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Serenade of the Seas Cabin Reviews
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We had previously stayed in a Royal Family Suite aboard the Mariner of the Seas, but this Owner’s Suite (deck 10) was more posh. The floors at the entrance/dining area and the bathroom were marble. There was a nice sectional sofa, a large, flat-screened television that turned around to face the king-sized bed, a chair, end table, and coffee table in the large living room. There were floor to ceiling windows across the entire living room and bedroom, and a HUGE balcony. On the balcony there was a table and two chairs where we ate our breakfasts and two lounge chairs. It was not at all crowded with the furniture and we had visitors on the balcony one morning and there was plenty of room for eight of us. There is a structure over the top of the balcony that keeps the balcony shaded and would have provided shelter from rain if we had ever had any. The bedding was terrific, as always. There is a huge amount of storage throughout the entire Owner’s Suite. There were three huge closets, a sort of bar area in the dining room area with shelves behind cupboards and drawers, and a huge vanity with shelves/cupboards and drawers. There were bedside tables at each side of the bed and two tables at the door. All of the tables contained drawers and shelves. The bathroom had two sinks, a jetted tub, a stand-up glass enclosed shower, a duvet, a toilet, and it was very nice. Our room steward was terrific, of course. When we met him on embarkation day, he emphasized how he would like us to use the card in the door anytime we left the room or if we didn’t want to be disturbed, and he constantly kept the room spotlessly clean. There were plates of special treats, fruits, and a bottle of wine brought to us every day, compliments of the chef, the captain, the hotel manager, and our wonderful concierge, Rami.

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Fabulous Med Cruise by Crznthrulife
A Beautiful Serenade by rbmjrucla92

We had booked stateroom 1558 on deck 10 as it looked like it had an oversized balcony compared with others in the same category. It did, but not nearly as large as the deckplan seemed to indicate. Nevertheless, it was plenty spacious for the three of us. We explored the ship for the next hour or so before proceeding to our assigned muster stations for the mandatory lifeboat drill. We 'mustered' in the Schooner Bar on deck 6 for the crew to demonstrate how to properly fasten our life jackets and where to meet in case of an emergency.

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Ok view, very quiet, good space in closet and drawers for 1 person really. Would have preferred a forward cabin so as not to be blocked by the jetting out of the ship at midship.  Read entire member review.
We had two cabins on Deck 10 aft balcony # 1588 & 1590. These were nice cabins but they were noisy in the early morning when the Windjammer was getting started for breakfast.  Read entire member review.
Get the suite!! by hclew1965

Nice and spacious. Double size balcony was great. Noisy due to buffet located above cabin.

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Quiet location, although billed as an "outside cabin," the porthole provided light but no real view.  Read entire member review.
We were in Cabin 2021. We had heard how small the cabins on cruises were, but actually our cabin was just fine. We opted to save our money and get an inside cabin and that worked well for us - I think we'd do that again and put the extra money towards another cruise! The cabin was so well-designed that there was room for everything we brought in all the nooks and crannies of the room. True, I couldn't quite walk around my side of the bed without climbing over the end of the bed, but it was no big deal. I liked the location of the cabin. I know that Deck 2 is not particularly classy, but it was very convenient to getting on and off the ship in port. Our cabin steward was great - we expected 3 towel animals, but actually got 4 which was a fun surprise! The room was always clean, with plenty of clean towels - there was even room for a loveseat which we could actually sit on to relax. The single best advice we had gotten before the cruise was to take the stairs instead of the elevator - great advice! I ate much more than I should have, but the stairs from Deck 2 to the Windjammer on Deck 11 (and elsewhere) gave us a good work-out and I ended up not gaining weight on the cruise - a very pleasant surprise!  Read entire member review.
Fantastic Cruise by dawnloubser

Our stateroom was spacious and clean.

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We liked our room. It was small but fine. We weren't there long enough to complain about it. The bed and sheets are excellent. Sleep came easily every night. I miss that bed already!  Read entire member review.
Cabin was spacious enough for three people no problem. On bed drops down from the ceiling, making bunkbeds on one side. Shower was roomy too. Overall, great layout. We had the "large Oceanfront cabin" category cabin.  Read entire member review.
First RCI Cruise by senseidai
No complaints, quiet, close to elevator and stairs  Read entire member review.
Cabin 4043, inside on 4th level mid-ship. Quiet. Far enough down the hall that we were away from the noise from the bar in the lobby. Same floor as the Main Dining Hall made it convient to go to dinner each night.  Read entire member review.

Cabin: We were in cabin 7046, mid ship, deck 7. It was a normal size cabin with lots of drawers and closet space. Our cabin Stewart kept the room very clean, we were very pleased with the size, cleanliness and location of our balcony cabin.

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Pleasant stateroom, no noises and a reasonable size balcony, but with a canopy below, so not directly looking down to the sea.

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The HUMP room cruise by wethetraveler
Our Stateroom (7108 Hump Cabin) Once on the ship we proceeded directly to our stateroom (7108 which is a hump room). I researched this type of room for several months after booking the room. It is located at the Centrum and next to the bank of five elevators. Believe it or not, there was no elevator noise and only a muted amount of noise from the music in the Centrum. The room is centrally located. It was really nice not having to walk down the hallway. We would exit the room and either the steps or the elevator was right there. From the room to the stair case; three steps. From the room to the elevators, six steps. How spoiled can one be? The balcony was approximately 12-14 feet long. Some people say this type of balcony is too long and dark. I found it to be quite bright and loved the extra space. It had a full length lounge chair, two regular chairs, and a table. The room itself was a little small (E2). We normally book a D2 or Junior Suite. If available, book the hump rooms on deck 9 or 10 (larger rooms). The lower deck hump cabins are all E2. Hump cabins are nice and if you are a frequent cruiser, try one, you will probably like it. I forgot to mention, these rooms typically go first and early (12-18 months early). Did I mention that I really like the proximity of this room to the steps and the elevators (smile)?  Read entire member review.
North to Alaska... by whoareyou2000
Cabins 7132, 7134 & 7136...were smaller than we are used to on Voyager and Freedom class ships, but we didn't spend lots of time there.  The balconies are right atop the life boats so there is a covering on them that limits the views directly below if needed.  This may have been an inconvinience were it raining and we had to watch the scenery from the cabin, but fortunately it was good weather and not a problem.  Read entire member review.
Had a room with a balcony, we like baconies. All my neighbors were very quiet. Our attendant, was very good. Hardly ever seen him, but the room was always attended to, and perfect when we returned. Had a little bit of a sink problem. He had it fixed without myself ever mentioning to him.  Read entire member review.
7958 - heard music and singing at nighttime  Read entire member review.
My experience by debbymark
We were in a balcony and had no problems at all.  Read entire member review.
Our stateroom (7654) had an especially large balcony and seemed to have lots of storage. It is aft and in a very quiet area. The downside of this room is that there is a large metal plate below the room level (I believe it holds the lifeboats) so it is not possible to look down directly into the water from the balcony. This plate also softens the sound of the seas and we missed that.  Read entire member review.
7676- It has a great, great view - although the portside cabin with the same layout would probably offer even a better view. The fittings are in AWFUL shape. Dirty beyond belief. The master bedroom has no window which I found weird. Excellent closet space although the walk-in closet smelled of old socks. The second bathroom stank to high heaven the whole cruise so we didn't use it. We were very happy to have so much space and thought the other state rooms looked tiny besides. There was very good soundproofing and only heard music from below on one occasion. Attendant Carlos was really sweet and made us lovely towel animals every night and kept room shipshape and replenished our pool towels regularly. Cabin is all the way at one end of the ship so it is a bit out of the way which didn't bother us at all but not good for an elderly, handicapped person. Corridor smelled nasty a great deal of the time. Deck was never serviced. There was black soot on the cushions and floor from the ship's smoke stack and the nothing on that terrace was ever cleaned or maintained. It was still our favourite place to hang out on the ship and we avoided the outdoor public areas as much as possible.  Read entire member review.

The room was great - but sometimes a bit noisy since it is right over the Safari Club.

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Great for families Bunk beds were a treat for the kids We were at the end of the hallway, so there were no people walking by us making noise  Read entire member review.

Hump expected, nice balcony..seemed smaller than Vision cabin last year.

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Good cabin with comfortable bed. No noise from neighbours. Not too far from lifts. Nothing bad to say about this cabin would recommend.  Read entire member review.
Perfect honeymoon cruise! by RobertsonCruisoe

I highly recommend the aft-facing balcony cabins! Although we had a minor amount of soot some days, we were prepared for this and simply wiped down our chairs/table before using them. The extra-deep balcony was fabulous, and came complete with 2 sitting chairs, 2 loungers, and the little round side table for drinks, books, etc.

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Relaxing Cruise by tomv3088
Quiet and good view from the balcony. About as far away from dining as you could get, but near the theater.  Read entire member review.
Wonderful trip. by patriciatogher

Room was spotless with plenty of wardrobe and shelf space in both room and bathroom. Linen and towels changed daily. Balcony small but adequate. Not very private - we could see into balconies on both sides of us. Little tight on space in the room. Nowhere to put suitcases so we used coffee table and armchair. Bed very comfortable as was linen and pillows. Shower lovely and powerful. Could do with more sockets maybe.

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Royal all the way by inheaven
There was lots of storage space and drawers, even enough for the 14-day cruise.  We find Deck 8 is very convenient and the cabin is behind the Ambassador's Lounge which is a great place to hang out, chat with new friends, and read.  One evening we heard noise like furniture being dragged above our cabin and could never figure out exactly what the noise was.  We called Guest Services and the noise ceased within the next couple minutes.  Other than that, we never heard the folks from the adjacent cabins.

We rarely felt any movement of the ship.  In fact it was difficult to know if the ship was moving in the water or docked.  Read entire member review.
Super Holiday by mincher

Cabins: you are on a cruise ship...there wont be much space but it was more than enough for my wife and I. The showers always had hot water and our state room attendant always had the rooms clean for us. the beds did seem a little thin and I found my shoulders aching every now and then. but on the whole it was adequate. we were on the 8th deck in the middle of the ship. couldn't hear any noise from the centrum and we generally found the room to be very stable in terms of sway.

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The room was a great location, it was clean and the service was good.

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Best first cruise experience! by CarribbeanCruiser11
8648- Very nice cabin, clean, great balcony with a great view, not too noisy and larger than the pictures seemed!  Read entire member review.

Lovely, well-appointed room. Gorgeous balcony, with just the right combination of sun and shade at almost every hour. Mother and daughter traveling together. The first night the beds were pushed together, but we requested that they be split into twin beds. No problem.

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Extra large balcony is great. However, being located on the aft side of the hump, field of vision is more limited plus there is little to no wind. Location is excellent with elevators/stairs a few steps away but no noticeable sounds.  Read entire member review.

Very nice stateroom. Big and functional. Good use of the space. We had a problem one night around 19h00 when we noticed that all the water provided to the stateroom was a dark-yellow (the shower, the sink, the toilet). We told it to the stateroom attendant and when we came back an hour later the problem was fixed. An officer even came later to see if everything was fine.

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Ample storage space, great balcony. Weird noises early in the morning and late at night..must be near some crew working? Small shower stall  Read entire member review.
Our cabin #9622 was in a great location halfway between midship & aft. It was a quiet location and the cabin's placement provided a smooth ride.  Read entire member review.
9634: great, quiet location. We were SO happy we didn't book closer to the Centrum or, God forbid, the night club since having some quiet downtime at the end of the day was important. Only downside is we were starboard so we had limited views in port.  Read entire member review.
Our room required some extra walking, but it was always quiet. The balcony is huge and held 2 chairs and 2 lounge chairs. The view from the back of the ship is amazing, especially as you leave port.  Read entire member review.
Alaska III by abc44
Cabin on the "bump". Wonderful view.  Read entire member review.
We had 3 adults in an inside stateroom. (It only saved each of us a very small amount each, but it thankfully made the cruise affordable for a 7th member of our group at the last minute.) The stateroom bunk only had a thin mattress...that could have been/should have been better. The shower was TINY! We couldn't even shave our legs hahaha. Other than that, there was a lot of storage and the couch area added valuable floor space to the cabin. We were on the 4th floor, and some people in cabins near ours could hear the photo gallery music from above...I'd definitely rather stay on a higher floor next time. We will upgrade to an outside stateroom next time - it's just so hard to tell what time it is in an inside room without daylight!  Read entire member review.
Cabin 4521 . . . location was great, BUT the back of the room bumps up against the bottom of the 6th floor's movie theatre. There's a lot of noise (the heavy bass, vibrating kind!) while movies are being shown. We got moved to room 9011 - no complaints, other than that the showers on this ship are tiny!  Read entire member review.
I was impressed with our cabin. We had a balcony, and the cabin itself was very roomy.  Read entire member review.
We had a cabin on deck 9 near the elveators. the cabin had a balcony which I would recommend especially if you are traveling to Alaska. It was a decent size cabin, plenty of storage space. Only one outlet though so I would recommend bringing a power strip. The bathroom of course was small but it fit our needs. Queen size bed, which was comfortable. The service was exceptional. The hallyway was quiet with no cabins across from us.  Read entire member review.
8088- Great hump cabin with huge balcony.  Read entire member review.

The stateroom was fine. It was small but adequate in all ways and well designed. The beds were very comfortable the aircon was good.

 Read entire member review.
9046: Great location, quiet, no view obstructions, great attendant. Mechanical see ship review.  Read entire member review.
Great Week on Serenade by cruiseandski
We were on deck 9 in an E1 category room (Deluxe balcony stateroom). We previously sailed on Serenade and were on deck 10 which was a more spacious room ( I'm guessing 3 ft bigger??) The deck 10 room had a full size couch with a Pullman bed over the couch for our two kids. The deck 10 couch turned into a bed and did not encroach much on the walking space in the room. The deck 9 room had an over sized chair instead of a couch and it folded out towards the vanity so you had to step over it to get to the bathroom. The deck 9 "chair bed" was fairly uncomfortable for anyone over 12 years old. Also the Pullman on deck 9 was over the king size bed whereas on deck 10 it was over the couch and you could pull a curtain to separate the king sized bed from the Pullman and sofa bed. Not a big deal but I'd spend the extra money to be on deck 10 with 4 people next time.  Read entire member review.
1100 Aft. Large balcony and generally quiet. Away from foot traffic being at the back of the boat. A very nice Junior Suite. A bit noisy in the mornings as it is directly beneath the aft section of the Windjammer.  Read entire member review.
size as expected, comfortable beds, spacious wardrobes, clean although blankets had holes and burns in them. only trouble was other cabins very noisy into early hours in the morning and state room staff did not ask them to be quiet. lots of shouting and frequent door slamming.  Read entire member review.
Love RCCL, but... by islandman007
Once again the cabin is small but really all you need, with limited power outlets and limited space for luggage storage. However the balcony was great! Beds were comfy. Rooms are quiet.  Read entire member review.
Great room, bad smell in hallway but not in room.  Read entire member review.
Why come home? by csvette77
We had a balcony which was great. Not large but enough for us. The bathroom was very small, the shower was an adventure trying to move around, it doesn't help that I am not a small guy either. There were good movies on the TV that was a pleasant surprise. At night we had different towel animals greet us in the room. We took the monkey home with us. We started off with 1 pillow each which did nothing for us. I ended up taking the cushion off of the sofa and used that as a pillow. We asked for more pillows but it never seemed enough, the bed though was very comforatble.  Read entire member review.
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