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Celebrity Infinity Cabin Reviews
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Great view from our veranda, small compared to the solstice class line, closet was tiny, bathroom was tini tiny.  Read entire member review.

Aquaclass 1138 was in quiet hallway. One of 5 aft AquaClass cabins -is on non-smoking side of Sunset Bar. Had large veranda with half shaded, half sunny - could be seen from Sunset Bar below when close to railing - no smoke or soot. Very handy to be close to Sunset Bar and Oceanview Café - set of stairs at end of hallway. The bed is near the bathroom.

 Read entire member review.
Ho-hum Infinity by Gussys Mom
Lots of storage! Leaky shower doors! Great aft of the ship in rear, close to elevators and Oceanview cafe, just1 floor down. definitely bring a powerstrip, there are not many outlets for chargers and such.  Read entire member review.
CABIN 2000...front of the ship, next to the crew door, however, we hardly ever heard the crew door shut. Had a constant hum (white noise) that didn't bother us at all. Very large round window with a shelf area in front of it. Comfortable bed, 4 pillows, 2 duvets available. Half size loveseat that would unfold into single bed, wall counter and chair, oval table that we had removed from the room to allow more walking space. Hairdryer, robes, umbrellas, safe. Stocked refrig with little room for your own stuff. Closet has about dozen wooden hangars, 6 short narrow drawers and hanging space is limited due to a box that is built into the cupboard...clothes can be hung sideways. Bathroom has clothesline in the shower (bring your own clothespins), soap, shampoo and conditioner and hand lotion provided. Night light in the bathroom. Plenty of hot water. Water hot enough in sink to make a passable cup of tea. Chocolates on pillows each towel animals the entire trip! Our cabin stewards, Frederick and Jacinto were excellent.  Read entire member review.
- remote control didn't work - we had to hold the batteries in while trying to get it to respond, very inconsistent. We did not ask that it be replaced though, so it's not as though it would not have been resolved. We just weren't that bothered by it because we brought our own DVD player - water did not drain very fast in shower, so the 2nd person ended up standing in the water of the first person to shower. Again we did not complain about this, we just timed our showers differently - lots of storage space in the room despite it being small. Don't forget to use space under the bed for your suitcases. I had mine in the closet til my sister told me about the space under the bed - my dresses were able to hang much better after that!  Read entire member review.

Interior cabin was spotless apart from a little discoloration of some grouting in the shower cubicle. The bed was very comfortable and always perfectly made up, as is the norm with Celebrity. The cabin (stateroom!) was an adequate size with plenty of storage space and good quality decor. Apart from the distant rumble of the engines (quite sleep-inducing) there was no noise at all at any time. The forward location is very handy for the theatre, but it's quite a long trek to the eating locations aft.

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Thrilled with the hand-held shower (a real plus).  Shower was larger than I remembered.  Cabin is standard small but functional and servicable.  Quietist cruise we've ever had the pleasure of enjoying.  NEVER heard anyone outside our cabin.  Read entire member review.
Great view most mornings, very comfortable bed, horrible built-in hair dryer, nice sized closet for 2 people, not a lot of noise from hall or adjacent rooms.  Read entire member review.
Cabin 2138 - Attendant Baca: Plenty of space considering it was smallest cabin size. Very clean sheets and towels, turn down service at night. Room was very soundproof - never heard our neighbors, though we saw them in the hall. Was close to water, great for viewing ice chunks in the northern portion of the trip. Need clothes pin to keep curtains totally shut. Mini-fridge was fully stocked with optional drinks for purchase, leaving little room for our own beverages. Window was 3x4 and good size.  Read entire member review.
We were sometimes aware of the TV in the adjoining cabin. In the future we will avoid cabins with adjoining doors.  Read entire member review.
mixed bag by shaakey
decent room, window was a nice touch. Beware of cigarette smoke.  Read entire member review.
A Taste of Heaven by popeduck
Lots of storage space. About midway between elevators and main lobby, but not too close to either.  Read entire member review.
Good modern cabin was well kept throughout the cruise  Read entire member review.
We were in cabin 3107, a very convenient location. the window was nice and large. it was a quiet location, close to everything, and easy to go up the grand staircase and to the Trellis Restaurant.  Read entire member review.
Alaskan Adventure by Princess-of-Quite-alot
Extra large balcony, ask for lounge chairs. Lots of spaces to put stuff, although you must lift the bed a bit to store large suitcase underneath.  Read entire member review.
Our cabin was 6063. It was a great room. We had a double closet for our hangup clothes and suitcases. We also had a single closet with drawers and a safe. We had a large, overstuffed chair in our room and a vanity. The balcony was great. Our room was on the port side of the ship, which was a disadvantage at the Hubbard Glacier. The Captain turned the aft side of the boat towards the Glacier. My husband went up on the 11th floor to view the Glacier, but I stayed in the room thinking it would be warmer. We loved our room. We rarely heard any noise in the hall. Michael was our room attendant. He was great!  Read entire member review.
Alaskan Dream by buddymum
Good size cabin. Enough wardrobe space although nowhere to store cases. Large balcony. Quiet provided in room by Steward.  Read entire member review.
This cabin has limited forward view being only two behind the outward protrusion of more forward cabins. It is more of a nuisance than an obstruction. We were across from interior cabins which entered into our hallway, but we never heard any noise from the hall.  Read entire member review.
Wonderful Experience by Olde Man of the Sea
Mid ship was quiet. Balcony room and balcony were small but adequate. Nothing really wrong with anything. Bed could be upgraded as most major hotels have already done. Other cruise lines are now touting their new beds and bedding.  Read entire member review.
7112 needs to be recarpeted as of 10/11/09. Clean but quite faded Small balcony. Needs new mattress. Great location!  Read entire member review.
So much closet space even as a family of four we did not fill it. Plenty of shelving and with the room being cleaned twice a day it was never a mess. Beautifully aromatic toiletries and generous use of towels. Great part of the ship with very little movement or noise.  Read entire member review.
Good stateroom because of the extra area on the balcony, also very close to lifts/stairs but we didn't hear any noise. I would just make sure to be on the side of the ship that gets sun from the morning as we didn't have sun on the balcony until approx 3.30pm every day.  Read entire member review.
Great Great balcony, but we were on the side, and had alot of noise from our sliding door on the balcony! No real big noises.  Read entire member review.
Cabin was good with no overhang. Could see the scenery whilst in bed! Balcony a bit on the small side.  Read entire member review.
7198 Good location aft, quiet. Small for a concierge class stateroom; not as nice as similar cabin on Noordam or Voyager of the Seas. Bathroom smelled like the tide. 13" tube TV with bad reception. Decent balcony, large enough for small dining table.  Read entire member review.
Cabin 8054- Great views from balcony, clean room, close to elevators, lots of storage.  Read entire member review.
British Sm Isles by Michigan honey

Our cabin was located in the 8th floor in Concierge Class. It was larger than the standard Veranda cabins. The room was long and narrow but with plenty of storage space. There were three closets and one had a chest of drawers. There was a couch and a large vanity. The wall had shelves for storage and there was plenty of storage in the bathroom as well.

 Read entire member review.
Concierge class is a waste of money, and too high on the ship when seas are rough and the ship is cruising at speed). Closet is fine, but shelves are superb (esp. as compared to the Equinox). Views were lovely, location very quiet and smooth (except for rough seas).  Read entire member review.
Sinful pampering by grummanyankee
Cabin 8128 was clean and everything worked. It has a big double closet, a safe and a chest of drawers built in. In it you will find an umbrella and 2 robes. The TV is older and has a few channels. Most channels are ship info and trying to sell you something. No weather channel and no news except CNN. TV sits atop an honor bar which comes with a price list. There were 4 wine glasses provided.The combo desk-bar has a chair and 2 end storage cabinets. There is a sofa which converts to a sleeper, a glass coffee table, a queen bed which is super comfortable, 2 bedside tables with drawers, a telephone, 2 lamps, cabin controlled air/heat which works great. The binoculars are terrible, so if this is important to you, bring your own. The bathroom has a hairdryer on the wall which was adequate for my short hair. Bathroom had small toiletries and the soap. Next time I will bring a deodorant soap. There are storage cabinets below the vanity. The balcony has a round table and 2 chairs. The cabin steward was from India and he was beyond efficient. His service was friendly, professional, fast and always available.  Read entire member review.
Tiny Balcony Room at 170 Square feet, but comfortable. Tight for 3 people though. Room needs refurbishment and updating. Great location on boat with beautiful views from balcony. Room Stewards did a great job keeping room tended to.  Read entire member review.
Was on deck 9 which was a balcony upgrade and it turned out to be an obstructed view because of huge overhang and diagonal posts. Could not see top of scenery as it went by and could not take good photographs. cabin very narrow.  Read entire member review.
9053 is a newly converted Aqua Class Cabin. Everything is brand new and lovely. We were very glad that there was space under our bed for suitcase storage. There was plenty of space for our clothing, and we really needed it as the climate of the stops we made varied from summer to winter (rounding Cape Horn). The view from veranda is slightly obscured by the jutting out of the ship above us, but that applied to all Deck 9 verandas. Unfortunately, in a cabin near us some folks smoked during the trip. We weren't particularly surprised as they spoke French. We have dealt with Europeans before and they don't seem to believe that non-smokers are bothered by their smoke. Oh, well....  Read entire member review.
nice location, enjoyed the veranda  Read entire member review.
We had 2 adults and 2 children in 9115 - an indoor cabin right beneath the stage at the pool. Noise WAS an issue at times, when they had the bands doing late-night parties pool-side. Otherwise, the biggest thing we had to deal with was storage: Celebrity does NOT have self-service laundry, and their rates for laundry were beyond outrageous (though the rates for pressing clothes were quite fair). We knew this going in, and as such packed for the full 14 days, and we flat-out ran out of nooks and crannies...  Read entire member review.
Panama Canal November 2012 by Cumbrianglobetrotter
8050 Good location. Near lifts but far enough away not to be disturbed by the noise. Loads of storage space. Would choose again if I was ever on this ship.  Read entire member review.
Coulda Been Better! by brendan78
Concierge Class Outside Verandah. Great cabin. As always, closets you wish were a bit bigger (although we loved the six drawers of space inside the closet) and a fold out sofa bed that once folded out seems to swallow the room and prevent anyone from passing from the door to the balcony. Fabrics and colors seem a little dated and we were reminded that on the Sky Decks, you're going to feel the 'rock and roll' of the ship when at sea. Surprisingly, very sound proof. Never heard our neighbors except when the vacuum toilets flush. Comfortable mattress. The fresh flowers in the concierge level rooms were beautiful and added a real touch of class.  Read entire member review.
Infinity 8/12 by TeachKinde
1102 - You could hear the deck door slam day and night! I also think that the room attendant wasn't very worried about when he let room doors slam. Just a pet peeve of mine whereever I stay. HEY PEOPLE!!! Can't you carefully shut your doors? PLEASE? ;-)  Read entire member review.
tiny but quiet on 7093  Read entire member review.
Nice, but not wonderful by thecatJessica
Decent size, iffy a/c control (too hot). Comfortable bed. Good location for view, high up equals more rocking however.  Read entire member review.
Good Storage in cabin  Read entire member review.
Aqua Class stateroom not indicated in the Cabin Category. Our cabin was quite roomy and on the aft of the ship, with a large balcony. We had a great unobstructed view and there was very little noise from the hallway.  Read entire member review.
Beautiful Norway by posh frock time

Noisy from next doors
Good views from balcony

 Read entire member review.
Out cabin was an inside cabin located on deck 8 midship. It consisted of a double bed, two nightstands, a loveseat and small coffee table, writing desk, 6 drawers for storage and a large closet for hanging items and storing luggage. Bathroom amentities included shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, bar soap, hairdryer, clothes line. Pitchers of water and ice were constantly replenished and room made to look like no one had ever been there. Included chocolates every night on our pillows and plenty of lighting. Nice accomodations.  Read entire member review.
Cabin size is small and closets even smaller. We were near the bow elevators and the location was good.  Read entire member review.
Antarctica and Cape Horn by cruisestitch
3136 Great location, newly installed stateroom, Was worried that hallway might be noisy but it was not.  Read entire member review.
Very quiet - you'd never know we were near an elevator. Very calm despite high waves in some areas.  Read entire member review.
Acceptable space.  Well attended and classy.  Read entire member review.
I had a Sky Suite on Deck six and from I saw the other outside veranda cabins were almost identical except for size. Also I did have a walk in closet and a shower/tub combination which Imust tell you that there was not even ONE GRAB BAR which I found to be totally dangerous. Celebrity really needs to look into this.  Read entire member review.
Cabin 8170. Huge closet, great storage, perfect location at aft. 2 floors down from Ocean Grill and Bar. Balcony was extra long and covered for protection. Very private, spectacular views of wake.  Read entire member review.
Just another cruise by tycruiser
3103. Curved bed at bottom. Large closet. Big bathroom. Pleanty of storage. Large window. lighting good.  Read entire member review.
We were in 8176. HUGE veranda for a cruise ship. Very roomy but in poor shape and badly needs to be remodeled. Great pressure in the shower and I liked the included soaps and lotions. Very quiet. Toilet WAY to low for a handicapped person. Too much motion but being on the stern probably didn't help.  Read entire member review.
These cabins were rated but not individually reviewed; read the full cruise review for opinions on cabins and more.
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