. Can't wait!  Read entire member review.
C753 AFT CONSIDERATIONS: 1) While docked in San Juan -another ship is docked directly behind the Princess so you have people looking right into your room 2) St Thomas port-absolutely ugly from the aft view. Side views much better. 3) Way more movement when coming into each port which is usually around 7am. You can really feel those engines in the back. We were on the Caribe level. 4) While we had that full day at sea we visited family on the starboard side and they could see St Croix while we passed it. When you are in the aft you don't know what islands are up ahead enough to know to sit and watch for them. 5) St Lucia had a dockyard view from the aft. Saw barges being loaded. Not pretty areas. 6) On starboard aft side you could hear them using the back area to load/unload bags for departure much of the last night. Although there were the negatives: we truly loved the privacy of the aft room although it is only as good as those around you. We did have smokers in the room next to us but nobody sitting and talking loudly on their balconies.  Read entire member review.
Tiny bathroom, very small shower, very quiet location, great jumbo size balcony, wake-view.  Read entire member review.
NOT OUR BEST CRUISE by keeponcruisin48

L219 on Lido Deck. Balcony cabin. Right at the top of the ship forward. Good location as on same deck as the pools and buffet and just one floor down from the spa. Not too far from elevator. No noise in hallways and balcony not obscured. Cabin itself very disappointing, small and cramped feel, horribly designed shelf unit that protruded and it was a challenge to not bang your head on it every time you opened the fridge below. Decor very bland, bed very uncomfortable. No sofa, no footstools with chairs on balcony. Plenty of hanging and shelf space, almost too much which is very unusual on a ship. Should have made that smaller and room bigger.

 Read entire member review.

Decent sized room and balcony, good closet space. Bed and pillows were lumpy and uncomfortable. Tiny bath with a shower you could barely turn around in.

 Read entire member review.
Superb Cabin lots of space .Rivera deck  Read entire member review.
Great cabin with beautiful balcony. Clean and well-appointed.  Read entire member review.
Repositioning by drtravel47
Great location and nice-sized balcony. Plenty of storage space. Cabins could use a flat screen TV. See review for items in the cabin (and I imagine others) that need attention.  Read entire member review.
caribe deck-excellent floor, beautiful room, amazing view, fabulous balcony, quiet, small bathroom (but this is the norm), comfortable bed  Read entire member review.
Great cabin in aft but I do prefer Caribe deck balconies  Read entire member review.
averaged sized cabin closet was awkwardly shaped, it took up room shower small very nice sized balcony  Read entire member review.
Our cabin was on the Riviera Deck. Stay away from this deck as it is noisy due to the lido deck being directly above. You get all of the heavy footed folks walking above as well as the typical deck chairs scraping.  Read entire member review.

R231 - good size, lots of closet space. Quiet. Balcony good size. Bathroom ok, small shower but cleans just as well as a large one.

 Read entire member review.
R502 on the Caribbean Princess is a great midship location,however there can be noise from deck above which is Lido. Horizon Court outside seating as well as lounge chair noise.  Read entire member review.
First Princess Cruise by cruisingkatiekat
Riviera deck in middle of ship - NOISY as we could hear deck chairs being DRAGGED across the floor EVERY morning at 6am which woke us up for the day - complained about it 3 times - finally received a call when we only had 3 days left on our trip saying they would move us - too little too late - the state room, otherwise, would have been perfect - next time we'll take more time to ensure the location of our state room is NOT under a busy area on the ship - would have appreciated receiving a bottle of wine or a token showing they "heard" us. Loved the balcony but hated the noise every morning and throughout the day whenever we were in our room continually heard chairs being dragged - got on our nerves!  Read entire member review.
Riviera, Deck 14, Cabin 511, amidship. This cabin is great for the access to the amenities out on deck; just steps away and one deck below the Movies Under the Stars or pizza, burgers and ice cream next to the Neptune pool...however, you hear deck chairs being put away every night and being put out every morning - sounds like thunder. Standard room size, queen-size bed, good size closet, great balcony because no one can look down on you.  Read entire member review.
Great closet space, excellent balcony. Small bathroom, as expected. R523 is midship and is completely private from above, due to the Lido Deck hanging out over it. Nearly perfect!  Read entire member review.
R604, great location! Convenient to access adult pool and Lido deck. Quieter than anticipated.  Read entire member review.
c 718
Please return LARGE table on balcony Also put in pitchers of water in all cabins  Read entire member review.
could do better by jaykot
cabin C205 has a much larger balcony and is virtually un-overlooked.  Read entire member review.
C752 is a corner aft cabin. The views over the wake of the ship are awesome! This is a very private cabin off the hallway where there is no other foot traffic, but your own. You do hear the noise of the wake from your balcony, but we found the sound to be very soothing. The only negative of this cabin is the small bathroom and shower curtains. You would have to be a petite person to fit comfortably in the shower without the curtain wrapping around you.  Read entire member review.
These cabins were rated but not individually reviewed; read the full cruise review for opinions on cabins and more.
Cabin Rating
Wonderful Thanksgiving by southmoor1314
Not a Fan by nevis92
Outstanding! by Rick
Best Cruise Ever! by missmet31
Enjoyable Cruise by Teacherman
Wonderful getaway!! by CRUISERSWITHKIDS
Southern Caribbean by Newport61
A Big Disappointment by sparky & scots lass
Awesome first cruise!! by andy and amanda
Birthday Cruise by grandpaiscruising
March 1 by KruzinAl
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