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We were smart because we booked an inside State room on level 1 smack dab in the middle of the ship so we were able to have a good night's sleep for minimal amount of rocking. Our bed was very comfortable for us. I enjoyed the down bedding. Pillows could have been a little flatter, but no big deal. Where our room was located was very quiet. Only a couple of times did I actually hear people or noise but then fell back to sleep. Our room was spacious enough for us with plenty of storage & shelves as we don't pack a lot of clothes. I like to bring about 10 of my own hangers as I don't like the ones that come in the closets because of the way they are attached and have to be lifted off and out to use. If we had lots of clothes, then the closets might have been a little small for us. The shower was small, but so is my one at home so it was just fine for us and we are not real heavy people. Anyone weighing around 300lbs could have a problem fitting in and there are no hand rails in the shower for balance. We always had filled containers of shampoo and body soap in the shower and I LOVED the citrus smell of the soap! Our room came supplied with 2 nice beach towels to use and 2 big while shower robes. That was nice because our last cruise on the Norwegian, did not supply robes. We had a flickering light, and a screen that came off our water faucet but both were replaced quickly. Everything else worked that came in the room; phone, hairdryer, shower, no problems. I also enjoyed our stateroom attendants. Ours did a wonderful job & I was greeted with an adorable towel creation every night which I took pictures of.  Read entire member review.
1110 is a port side cabin on the Carnival Spirit with a picture sized window. It was large with lots of storage space. Although the cabin is forward, I was very comfortable, and it is located near an elevator. The cabin was very clean, and lots of amenities in the bathroom along with great shower pressure.  Read entire member review.

1149 - Being in the center was quite good.Not a lot of movement. I'm not sure what was above us but at night you heard clicking of shoes and the sound of something like a trolley rolling across. This didn't effect us much as after about 10 pm ish there was no noise. It had all what we could have wanted. Well maintained by the Steward Denise and his team.

 Read entire member review.
Cabin was plenty big enough for three people and all our luggage.  Read entire member review.
Midship and low. Perfect for the seasick susceptible.  Read entire member review.
The cabin was very nice and the cabin steward was excellent. The accommodations were not large, but it was nicely appointed and comfortable.  Read entire member review.
Quiet hallway, great location close to 2 elevators, just below dining room or lido, great view - unobstructed out window. could watch the harbor pilots jump off to their boats.  Read entire member review.
We loved Alaska! by halifaxcruiser49
Our cabin was on the Riviera deck and we had an ocean view. It was quite spacious and always clean. There is plenty of closet space and very quiet. We were down the hall from the engine room and just under one of the dance clubs but we never heard any noise.  Read entire member review.
Great view, very quiet, good location, close to dining room, close to elevator and stairs (but not close enough to be noisy)  Read entire member review.
First time Carnival Cruiser by waterwingsxtwo

We were very happy with this cabin. It was the last one in the corridor so noise was kept to a minimum. It did back onto the dancing dance club but we did not get any noise from it. It was a great cabin.

 Read entire member review.

A comfortable cabin for two people. Great views out french doors when tender has been removed!!

 Read entire member review.
Disappointed by tiptoe0302

Very quiet and plenty of room & not too far from lifts.

 Read entire member review.
Cabin was perfect. We had a problem with a noisy air conditioner but it was fixed while we were out and very promptly. We had three in our cabin, which did make it a bit crowded, but we preferred this to bunks. We also asked for an extra chair for the balcony which was given to us promptly. The only thing I would say is, not enough hand rails in shower, when ship lurched, nothing to hang onto.  Read entire member review.
Standard size cabin, french doors, which was pretty cool. Not much of a view but was nice to be able to see the ocean and daylight with the price of an interior room. Some smell of fuel when in port. Great location with the elevator right around the corner, directly above the dining room and straight up the elevator to the buffet and pools.  Read entire member review.
I chose room #4204 on the port side 8 mths in advance of the cruise for the easy access to the elevator. As a bonus it was an easy walk down the 2 flights of stairs to the Empire room for dinner which enabled us to break into the long lineup as it would be impossible and silly to try to walk to the end of the lineup through the 4 abreast crowded hallway. We had a slightly obstructed view with the last lifeboat partially preventing us seeing where we were going but a good view of from where we came and straight out. Our room was great and a very quiet location with tons of storage and closet space; i'd stay in it again except i'm now thinking the starboard side might be better. If you can figure out your cruise route it might be advantageous to know what side of the ship will face the land and what side the ocean will be on when arriving at an island.  Read entire member review.
4208 and 4210

We had balcony Cabins. They were quite spacious taking into consideration you are on a boat. They were very clean. They were filled with light and the furnishings were pleasant. The bathroom was clean and had plenty of places to put things. The beds and pillows were comfortable and there was plenty of storage. I did not unpack my Children's suitcases though. I found it easier to live out of them.

We did request that the door on the balcony between our rooms be opened so that we had a longer balcony and that we could access each other's room from the outside rather than having to go through the Corridor. Once this door is opened, it must stay open for the duration of the cruise. This suited us as we had some stuff in one room and the rest in another. If we weren't in the rooms and the Kids needed something, it was good to know they could access both rooms even though they didn't have a swipe card as we left the balcony doors unlocked.

My Husband has said that if you're worried about being in a tiny room because that's where you're going to spend your time, don't go on a cruise! We were really only in our room when we were sleeping, having some down time or showering!

The Cabins were very quiet. I wasn't able to hear what the people in the next room or corridors were doing.

 Read entire member review.
Carnival Spirit With Kids by Luv2cruisemum

We had had 4228 Connecting to 4230. this is a suite and a balcony cabin that are adjoining. The balcony was huge and both cabins were a great size. The location at the back of the ship was great and even though the conditions at times were rough and windy we barely felt the ship moving.

 Read entire member review.

Good spot, near the lifts and stairs. Just the right distance to go up to the Lido deck or down to the Restaurant via the stairs.

 Read entire member review.

Happy with the cabin, lots of hanging and storage areas, bathroom small but adequate. Bed was comfortable, some noise above from children jumping or running.

 Read entire member review.

Partially obstructed view- hardly any obstruction at all! We overlooked a life boat- didn't miss any of the beautiful views. Very comfortable cabin for 2A 2Ch. Only 1 powerpoint in the cabin but cabin steward happy to get a power board for all the cameras & ebook charging.
Bathroom had heaps of storage - shampoo & body wash supplied in dispenser in shower. Hair dryer in drawer in cabin. The cabin was in a great position midship really close to the main set of lifts.

 Read entire member review.
Fantastic holiday by custardnrainsins
Partially Obstructed Balcony cabin class 7A- great views!! Life boat top in the bottom of the balcony. Didn't bother us. Great value we would definitely stay in these again if available. We would try to get one more in the middle - we were right next to the extended balcony rooms so there was more blocked on our Right side than in the other P O balcony rooms. Still didn't bug us.  Read entire member review.
Relaxed cruiser by browca

Wonderful cabin . Nice balcony . Deck 5 was a good choice. Clean and comfortable. Well laid out like a small hotel room

 Read entire member review.
Disappointing by miffy46

5227 - Nice clean & bright, quite roomy with adequate storage space. Bathroom was of a good size. Balcony very tiny with a dangerous step just outside balcony door. Location was great.

 Read entire member review.
Lots of space, looked like a suite considering the size of the cabin & all the granite. 3 closets, and a good size dresser with 4 drawers for socks & things. Safe on the floor, inside a cabinet beneath the tv. Balcony though quite obstructed. Massive lifeboat sits flush with the balcony - not below. Nice thing about the balcony, once you get past the obstruction, is that it sits in sort of an alcove from the rest of the ship & that provides a bit of a wind block. You are a little sheltered from the wind & cold, which is a good thing on an Alaska cruise.  Read entire member review.
LoveToCruise by GHCruiser
Cabins on the Carnival Spirit had a lot of storage. Beds were comfortable. Our air conditioning did stop working early in the cruise and had to be repaired. Toilets were out for an entire afternoon on a day at sea.  Read entire member review.
Great room, lots of storage. Balcony room. Mostly quiet as it is towards to back of the ship.  Read entire member review.
I have already discussed our cabin in my earlier comments -- please see them above!  Read entire member review.

We had cabin 6166 Ocean Suite/Balcony (Port):
Lovely sized cabin with spa bath, twin sinks, dressing room, loads of storage. Queen+ bed and sofa converted to single bed and then a pull down bunk. Because our kids are little, we top and tailed them and made a cubby house from the top bunk with the spare duvet and sheets so it was dark for them to sleep and so we didn't have to sit in the dark at night. Cabin steward was very friendly and made towel pets for the kids daily. TV in the room - occasional good movie (The Help was on during our cruise).

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We booked an Ocean View Balcony Suite and requested room 6176 due to the great reviews we read about the location of this suite. The Suite is located in the middle of the ship which meant that minimal up and down movement would be experienced.

The room was smaller than I expected however, I’ve never been on a ship before. The beds were curved on the left and right side (I’m guessing so that you don’t fall off) and were extremely comfortable. The room was quiet (except for the occasional kid running up and down the passage). We could not hear our neighbours on either side. The room was very clean and having a balcony with an ocean view was absolutely fantastic. We could feel the ship moving from side to side while at sea but the moving motion was nothing compared to the feeling in the front and back of the ship (side to side and up and down).

The room was strangely decorated, just like the rest of the ship but it grows on you after a while. There were 2 plug points in the room and the room had a hair dryer.

The balcony gave us some privacy to enjoy the ocean view. We had three chairs on the balcony but no fully reclinable sun deck chairs, which we were expecting after reading one of the reviews on ocean view suites before booking.

Our room steward was Agustina who made our trip unforgettable with his infections smile. Not only did he service our room twice a day, he also told us on day one what times he would be coming by at night, in order not to disturb us. So we knew what to expect. We could not have asked for a better room steward.

 Read entire member review.

I'd studied the online deck plans for Carnival Spirit and noticed that some inside cabins (ours included) looked squarer than most. After a lot of googling I found actual photos of the inside of one of these cabins and it looked a better layout so I booked cabin number 2177. It definitely was better. It wasn't quite as long but was wider, so that the queen sized bed went across ways instead of the end facing the door. That gave room for a very long bench/laptop space/dressing table, wider than the bed, with drawers and lots of usable space, and ample room either side of the bed for the bedside tables. It just had a more spacious feel than the other inside cabin layout and I recommend it. Bathroom and clothes storage space was ample, same as other same-category cabins.

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I had assured my family that we had a balcony sufficient to hold all 8 of us, but they were not prepared for the huge size of the balcony. It easily holds 4 regular chairs and 2 lounge chairs. When they saw it, they all gasped and omg'ed. My DW said "Shut up!" to me in disbelief and we hi-fived. Pictures can be found elsewhere if you look for 6232 on the CC Carnival forum.  Read entire member review.
Handicapped cabin 6234 was noisy with minimal closet space. Ramp to the balcony would be difficult with a wheelchair. Shower area was great with a shower seat and both fixed and hand held shower heads.  Read entire member review.
Alaska adventure by BK117b2
6236-Nothing special it was a balcony room. Carnival needs to add privacy curtains in the rooms.  Read entire member review.
6309 great choice
6244 had smoke smell infiltrate at night -could not figure where from
Staff cleaned room repeatedly ...MYSTERY????Smell came back  Read entire member review.
We had a great time! by RobynPaint

Our cabin was on deck seven and right up near the front of the ship. Next time we will try and get a cabin in the middle of the boat, which doesn't move around so much. We spent little time in our cabin when awake, because we felt queasy while we were there.

 Read entire member review.

Forward port side balcony cabin on deck 7.

Clean and well maintained. View out from balcony is not over life boats as is the case mid-ship.

Would choose this cabin again.

 Read entire member review.
Holiday On Carnival by califblondie
Loved the cabin. Great balcony. Lots of closets. Hallway was not noisy. No complaints on the cabin.  Read entire member review.
Mexican Rivera Fun by Sea is Calling
Nice Cabin, Balcony room, Fridge in room, nice bathroom, shower was great.  Read entire member review.

Loads of storage and good space. Great comfy king bed. Good shower with excellent pressure.

 Read entire member review.
Deck 7 - Cabin 7246. Great cabin - plenty of space for luggage - great extended balcony. Very clean. Looked virtually like new. Quiet location. Good size bathroom with plenty of supplied amenities  Read entire member review.

We loved our cabin so much! It was so close to the lifts and was in the middle of the ship.

Our room attendant's name was Arnata. He remembered both our names the entire time and would often greet us from down the hall when he would see us.

We also had little windows opposite our front door which showed the atrium which was a nice surprise.

The bed was comfy, room spacious. Decent bathroom. Loved the balcony. The balcony had one chair, one deck chair and the table. We spent a lot of time on here. Especially while the other was getting ready for dinner etc. I would definitely advise getting a balcony cabin!

 Read entire member review.
Carnival -v- P&O by Gail Kelsey

We just had a balcony. Not sure about all the numbers you put there to confuse people.

 Read entire member review.
Our cabin was fine, however - next time I would seek cabin closer to hallway. It's a lot of walking to get to the room. Food was good. Not quite up to par with other cruises we have taken but certainly tasty and plentiful. Some public rooms seemed a little over the top with decor. We did find it a little silly after a while that the head waiter had the staff dance and sing each night. The song went on forever and had to be a drag for the waiters to "perform" night after night and it was the same thing each evening. They could have come up with something more unique as in other ships. Anyway - we still had a good time.  Read entire member review.
7282 - 7278

Was a great deck being in the middle of food (9)and kids club (5)
Would pay a little more for the window or balcony next time though as it was annoying not knowing if its day or night!!

 Read entire member review.
Balcony Cabin on the aft starboard side. Very quiet. It's between two room decks. Close to the elevators. Easy to get to the lido deck and dining room. One hallway down from the laundry room. Typical balcony room. Usual closet space. Bathroom was adequate. Small, but functional. Balcony was decent. Two chairs and a small table. There is a divider between the balconies on either side. You can hear your neighbors, but can't see them.  Read entire member review.

Our room was quite nice. Small but it had everything we needed. It was located right near the lifts which was very convenient. Going down to level 2 or 3 brings you out right near the Pharaoh Theatre.

 Read entire member review.
Cabin 8138: Good location near the elevators and stairs. Quiet except for occasional muffled sounds coming from the Lido deck. Was not a problem for us. Balcony is very private and up against a bulkhead so we only had one neighbor towards the aft. Would book this room again.  Read entire member review.

We were in room 8191 - and the review on that is mixed.  The bad first: 

There was a very strong urine smell in front of the vanity.  I wondered if maybe someone with little kids had been in there the cruise before us.  I asked one of the stewards and he said that the carpet had been shampooed before we got on and asked if we wanted it shampooed again.  I said that obviously shampooing had not done the trick and asked if they had something they could spray it with to make it less stinky.  Shortly after that, the other room steward (obviously the lead one as he was the person that introduced himself) came to see us.  He said that the people before were elderly and he had been aware of an odor, but didn't think it was urine.  Guess what - there is nothing else that smells that way!  In the comments I left I suggested that Carnival invest in large containers of enzyme cleaner and if they couldn't find it elsewhere they could go to any pet store and buy Nature's Miracle which would eliminate those kinds of smells.

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The good things about the room were, though we rarely saw the room stewards, the room was always tidy, with fresh ice in the ice bucket and fresh towels in the bathroom.  It was the most conveniently located room we have ever had on a ship!  Very near both the mid ship elevators and the atrium elevators, and right near the mid ship staircase and just one floor below the Lido Deck and breakfast, pizza, ice cream, hot chocolate, cookies, etc!!!

We loved the balcony and made very good use of that, as the weather was so nice and warm that several evenings we were able to sit out there in shorts and t-shirts, and I didn't wear either of the sweatshirts I brought.  We emptied all of the sodas, and beer from the mini fridge and put them along with the large bottle of water in the bottom of one of the closets, and kept the box of wine we brought along in the fridge.  Also, when we first got to <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Whittier, we went and found some Diet Coke and Diet Dr Pepper and put them in the fridge.  It was nice to have wine and soft drinks to take out on the balcony and to the nighttime shows!

 Read entire member review.
The Good the Bad the Outrageous by

Room 8212, could not fault the room location.

 Read entire member review.

We chose to get a cabin with a balcony, if this is within your means I would highly recommend this. A lot of nights we pried the door open to have fresh air during the night and listen to the water going by - a note, take an ocky strap, this will save having to wedge a chair to keep the door open. Bathroom was plenty big enough for 3 girls with lots of lotions, makeup etc, shower was awesome, water pressure was great as was water temperature. We had two single beds and our couch made into another single which was just as comfortable as the other beds, again plenty of room. Wardrobes had more than sufficient space for all our clothes (we took far too many) and our suitcases fitted nicely under the beds and out of the way for the entire cruise. Our room steward Wayan, was one of the nicest people you would ever meet, he couldn't do enough for us, getting us extra pillows and an additional bathrobe - always with a smile, not to mention the towel animals he left for us each evening. Cabin was very quiet, we heard not a thing from other guests and was ideally located to deck 9 so we could just go up the stairs for a cup of tea.

 Read entire member review.
Cabin: kids (ages 19, 18, and 17) were in 8257 an interior room with three beds. One bunk. and we were in aft 8277. I love aft balconies, and all of our hall mates were so friendly. Beds very comfortable, always kept very clean. our steward Saiful was very helpful and did a wonderful job, keeping our cabin very tidy. My hubby loved him so much that we tipped over and above. Plenty or room, never felt cramped.  Read entire member review.
Disappointing by lungalonga

Cabin and service was excellent

 Read entire member review.
We had an obstructed view balcony on deck 5. We were overlooking the lifeboat, which only obstructed our looking down not out.  Read entire member review.
We had an inside cabin and it was very small. The Norwegian cruise had a love seat in the cabin. We were promised an upgrade and we never got it! Cabin steward did a good job and was very pleasant.  Read entire member review.
Luxurious category 11 stateroom, although we could not enjoy our balcony due to smokers on each side of us.  Read entire member review.
showers dont drain well. stewards dont leave extra soap, dont remember which dinner seating you are in. our cabin turned out to be below the casino, and we could hear the musician play late at night.  Read entire member review.
Shipboard Wedding by semichigan
Extended balcony cabin - what an excellent upgrade!  Read entire member review.
These cabins were rated but not individually reviewed; read the full cruise review for opinions on cabins and more.
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