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Carnival Pride Cabin Reviews - Extended Balcony

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Extended Balcony Cabins 46 Reviews
(185 sq. ft., balcony 60 sq. ft.) Private extended balcony. Two twin beds (convertible to king-size bed). Sofa and coffee table. TV; telephone; 110 AC current; individual climate control; wall safe; 3 closets; full bathroom with shower; hair dryer; mini bar. Balcony: patio chairs and table.
Extended Balcony (8K)
Decks: Verandah, Panorama
Extended Balcony (8K)

Cabin Rating
Great cabin. Extended balcony worth the extra cost.  Read entire member review.
Balcony was larger, but overlooked the life boats. Forward view obstructed by balcony that juts out in front of the room. Room was nice, but online deck plans stated that there were 2 twin beds. Unfortunately the only way the room could be made up was with a queen bed...we made do.  Read entire member review.
We were looking for an "extended balcony" no particular reason other than this was going to be our first balcony and it was the same price. I read a review that mentioned this room and a few others as have a huge balcony. we had more than enough room for the 2 of us on the balcony The room was nice and clean when we got into it. Plenty of room to hang all our cloths and we could put all our luggage under the bed. The service was great and we hardly ever saw the guy. The bed was OK was 2 singles pushed together to form a queen bed. We even had the couch but who really sits there.  Read entire member review.
Enjoyed!!!!! by saschm
#6234 It is a side cabin due to construction of the ship. Three times bigger deck and more room in the cabin. A real plus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Read entire member review.
Plenty of space for clothes, great balcony view, clean rooms.  Read entire member review.

Room steward was great, she was very attentive and gave us a new towel animal each night. Beds were comfortable and this was a good location. Easy access to FWD elevators/stairs. Lido is only two flights above and on a short walk down to the dining room.

 Read entire member review.

Standard cabin, nice balcony with a reclining chair, standard chair and small table.

 Read entire member review.
Small shower, good location, nice balcony. Holds 3 people. Not a flat screen tv.  Read entire member review.
Great shower! Would have liked nicer chairs on the balcony.  Read entire member review.
Great cabin with extended balcony. Fairly quiet.  Read entire member review.
Quiet cabin located in between two single cabins(no kids)convenient to rear elevator, less than two minutes to Lido deck for a refill on beverage and back to cabin, no kidding! Very nice for our 9 year old to go all by herself and back. Great balcony, very clean room, did not hear hallway noise except around 10ish when kids would yell and run in the hallway on the way to their cabin for bed. Highly recommended for location to the Lido buffet, Serenity, and the Normandie dining room.Far walk for Camp carnival,Butterflies Lounge, and the Taj Mahal.  Read entire member review.
Cabin No. 7258 is a "triple" balcony for an extended balcony price. It is classified as an 8K and it was awesome! There is a storage room next door and it was a bit noisy the first night but we had no problems the rest of the trip. Located just off the elevators and stairs, it was just seconds away from the Lido deck. Excellent room, awesome balcony, and prime location! We loved it!  Read entire member review.

We were in Cabin 7291 (extended balcony). Room was clean, which is always nice. We did have issue with our A/C not working one night and the one power plug went out another night, but both issues were resolved by the time we got back from dinner. The cabin steward was excellent. We had a small cooler and he made sure it was full of ice every morning. We had read that you lose some privacy on the extended balcony rooms, but we did not find that to be the case. There are small boards placed on the outside walls between each balcony that helps with privacy.

 Read entire member review.
We stayed in cabin 7299. I really liked the way it was laid out. It was cheerful and light. The mirrors in back of the bed helped make the room appear bigger. I did not like that the shower was so small. My husband has a trach tube and it was difficult for him to shower with little space to move around. Having a hand held shower head is a great idea. We have one at home and were glad to see it in the cabin. I liked the lights in the closets that went off and on as you open and close the doors. The granite counters throughout the cabin was a very nice touch. Ample lighting and roomy.  Read entire member review.
NEVER AGAIN by gymrat4

Had this last cruise been like our first one we would have booked another before we ever left the boat however it wasn't even in the same ball party so were booking with another cruise line.

 Read entire member review.
Carnival Pride May 5th by CFH_Big_Mike
Our cabin was spacious. I love the beds. They are firm and even the largest suitcase will fit underneath. The closet space is more than ample.  Read entire member review.
You could hear the noise from the deck above in the morning.  Read entire member review.

Nice, do hear chairs moving on the Lido deck doing the day, but who's in the room during the day. No problem sleeping. Beds was great! Roomwas always clean. Very attentive housekeeping staff.

 Read entire member review.

For our family of four the cabin was cozy but we found that we were in it so seldom it was just fine. I had reservations about being under Lido deck but the only time I heard anything was on the balcony, we could hear chairs scraping above. Traveling with the kids it was especially nice to be so close to the pools and the ice cream! I would have no problem booking this room/area again.

 Read entire member review.
Cabin 8152, mid ship, deck 8 with extended balcony. couldn't have asked for more. Good closet space, awesome balcony and a king bed plus a bunk bed set up. Enough and more for a family of 2 adults and 2 small kids.  Read entire member review.
We paid extra for an extended balcony which turned out to be the same size as a regular balcony that we had on a Princess cruise. I feel sorry for the people with a regular balcony. There was probably not enough room to turn around in.  Read entire member review.
About 3:00pm I was allowed into my state room (8168). They were still in the room finishing it up. My big luggage bag was outside my room, and was carried in by my Steward (Angel). He spoke great English and was very friendly and helpful throughout the entire cruise. I saw him almost everyday, sometimes two or three times a day on my floor. My safe did not work, so he called for help and a maintenance guy had it fixed in about an hour. That was the only problem I had with the room the entire time. The shower was plenty big and the water plenty hot. Everything worked well, but the TV was old and hard to see with my middle aged eyes. The extended balcony was everything I thought it would be and I got plenty of use out of it, just relaxing on it and taking great pictures coming into and out of port of calls. The room was plenty big for just one person, and should also be for two people. I would not want to be in it with any kids though. The bed was a bit hard for me, but the pillows were big and puffy. I liked my room very much.  Read entire member review.
Cabin #8175 was great. Nice extended balcony. Approx 5ft x 8ft. 3 metal frame chairs. 2 floors above lifeboats, excellent views. Showers are nice size, sheets and comforter good quality. Noisy on this 8th level. You hear chairs screeching across the floors upstairs.. but if you sleep with tv on like we do, it really isnt much of a problem. Closets have plenty of room, but only one outlet in room. No outlet in bathroom, So you might want to bring extension cord for hairdryers, curling irons, phone chargers, etc...  Read entire member review.
Never Again by onetoadhall
our cabin hardly had any air circulation as heating and cooling system only worked when it wanted to, our cabin smelled like sewage we were in extended balcony cabins 8177 and 8179  Read entire member review.
Noise from above.  Read entire member review.
We purchased an extended balcony stateroom. We have had regular balconies in the past and it was a little bigger but it took the space out of the room. I liked it but I don't know if it was worth the extra money. The cabin was clean and stalked every morning and every evening while we were at dinner. This was nice because we on average would take 2 showers a day. Our cabin steward was really good and very nice. The only thing was we didn't know who she was for the first 2 days because she never introduced herself. Still to this day I have no clue of her name but that she always said good morning and asked how our day was going.  Read entire member review.
Lots of storage Located below the Mermaid Grille - not much noise from above Not sure what 'extended balcony' means. Balcony seemed to be typical size.  Read entire member review.
Excellent Experience by mhwaternut

Extra room on extended balcony was perfect.
One deck chair could lay back into a lounger.
Shower had plenty of room.

 Read entire member review.
Cabin 8228. The cabin was clean and comfortable and the bed was comfortable too. The bathroom was large enough for someone who is 6'3". The shower was adequate and the water was hot and had good pressure. The extended balcony was OK, but I only used it 3 times to have morning coffee. I don"t think it was worth the $300.00 upgrade. I liked the location as it was a quick walk up to the Serenity Pool deck and the Mermaid Grill or elevator ride down to the MDR. Being one deck below Lido deck was a concern, but it was never an issue. Occasionally I heard the muffled sound of a food service cart roll by overhead. Next cruise though, I'll book an outside cabin and save my money. I really only used my room to change, shower and sleep.  Read entire member review.

Room was excellent. The double beds were already in King configuration when we arrived and there was no feeling of two "pushed together" twins. The mattresses were very comfortable and the bedding was very nice. The kids beds were also already made, couch was converted and bunk was opened from the ceiling. There was a ladder for the upper bunk. There are two drawers under the lower bed but they were very difficult to open so we skipped using them. The room has 3 large closets, plus a few drawers in the desk, and a small shelf area with doors and two nightstands so even with 4 of us in the room, and way too many clothes, we all were able to tuck everything away neatly.
The bathroom was plenty big also (at least for a ship) and everything worked as it should. Shower stayed hot as long as we needed it to, and we used it quite a bit.
After having the balcony on this cruise I doubt I will ever cruise again without one. Big enough for all 4 of us to be there at once, or perfect for one or two to escape when a quiet moment was needed. I am not one to fight for a lounge chair with everyone else running around so this was the perfect way to really feel like I was the only one on this fully booked ship. Our room steward (Masandi) was very helpful, he emptied the minibar, handled some laundry and did a great job keeping the room clean in between our crazy schedule.

 Read entire member review.
We sailed out of Baltimore in late December 2011 on the Pride. It was too cold for the first 2 and last days [all at sea] to spend more then a few minutes outside. This was especially unfortunate because we had the LARGEST BALCONY ON THE SHIP! Let me tell you, this thing is huge, 3 times as large as a regular extended balcony. There are 3 reserved as accessible cabins [6234, 7260, 8234], and 3 regular [6232, 7258, 8232] that have this balcony at a regular 'extended balcony' price. There are other accessible cabins that have double extended balconies as well [6281, 7303, 8239]. Other accessible rooms on the ship, which I believe are held reserved, so you need to call them to arrange it: 4202, 4203, 4205, 4207, 5238, 5245. As is typical, we got a call last minute seeing if we wanted to upgrade to the Ocean Suite, 6182, which apparently is also an accessible room, but does not show up on the ADA Spirit Class map as one [google search it if you have accessibility needs]. That makes me wonder if other rooms are wheelchair/scooter accessible and not listed as such. Anyway, ours was 8234, just below the Lido Deck with the Cafe and adult only Serenity area. **I am the able bodied partner writing this** It was great being able to run up the stairs or elevator right by the room to get food or drink or just relax in the adult only area, where we spent most our time on board. Our two 'thrifty' friends got an interior room adjacent to us to make spending time together easy. We also had FRS radios which worked over the entire ship. Accessible room- this room was a little bigger then its class suggests so it can accommodate a larger cabin door, bathroom door, balcony door, and scooter/wheelchair. I think we lost out on a larger sitting area, but over all had plenty of room. The bathroom was very large, though often wet. See, there is no lip to the shower area to accommodate a wheelchair bound person, just a large roll over drain by the door, so the entire floor gets wet with every shower. I am the kind of person who usually uses the same towel for the whole week, but instead used it to dry up the floor after each shower. The housekeeping always removed the used ones and provided new ones, so it was never an issue. There is a 4-5" lip to the balcony for those who can't get out of their mobility aid. However, once out there, there is plenty of room to maneuver. It came with 2 chairs, a side table, and 2 lounge chairs. Our friends were often over hanging out while my partner finished getting ready for meals [the only girl in our party]. We could have entertained 20 standing people out there. Its also rather private since the Lido deck over hangs by 6 feet above. My only gripe is that the room layout puts the balcony glass door as far away from the bed as possible. No romantic sunrises. Although its triple long, you only get the standard door and small window, which is off at an angle. Meaning the only place to get a view was on the balcony it's self. Most of the exterior wall was covered with the TV, vanity, etc. But you can't complain too much, its larger inside, larger bathroom, and triple balcony for the price of just an extended balcony. It was also pretty quiet, below the dinning area of Lido desk, so a couple tables being scrapped across the floor, but never late at night. No noise from the service area adjacent to the room either. Military rate: I never would have known there was a military rate if I hadn't called for the accessible room in the first place. So, if you are current or former military, call them for the best rate. It should be lower than anything else you can find. Even on this cold weather cruise, the $100 more for a balcony [even a regular sized one] was well worth it to us. We didn't spend a lot of time in the room, but we felt we had that option with a balcony.  Read entire member review.
Not so hot this time by Gshekell64
I was in cabin 8234 (port side). It is right off the aft elevator which is convenient for someone who has difficulty walking. The doorway is wider to accommodate a wheelchair and the bathroom has a smooth ramp to enter and exit with minimal assistance. It is not possible to get out to enjoy the extended balcony which was sad because everyone should be able to enjoy their balcony. The bathroom floor gets absolutely soaked during showers and the main drain is just inside the doorway. There is a seat in the shower. The shower turns on by PULLING the knob, not pushing and that is not evident (it took me a few minutes to figure it out) and there are two shower heads to choose from. One is stationary one is not. The one that is not stationary has different settings. We had to put the towels down to absorb water that did not quickly drain so that neither of us would slip. If you adjust the pillows, make sure you do not hit the panic button that is on the wall at the head of the bed. I asked if there was a cover for it and we were told no.  Read entire member review.
Liked the location and size was nice. Just wished the neighbor wasn't a smoker so we could enjoy the balcony more. We believe they were even smoking in the room which we could smell in ours. Plenty of storage. Bathroom size we felt was fine.  Read entire member review.

Three closets in one room was awesome. Extended balcony was very nice if you were a smoker which I was not. Two of us in a cabin gave us plenty of room. Bathroom was a nice size. I didn't have to stand outside the shower to wash my hair like on another cruise company. The one thing that annoyed me were that the doors to the rooms and balcony were very heavy. That was the one thing that woke me up just about every day. The sound of nearby slamming doors. Plenty of room under the beds to store your empty suitcases so big bulky suitcases didn't use up valuable space.

 Read entire member review.
The Pride has no pride by Cruzin'Gal65

Cabin steward, Rafael was excellent, cabin not so much. While it was clean and always put back in order, it was shabby. Beds were hard, pillow crappy, bathroom floor and shower stall were both peeling and need to be replaced. Balcony was shaky and would dip down when you went to stand near the railing. Felt very unsafe. I had an extended balcony, did not seem that big for an extended balcony. Very disappointed.

 Read entire member review.
4207 - accessible room with a large bathroom. 4197 - obstructed view; you see a lifeboat and a pole. 8185 - extended balcony; could only see to the left, the right was an extended part of the ship which you couldn't see past.  Read entire member review.
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First Time Cruiser by evaccom13
Ship of Gloom by lovelife
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