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Two twin beds (can convert into one queen-size bed), sitting area (some with sofa bed), private balcony, mini bar, private bathroom, vanity, hair-dryer, closed-circuit TV, radio and phone.

Deluxe Ocean View Stateroom with Balcony (E2)
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Cabin 8524
Cabins are what you expect, functional and not very big, unless you go for a suite or better category. You sleep, wash and change in them and occasionally sit on the balcony. You should be out enjoying the ships facilities.
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The balcony was adequately sized. It was lovely having breakfast with the ocean air.
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Cabin 8020
1) Poor design for storage (six small dresser drawers was all you got) that left us using shoe compartments in the closet for clothing space. A ton of hanging area for shirts though, but still I'd rather see more big drawers especially when you're traveling with kids. 2) RCCL had no "egg crate" foam so we just layers multiple duvets to soften the feel. If you're over 5'5" then enjoy having your feel hang off the edge of the curved bed. My wife insists this is how it's always been (she's not tall so maybe she never noticed), but I know many of the new ships have squared off normal queen/king beds. I don't remember having that issue on the Solstice ships. 3) My parents' balcony door came off the rails because it was stuck. I'd hate to be outside if that ever happened.
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Cabin 8086/8628
was told cabin 8086 would have a sleeper sofa. It turned out to be a chair that had an extension made on the bottom with a thin mattress/or pad which basically was on the floor. It was also mentioned they could get a rollaway bed. They said it was not possible. The other cabin family was in 8628 was the same exact room except the exact same chair didn't open to a bed. Both rooms were same size except the 8086 balcony had a bit larger outside but not very private. Neither was cabin 8628 which has approx. 3in. space so your neighbors can literally look right at you on the balcony. Other rooms didn't seem to have that same issue. Overall it was ok but noticed aged chair/dirty looking. Bathrooms same thing and curtains don't seem to hold water in so water floods the floor.
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Cabin 8144
Smooth Cruise firefighterman
Storage is good, pillows not so good,bed sleeps well. Room AC problem got too warm at night, woke two nights sweating. Shower is too small has a curtain and causes water to flow into floor in bath. Hear whiling noise from the door two nights but place a towel at door to stop the noise, I think the seal under door needs to be replaced. TV account did not work always out of service. We reported both issues on door and AC but neither got fixed.
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Cabin 8616
Bedding left a lot to be desired although we did have a nice choice of 3 different type pillows. Size was adequate as we always have balcony cabins. When we were working, a Jr. suite or Grand suite was our preference but retirement means you save a few bucks for another cruise.
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Cabin 1524
Amazing Cruise Dwayne47
The cabin was amazing, providing a sense of elegance into the comfort that the room provided. The bed was really comfortable and the duvet and blankets were excellent. There were a combination of firm and soft pillows on the bed. The bathroom was better than average, with granite counter tops, a walk-in shower, and a decent array of toiletries. The cabin was overall very clean and spacious. The cabin was very quiet and kept out all outside noise.
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Cabin 8088
We had a balcony cabin (8088) on the hump of the ship. The balcony was beautiful and extra-large. If you like staying up past midnight every night, you would love this cabin. The balcony was as long as the cabin itself! It had 2 chairs, a regular size table, and a reclining chair. However, if you are like us and do not like to stay up late, do not get this cabin! It is very noisy. The bands play in the centrum of this ship and you can hear the band as if they were in your cabin! Guest Relations tried shutting the fire door for some of us that complained of noise, but people kept walking in and leaving it open so that did not work.
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Cabin 9248
Bright, clean and spacious. Our Cabin Steward Shawn Jones was very good. He always made sure we had fresh ice twice a day. Bed was very comfortable. Sat out on the deck often. Watched dolphins swimming alongside our ship one day from our deck. Sunrises and sunsets were also very beautiful rom our deck. Bathroom was OK. Hot/cold water control was hit or miss. We would book a balcony cabin again on Brilliance of the Sea.
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Cabin 9006
Good size for 2 people. Comfortable bed with 2 pillows each. Very small loveseat. Nice desk area with desk chair. Lots of storage. Bathroom small, but you get used to it. Nice balcony with 2 chairs and small table. No clock and lacking in amenities.
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Cabin 1736
Small and cramped. Very clean and the bed was very comfortable, however the pillows were very soft.
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Cabin 8052
Just Ok
Good Cabins, stinky bathrooms and worth the money for a balcony they had lots of room and comfortable furniture.
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Cabin 7064
Cabin was normal layout. The shower would have been better if the drape were replaced with a closing door. Our room attendant was awesome.
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Cabin 8156
Three decks directly below the buffet. Cabin was adequate as was the actual balcony. As usual the closet doors open toward the bathroom door so you have to maneuver around to get stuff out. Comfortable bed, TV was large enough BUT the choice of channels was pretty meager. The shower curtain was replaced midway thru the cruise with a longer one so we didn’t need to put the clothes pins at the bottom PLUS the curtain didn’t cling to us. The shower was small but had great water pressure. The actual toilet area was small but adequate. Not much foot traffic since cabin is about 5 cabins from the very end of the hallway. The only slight downside was that the deck below juts out a bit a bit so you can’t see the water right below
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Cabin 8654
Very adequate, except we think the shower shrunk! We are not big people and we both found the shower tight. Everything worked and everything was tidy and clean. The balcony had two nice chairs and a small table to enjoy morning coffee.
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Cabin 8594
Disappointment Wolfeman
Very good - cabin steward a high point...good service.
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Cabin 9204
Breezy Baltics mysticmum
The cabin was adequate if a little tired looking but our cabin steward Joseph kept it neat and tidy. The only downer was a family of smokers a couple of rooms down which meant we frequently had to close our balcony doors to stop the smell of smoke wafting in.
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Small balcony room with deferred maintenance. Great cabin steward.
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Cabin 8056
Good position not far from centrum lifts and forward lifts. Has balcony with clear views. Has connecting door and accommodates 4 people ( sofa bed and bunk above double bed).
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Cabin 7040
With the cabin cleared for occupancy so early, we were delighted to be able to enjoy our balcony so soon. The cabin was a reasonable size, queen bed- 6ft wide, but with a rounded foot. An ingenious solution that allowed easy access around the foot of the bed, while allowing an extended desk/dressing table. There was still room for a two-seater sofa and small occasional table. The cabin definitely a reasonable size with sufficient hanging space, and enough drawer space to enable us to comfortably hold enough clothes for a 2 week cruise (and all my wife’s shoes). A hair drier is provided and it was a pretty good one. The bathroom was standard size – a little on the small size, and with the shower had a curtain that never quite closed properly while also managing to stick to you when showering, you tend to have a wet floor at the end of every shower. All was spotlessly clean, and the balcony was of a reasonable size, with a chair and table.
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Cabin 3512
ROOMS: Rooms are dated but everything was clean and working properly. We booked only one month out and because ship was full had a porthole cabin on the 3rd level (3512) which is in bow of ship. No motion sickness issues. This was the lowest room we have experienced as all other cruises we were on level 8 or higher. Room was small but they make good use of what space they have. A surprisingly large closet area where you can hang just about everything you have packed. They provide good hangers which hold slacks and shirts all in one. This helps make up for fact that there are only 6 drawers for storage that are only about 10 inch wide and 6 inches deep. There is flat screen TV approx. 27 inch. There is also a safe which can fit a full size iPad but would not accommodate any but maybe the smallest of laptops. There was plenty of lighting when you put it all on. Also plenty of mirrors to check yourself out in when preparing for dinner. Bed was 2 twins pushed together to form oversized queen. Bed was firm and OK, pillows were mushy and not to my liking. They even squeezed in a love seat and tiny coffee table which for me doubled as an ironing board which they don’t provide (no irons either). There was a shelf right below porthole which was perfect for storing your luggage, we fit all 3 pieces there. Missed having balcony on this cruise to hang the wet stuff out on to dry. Shower was tiny and at 5ft 11in could not bend down to pick up dropped soap. Shower head was movable (up and down) and could be detached and become hand held which was helpful. Water was always hot and the water pressure was good, better than some hotels I have been in. Vanity was small but was helped out by a shelf right below it to hold your toiletries etc. They do provide you with a hairdryer. As on all cruises toilet is based on vacuum system and is loud when flushed. But if you close lid and flush it helps mitigate noise. Even though we had neighbors did not hear the noise of their toilet flushing the whole week. Low rooms are generally better for minimizing motion of ship. Also decks 4 and 5 on this ship were where all the indoor dining, bars, casino etc. were located so was easy access for us for that. Outdoor activity on decks 11-13 required an elevator ride. We never had to wait long for an elevator so that was not an issue. Rob our cabin steward did a great job all week keeping the room clean and even got a burnt out light bulb changed immediately.
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Cabin 8642

Room was fine, no complaints.

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Cabin 7536

We stayed on the 7th deck balcony room and it was perfect. It had plenty of space for two people and the bed was very comfortable. What you pay for when you get a balcony is the view. We watched the sunrise and set most nights and the view was breathtaking. It was honestly so amazing. I can't complain one bit about my room location

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Cabin 7592

It was smaller than I expected and the only thing that made up for it was the large balcony. There was plenty of storage and I think even for two it would be fine. The tiny loveseat had seen better days and a replacement needs to take place. Aside from the space and location, it was not a bad cabin.

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Small stateroom that has seen better days. Closet and bathroom doors open into each other. Balcony shaded with 2 chairs and table suitable for dining. Bed was good for cruise ship.

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Cabin 7044

I was a little bit concerned regarding the proximity of 7042 & 7044 to the forward stairs/elevators (noise). Turns out it was no problem at all. There are barrier doors, that were never closed, and I never heard any noise to speak of. If you like a little extra balcony space, these are great rooms! Deck 7 rooms adjacent to the forward stairs/elevator and moving forward have extra space on their balconies. I do wish they would have put a lounge chair out there!! I have seen a few reviews talking about noise coming from the Pacifica Theatre into these staterooms. I never heard it!

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Cabin 1500
Nice Family Trip filamino

It was a quiet space. No reason to avoid this cabin unless you are prone to sea sickness or don't want to be close to the bridge view from the balcony. We thought it was cool. I don't think the balcony is any smaller than the rest - just the way the ship curves at the end makes it seem that way when you look at photos.

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Cabin 8168

Although we were looking forward to our first-ever aft balcony, I would not do it again. We felt the motion more, and did not really get enough use out of the balcony as there was so much else to do. The corner aft was large and private, and the cabin itself was beautiful.

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Cabin 9024

I had a balcony cabin on deck 9 directly across from the elevator. Perfect location. It was large with plenty of storage. My stateroom attendant kept it spotlessly clean. There was plenty of balcony space but I didn't use it much due to the weather.

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Cabin 1512

Standard balcony cabin. Not huge but big enough for 2 people. Balcony had 2 chairs and a table.

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Cabin 9512

Reasonable size, very clean, tight area for wardrobe space as you walk in if one person is in the bathroom and tries to come out while one person is at the wardrobes you have to try and squeeze by, not good but that is my only gripe.

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Cabin 9032

Cabin was larger than expected with masses of storage space. Balcony was adequate, with great views, but too small for dining. Close to lifts, just forward of mid-ship but nice and quiet.

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Cabin was the E2 category and was the smallest I had every seen on a Royal Caribbean ship with the exception of the Majesty.
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Room adaquete. Bath very small. TV still old CRT's and not flat screens. Balconies need partitions moveable for couples traveling together.
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Cabin 8544
Cabin 8544 has a very tiny bathroom with curtain shower but a little bit of a bigger balcony but you cant see the back of the ship because of that. The cabin was ok, it was old but clean. I would not take it again since you cant see the entire ship from it and when you cruise a fjord you want to see all the way.
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Cabin 8154
Quiet location , decent balcony , minimal movement of ship noticed. Quite a long walk to Centrum and elevators.
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Cabin 8042
The E2 Cabin was great no real issues with the size of cabin and balcony area but the ship overall is looking tired and shabby. This reflected on the cabins too. The cabins are definitely in need of updating/modernising in their entirety but were clean and tidy and the cabin stewards did a great job.
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Cabin 8512
we mist three ports fijeira, muscat oman, abu dabi
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First time with a balcony and loved, loved, loved it. However a smoker was next door which I could handle, but was out there CONSTANTLY smoking and hacking and coughing. They need to put these smokers in one area. Totally ruined my experience!!
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Cabin 9516
Disappointing mtsmith601
Cabin was fine except for furnishings and general condition being quite shabby. Was disappointed that adjoining balcony could not be opened as we were traveling with friends - if we had checked more when booking we would have been able to fix this. Unless you like hot afternoon sun in most ports, choose the other side of the ship.
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Cabin 7546
A Dream Come True! WriterRider
Great location near the stairs and elevators; very quiet; plenty of storage; wonderful views from balcony, including toward the bridge and the stern!
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Cabin 9504
Great balcony, cabin tiny bit small but plenty of storage and hanging space. Small Closet but sufficient.
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Cabin 1526
Arabian Adventure Stevie Lawson
1526 - lovely and bright, with no overhang that the junior suites adjacent have. close to elevator but quiet with lobby area above between solarium and hair salon. handy for pool and spa and windjammer. very little movement felt at sea although my first choice is always a cabin toward the rear, I did like it and would choose again. bathroom still fresh looking. two chairs and small table on narrow balcony. good views on sailaway. flat screen tv. you travel backwards when lying on bed. bed next to window, small sofa and ample wardrobe space. would recommend.
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Cabin 7170
Balcony room view obstructed unhappywithroyalcarib
Cabin 7170 balcony view blocked. Very noisy from club below all hours of day and night. Music and drumbeats reverberated throughout cabin.
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Cabin 7018
7018 - awesome balcony - much larger than expected - deep and wide - room itself has little couch, nice double+ bed - slept like a baby. Great closet. kettle for tea, etc., hairdryer, toiletries (shampoo, soap), vanity area, table, chair, TV, drawers, 3 piece bath with good counter space and storage area. 7016 - same
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Cabin 8654
Our balcony cabin on deck 8 was good size and comfortable with plenty of closet and drawer space for unpacking.  Our only real problem in the non-smoking cabin was the gentleman next door who often smoked cigars on his balcony (first thing in the morning, on port sail aways, in the evening...); as non-smokers, it made our balcony unusable at times and made us keep the door shut when he was smoking.
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