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Verandah Cabins 103 Reviews
Two lower beds convertible to 1 queen-size bed, bathtub, shower, sitting area, private verandah, floor-to-ceiling windows. Approximately 212–359 sq. ft. including verandah.
Verandah (VA)
Verandah (VA)

Cabin Rating
Good quality cabin with steel railings. Generally, a very good location.  Read entire member review.
Quiet cabin, little halway traffic. No noise issues at all. Comfortable bed and bedding. Closet space was good--just flip up the shelves for hanging space. Shelving space in the living area is lacking. But there are drawers in the base of the loveseat and at the foot of the bed for storage.  Read entire member review.
Loved cabin had minor problem in bathroom (bad smell)they fixed it right away even to sealing floor vent for us so this should no longer be a problem. Our personal room stewards were wonderful!! We had more room both inside the cabin and on the veranda (length) than in the side cabins and the view from the back was great! I packed heavy for this 3 week trip and there was plenty of room,they brought me more hangers even. By the way the vanity chair has storage inside. Plenty of storage in bathroom. The bed and pillows were very comfortable I even got a requested extra pillow. Locking nightstand drawers and a safe. I would definitely request this room again.  Read entire member review.
Plenty of storage. Nice size balcony. Across from A/C room which was noisy. Plenty of hangers.  Read entire member review.
Zuiderdam Wow! by bookwoman2
5032 Neat and clean, but needs new carpet and fresh paint. Great location and very quiet. Veranda was a usable size but not large. Bed was wonderful!  Read entire member review.
small cabin, not enough closet or drawer space, shabby furniture, nice, but small Verandah  Read entire member review.
5054 - Nice cabin with big balcony. 110 outlets are few, but the bathroom is large and comfortable. This is an accessible room with easy access. We put two big bags under the bed and the closet was adequate. The few drawers are a bit restrictive. They have cabinets instead of drawers in a few places that make storage awkward. The TV is a little far from the bed and the handles on the balcony door are corroded and loose, but all is serviceable. Overall we liked the cabin and its proximity to elevators and the front of the ship. The slanted balcony was particularly good going through the Panama Canal with forward and aft views.  Read entire member review.
Cabin The cabin we paid for was an Outside Verandah. The bathroom had pubic hairs along with small soft brown items on the floor. Could not find the cabin steward and had to clean the bathroom ourselves. After three days we meet the cabin Steward, we had to resort to leaving notes if we had any issues. Towards the end of the cruise he made himself self apparent? No maps supplied in the cabin as the Ship was trying to peddle a book on Alaska with maps at just under $20 US. Information supplied usually through the TV was constantly 2 days old.  Read entire member review.
Small cabin, very small balcony, but private. Room is poorly laid out. No room to walk around when getting dressed. Too much furniture for such a small room.  Read entire member review.
We were in cabin 5061, a VF category. My sister was in cabin 5075, a VE category. There did not appear to be any difference at all. The cabin was located mid-ship, and was very quiet at all times. There was a small balcony with 2 chairs and a table.  Read entire member review.
5068 cabin is a standard balcony verandah. The cabin was fine, but I was missing the chair under the makeup table. There was a nice view, but it was just about a deck above the life boats. There was an unobstructed view however. All in all no complaints about the room.  Read entire member review.
perfect location...close to mid-ship bow to stern and top to bottom. Quiet, no visual obstruction. You do have the lifeboats directly beneath you so you can not technically look "down" to the water but we did not mind this at all. Either while seated or standing we were looking "out" to the sea anyway. Balcony had a light that allowed us to read our "Explorations" with a drink after the show. There is a curtain that can be drawn between the bed and the couch if one wanted to stay up and read. There were also reading lights on both sides of the bed. There was TONS of storage in our opinion...more than we have seen on other ships and the bathroom was more spacious than we have experienced on others ( not huge...but better than most)  Read entire member review.
Zail the Zuiderdam by syrupcity
Room okay. Balcony overlooks lifeboats. not a problem if you don't look down  Read entire member review.
Cabin a bit narrow between the bathroom and closets but soundproof. There is a bathtub in the bathroom. Vanity is a bit narrow. The balcony is filled with smoke, but other passengers who smoke around.Unable to check your bill on the television as we can do with other cruise lines.  Read entire member review.
Great bed, good seating area, balcony too narrow, bathroom had bland decor  Read entire member review.
Our stateroom was very quiet. We were mid ship on the Port side. Great balcony and our room was spacious.  Read entire member review.
This cabin needs a complete revamp. The furniture and fittings are really shabby and the bath does not drain easily.( We reported this on day 1 but nothing was done about it.)The alternative would be to tell the truth on the virtual tour and take an up to date video. Maybe then the client would not feel disappointed.First impressions really do count.  Read entire member review.
NO problems with cabin.  Read entire member review.
HAL balconey cabins do not have as much storage as other lines. Our third adult slept on the couch which is a pull-out and in the way if you want to use the balcony in the morning. Otherwise beds were comfortable and service was good.  Read entire member review.
5117 - Balcony seemed shallow. Good location over lifeboats. Great closet/cupboard space. Good storage under bed. Awkward to get around bed (hard edge). Nice sofa and tv watching area.  Read entire member review.
Amazing Alaska by lredwards
We had three cabins in a row on Deck 5. Yes, we were above a life boat, but we didn't hear any banging. I was "lucky" to be in a room with three people - slept on the sofa bed which was better than I expected (but not amazing). Also, the way the deck above us was situatated - the balconies shot out a little further from the ship - protected us from the rain in Glacier Bay.  Read entire member review.
Just like coming home! by loveandcruises
Nice size, great balcony, even with a lifeboat below us.  Read entire member review.

Definitely in dire need of updating: Gross stain/rust at bottom of toilet; scratched tub. Love seat with sagging springs. Table top warped and stained. Curtain with seam coming undone. Handle of one of the cabinets was gross to behold.

 Read entire member review.
Good location, mid ship but tight quarters...a suite would have been perfect! Storage to unpack and hide suitcases under bed..Verandah made room seem much bigger-great place to read and watch icebergs float by!  Read entire member review.
Balcony Cabin 5187 is almost as large as the cabin. This was our first stern [aft location] cabin and it will be our preference from now on. We loved the wake view, being at one end of the ship - away from elevators and lots of foot traffic, and we loved the extra walking that comes with the location. The cabin itself is a bit longer than those located on sides of the ship, but otherwise the room and the layout is the same, including the bathroom.  Read entire member review.
Rooms were available at 1:30pm. Our cabins were on the Verandah Deck 5, aft Verandah Stateroom (VA5189 and VA5184). We had originally booked an outside room with an obstructed view (HH) since we felt we wouldn't be in the cabin that much and the additional cost for a Verandah didn't seem warranted. Then, a few weeks prior to our departure date, we received emails offering us an upgrade to any class Verandah Stateroom, so we chose the available cabins on Deck 5, at the very rear of the ship. The verandah was quite large and completely covered, which made it usable in all weather (though the weather was spectacular the entire trip). There were two deck chairs, an ottoman, and two lounge chairs in faux wicker and a small metal side table. The room itself had a king bed with side tables, a desk/bar with foot stool, a couch, a side chair, and an adjustable coffee/dining table. There is also a mini refrigerator (which we had emptied to store our own wine and soda) and a small TV with DVD player. Note that there are no clocks in the rooms, so bring one along if you need to know the time, particularly at night. Our luggage arrived quickly and we were able to unpack after returning from the Lifeboat Drill. The bed was very comfortable and the cabin had a great deal of storage space (including 2 large closets for hanging, another with shelves and the safe, plus drawers under the end of the bed, the couch and in the night tables). Additionally, all the suitcases fit easily under the open portion of the bed. The bathroom was small but well laid out with quite a bit of storage, though would recommend that HAL replace the shower curtains with doors, as the curtain can be a bother while trying the shower. Also, the faucet setup in the tub/shower was a bit difficult to figure out at firstmight be helpful to have some instructions as to the operation of the faucet. Our room steward, Gede, was friendly and efficient, keeping the room clean and orderly throughout the cruise. The cabins were very quietwe never heard anyone except on disembarkation day, which we feel may have been due to the fact that the engines were off and the constant sound of the props turning up the surf was absent.  Read entire member review.
The most amazing thing about cabin 5191 is the verandah. The deck extends from stern around to the starboard side. If you can picture it as an L then the bottom (aft part) is approximately 25 by 20 feet and the side (starboard) about twenty by three feet. It is entirely covered by the deck above. Not that we did but you could easily entertain forty cruise critics out there. Okay, stepping over the sill and back inside. If small is your thing, be warned, this is not for the faint heart. The room measures basically, fifteen by fifteen feet (maybe bigger) and surrounds a king sized bed. There are three large clothes closets in the bedroom. As well, there are eight shorter cupboards and two bedside tables with a pair of drawers in each. The room has a 26 inch TV with DVD player. Also includes two telephones, a small safe and fantastic lighting (it takes a few days to figure out which switch controls which lights). It has a mirrored wall (above the head of bed). And mirrors over the bar section. Further to this there is a nice writing desk, coffee table two chairs and a sofa bed that can sit three (average size) persons. Walking down the cabins short hallway brings you to the ships corridor entrance door to the left and a six foot by six foot dressing room to the right. This small room has a makeup sitting desk with a swing out makeup mirror and four large angled mirrors. Behind this are three large mirrored clothes closets. Stepping beyond this room is the standard sized Zuiderdam suite bathroom. This is large enough for two people to get ready for a night out. It has a huge two sink counter ended with angled mirrored cabinets, centering a long walled mirror. There is also a toilet, jetted bathtub and separate shower (good pressure, good for people shorter than six foot one inches easier to have a shower in the tub). There are some bonuses for this room. They include: - Access to the Neptune lounge. They have some nice tea, food, a good concierge and thats about it. It is midship so, there are no windows but can be useful on rough seas. - The daily dinner menus are delivered to 5191 to peruse and keep. This is really nice but everyone used to get these. - Binoculars - Umbrella - Slippers - Access to breakfast in the Pinnacle for breakfast. We did this but the menu is exactly the same as the Vista dining room - Canapes (when requested) delivered to your room. This is great for a pre dinner drink with friends. - Afternoon Tea in 5191, if desired. - Free laundry (useful but be careful, they can damage/shrink clothes). - POSH parties with crew and passengers of the same status as yourself (this may not be for everyone). Oh yes, this cabin is as far aft as you can get. So, everything is forward and if you are not into walking, 5191 just might not be for you. All said and done, we really enjoyed this cabin. However, ours was at a reduced rate and you would have to reflect on the cost versus what you get. Still, Glacier Bay, with six of our friends, off that deck, was spectacular! PS All my measurements are paced out or educated estimates.  Read entire member review.
Very hot,had fan on entire cruise,nothing done to fix.  Read entire member review.
Air conditioning issues MAJOR toilet issues Great balcony at the back with wonderful view. Very quiet cabin  Read entire member review.
Panama Cruise by rockroll64
Our cabin was adequate. Small closet for hanging only because the steward did not tell us that the shelve could be lifted and we would have had plenty of room. The tv was useless, too small to see unless you were standing right in front of it. The balcony was all right but would have been better if the chairs were comfortable. They were very uncomfortable and they were falling apart.  Read entire member review.
Our cabin was fine but a long walk to other end of ship so if you have problems walking, prob best to choose a cabin mid-ship. was other end of ship from us. We like to take a drink back to our room late afternoon with a snack (didn;t use room service as never knew when we were coming back and didn't fancy waiting) so a rather long walk for us but that's a minor thing! Quiet location and loved it all  Read entire member review.

My cabin(a single balcony) was laid out so that the bed was positioned close to the doorway blocking access to the rest of the space. The cabin had the smallest sofa, positioned as to be unusable, that I had ever seen. The bathroom had a tub (two small to bath anyone other than a baby or a Cirque du Soleil performer) with a clogged drain. During a shower, I would end up standing in a foot of water, I reported it. It was never repaired.

 Read entire member review.
HAL Zuiderdam by NH Cruisers
Nice sized standard 6' by 9' balcony, no cigarette smoke smell most of the time. Stewards station right out door. Quiet location. Feel the ship roll at night. Bathroom was standard. Very clean.  Read entire member review.
Zuiderdam to Alaska by garfielddinah
7139 - Lots of closet space. Bathtub. Balcony is a decent size. A bit of a walk to anything in the far forward of the ship, but this is a minor inconvenience.  Read entire member review.

Excellent quiet location.

 Read entire member review.

8010 Very forward and high so you really can feel the boat rocking when the sea is rough. Nice sized room and balcon, quiet location.

 Read entire member review.
Sea Sick by yorkshireterrierist
Really close to the bridge, can be very loud if the fog horns are going off. Plenty of room for storage.  Read entire member review.
Our cabin was fine, the couch had seen better days, but couldn't complain about anything. Quiet,loved balcony, bathroom efficient, lots of room for clothes. Bed was wonderful!!  Read entire member review.
The low rating for the cabin reflects the plumbing problems. The cabin itself was nicely laid out with decent space for storage. The bathroom needs to be updated and clearly the plumbing must be addressed.  Read entire member review.
8035 VA balcony room was a comfortable size with lots of closet storage and a great cupboard above the couch. Lots of storage under bed for luggage. Larger than normal balcony size. About 1.5ft deeper than 7143. Big bathroom with tub. Good storage in bathroom. Comfortable dressing table with vanity lighted mirror, flat screen tv and dvd player. Fresh fruit every day.  Read entire member review.
VA 8035. Balcony a good size and sheltered by the bump out. Spoilt by smokers. Cabin has the sofa that converts and has a very handy storage unit above. TV is terrible but they provide a DVR - my advice take some discs. Always slept well on HAL beds, mid cruise they swapped out the pillows but I did not like the soft new ones. The stool is handy with storage inside. The closet held enough clothes for a 14 day cruise and we do not tarvel light. The cabin was always clean and my only issue was the air conditioning that was not cool enough during the day. Would book that same cabin again.  Read entire member review.
King size bed, quiet location but only 6 cabins away from the elevators. Balcony was a perfect size for 2 (2 chairs, ottoman, small table) and very private (completely covered). Plexi-glass balcony, so we could see very well when seated. We could have used more plus-ins. The only 2 available in the cabin were on the dressing table. My husband sleeps with a CPAP machine, so he needed to plug that in at night. We brought extension cords but they weren't 3-prong, so the front desk gave us a power cord, which worked fine; and our room steward brought an extra floor mat to cover the cords so we didn't trip over them during the night! So a power cord might be something to remember to bring if you have extra gadgets that need to be plugged in. Closets were ample and the shelves swung up if you needed more space for hang-up clothes. Loved all the under-the-bed and under-the-sofa storage. Dressing table was nice - would have been nice if it had a drawer for makeup and "stuff". Nice idea to put the hair dryer in a side cabinet. Love, love, loved the magnifying swing mirror (just noticed the last 2 days it was lighted). We were very pleased with the size and amenities of the room for the price we paid - a great value!  Read entire member review.
Great location, handy to elevators  Read entire member review.
Great location close enough to elevator/stairs.   Cabin is also just below the Lido which is also very convenient.  Private balcony.  Read entire member review.
The Zuiderdam by mcotravelgal

Room 8117 was great. High and dry balcony. No obstructed views. Lido buffet was one floor up (ideal for quick breakfast and coffee runs).

 Read entire member review.
cabin is just below the Lido aft deck, so somethings people where above and you could talk to them; large closest, quiet location near rear of ship;  Read entire member review.
Good location; bathtub a plus; plenty of closet space and room service breakfast even on the day of disembarkation was a plus.  Read entire member review.
Dingy furnishings. Comfortable bed. Balcony constantly had water on it. Noise from Lido Deck above woke us up daily between 5-7 a.m. (we were Navigation Deck). Good closet space.  Read entire member review.
Security issues by used to love cruising
Our cabin was in a great location close to elevators yet far enough away that we did not hear them. We heard no crew noise unlike a cruise in Oct where we were awakened by the crew door banging away at all hours. We really like balcony stserooms for the views they provide  Read entire member review.
well appointed, everything worked. balcony was on the small side but nicely furnished.  Read entire member review.
Very nice stateroom with a great balcony and nice view up to the bridge (we had binoculars and could watch the captain and crew up there). Quiet hallway area. Never heard anyone outside of the room.  Read entire member review.
These cabins were rated but not individually reviewed; read the full cruise review for opinions on cabins and more.
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