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Sapphire Princess Cabin Reviews - Oceanview Doulbe with Balcony

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Oceanview Doulbe with Balcony Cabins 64 Reviews
Sitting area, floor-to-ceiling windows, private balcony. Accommodates up to 4 guests.
Oceanview Doulbe with Balcony (BA)
Decks: Caribe, Lido
Oceanview Doulbe with Balcony (BA)

Cabin Rating
Our Cabin was Caribe "deck 10" cabin 232 and was perfect, plenty of storage space in the closets, balcony was roomy, bed was fine and we had no external noise e.g. restaurants or clubs. I would book this cabin again if we had the opportunity.  Read entire member review.
We liked our room. The plan of the furniture and storage space was efficient. With all of our luggage everything seemed to fit very comfortable. Plenty of drawers and shelving made it very convenient and easy to travel.  Read entire member review.
Princess dissapointing by orilliaguys
Cabin location was convenient to the Piazza and theatre and one level up was the Lido. A bit of a walk to the back where the Traditional Dining was, but that doesn't bother us. Princess rooms seem quite smaller than Carnival. I hear the "mini suites" are more like a regular balcony on Carnival. However the lower level balconies are cantilevered out so we looked down into them, ours at least had privacy compared to the lower ones.  Read entire member review.
We were on the Aloha Deck below Lido and just forward of the stairs and elevators. We had a great balcony, with full overhead coverage (ie privacy). Not much traffic and only a deck away from the pool and food. Liked being up front as we spent a lot of time at the pool and near the lotus spa. Sometimes a hike at the end of the evening up to deck 12 from the entertainment downstairs but not bad and we needed the walk. Would do same or similar room again.  Read entire member review.
Great location, no long hallway, close to stairs and elevators.  Read entire member review.
Princess upgraded me to this, so this was fantastic; great location, nice size, great view.  Read entire member review.
A433 - horrible location right before the lido deck where the pool is located. Heard chairs and tables being moved for almost 20 hrs a day. Could not enjoy our stateroom at all. Finally, got relocated to Dolphin deck (D133). Outstanding suite and very quiet.  Read entire member review.
Cabin A510 Decent size, convenient to elevators. However, cabin is located under pool and there was a lot of noise from deck chairs being moved and/or people walking. Not sure if smoking is allowed on balconies but unfortunately there were some smokers below us in the uncovered balcony rooms which was a bit unpleasant.  Read entire member review.
Four Thumbs WAY UP! by Sandizona
So glad we chose a balcony room. We were able to sit / stand over looking the ocean, spotting the rising sun, the moon, the fantastic colorful sunsets, whales, dolphins, and ports that we pulled into. Our room was plenty spacious, and I was thrilled that there were enough hangers for the clothes we brought, shelves for folded items, the in room safe, spacious shelves in bathroom, quick flushing toilet, small shower (but fine shower head), wall mounted hair dryer, high wall mounted flat screen t.v. w/ remote, small fridge with ice filled bucket, and best of all...........the rubberized mat that lays across the end of the bed when you plunk your suitcases down! So smart! Daily the fabric style bed liner was layed out, keeping us aware of just using the covered space on the bed. Brilliant!!! Only one electric outlet in main room, one in bathroom wasn't enough. I knew about that so brought a surge protector / electrical outlet cord from home. This way we could charge our camera, phone and use a flat iron easily. I also was told to buy and use an over the door plastic pocket / shoe holder for hair supplies. Great idea, and I found mine at the Dollar Store. I had a yellow highlighter with me to mark the fun activities we wanted to do each day...easy visual when looking at the daily amazingly fact filled well done Princess Patter. Super darkening shades made our room really dark, and the rocking motion of the ship moving lulled us to sleep quickly. Awoke to bright mornings, rarin' to go!  Read entire member review.
California Costal by snafyensid
Accessible room, including wheel-in shower. Elevators right outside the door but pretty quiet. Balcony overlooks two other decks of balcony's but no one overlooked ours. Ramp to the balcony made it nice but is difficult to use.  Read entire member review.

B416 is a great location. Balcony is private from those above, looks down on 1/2 the balcony on Caribe deck, and another 1/2 of the balcony on Dolphin deck. No motion, great 180 view forward and back. No issues with the cabin itself (fresh and clean). The only issue I whined about is walking back from the dining rooms on 5 or 6. We always take the stairs, and I started feeling it between decks 9 and 10, which made we wish we were a deck lower. Flip side, walking up to Lido deck is a breeze! I would book this cabin again in a heart beat.

 Read entire member review.
Great location, near the buffet and upper decks and near enough to laundromat, easy to navigate, no fumes, covered balcony, quiet.  Read entire member review.
I was amazed at how usable our cabin was. We had wonderful storage, not only with the large closet to hang clothing with very nice wooden hangers, but also a shelf over it that stowed both of our large suitcases. We were also able to store suitcases under each bed if needed. Additionally, there was a set of 5+ shelves and a safe behind the full length mirror. We had two night stands with an open shelf and 2 drawers each as well as a few desk drawers. Our room included one comfortable stuffed chair and a padded desk chair, and a flat screen TV as well as a fridge that was stocked with bottled water and sodas. There were glasses and wine glasses for our use. The bed was a bit hard, but still comfortable and you didn't bother the other person when turning over. Each person had a "feather" pillow and a foam pillow. The bed cover was a duvet. Our second room was identical, but had the capacity for a 3rd bed that folded down from the ceiling and set up with a ladder to access it. The bathroom had 4 good sized railed shelves and ample room on either side of the sink for toiletry bags. The toilet flushed well and the shower retained the water. There was a retractable closeline in the shower as well. Two hooks on the back of the bathroom door that were able to keep a towel hanging on! The facets in the bathroom were all new and worked well. The balcony was smaller than depicted on Princess web-site, but was still functional. It was not private from neighboring smokers or conversations - but was completely covered on this deck. The rooms seemed well insulated as I hardly ever heard people in the hall and never from the rooms next to us like you do in a hotel.  Read entire member review.
Poor service by Thistlethwaite12

We was happy with the room glad we had balcony

 Read entire member review.

Balcony was double the size of usual balcony with balcony above overhanging half the balcony -offering privacy and shade. Deck below also had a double sized balcony but not as private.

 Read entire member review.
We had a great time! by Sharonlee912
We were at the front of the ship and brely felt a thing. The coffee and food is at the back of the ship but we did not mind the walk.  Read entire member review.
C301. Handicapped room with wheelchair accessible shower. Shabby room with musty smell. Plenty of closet and storage space. Large balcony. Both my daughter and myself slipped on the incline when we came out of the bathroom. Fortunately neither of us fell.  Read entire member review.
Cabin was nice and fairly roomy. Bed was comfortable. Cabin service was good. Shower was too small. TV was not a flat screen. Balcony was surprisingly roomy. Chairs on balcony were comfortable.  Read entire member review.
C312 - Centrally located, Great balcony space (double that of other balconies). Balcony is half covered, and half uncovered. Interior space is standard with all other cabins (until you get to mini-suites). Goo for those prone to motion sickness.  Read entire member review.

It should be noted that our cabin was categorized B2
Huge balcony with great furniture, tiny bathroom and insufficient storage space. Did appreciate the space under the beds for luggage. Midship location convenient to everything.

 Read entire member review.

We had a balcony cabin, midship which was in a great position, so as not too feel much ships movement when there was any. The Caribe deck balconies are lovely and big, and are half covered and half exposed. The kettles/jugs added to the rooms were great so that we could take some tea bags and milk back to our stateroom and make a hot drink when we felt like it. Only problem was that only ceramic mugs without handles are provided in rooms and the ones in Horizon court that you can take back to the cabins are plastic, which makes tea taste not as nice! The flat screen television is fabulous and there are lots of great movies available to watch at no charge. We could not make it through all of the films we wanted to see. The cabin is a reasonable size with great storage, but the bathrooms are so tiny. After the amazing bathrooms on CELEBRITY SOLSTICE, that two people can fit into and with generous size showers with glass doors, this bathroom was a little hard to get used to at first! One other issue with this cabin is that there is a galley for room service directly opposite this room and a metal strip across the carpet which rattles the trolleys every time they enter and exit the galley door. The noise it creates is particularly annoying when being used in the very early hours of the morning.

 Read entire member review.
great size balcony,half under cover and half out in open was just perfect. Cabin good size,great view,unobstructed.Couldn't find any faults at all. cabin C509  Read entire member review.
Plenty of space, especially with the over the door shoe organizer. The bed was comfortable with the egg crate. The larger balcony was a must (even with the misty weather). Make sure that you have a great roommate!  Read entire member review.
C520 was an unexpected upgrade for us. It was in the perfect location at midship. It is actually exactly what I would have booked if money had been no issue. We were extremely fortunate!  Read entire member review.
Hawaii 2011 by boomerone
C531---great midships location, comfortable bed, clean and shipshape  Read entire member review.
We went straight to our room C535. Small but was what we expected, clean & a great balcony. Plenty of storage, suit cases fit under the bed. Bathroom is VERY small but it works. We had requested an egg cate for the bed & i'm glad we did.  Read entire member review.
We liked the location because there was a laundry room just a few doors down. It was always quiet which was great since I am a very light sleeper. The balcony was large enough for four, we might have been able to slip another chair in there if we wanted to. And half the balcony was covered so our upstairs neighbors could not look down on us if we sat near the cabin doors. Whereas the B deck balconies were half the size and the D deck balconies were fully exposed.  Read entire member review.
Meets Expectations by vvacation
We had cabins Starboard BA categories- Caribe 605,607,609. I choose mid ship balconies with some roof covering, especially nice in Alaska with cool, rainy weather. We saw many whales from our balconies, as well as glaciers. Adequate closet space, with more clothes hangers than we've had on other ships. Many people don't realize that you can put your empty suitcases under the beds on most ships.  Read entire member review.
C614 - Caribe Deck, aft. Good location between center and aft elevators but directly across from laundry. No loud noise. Fabulous, extra large balcony. Tiny showers (which is typical) but good closet and storage space.  Read entire member review.
Our cabin C628BA was in a great location for our needs. In case of an emergency we would use the stairs which were within a few steps from our cabin. This is a comfort to me while sailing. Due to a past illness, my husband cannot walk fast or manage stairs quickly. Carib is on deck 10. Higher would present a real problem in case of an emergency. This cabin is also located close to the rear elevators. A real plus for us. The Sapphire elevators in the rear of the ship are in a large square rather than a line (similar to the atrium style). This is an outstanding design. You are not running from one side of the ship to the other trying to catch an elevator. Zip right up to the Horizon for breakfast if that was our choice. Zip right down to deck 7 the promenade deck for activities. As far as other items inside the cabin ... there were a few minor items I made note of and will only share here. The two chairs provided had a few stains. There were a few nicks in the wood decor of one chair and desk. The light switches on the bedside lamps are loose from ware. This type of switch doesn't last long. I know this from a lamp at home with a similar switch. We have experienced other ship's lights that suffer from this problem. It is a poor design. Perhaps a better alternative would be to have lamps that turn off by a toggle switch on the wall. The bathroom was very very clean. Although this ship I believe was built in 2004 this area has held up well. Perhaps our cabin steward is to thank for this. There was no fan that I could find to ventilate the bathroom after a shower. Even without a fan, there is not one sign of mold! The rugs were clean. The pillows could definitely use a good upgrading. I requested an extra for both my husband and myself. One was like a flat rubber pancake. The other two were much softer. I'm not sure how to solve keeping pillows sanitary with so much use and provide support and comfort. There must be something out there. Our mattress too was a little stiff. I have an occasional mild discomfort with my hips. Although we had an "egg crate" topper provided, my hips hurt a great deal during this sailing. Now that we are home to the comfort of our own bed the pain is gone. I always request the egg crate topper. I learned to make this request after our first sailing. Until this trip I have not experienced such discomfort every night. The balcony cabins are on the small side. There is a little dancing you need to do to get around one another. The balcony offers a wonderful escape and added space. I prefer a mini suit for the additional space it provides. The bathroom does have enough room although the shower is cozy. We found the storage quite adequate with room to spare. Enough storage to put all of our things away keeping our cabin uncluttered. We were perfectly comfortable in our cabin. Oh, the internet in our cabin on this trip worked well. Slow as usual when out to sea with a pretty reliable connection. These are my notes of our personal experiences in answer to the CC's question in this section. Not meant to be criticisms. We can't imagine the magnitude of work and expense that goes into keeping these ships in top shape ... safe and a draw to the pleasures of sailing the world. We had a fantastic trip to the Hawaiian islands and hope to sail the Pacific again.  Read entire member review.
Great 1st Cruise! by ShoppingWoman
Great balcony and location on the ship. The bed was extremely confortable - slept very well. Was not affected too much by the ship's motion; especially the last day at sea.  Read entire member review.
C748: it's an aft balcony. It was smaller than any other cabin I have had on five other cruises. I have always had a two-seat couch in the room along with a small coffee table. We did not get that. However, the balcony was much larger than average. Two loungers would have fit perfectly. Another nice feature was that there was zero traffic in front of it because it's down a short hall all by itself. I could often smell food from the buffet while on the balcony (at least I assumed it was from the buffet). We were very happy with this cabin.  Read entire member review.
Nice sized sitting area which added to our enjoyment. When it was raining or cold we could open our couch to a sofa and have a perfect view of the outside. The balcony was not covered which was irritating for privacy and for rain! The TV's were old and the channels limited. The bathroom had a tub and was almost big enough to be useful. There were no bath robes provided in the mini-suites and service was Non-existent. Closet space was fine but there were no drawers to put things in, only a wall shelving unit. There was a constant drone of something throughout our cruise, but it wasn't too irritating. Bed was hard but bearable, nothing special as they promise for suites. Except for the sitting room and larger balcony, the mini-suite is not very special.  Read entire member review.
Cabin was located on 14Th floor Lido Deck. Smokers on that deck. Heavy smoke.  Read entire member review.
We were in Lido 209 this is 3 cabins from the front. I love the feel of the ships motion so this suits me fine. Being the end of the hall it was very quiet. Lido is great if you want to be near the Horizon Court and the pools. It is all on your floor no stairs. But lots of stairs or elevator to go anywhere else.  Read entire member review.
This was a great location... down the hall to the pool areas and Horizon Court. Also, terrific views from the balcony. The balcony is plenty for 2 people. The layout of the room was very efficient. Plenty of storage and closet space.  Read entire member review.
We had previously booked balcony cabins on board Princess ships and found our Starboard side by side cabins Lido 232 and Lido 228 quite adequate and in great shape. Since the Lido deck is at the top of the ship, prior cruise reviews of this location noted that it was a location where footsteps from the above deck could be heard. We did not find this to be true on our cruise. As a matter of fact, in our opinion, this was the best cabin location that we've had in all our nearly dozen cruise sailings. Our cabin Steward was able to open the divider between balconies which gave us a wonderful area to watch the scenery go by. These cabins were not as large as the mini suite balcony cabins as we had on the Crown Princess but they were very comfortable and quiet. The furnishing were not dated and we knew they better things would be in store for these cabins in the January 2012 renovation. There was ample storage outside the cabin's bathroom in the built-in bed stands & desk as well as beneath each bed. Our cabins were on Lido deck near the front of the ship on starboard side. Lido 232 and 228 was a great location which had us on the same level as both the main outdoor & indoor pools, the Horizon Court dining area and conveniently located near the Grill, the Pizza area and the Ice Cream station, all three a taste pleaser for my 11 year old son.  Read entire member review.
L255: quiet location. easy access to pools.  Read entire member review.
What can I say the balcony rooms are small but better than an inside cabin. Mex. Riv. go on the port side. You see the ports on the way down,including El Arco and wonderful sunrises. If you come from the East you will be up early anyway. On the way back great sunsets.  Read entire member review.
Good cabin on Caribe, great balcony - loved the ability to sunbathe in private.  Read entire member review.
Quiet at night. Great covered balcony. Unobscured view.  Read entire member review.
Caribe deck balcony cabin: Cabin is the same size as other balcony cabins. But, the balcony is larger than on the Aloha deck. It is partially covered and partially open. Our balcony had two high back recliner chairs and two short back chairs as well as a small table. Shower is very small but manageable. There are shelves in the bathroom for toiletries and an area under the sink. There is quite a bit of space in the closet and cupboard where the safe is. We had plenty of hangers for our clothes. Bed is hard in all cabins we've stayed in. They need more comfortable matresses. Two tables on each side of the bed and a desk with a chair. There's a small bar fridge and area for glasses on top of the fridge.  Read entire member review.
Cabin was great, in good location  Read entire member review.

Cabin ok--had rattle in fan if we set temperature too low. Also, no real cold water--got hot quickly (even turning on the cold side) and stayed that way. As mentioned above, key card stopped working x 3.
Positive--on Baja deck, your balcony is completely covered (unlike the lower levels) so if it rains, your balcony isn't soaked.

 Read entire member review.
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