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Navigator of the Seas Cabin Reviews - Promenade Stateroom

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Promenade Stateroom Cabins 45 Reviews
Bowed windows with a view of the Royal Promenade, two twin beds (can convert into queen-size), sitting area with sofa, vanity area, and a private bathroom. (153 sq. ft.)
Promenade Stateroom (PR)
Decks: Deck 6, Deck 7, Deck 8
Promenade Stateroom (PR)

Cabin Rating
Promenade stateroom was nice change from total darkness of the interior staterooms. It make your usable space a little smaller it thought though. The chair that goes under the desk, doesn't...go under the desk that is so it's always kind of in the way. We loved it though and would book it again. We generally book the guarantee stateroom so we were very pleased to get this room for two five day back to backs for only 300 each five days. Yay RCCL!!!  Read entire member review.

Our cabin was 6281. The room looks old and weathered. The furniture is soiled, the shower head kept falling off of the holder. Part of the garbage can under the sink was chipped and rusty. I walked around the cabin with my socks on and they were always black when I took them off. The window looking out onto the promenade was dirty in between the 2 pains of glass.

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We stayed in cabin #6309. A promenade inside room. The room was so small! It worked out ok for the price but if at all possible, I won’t do that again. There was very little storage space. There was one row of drawers under the TV. The closet had shelves were you could put your under clothes and folded up shirts. There were plenty of hangers. We put our suitcases under the bed. There were two small sofas for places to sit. Some have said that you couldn’t hear the music in the promenade rooms. Not so. It wasn’t blaring but we could hear it. Two floors down from us was a bar with an area for a band and we could always hear them playing. It didn’t bother us though. I loved the central location of this room. It was very easy getting around. The a/c in this room was perfect. I had taken a fan but didn’t even need it. I can’t begin to tell you how small the bathroom was. But if you are very small people, say a size less than 14, it probably wouldn’t seem so small to you. Our room attendant was Raul and he was the best! We didn’t see him the first day but told another person that we needed ice in our room if they could tell Raul for us and we had ice twice a day every day after that. We did meet him on the second day and saw him a lot after that. He always greeted us by our name. We asked him for wine glasses for our wine that we brought on board and he brought those to us.

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I love the Promenade rooms, but 6506 and 6507 were very loud from the parties on the Promenade and the bar below. I would not book these cabins again.  Read entire member review.

We have stayed in 2 promenade cabins, one on deck 6 and one on 8. The cabin is a little loud during show times but after about 10:30 pm it gets quiet. If you have a little one with an earlier bed time, this one may not be for you. The cabin is a great location for everything.

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We had a promenade room, 6563, and were very pleased with it. It has more room than an inside room with a window and window seat. You can sit and watch the parades go by on deck 5 or just sit and read while looking out at the promenade. There are other rooms directly across the promenade so you did have to think at all times of closing the curtains before undressing. One evening we brought back sushi to the room and the people across from us were gesturing as to what did we have. My son took a guess as to their room number and phoned over and told them. Next thing we saw, they were sitting by their window eating sushi too! We all had a good laugh over that.  Read entire member review.
Fine location, very quiet  Read entire member review.
6609 - Aft,near the elevator - both important for us. Small closet and limited drawer space. Well maintained.  Read entire member review.

Very conveniently located. Quiet during the day, only heard some noise from bar late in the evening. Newly refurbished so everything looked updated. Room attendant was meticulous and made the most towel animals we have ever seen! Room safe a good size (the one on the Oasis is too small to put anything in).

Cabin size and configuration is exactly the same as other class ships. Flat screen TV was a good size but stations & programming were terrible. Every night i would find a movie to watch but it was always in another language. If most of the guests are English speaking, then they really need to do a better job of offering English speaking TV shows & movies. The alternative is pay-per-view at $11.95!

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We had room 6611 a inside cabin with a bay window looking onto the Promeneade. This room and the 3 or 4 next too it does not look down on the part of the Promeneade where the shops and the parades are held. The room look right onto the sculpture that goes from the top to the bottom of the ship. It is directly across from the Customer service desk. You can't see this from their deck plans. The bed is also cross ways in the room. You have to work your way around the end of the bed to get to the main part of the cabin by the window. Over all it was just ok but I would not get that room again. Never did get cold in the room. Kept the curtains closed most fo the time.  Read entire member review.
Shaken not stirred! by want2seaitall
7237 - noisy at night because adjacent to crew elevator 7253 - great location convenient to foward elevators, but difficult to see parades because at very beginning of promenade.  Read entire member review.
Great view of the Royal Promande for parades, parties, and people-watching Quiet location Right in the middle of the forward and aft elevators  Read entire member review.
We liked the promenade, you can watch the parades from your room and enjoy the sites. Everything was a good fit, the bed was huge roomy. We were in 7283 and it was quite quiet.  Read entire member review.

This was a good room at the far end of the promenade rooms by the library. It was far enough away from the middle of the promenade that getting to bed before 11 was not a problem with noise from the activities and music on the fifth floor were a distance away. It was a great room when you needed to get to the buffet as the elevators were around the corner from our room and we arrived at the entrance to the buffet. For the price, I would take this room in a heartbeat. I did research on the room locations and found other cruise critic members were in the same types of rooms away from the middle of the ship. Disembarkation was terrible, it took over 2.5 hours to get through security, be prepared to wait!

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Great cabin. Perfectly located so we had a great view of the promenade and most of it's activities. Near the stairs/ elevator too! Little noisy during the promenade activities but since we enjoyed watching them it was no big deal. Plenty of storage (we put empty luggage under the bed) but we were really glad that we brought about 10 of our own hangers and an over the door pocket organizer.  Read entire member review.
Awesome Eastern Med Cruise by CarolinaCruiser85

Inside promenade cabins are great if you want and inside cabin rate with a window with a view. AC worked great, plenty of storage. Nice beds and typical bathroom. You can see the parades from your room but the parades aren't that good. Expect to hear music until 11-11:30. If you are early to bed and you want quiet, this is the wrong room. I would book them again.

 Read entire member review.
Cabin 7609 Location was good. Relatively near elevators and library - above and across from guest services area. Didn't hear anything from promenade - although think one of the first nights some music might have drifted up from Pub but not even loud enough to make out what it was. Only negative if anyone was planning to spend a lot of time in cabin would be that you get the flash from the various photo areas coming through promenade window.  Read entire member review.
Great view of Royal Promenade parades. No drawer space.  Read entire member review.
Room 8279. We enjoyed the view of the Promanade. There were a couple parades that started about 10PM and you could hear them though the glass, but really, why would you be in your room and not enjoying the parade? However, apart from that, the room was quiet. We had a room about mid-promenade. I would recommend that. I was fun to watch people come and go in and out of the shops. The rooms at each end overlooked the big stairwells. This is the biggest room we have ever had. I think this ship is now in dry dock, or nearly so, and the refurbished ship is supposed to have ship-wide wifi. When we cruised, they only had wifi available in 5 locations. However, being on the promenade, we were able to get wifi in the room, although the rates we too expensive to use it.  Read entire member review.
smelly bathroom. When you turn on the water extremely foul smell, hard to brush your teeth w/out gagging  Read entire member review.
My husband and I have always dreamed of taking our entire family on a cruise. This past Christmas we made that dream a realityit's unfortunate we chose the wrong cruise ship- Navigator of the Seas. We read the reviews about their food being terrible but there are no reviews to describe just how disappointing the food really is. For breakfast we ate in the Nutcracker dinning room which was good. Then the food begins to go downhill from thereThe windjammer (free style- dining alternative) reminded me of a poorly ran Golden Corral restaurant. It seemed to serve the exact same food day after day. If you wanted a change of pace for Lunch you had to pay for it in their premium lunch spot- Johnny Rockets. Johnny Rockets did have great food and service with the exception of their shakes (made from a bag in a box). We ate in the dinning room for dinner and the meals were just Okay. I couldn't believe they served me Lobster bisque with no actual lobster in it just lobster flavoring! Oh and if you heard that you get served lobster on the cruisebetter think again. We were not served lobster one time on this premium, prime time Christmas cruise. I can't tell you how disappointed I was. We brought my mother along and Lobster is her all time favorite food. I went as far as requesting it"no can do". Funny thing is we received a menu that had lobster tails on it and when we ordered it, I was told we had been given the wrong menu. Okay, okay enough about the terrible food. Let's talk about our other experiences When we arrived at the port the Porter told my husband if he tipped him well enough he'd ensure that our bags were properly taken care of. When my husband didn't tip him what the porter thought he should, he made sure to tell him so. I could not believe itMy husband told him he thought the tip was fair and we moved on. Well that must have been a huge mistake because our bags went missing the entire day and when they were finally found around 10:00pm that night, no one could tell us why they were not delivered and where they had been located. We do know that someone had to know because my mother's dirty laundry bag (from inside one piece of the luggage) was delivered to her stateroomwithout the luggage. When the luggage was located it had been shredded to pieces. We were furious! The ship offered to repair it for our return travel but there was no offer to replace it. And then last but not least my recently turned 18 year old son had absolutely nothing geared towards his age group. He is still in High School and was not permitted to attend the teen activities as they were geared for 15-17 yr old without exception. When I went to Guest services to get suggestions their response to me was "he is an adult and should join adult activities to include the night clubs". They assured me he could not order alcohol. I was appalled! But just when I though I had issuesI overheard another guest complaining of the same problem only they had an 18 year old girl! One woman said her daughter turned 18 a few weeks ago and 25yr old men were hitting on her in the "adult lounges". This is a huge oversight on Royal Caribean's part and they are asking for trouble by not addressing activities for this age group. If you have children between the ages of 18-21 look out! There is nothing organized for them to do. Believe it or not we did manage to squeeze some good entertainment and RR between the drama and disappointment. Honestly, I can't say I would ever do another cruise with this ship. My husband and I spend a lot of money sending our whole family on this cruiserelatively speaking it simply was not worth it.  Read entire member review.
Promenade Room: Room number 8581. Mid-ship. Good size closet..quiet location and loved the comfortable bed. Bathroom had excellent size..Safe in closet. Our room excellent for two adults..Our third time booking one of these rooms and have always enjoyed it.. Just be careful about booking one next to a service room..  Read entire member review.

The room was fine. On deck 8 the view wasn't as good for the parades and stuff, too high. This room has a stateroom attendant room on one side. It wasn't a problem and only her them banging around in there once.

 Read entire member review.
Fantastic Value Holiday by aislingcrowe84
Fabulous bed, Small bathroom to be expected, but spotless and cute, large wardrobe, lots of storage. Hallway Quiet, was never disturbed, Window onto promanade soundproof!! Cannot say enough about it, was great, although next cruise would like to book a balcony room. Good enough for a first time cruiser who still needs to figure out what they like and what suits them.  Read entire member review.

The room was tiny and cramped. Even though this ship just got out of dry-dock in April, the fixtures were old and corroded, the carpet gross-looking and the wood all dinged up. The pictures/art were all dated-looking and bleh, overall a bad experience.

 Read entire member review.
Drawer space next to nil. Water restricter on bathroom tap reduces flow to almost a trickle. Too many pillow shams and such on the bed making it a chore to take a nap. Good shower stall with semi-cirular door. Excellent shower pressure. Shampoo dispenser only. Bar soap instead of shower gel.  Read entire member review.
small room no balcony.had brown water in cabin on one day do to pipe burst nobody told us. hallway noisy on last night had to put luggage out in hallway at 11pm night before departure.  Read entire member review.
Navigator Just TOO Big by Mary O'Reilly
my cabin was sole occupancy and as such was very comfortable, plenty of everything. I would imagine that for two people it would be a bit tight. My friends' cabin which was an inside, was VERY small and completely inadequate for two people. There was absolutely no noise either from the hallway or the promenade. On my next cruise, I will definitely go for a balcony cabin, and it must be sole occupancy.  Read entire member review.
Our Promenade cabin on 6th level was a good size for two of us. I was quiet everyday but first night. They had a parade on Promenade at around 10:30. We heard music very clearly in our room. I enjoyed the view from our big window down on Promenade. Everything in the room was clean, but the carpet. On one of our last days I made a mistake by getting my nose too close to the carpet, don't do it, it smells bad.  Read entire member review.
We had an inside promenade cabin on the Navigator of the Seas. Great view of the promenade, the parades and people watching. The cabin had a window seat which provided comfortable viewing. The cabin was typical, with enough room to get around comfortably. The bathroom shower was a little tight.  Read entire member review.
Inside promenade view and room was OK- like and ocean view but view inside of ship better than basic stateroom and cheaper than balcony a good value and choice if you do not want basic stateroom watch parade from room if you choose  Read entire member review.
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